How To Flirt

  • Is your love life in dire need of a makeover? Don't worry, Bryce Chryson and Briana Boho are here to teach you how to flirt.
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    Shayne Topp // shaynetoppCourtney Miller // co_mill
    Damien Haas // damienhaasIan Hecox // ianhecox
    Kimmy Jimenez // kimmydoesstuff
    Jacklyn Uweh // blkjack76
    Ryan Todd // _ryan_todd_
    Director: Ryan Todd
    Writers: Writer: Shayne Topp, Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
    Executive Producer: Ryan Todd
    Production Manager: Margo McHugh
    Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
    1st AD: David Gutel
    DP: Billy Yates
    Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
    1st AC: Jacqi Jones
    DIT: Matt Duran
    Art Director: Cassie Vance
    Art Department Assistant: Yasmeen Mughal
    Set Decorator: Tayler Nicholson
    Set Dresser: Sam Valladres
    Props & Stage Coordinator: David Hill
    Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
    Script Supervisor: Eddie Vigil V
    Hair & Makeup Department Head: Rachel Jenkins
    Wardrobe: Lena Frostestad
    Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
    Best Boy Grip: Dustin Bloodgood
    Grip: Jonathan Na
    Key PA: Austin Barrett
    Editor: Mike Small
    Assistant Editor: Matt Duran
    GFX: Brittany Metz
    Content Manager: Kiana Parker
    IT/Equipment Manager: Tim Baker
    Executive Assistant: Nancy Azcona
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Komentáře • 80

  • Paul Kreisler
    Paul Kreisler Před 5 hodinami

    Shayne was deadass a whole other dude.

  • john Morante
    john Morante Před dnem


  • Junior Keletso
    Junior Keletso Před 2 dny

    Jeez is it wrong I want to bang Shayne

    He low-key looks hot

  • ShadoBrother
    ShadoBrother Před 3 dny

    3:48 The Rickety Cricket special

  • Cristiane Schmitt
    Cristiane Schmitt Před 5 dny

    I’m laughing so hard that my belly hurts 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jareth Kim
    Jareth Kim Před 6 dny

    When she ran i died

  • Kiara S
    Kiara S Před 6 dny

    Instructions unclear. I birthed a corn on the cob

  • Shirok Khongorzul
    Shirok Khongorzul Před 6 dny


  • Sean Galindo
    Sean Galindo Před 7 dny

    Oh I just accidentally put my number in your phone

  • HeyImHere •
    HeyImHere • Před 8 dny

    I love Brianna and Bryce!!

  • Apstk NaJa
    Apstk NaJa Před 8 dny

    3.28 nice beat i love it

  • JaeJae Noodles
    JaeJae Noodles Před 8 dny

    I’m taking notes.

  • Stanley Zheng
    Stanley Zheng Před 9 dny

    *Thinks about math*

    *Loading Swagger* *86%*

  • Andrew Carlson
    Andrew Carlson Před 10 dny

    2:26 hahaha

  • Anime Art
    Anime Art Před 10 dny

    “*Oh sh-, I thought I knew math, but NOW I DONT.”

  • touseef malik
    touseef malik Před 10 dny

    she is so hot I wanna cry

  • Sujata Bagwe
    Sujata Bagwe Před 11 dny


  • Madison Beye
    Madison Beye Před 12 dny

    I think ur suppose to do the exact opposite of what their doing 😐lol

  • S vigo
    S vigo Před 14 dny

    When you realise that Shayne is the same actor you had a crush on as a teen from so random! And from the goldbergs. Totally shocked that I didn’t realise

  • juliane
    juliane Před 14 dny


  • TriderRock007
    TriderRock007 Před 16 dny

    3:13 HAHAHAHA

  • Sierra The Queen
    Sierra The Queen Před 16 dny

    Ok but I would love Brianna to hit me

  • EpicSunJ
    EpicSunJ Před 16 dny

    I tried the love letter thing but for some strange reason. I’m arrested.

  • NYA PM Luke
    NYA PM Luke Před 18 dny

    I sent this video to my crush and now we are dating

  • Sandro Palmisano
    Sandro Palmisano Před 18 dny


  • Leah B.
    Leah B. Před 19 dny

    Yo what up virgins

  • DaCracky
    DaCracky Před 19 dny

    I laughed out loud several times! One of your best new videos XD
    0:20 Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxx + 1:56 "wow you think i'm hot?! That'S crazy" + 2:35 Courtney'S Face + 3:40 Flirting fom afar

  • Lemonade Skies
    Lemonade Skies Před 19 dny

    Her fake laugh sounds like Hannah Stocking's fake laugh

  • LinierterBlock
    LinierterBlock Před 19 dny

    also nice

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Před 19 dny +1

    LOL Shit, I thought I knew Math, but now I don't!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Před 19 dny +1

    Be Unpredictable!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Před 19 dny +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Před 19 dny +1


    KING CRIMSON Před 20 dny

    The funny thing is they are the ones who are lonely

  • Laura Perez Diez
    Laura Perez Diez Před 21 dnem

    5:21 Truman Show vibes

  • Laura Perez Diez
    Laura Perez Diez Před 21 dnem

    2:48 ONLY Ryan Gosling is allowed to say Hey girl xD

  • Lesi PlaysHacks
    Lesi PlaysHacks Před 21 dnem


  • Oscar Torrez
    Oscar Torrez Před 22 dny +1

    I used a few of their recommendations and now I have a court date in June. Thanks guys!

  • Aidan Ayala.
    Aidan Ayala. Před 23 dny

    Woah Shayne and Courtney were total meals

  • Major Chaos
    Major Chaos Před 25 dny +2

    It's crazy how to the two single people make this video 🙄

  • X FoyBoy
    X FoyBoy Před 25 dny

    This is one of the best Salish videos I’ve ever seen hands down

  • Serene Kwok
    Serene Kwok Před 25 dny

    It's so quiet here

    JP MEMES Před 26 dny

    Why are there only 23 comments

  • haha yes
    haha yes Před 26 dny

    here before 30 comments

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith Před 27 dny

    Could I get a love letter from Bryce?

  • Tómas Orri Bergmann Björnsson

    Why the fudge does this video have 22 comments?

  • Aakriti gupta
    Aakriti gupta Před 27 dny +2

    Why are there only 20 comments?

  • Zuka Surmava
    Zuka Surmava Před 27 dny


  • p1cha
    p1cha Před 28 dny +6

    The best thing about this is it’s all true but the bits are making the wrong.

  • evaderik Mammon
    evaderik Mammon Před 28 dny

    0:27 Oh, my gud! Something stir in my pant!
    * _ *

  • Becky Salleh
    Becky Salleh Před 28 dny

    Hahaha her laugh got me!

  • Dark Horde
    Dark Horde Před 28 dny +3

    100% of the comments: WHERE DID THE COMMENT GO

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo Před 28 dny

    Why is there barley any comments

  • Simon Caruana
    Simon Caruana Před 28 dny

    Oxford has added the word *Flirtatious* to the dictionary.

  • D. Chappelle
    D. Chappelle Před 28 dny +2

    Oh yeah U should totally do all these things!

  • ShaCraft 05
    ShaCraft 05 Před 28 dny

    just curious but why is there only 11 comments?

    • Thonker
      Thonker Před 28 dny

      ShaCraft 05 i saw that kind of thing with a different video with 31 million views (it had 34 comments)

  • JVHazard
    JVHazard Před 28 dny +1

    Wait why is there only 8 comments?
    Well, there’s 9 now.

  • a x
    a x Před 28 dny +2

    where did the comments go?

  • chloe wang
    chloe wang Před 29 dny +3

    why does it say seven comments

  • Tim Feaster MA
    Tim Feaster MA Před 29 dny

    2:38 what is that song?

  • Achumo Ngullie
    Achumo Ngullie Před 29 dny

    Thanks... I got a gf after this

  • Justin Kier
    Justin Kier Před měsícem

    This video is offensive

  • brianna b
    brianna b Před měsícem

    I like how ur single and still teaching this...and probably still virgins

  • Neffygotcha 123
    Neffygotcha 123 Před měsícem

    Kids, dont do this

  • Michael Tepes
    Michael Tepes Před měsícem

    For the record if Courtney would have done that to me LOL I would do her right then and there 😏😂

  • Carlos Mora
    Carlos Mora Před měsícem

    I cant tell who is the anime protagonist

  • crazy geek
    crazy geek Před měsícem

    JUST TIME TRAVELLED where is anthony damn it GOING BACK TO PAST

  • Dr Phreak
    Dr Phreak Před měsícem

    nah we good still flirting strong. Keep it💯

  • Rosey
    Rosey Před měsícem +1

    The ironic thing about this is it’s actually good facts but the way it’s portrayed is funny

  • Prendergast Harry
    Prendergast Harry Před měsícem +1

    His dog die hahaha

  • Winged Wolf Productions
    Winged Wolf Productions Před měsícem

    Shayne’s Flirt puns are so good “Everybody flirts” and “Flirt and Ernie” are top tier puns

    AW PREFIRE Před měsícem

    Trevor Wallace 2.0

  • Declan Chang
    Declan Chang Před měsícem

    I think is harresment

  • *•That-Gacha- -Idiot-0w0•*

    I know this was made a while ago but like, we aren’t gonna talk about the neon D.A.R.E. Bag? Ok guess not then 0_0

  • C Gillis
    C Gillis Před měsícem

    The one where Shayne picks up the phone and adds his own number is actually kinda smooth lol

  • Lote Līva Gabranova
    Lote Līva Gabranova Před měsícem

    Hi Billy!

  • Trey The Legendary Gamer
    Trey The Legendary Gamer Před měsícem


  • Nirmiti Marathe
    Nirmiti Marathe Před měsícem +2

    “Good job, I’m hard.”
    Best pick-up line of the decade. 😂

  • Andrei Yerkushev
    Andrei Yerkushev Před měsícem

    Johnny bravo