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YOUNG ROYALS S2 E6 | THE LIES | Corey Schultz

  • čas přidán 26. 11. 2022

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  • Corey Schultz

    It’s the last one and I’m devastated!! That ending thoooo🥹

  • RKOdyRhodes

    Wilhelm told Simon "I love you" at the end of season one. This was about Simon finally saying it back. It was perfect.

  • Gergana Kantcheva

    Wilhelm doesn't need to say it back. He already said it in the finale of Season 1 and he made it very clear throughout Season 2 that it's still very true. This was Simon finally saying it back, that's why he did it in the same way Wilhelm said it.

  • Ingrid Pena

    Edvin said in an interview:

  • Nic A
    Nic A  +52

    Wilhelm didn’t say ‘I love you too’ he said ‘ima SHOW you that I love you’ 🥹

  • Katherine Lacaze

    Oh my god. This ending is just perfect. The whole season was so well thought out. And it's beautiful... the story, the cinematography, the soundtrack.

  • Bekki Babineau

    I feel like Wilhelm said "I love you" back to Simon when he went off script and shared he and Simon's truth with the world....even though Simon had agreed to keep their relationship a secret.

  • Eves Faith

    I love the message behind all this. How the truth will protect you and those you love and not lies. I really think, by making Simon kind of official, Wille protected him the most. As the kronprinz bf, the royal family won't let any dirt on him. As the kronprinz is more important than his cousin. And so August won't be able to stick any drug shit on him. Also, by being openly queer, the court will have a way harder time to cut Wille out and replace him with the straight cousin, if it doesn't want to stir a greater scandal.

  • Cono Bravo Molina

    I also LOVE SO MUCH that the last part was just about them. There were the cameras flashing and the voices until there were any noise and it just became Wille and Simon staring at each other, even when there was a lot of people and movement, we see all like they are feeling it, a moment just about them supporting each other 💛

  • Emil Robyn

    Wille said "I love you" with that smile after being honest about the video. after all, actions speak louder than words.

  • hylianna
    hylianna  +22

    I feel like all of us who got through season 2 need a support group 😂. It was a lot.

  • Wilma W
    Wilma W  +11

    Wille told Simon he loved him at the end of season 1 so he didn’t need to say it back now. This moment was about Simon finally saying it back and Wille’s cute face of relief hearing it. Also Wille’s speech at the end was basically an “I love you too” to simon

  • Graham & Ruth May

    This was about Simon saying it back, but even though Wilhelm said it in the season 1 finale, he did more than that in this episode by showing Simon that he loves him so much that he is in effect announcing it in his speech for everyone to witness, including the media as even if the Crown tried to block the story being reported, so many students have their phones out, it would be impossible. And he overcomes his fear of public speaking and anxiety issues to give the speech, too. That shared look at the end says everything and the stare to camera for me, at least, says, ‘I did it, but this is only the beginning…’

  • kelcouch

    I'd LOVE to see you react to the new HEARTBREAK HIGH reboot on Netflix!! It's a serious rollercoaster!! You may not get all of the Aussie references, but I'm sure everyone will point out their meaning in the comments 😊

  • Gwen
    Gwen  +9

    I've been watching your reaction videos of Heartstopper, Skam France and Young Royals silently for a while now because although I enjoyed all of them, I didn't know what to comment. It feels like re-watching a series with a friend and it's so much fun, your reactions are very real and you seem like a very kind soul. I just wanted to thank you for creating this channel which feels like a safe spot to me, since I don't know anybody of our community (yet) and don't really know how to reach out. I've only accepted myself for who I am this year so I'll be taking some time for myself to get more comfortable, but I hope to meet some kind friends someday. So yeah, just thanks for being you and being here for us really!

  • George Weatherford

    At the end of the episode, Simon relaxed into something he had not been, and Wilhelm physically changed stature both physically and verbally. Simon learned to trust and Wilhelm became a true leader (anchored in truth and wisdom from his experience)

  • jossposs

    So for once I managed to not binge the whole show at once, but instead I accidentally saw a spoiler for the ending and was so angry at myself 😥 It would have been so amazing to watch that without knowing what was gonna happen. Oh well.

  • 보글
    보글  +14

    yay I've been waiting for your reaction! I already watched this episode of YR over 100 times... so beautiful.

  • bejate
    bejate  +4

    Whoever u end up with is gonna be the luckiest guy in the world🤍 you deserve the world Corey, you really do 🫶🏻🫶🏻

  • Ally Rana

    Loved this so much, cannot wait for season 3 which definitely needs to happen! As for recommendations maybe for something fun you could check out Schitts Creek not only is it absolutely hilarious but David and Patrick are 100% couple goals ♥