Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing!

  • čas přidán 16. 09. 2019
  • An early unboxing Nintendo Switch Lite unboxing!
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Komentáře • 4 292

  • Kevin Kenson
    Kevin Kenson  Před měsícem +485

    Here's the link to the shirts: Be sure to use NEWSWITCH to get 15% off!

  • Shaw Farrow
    Shaw Farrow Před hodinou

    I need one but i'm broke!

  • bill moberly
    bill moberly Před dnem

    Sorry have to say It reminds me The Nintendo Wii U game pad but better

  • Michael Aguilera
    Michael Aguilera Před dnem

    No Offense

  • Michael Aguilera
    Michael Aguilera Před dnem

    The Nintendo switch lite sucks

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy Před 2 dny

    Which switch is better
    Like=nintendo switch
    Subscribe=nintendo switch lite

  • Carly Hall
    Carly Hall Před 2 dny

    Can I have one place

  • Abdullah Playz
    Abdullah Playz Před 3 dny

    Kevin please make another video of comparing out of 10 so tell us ur opinion about the switch and switch life because I’m getting one of them

  • Shadow22 Ultimate
    Shadow22 Ultimate Před 3 dny

    It’s is lite not light

  • King Lambert612
    King Lambert612 Před 3 dny

    This is dope but I’d rather the original version I’m gonna buy one soon

  • Heather Boyd
    Heather Boyd Před 4 dny

    I'm getting a Nintendo switch for my birthday by Logan Boyd

  • Luix Michael Yeso
    Luix Michael Yeso Před 4 dny

    I have that

  • ThaNoSbRIcK8008
    ThaNoSbRIcK8008 Před 4 dny

    It sucks

  • SuperMario Logan
    SuperMario Logan Před 4 dny +1

    ( *Buy* *you're* *very* *own* )
    *NEW* *Nintendo* *Switch* *Lite* *Here* )!!!👇

  • itsgalaxy TV
    itsgalaxy TV Před 5 dny

    if i could just play on both of them and see with one i like

  • Calvin Wynn
    Calvin Wynn Před 5 dny

    Honestly with the switch light I have a reg switch and I think the lights better

  • haou judai
    haou judai Před 6 dny

    I just want to play yugioh on it

  • Miraculous Tabby
    Miraculous Tabby Před 6 dny

    You could compare the dp pad from the 3DS/DS.

  • Jeremiah Celik
    Jeremiah Celik Před 6 dny


  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith Před 6 dny

    I think it's just a Wii u without the console

  • lilyashxhomi Gaming
    lilyashxhomi Gaming Před 7 dny


  • Deana A
    Deana A Před 7 dny

    Its Tiffany blue that's how I describe it.

  • Derrick Parks
    Derrick Parks Před 7 dny

    The Nintendo switch lite is Better ps the ps vita thorw Back

  • Derrick Parks
    Derrick Parks Před 7 dny

    Nintendo switch life is Better than ps vita this Back

  • Sean To Be Wild
    Sean To Be Wild Před 7 dny

    can someone tell me if the switch lite supports a wired controller?

    • Kimmyfuzzy
      Kimmyfuzzy Před 5 dny

      Sean To Be Wild I wouldn’t see why not ?

  • IceBot 360
    IceBot 360 Před 8 dny

    Best part about it is that it has a d-pad!

  • Kobayashi Kentaro
    Kobayashi Kentaro Před 8 dny


  • Criszel Cabotaje
    Criszel Cabotaje Před 8 dny

    I have the same one too

  • sokol family
    sokol family Před 8 dny

    switch lite is just a cheaper down grade for nitendo

  • Nathan Peoples
    Nathan Peoples Před 8 dny

    Does the joy cons come off?

  • Dominick the King
    Dominick the King Před 11 dny +1

    I have one but my brother keeps playing it so I’m getting one for Christmas

  • Chris Razon
    Chris Razon Před 12 dny +1

    Gonna buy this definitely 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • brandon hudson
    brandon hudson Před 12 dny

    Not sure why he used that camera angle when putting to 2 switches side by side.. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Βαγγέλης Τζαφέρος

    Looking for someone willing to give me his nintendo switch lite or not for free to this poor guy (me). Many of you have 2-3 consoles just give one out :P

    • Joseph Gonzalez
      Joseph Gonzalez Před 8 dny

      What a day lol get some money you worthless donkey

  • IItzJelly
    IItzJelly Před 12 dny

    nintendo: makes great decision and puts speaker anywhere exept bottom

    also nintendo: puts speaker at the bottom so ur palms block the sound

  • YukiDrums
    YukiDrums Před 12 dny

    don't アールピーギー ☑アールピージー

  • DanSanity YT
    DanSanity YT Před 12 dny

    I got a PlayStation trailer as an ad on this video

  • Nathanwad
    Nathanwad Před 12 dny

    If it drifts?

  • Yeet69420 duh
    Yeet69420 duh Před 12 dny +1

    It’s good but not good

    • Blue Eyed Tech
      Blue Eyed Tech Před 12 dny

      It’s definitely a downgrade from the regular Switch but the price makes all the difference at $200

  • Liam  Porter
    Liam Porter Před 12 dny

    What colour did you get

  • chris the fox man
    chris the fox man Před 12 dny

    I have one

  • Allison Trombley
    Allison Trombley Před 13 dny +2

    Just picked mine up and I’m loving it

    • sokol family
      sokol family Před 8 dny

      your probibly going to spend at least 100$ on ecssories+pro controller you should just get a normal switch

    • Blue Eyed Tech
      Blue Eyed Tech Před 12 dny


  • Liam Setz
    Liam Setz Před 13 dny


  • # K҉ I҉ T҉ T҉ Y҉
    # K҉ I҉ T҉ T҉ Y҉ Před 13 dny

    It should be 150$ it’s not as good as the og but the battery is longer,.. still it should have a screen protector,thumb grips and shit, it feels like a rip off tbh🤷🏼‍♂️

  • BH Prototyping
    BH Prototyping Před 13 dny +1

    i just bought one of these for my nephews birthday in a few weeks. he is obsessed with minecraft.

  • Jaiden Scott
    Jaiden Scott Před 14 dny +1

    Is it easy to play fortnite?

    • Blue Eyed Tech
      Blue Eyed Tech Před 11 dny

      Jaiden Scott do you have the original Switch from 2 years ago

    • Jaiden Scott
      Jaiden Scott Před 12 dny

      @Blue Eyed Tech I have a switch and I play it on there but the joycons keep falling off

    • Blue Eyed Tech
      Blue Eyed Tech Před 12 dny

      I think so. I play it on my Switch and have had no issues

  • Wow Dude
    Wow Dude Před 14 dny

    So which is it? More green or more blue?

  • movies and trailers
    movies and trailers Před 15 dny +1

    Does it come with a charger

  • Samurai Honor
    Samurai Honor Před 15 dny

    do you need Nintendo switch to play with Nintendo switch lite or without it?

    • Kimmyfuzzy
      Kimmyfuzzy Před 14 dny

      Samurai Honor you can play the lite by it self

  • Miles Birlem
    Miles Birlem Před 15 dny +1

    6:36 you mean downgrade to the lite

  • Claire Taylor
    Claire Taylor Před 15 dny +1

    My cousin has a turquoise Nintendo Switch and I have seen it and he let me play on it for like the whole time.

  • TheGamingJaguar 1000
    TheGamingJaguar 1000 Před 15 dny

    How do you charge it

  • Phaze Yellow
    Phaze Yellow Před 15 dny

    How much was that?

  • Jan Contratista
    Jan Contratista Před 16 dny

    are u da singer from 30 seconds to mars

  • Jinet Duran
    Jinet Duran Před 16 dny

    Hi, I had problem with my Lite. The L and R buttons creak or squeak (do not know the english word!-).
    I changed it at the store and again the same problem. So refund and waiting...

  • Alvin45
    Alvin45 Před 16 dny +1

    I felt a bit fine, of the Switch Lite, but Grey, is my favourite.

  • Christian Lafferty
    Christian Lafferty Před 16 dny +10

    For 70 dollars more, I’d just prefer the switch. It’s difficult for me to play competitively in handheld mode. But it’s nice to lay in bed and play some casuals. The lite is really sharp tho. I like the design.

  • black is not sad
    black is not sad Před 17 dny +1

    Can you use another charger because I dont have this specifically???Pls someone answer

    • black is not sad
      black is not sad Před 15 dny +1

      @Deadpool98 thank y so much

    • Deadpool98
      Deadpool98 Před 15 dny +1

      You can, but it won't charge the switch as fast as the one it comes with

  • Chris Wise
    Chris Wise Před 17 dny

    I have a switch should i get it u guys vote idgaf

  • adrian taveras
    adrian taveras Před 17 dny

    How many it cost