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  • čas přidán 21. 05. 2019
  • Rango - Jake the Rattlesnake: Rango (Johnny Depp) walks out to duel with Jake the Rattlesnake (Bill Nighy).
    A chameleon (Johnny Depp) who has lived as a sheltered family pet finds himself in the grip of an identity crisis. Rango wonders how to stand out when it is his nature to blend in. When he accidentally winds up in a frontier town called Dirt, he takes the first step on a transformational journey as the town's new sheriff. Though at first Rango only role-plays, a series of thrilling situations and outrageous encounters forces him to become a real hero.
    TM & © Paramount (2011)
    Cast: Bill Nighy, Johnny Depp
    Director: Gore Verbinski
    Producer: Gore Verbinski
    Screenwriter: John Logan
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Komentáře • 1 382

  • ttprekt Pepsi
    ttprekt Pepsi Před hodinou

    Hop i see this :o ive never seen it

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar Před 5 hodinami

    I just found out this exists. WTF?

  • MD08
    MD08 Před 8 hodinami

    Random dude: *Tries to hit on my girlfriend*
    Me: 1:57

  • The Third Crusader
    The Third Crusader Před 9 hodinami +1

    If only colt 1873 peacemakers actually had swing out cylinders.

  • Brandon White
    Brandon White Před 12 hodinami +1

    This is why I started seeing the meme

  • Iron Wolf Productions
    Iron Wolf Productions Před 12 hodinami +1

    I don’t think we deserved Rango at the time considering how under appreciated and basically forgotten it is

  • Stendi Lendi
    Stendi Lendi Před 14 hodinami

    This movie is the best movie of all its time, and all of you know it.

  • Rafika 1337
    Rafika 1337 Před 15 hodinami

    This movie really just happened then dipped

  • HERO tanium
    HERO tanium Před 17 hodinami

    I forgot this movie

  • Mariosam100
    Mariosam100 Před 21 hodinou

    Ammoconda is that you?

  • darkness rising24
    darkness rising24 Před dnem

    Rattlesnake Jake is by far the coolest looking character in this entire movie.
    Change my mind.

  • ParkerrX _
    ParkerrX _ Před dnem

    Bro this was my favprite movie then i forgot about it and then i thought i always watched the geico add

  • speedingchimps
    speedingchimps Před dnem

    such an underrated movie

  • Matreeso
    Matreeso Před dnem

    So for some reason I love rango a lot now CHclip?

  • vwgames49
    vwgames49 Před dnem

    0:31 If you just showed that 3 seconds of walking, you could swear that this movie was live action

  • DaEpikDuck
    DaEpikDuck Před dnem +1

    Why is rango getting noticed 8 years after releasing?
    And who didn't watch the movie when it released

  • Lord Revan
    Lord Revan Před dnem

    Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow, wow


    Jakes tail is made of revolvers


    I can hear big iron

  • Häžäxd _KP
    Häžäxd _KP Před dnem

    Brings back memories of me and my brother fighting

  • RANDOMstuff animation
    RANDOMstuff animation Před 2 dny +2

    Character designs - AMAZINGLY DONE!
    story - OUTSTANDING!
    Animation - MAGNIFICENT!
    the metaphors - I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ANYMORE!

  • Ferdy Channel
    Ferdy Channel Před 2 dny +1

    This is awesome awesome👏✊👍

  • Jhoan.C.P.1611
    Jhoan.C.P.1611 Před 2 dny

    1:41 a PG picture.

  • woolmusic 627521
    woolmusic 627521 Před 2 dny

    Got you in my sights 0:02

  • lol xd
    lol xd Před 3 dny


  • lol xd
    lol xd Před 3 dny


  • MikeBoy31
    MikeBoy31 Před 3 dny

    I saw this movie

  • game crazy
    game crazy Před 3 dny +1

    Rango 2

  • Treppenwitz ‍
    Treppenwitz ‍ Před 3 dny

    I think the reason most people forget this movie is because it doesn't look as cartoony as most other animated movies

  • Quinn Heinz
    Quinn Heinz Před 3 dny

    I honestly remember hating this movie 😂

  • Dj Phantom
    Dj Phantom Před 4 dny +2

    Hit a like if U think this is the best scene

  • Bruan Lucas
    Bruan Lucas Před 4 dny


  • Daniella Espinoza
    Daniella Espinoza Před 4 dny

    I love this movie

  • Siti Jakarta
    Siti Jakarta Před 4 dny +3

    Jack Sparrow vs Davy Jones 2.0

  • Meme Boi 151
    Meme Boi 151 Před 5 dny

    Rango was an animated masterpiece

  • whales0ng
    whales0ng Před 5 dny

    Really underrated movie.

  • Alex56gr
    Alex56gr Před 6 dny +1

    I've been stuck in the red room watching ''Rango'' for 10 years.

  • ĺ Ľøvë mý møm Më țøø

    I see this and its still better than sonic

  • Adensk_Gamer
    Adensk_Gamer Před 7 dny

    John Marston in New Austin

  • Adam Selvig
    Adam Selvig Před 7 dny +1

    The gun for a rattle is quite interesting

  • Morphybrinn Master of pizzas

    This is just like that Tintin movie, beautiful and made by Nickelodeon

  • Exentrixx
    Exentrixx Před 8 dny

    Rattlesnake Jake*

  • Manuel Rangel
    Manuel Rangel Před 8 dny

    Is it that Jake the snake Roberts

  • Royal gaming
    Royal gaming Před 8 dny

    Who voices jake the rattle snake i love his voice

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Před 9 dny

    When in real life "Jake the Snake" bit Macho Man Randy Savage

  • Patrick McHale
    Patrick McHale Před 9 dny

    This is a great movie.

  • Waifu Croc
    Waifu Croc Před 9 dny

    3 weeks

  • NP138
    NP138 Před 9 dny

    Possibly the single most underrated animated film of the 2010s!

  • Aric Wood
    Aric Wood Před 9 dny

    Hell this is a wonderful movie

  • Mc.Spoky
    Mc.Spoky Před 9 dny +2

    0:25 ITS HIGH NOON😂

    Only overwatch fans will understand

  • I waited 90 days to change my name

    I don’t remember rango looking this good what the heck!?!?

  • bjustrzz.
    bjustrzz. Před 10 dny +1

    This movie probably has some of the best animation out of any animated movie period. Try to change my mind.

  • Blue Nevla
    Blue Nevla Před 10 dny +1

    Damn Jake the rattlesnake be looking cuteee ngl

  • Commander Raichu
    Commander Raichu Před 10 dny +2

    Everybody gangsta till the rattlesnakes start going ra-ta-ta-ta-tat

  • Hawaiian Charm
    Hawaiian Charm Před 10 dny +1

    0:56 isn’t that sound effect from that muncher at Chuck E Cheese?

  • James Lonergan
    James Lonergan Před 10 dny

    Rdr2 4k gameplay.

  • Leonardo Lopes Martins
    Leonardo Lopes Martins Před 10 dny

    "por que eu sou da FEB e a cobra vai fumar" .

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar Před 11 dny +1

    Steel Ball Run looks great

  • Luke WC
    Luke WC Před 11 dny

    I completely forgot this movie existed and then I remembered everything when I saw this.

  • •Hoarfrost•
    •Hoarfrost• Před 11 dny

    I remember watching this when I was little, creeped me out a bit, but I liked it

  • OverLorD 83N
    OverLorD 83N Před 11 dny

    Isn't it Rattlesnake Jake instead of Jake the Rattlesnake?

  • Cowzilla Productions
    Cowzilla Productions Před 11 dny +8

    *thirsty brother..*

    no not really. Could use some nice right about now though-

  • Someguy1237
    Someguy1237 Před 11 dny

    Is this a leaked red dead redemption 2 dlc?

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name

    A big iron on his *TAIL*

  • DatLad
    DatLad Před 11 dny

    Underrated movie with phenomenal animation for its time.

  • Imanol Fernandez Guerrero
    Imanol Fernandez Guerrero Před 11 dny +1

    0:26 iTs HiGh NoOn

  • Bcjd Ftusb
    Bcjd Ftusb Před 12 dny


  • Airborne Fumists
    Airborne Fumists Před 12 dny +1

    *the Red Dead Redemption 2 movie looks great*

  • Caufino FF
    Caufino FF Před 12 dny

    Cena wow👌👌👌

  • Oof
    Oof Před 12 dny +2

    I never knew the Geico lizard got a movie

  • noodel boys
    noodel boys Před 12 dny +1

    Gee I wonder when this well come out

  • HawkeyeNextGen
    HawkeyeNextGen Před 12 dny

    It’s high noon.

  • Amir Hodges
    Amir Hodges Před 12 dny +1

    Only the real ones remember what happened when he asked for water in the saloon

  • Jasahn Smith
    Jasahn Smith Před 12 dny


  • Serasia
    Serasia Před 13 dny

    I was always so on edge whenever Jake was on screen. Despite there being a gun on his tail it sounded very close to an actual snake’s rattle. He’s awesome though. Love his eye detail too.

  • zokme Egg
    zokme Egg Před 13 dny

    Jake Paul looks like when hes gay

  • preacherspy
    preacherspy Před 13 dny +1

    dont mess with sheriff toad.

  • orochi iori
    orochi iori Před 14 dny

    i miss this movie

  • Fortnite ninja
    Fortnite ninja Před 15 dny


  • Zombie Hunter
    Zombie Hunter Před 15 dny

    Good idea for the plan rango

  • Squidbro 66
    Squidbro 66 Před 15 dny +3

    The first animated villain I feared. Rattlesnake Jack is an absolute legend.

  • Necros Deity
    Necros Deity Před 16 dny +3

    This movie's quality was remarkable at the time, it was too good yet too underrated

  • Sarriameza Kevinfabian
    Sarriameza Kevinfabian Před 16 dny

    que fueran es español

  • عاشقه الضلام
    عاشقه الضلام Před 16 dny +1


  • master craft
    master craft Před 17 dny


  • Basil The therian
    Basil The therian Před 17 dny +1

    this movie is so underated TT_TT

  • HazzelWazzel
    HazzelWazzel Před 17 dny

    This movie is funny and awesome at the same time

  • ياسمين yasmin
    ياسمين yasmin Před 17 dny

    شباب شتركو بقناتي😘😘😍

  • Duchi
    Duchi Před 18 dny +1

    *All it took*
    was ONE bullet
    *_*tips hat*_*

  • kabar kabur
    kabar kabur Před 18 dny

    Wah tanggo emazing

  • Андрей Вилисов

    🔥🔥🔥*Заходи на мой канал и ставь лайк под видео,дальше будет интереснее,не забудь подписаться*🔥🔥🔥

  • Андрей Вилисов

    🔥🔥🔥*Заходи на мой канал и ставь лайк под видео,дальше будет интереснее,не забудь подписаться*🔥🔥🔥

  • Paula Andrea
    Paula Andrea Před 18 dny

    Amo esse desenho

  • موإويلء_آلمينون


  • Mr HP Rad
    Mr HP Rad Před 18 dny

    Poor video poor execution

  • racha crib
    racha crib Před 18 dny

    The animation is just awesme

  • Tesa Mesa
    Tesa Mesa Před 18 dny

    Love the tiny moustache on Jakes face

  • Valt Aoi
    Valt Aoi Před 18 dny +1


  • Truong Ha
    Truong Ha Před 18 dny


  • اراهيم ياسين

    ال عربي لايك