• čas přidán 3. 11. 2019
  • #SonsRedCardVsEverton #AndreGomez
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Komentáře • 807

  • Guy101 William
    Guy101 William Před měsícem +1906

    Son cried after. Some players would have acted like they didn’t even touch them. Too bad this was for someone who is genuinely a good person (Son). Get well soon, Andre.

    • Skim
      Skim Před 21 dnem

      Moneymar Jr. WTH are you dumb😂😂 so you’re saying everyone in your nation are nice

    • Martin Kulkarni
      Martin Kulkarni Před 27 dny

      Darren McDonald No that’s a bit extreme. Let’ just hope somebody in the street trips him from behind, and then breaks his leg with a cricket bat, and everyone around him shouts “accidental, he didn’t mean it. It a late tackle but doesn’t deserve any punishment, it could happen to any one walking down the street”

    • Darren McDonald
      Darren McDonald Před 28 dny

      @CutlerTheCourageous have a word with yaself ya absolute wanker. Hope you get hit by a bus today

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Před 29 dny

      Dean McEntevy why! Fuck Som look at what he’s done, fuck his apology and his reaction! I was there at the game I saw it. It was intentional

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Před 29 dny

      Guy101 William fuck son

  • Ezekiel Nduli
    Ezekiel Nduli Před 22 hodinami

    The more I look at this clip the more of an accident it appears to me.
    Son deserved the initial yellow card coming his way. The injury was a terrible accident.
    Gomez was clipped; Gomez tried to break his fall by straightening out his leg; But with Aurier in the way he couldn't risk hurting him; And with the little reaction time he had, his foot got planted awkwardly in the ground.
    Gosh it's even painful to explain 😖.

  • Maria Papandreou
    Maria Papandreou Před 6 dny

    Good luck Andre's Gomes

  • コバちゃん
    コバちゃん Před 12 dny

    oh My god

  • Jfk Fj
    Jfk Fj Před 14 dny

    Koreans are always!

  • David MacNeil
    David MacNeil Před 18 dny

    Wrap a paper towel round it

  • S_ M
    S_ M Před 20 dny

    I didn't see son hurts any footballer look at this scene clearly we can see he tried to tackle him but he didn't want to hurt him . He was shoked aft seeing what was happened to that defender
    Son is a Humble guy he has many good qualities than other famous footballers

  • IngoGarza
    IngoGarza Před 21 dnem

    Fuck off with this shitty music. Fucking wanker.

  • Ryan Bullis
    Ryan Bullis Před 23 dny

    God bless you son, owning up for your mistake and feelings bad for it. So many people try to blame it on something else but you took it like a true man

  • Nathan Ellis
    Nathan Ellis Před 23 dny

    But André did elbow him in the first place ,,, but still sorry André

  • 김우띠
    김우띠 Před 25 dny
    Son is kind

  • Atei Rokhum
    Atei Rokhum Před 25 dny

    Son see you soon

  • Ross บักลี่

    Too Bad Tackle!!

  • tasnima rahman
    tasnima rahman Před 26 dny +1

    He’s leg didn’t break when son tackled, it broke when it collided with the pitch

  • Tatsuya Shiba
    Tatsuya Shiba Před 27 dny +5

    If this was Sergio Ramos, he would be like "eh, whatever. I am just doing my thing."

  • Shaun L
    Shaun L Před 27 dny

    Still baffled why son was red carded. He didn't even touch Gomes. It was the collision with aurier that injured him

  • Jose and tito HD
    Jose and tito HD Před 28 dny

    Poor son

  • Fred Weeks
    Fred Weeks Před 28 dny

    such inappropriate music

  • Tilly Co'jerry
    Tilly Co'jerry Před 28 dny

    Son of the bitch

  • Jay Almer
    Jay Almer Před 28 dny +7

    Ref (after son’s tackle): bad tackle guess I’ll give him a yellow.
    Ref (after seeing Gomes injury): damn that’s a nasty ankle you got there. Wait.. if I don’t give son the big red.. I won’t get out of here alive.
    Ref (after getting back home from the game) O nononono shit! I for got the check the VAR!! I’m definitely getting fired😭

  • Paul Scott
    Paul Scott Před 28 dny

    That wasnt a red card offence

  • Simon
    Simon Před 28 dny

    You know why we'll never see a different angle replay of this? because it wasn't a foul. Gomes injured himself diving. The referee is an idiot for not judging the tackle, but the injury.
    Son is a good sportsman. Didn't even complain, although he had every right to do so.

  • Government Nwankwo
    Government Nwankwo Před 28 dny +1

    This is occupation hazard,this is one of those injuries we see in football.

  • Lee Phaik Im
    Lee Phaik Im Před 28 dny

    fucking son

  • Luca chuairemila
    Luca chuairemila Před 29 dny


  • Luca chuairemila
    Luca chuairemila Před 29 dny


  • Skem Phawa
    Skem Phawa Před 29 dny

    he is very bad

  • Martin Akula
    Martin Akula Před 29 dny

    Son propelled Gomez into Aurier.

  • Jamie Carroll
    Jamie Carroll Před 29 dny +2

    SON was in a temper as GOMES caught him with his arm 2 minutes before the challenge.

    • Seongjin Kim
      Seongjin Kim Před 26 dny +1

      I think eventhough Son was in a temper, he didn't mean to injure Gomes' that bad. It definetly was a challenge but not a red card deserving dirty play. It would have not happened if they were all just a bit luckier.
      Anyways, hope Gomes gets well soon..

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Před 29 dny +2

      Jamie Carroll yes mate that’s what I’ve been telling everyone! Everyone is sorry for Son and saying it was an accident!!

  • Mitra Poetra Baja
    Mitra Poetra Baja Před 29 dny

    Son tidak tahu bahwa peristiwa itu akan terjadi

  • Al M
    Al M Před 29 dny

    Cynical and premeditated foul from Son despite his reaction. Only he will know what was going through his mind when he threw that tackle and I hope he suffers with his own conscience. The injury wasn't directly his fault be if he'd had a split second of thought he wouldn't have pursued that tackle when he could see it was pointless. Get well soon Andre, we need you.

  • Hamwar Shwany
    Hamwar Shwany Před 29 dny

    Damn look at the audience reaction!!!

  • Pro Man
    Pro Man Před měsícem

    It was his fault,he should be careful when jumping like this..he went into Gomes leg and not the ball..Why isn’t Messi causing such traumas?Because he is a smarter player..It is easy to say sorry of course but an injury is an injury.

  • zack gaming-legendary content

    0:12 is that blood on his hands?!

    • Elisabeth Vika Støver
      Elisabeth Vika Støver Před 29 dny

      I wasn't there but if it was wet or rainy it might just have been wet mud from the pitch that came on his hand

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Před 29 dny

      zack gaming-legendary content mood

  • Vashist Venkatesh
    Vashist Venkatesh Před měsícem

    Tbf Roy Keane wouldn't have enjoyed this tackle too much either.

  • FeelgoodCarCosmetics
    FeelgoodCarCosmetics Před měsícem

    Oh no, get well soon Gomez, best wishes from Germany

  • ThisKidManning
    ThisKidManning Před měsícem

    He broke it after the challenge which tbh was fair and he didn’t need to go down

    • Elisabeth Vika Støver
      Elisabeth Vika Støver Před 29 dny

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Son didn't mean it and was devastated for hurting Gomes. But of course he has to go down I have had the same injury as Gomes before I couldn't do anything else but lay on the ground.

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Před 29 dny

      ThisKidManning fuck u he did! Son caused it son when in for a tackle to get Gomes back FUCK U AND SON 🖕

  • Soleh
    Soleh Před měsícem

    What a sportsmanship

  • Eoghan BuddyBoy6
    Eoghan BuddyBoy6 Před měsícem

    Everton deserved the goal in th end

  • Stoph D
    Stoph D Před měsícem

    Dirty fuckin team. Son obviously didn't want this to happen, and didn't want to hurt the guy, but that's the price of the whole club having a nasty little playing style and no ability to play on their feet!

  • Yonis Hassan
    Yonis Hassan Před měsícem

    son is a selfish idiot

  • ayanam sam
    ayanam sam Před měsícem +1

    Son be like: Ref, please help me, I just killed my Frenemy

  • Razee Taushif
    Razee Taushif Před měsícem

    What a great music choice...plz tell me the name of this music...

  • JW K
    JW K Před měsícem

    잘못한건 잘못한거다 평생 안고 갈 상처이자 아픔이다.. 갑자기 올라오는 분노만 죽이면 된다..

  • 블랙망개
    블랙망개 Před měsícem

    눈물이 😭😭😭

  • Hey. Lalruatkimi Hmar
    Hey. Lalruatkimi Hmar Před měsícem

    I'm so sad for Andre Gomez

  • fg ll
    fg ll Před měsícem

    Red car lol

  • Michael jackson
    Michael jackson Před měsícem

    Era pra ter sido expulso

  • MJay Gold
    MJay Gold Před měsícem

    hold up, wasn't an everton player's leg literally broke last season? now this? damn what's going on.

  • Musang King888
    Musang King888 Před měsícem

    Ufc fighter or football.God teach u see n wait.

    「SURPRISE」 Před měsícem

    O juíz ainda vem com porra de amarelo?
    Tá maluco, isso é velho doído

    CHAMP Před měsícem +2


  • Tall and small 2
    Tall and small 2 Před měsícem

    It was aurier

    SPORTS FINESSE Před měsícem


  • Veci
    Veci Před měsícem

    im so sorry for gomez ❤ i dont want anyone to experience such a thing

  • Graham Fisher
    Graham Fisher Před měsícem

    @hello your such a fucking nob you nob

  • manfre
    manfre Před měsícem

    Didnt mean obviously, is football. Get back soon A.G

  • Daniel Bruno Norland
    Daniel Bruno Norland Před měsícem

    IT was not Sons,fault .Son just touched him and then Aurier did the rest.Aurier shoud have gotten the red card😾🧠

  • Pandu Pandu
    Pandu Pandu Před měsícem

    Keep strong Andre Gomes !

  • Tanaad Tv
    Tanaad Tv Před měsícem

    son is a good player so this is accident I would like 2 say sorry for that

      EVERTON FC IS DA BEST Před 29 dny

      Tanaad Tv just cause he’s a good player doesn’t mean it’s an accident, he done it on purpose I was fucking there I seen it with my eyes!