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How it started 💀 (via SL0WSNAIL)

  • čas přidán 6. 11. 2023
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Komentáře • 39K

  • @idahirlopez3538
    @idahirlopez3538 Před 28 dny +110234

    Smells like a fresh lawsuit

    • @LEVIPLAz
      @LEVIPLAz Před 28 dny +753

      Edit: Never had this many likes,thanks for the likes

    • @hawksrock3024
      @hawksrock3024 Před 28 dny +2415

      For what? He was going 100 mph and admitted to going 96 mph. I would love to see a lawyer who would take that case.

    • @zach88888
      @zach88888 Před 28 dny +727

      The guy admitted to doing 96. I don’t know where he is however, it looks like there’s traffic around. And turn lanes and such anyways typically 25 over is reckless driving if I’m not mistaken.

    • @ptrekboxbreaks5198
      @ptrekboxbreaks5198 Před 28 dny +690

      No way. Going twice the speed limit is 100% a legit reason to go in handcuffs

    • @Darkk141
      @Darkk141 Před 27 dny +123

      ​@@zach88888he said excess of 100 but im not from the US and dont know what it means but in europe they allow you to go like 6kmh over the speed limit in some places

  • @p4antom947
    @p4antom947 Před 5 dny +8450

    For context, people tap their hand on their helmets to warn other bike riders of cops.

    • @josephmarini1787
      @josephmarini1787 Před 5 dny +55

      Thank you

    • @gabrielepierattelli3948
      @gabrielepierattelli3948 Před 4 dny +105

      and so?
      Is that proihibited?

    • @Ashley2.0904
      @Ashley2.0904 Před 4 dny +35

      ​@@gabrielepierattelli3948bro what are you even on about

    • @Zncient
      @Zncient Před 4 dny +30

      @@gabrielepierattelli3948yes it is

    • @jan-3356
      @jan-3356 Před 4 dny +318

      ​@@Zncientit's not illegal, therefore that cop made an unlawful arrest. He didn't even read him his rights or ask for permission to search, he just jerked him out of his bike and put him in handcuffs.

  • @HyphlixTV
    @HyphlixTV Před 4 dny +711

    This lady and gentlemen is how you win a case 😂

    • @sexkrazedpanda
      @sexkrazedpanda Před 3 dny +25

      Right. Put in cuffs without being read your rights. I almost want to say it is staged but I know intelligence can disqualify you from that job

    • @JakeStuckAtHome
      @JakeStuckAtHome Před 2 dny +44

      @@sexkrazedpanda A couple of things here. 1. You do not need to be read your rights until the police want to ask you a question that could be self-incriminating. 2.The guy literally admitted to traveling at a criminal amount of speed...which his own camera captured, not only the act, but the confession as well. This case would be the easiest case of the prosecutors career. Intelligence can 'disqualify' you from the job, but it didn't disqualify you from leaving a dumbass comment.

    • @YeahDMaru
      @YeahDMaru Před dnem +8

      @@sexkrazedpandayeah sorry but that’s not how Miranda works. Please do some research

  • @zacw2768
    @zacw2768 Před 23 dny +172383

    Policeman gave himself the right to remain silent 😂

    • @LegacyTV901
      @LegacyTV901 Před 22 dny +497

      Fr lmao 😂😂

    • @MelodyIV
      @MelodyIV Před 22 dny +945

      old bastard lost his whole family to time and decided to ruin other peoples' lives too

    • @mpls6124
      @mpls6124 Před 22 dny +391

      @@MelodyIV caught someone going 100mph....cop did his job!

    • @mpls6124
      @mpls6124 Před 22 dny +299

      @averyfox410 how do you know? Biker said 96 🤣 either way speed limit on any road in Florida with traffic lights is max 60. So that's over enough to be reckless and a felony in Florida

  • @richardbarber4380
    @richardbarber4380 Před 3 dny +755

    Good thing we have cops like this protecting us from damn sport bikers instead of fentanyl or human trafficking.

    • @josekaiser007
      @josekaiser007 Před 3 dny +14

      Please, enlighten me how should the cops go about stopping fentanyl overdose or human trafficking.

    • @Quest723The
      @Quest723The Před 2 dny +23

      @@josekaiser007 Enforce the law, secure the border.
      Seems like that'd solve 90% of it.

  • @escape_to_adventureeta2546
    @escape_to_adventureeta2546 Před 4 dny +600

    "What did I even do?"
    You stopped for a cop 😂

    • @adeisinger2033
      @adeisinger2033 Před dnem +1

      He said he speeding

    • @ryanadams5976
      @ryanadams5976 Před 2 hodinami +1

      Tf was he supposed to do speed away and give himself an additional charge? He might be able to fight the speeding but ruuning from a cop you are not going to win. Especially with you recording it.

  • @kingofthelurkers5989
    @kingofthelurkers5989 Před 9 dny +5348

    If “STRAIGHT TO JAIL” was a person

    • @stony_sixer6640
      @stony_sixer6640 Před 8 dny +3

      Lmao how is there no comments on this lol

    • @AnAmericanCitzen
      @AnAmericanCitzen Před 8 dny +1


    • @bw-ey4gp
      @bw-ey4gp Před 7 dny +1

      😂...turn right straight to jail....no hand kickstand....STRAIGHT to yail....😂😂

    • @jackoates6418
      @jackoates6418 Před 7 dny +1

      Bro got Venezuela'd

  • @googleenpassant420
    @googleenpassant420 Před 3 dny +1128

    "i didnt go over 100, i was only going 96" dude incriminated himself 😭

    • @skylerpoole
      @skylerpoole Před dnem +14

      Kilometer not MPH

    • @brittchiles9121
      @brittchiles9121 Před dnem +35

      ⁠​⁠@@skylerpoole it’s in America. We don’t do kilometer. Plus if it was KPH then that’s only 60 mph.

    • @Visionspeek
      @Visionspeek Před 23 hodinami +5

      @@brittchiles9121highway is 60 mph tho 😂

    • @dandydaikon5029
      @dandydaikon5029 Před 20 hodinami +12

      @@brittchiles9121 we don't do lawful arrests either 🦅

    • @cane870
      @cane870 Před 19 hodinami +7

      @@dandydaikon5029how is this unlawful? 96 mph is reckless and can get you arrested

  • @Dogbunns
    @Dogbunns Před 4 dny +15

    "only going 96". BRO NOOO

  • @In2RC-1
    @In2RC-1 Před 12 dny +16934

    “You went 100.”
    “No I didn’t. I only went 96.”
    Brilliant defense.

    • @erichahnel4271
      @erichahnel4271 Před 12 dny +356

      Its in Florida, overspeed 30mp/h is a criminal offense, 30-49 is misdemeanor, all over 50mp/h is a Felony up to 5 Years Prison, 10 years license suspension and 5,000$ Fees.
      So 96 is actually a good idea since in most of the cases its 50mp/h on the Road so 96 would still be a misdemeanor while 100+ would be a Felony

    • @jcricochet
      @jcricochet Před 12 dny +78

      How about he doesn’t act like an idiot and then while doing so egg on a cop.

    • @J86_918
      @J86_918 Před 12 dny +60

      There’s a separation of speed violations for a reason. Doesn’t matter if he was going 99mph it’s not in excess of 100mph…

    • @Mmm-dm1hp
      @Mmm-dm1hp Před 12 dny +9

      There’s a big difference

    • @eliazarbetancourt47
      @eliazarbetancourt47 Před 11 dny +3


  • @Kalciferlionheart
    @Kalciferlionheart Před 5 dny +376

    Doesn't matter that he admitted it, he did "read" him his rights so anything he says can't be used in court

    • @mr.l3785
      @mr.l3785 Před 4 dny +17

      You dont know police

    • @Liamzilla4777
      @Liamzilla4777 Před 4 dny +15

      Public recording caught his stupidity though, and since it was recorded in public, no law can protect the recording.

    • @miken8876
      @miken8876 Před 4 dny +28

      You don’t need to read rights unless asking interrogating/ asking questions. Cop didn’t ask him a question, he surrendered that information voluntarily.

    • @St33lStrife
      @St33lStrife Před 4 dny +14

      You don't need to read rights until they're under arrest. You can cuff and detain without it.

  • @Swoleminer71
    @Swoleminer71 Před 3 dny +10

    What not to say to the cops. "100? I was only doing 96!"

  • @slomotion1028
    @slomotion1028 Před 15 dny +8119

    Bro had the right to remain silent, but not the ability.

    • @garrykennedy5484
      @garrykennedy5484 Před 14 dny +12

      Ron White!! LOL

    • @chinesefood2222
      @chinesefood2222 Před 14 dny +31

      “DONKEY! You HAVE the right to remain silent. What you LACK, is the Capacity” -Shrek 😂🤣

    • @ricksher1320
      @ricksher1320 Před 14 dny +24

      Biggest mistake he made was state "I was only going 96", dude your done, I don't feel sorry for you.

    • @PvtByrne
      @PvtByrne Před 14 dny +13

      I mean he wasn't read his rights during the arrest so doesn't that make anything he says inadmissible anyway? Or is that not how it works? Honest question.

    • @ricksher1320
      @ricksher1320 Před 14 dny +7

      @@PvtByrne You don't need to have your rights read to you until you are a suspect and being asked questions about the crime. If you voluntarily say something that is on you.

  • @owenfolsom9875
    @owenfolsom9875 Před 4 dny +45

    No Miranda rights, didn’t say what the biker did wrong, dangerously cut the biker off before he could pull over, started searching the biker without saying a word, so many lawsuits to be had. My boy just won the lottery, I’d be suing until there ain’t a cop to sue anymore

    • @dipperjc
      @dipperjc Před 9 hodinami +1

      "Qualified immunity."
      Which is why that concept needs to go.

    • @huntersmith3034
      @huntersmith3034 Před 8 hodinami +2

      2 quick points.
      1. He isn't required to tell him his miranda rights at that point. Miranda rights are required prior to custodial interrogation for the information gathered during questioning to be admissible in court.
      2. It appears that he is under arrest , the police are allowed to search you as an incident to arrest.
      I don't see any potential lawsuit the rider might win. The cutting him is douchey behavior and worthy of a complaint, that's about it .

  • @kaiabaya7722
    @kaiabaya7722 Před 4 dny +4

    The smacking sounds every time he tools something out sent me

  • @tonygonzales8344
    @tonygonzales8344 Před 16 dny +12571

    It went from a lawsuit to self incrimination

    • @somethingrandom617
      @somethingrandom617 Před 15 dny +170

      nah no lawsuit man was being detained for speeding so he couldnt run off which anyone could figure out and he wasnt asked questions so his rights didnt need to be read... in fact probably better cop stayed quiet instead of cursing at him as that could be used by defense to show bias etc etc

    • @emnotokay3158
      @emnotokay3158 Před 15 dny +290

      @@somethingrandom617there are a lot of things that must happened before he is arrested such as Miranda rights, be told why they are being arrested, run if, etc. can’t just arrest them like that goofy

    • @somethingrandom617
      @somethingrandom617 Před 15 dny +107

      @@emnotokay3158 miranda rights are only if hes being asked questions and this was more then likely a felony reckless driving as hes was at a stop light and near a store so speed limit is probably 55mph. This looks like Florida based off the county meaning the highest possible legal speed is 70mph and they start felony charges 25-30+ and when you get felony stopped you 100% going in cuffs before ANYTHING ELSE

    • @Letsjustbehonesttoday
      @Letsjustbehonesttoday Před 15 dny +59

      ​@@emnotokay3158 🤣 They can absolutely cuff you on the grounds of being detained before reading your Rights Goofy.. I'm sure he was read his Rights before being taken to Jail though..

    • @user-nl1tm2jd8n
      @user-nl1tm2jd8n Před 15 dny +41

      But that cop can't use what the biker said as evidence because that cop failed to tell the biker his Miranda Rights

  • @Shaken_AND_Stirred
    @Shaken_AND_Stirred Před 5 dny +22

    Dude gives the motorcycle code to other cyclists warning of a cop by patting the top of his helmet while he passes the cop at 96mph. Brilliant

    • @whyyadi1674
      @whyyadi1674 Před 3 dny +1

      ahh i see why then.

    • @alexbabcock6166
      @alexbabcock6166 Před dnem +2

      The problem is yes he was speeding. He can detain him for that. And that alone. The head pat isn't illegal. He casually cut the biker off, cuffed him, drsgged him off the bike, and detained him. He didn't technically give him a reason for it. Just stated that he was speeding. Which isn't how that works. He didn't read him his rights they still need the rights read to detain you I'm pretty sure. Otherwise they're unlawfully holding you. Reading the rights is the most important part of an arrest or detainment. Cases get dropped all the time because their rights weren't read. Officer was justified to pull him over but he did everything wrong snd in an illegal way. He should be fired snd more. How does one mess up that bad with sll the training they have to go through? Straight up embarrassing

    • @Shaken_AND_Stirred
      @Shaken_AND_Stirred Před dnem

      I was just giving a quick explanation of what the head pat means and that the guy admitted (under breath somewhat) that he was doing 96mph. Although, it didn’t look that fast from the video.
      I do agree with everything you stated though.
      Merry Christmas

    • @spythetired
      @spythetired Před 21 hodinou

      Pretty sure it's kph

    • @Shaken_AND_Stirred
      @Shaken_AND_Stirred Před 20 hodinami

      Well, I’m not sure why he would be denoting his speed in kilometers per hour in the U.S.
      1kph is about 62% of 1mph. 96mph x .62 (kph) = roughly 62 MPH.
      So if he were in a 45 - 55mph zone, he was speeding either way, especially if he were at 96mph.
      I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time on this now.
      Have a good evening.

  • @user-xi2ff5my1u
    @user-xi2ff5my1u Před 2 dny +5

    The cop is in the wrong here bc you legally have to inform them of their rights and typically of what they actually did wrong

    • @person-zl4xk
      @person-zl4xk Před 5 hodinami

      1) cops only have to read you your rights before asking questions to you
      2) the cop said he was going in excess of 100mph

  • @HeartbrokenHeartshooter
    @HeartbrokenHeartshooter Před 19 dny +8497

    Dude didn’t even ask “do you have anything that will stick me, stab me, or poke me” just immediately started running man’s pockets.

    • @lukeslayer
      @lukeslayer Před 19 dny +282

      Didn't state he was detained either, no Miranda rights, nothing. Deadbeat cop.

    • @matthewedwards6454
      @matthewedwards6454 Před 19 dny +107

      ​@@lukeslayerMiranda rights are for questioning at the station. No questions asked, no Miranda rights read. Driver volunteered information so his statement will be inadmissible but the dash cam and radar reading will Trump that. Also. Even if a police officer doesn't read you Miranda rights, so long as they have other evidence of the crime besides your statement, you'll still be found guilty of the crime. Also, a police officer doesn't need to tell you why you are being detained, only that you are. And until 2020 because of the patriot act, anyone can be held for 48 hours without reason or cause.

    • @RealTexasPlaya
      @RealTexasPlaya Před 19 dny +2


    • @theoneandonly4577
      @theoneandonly4577 Před 19 dny +2

      Doesn’t make a difference if they say that or not.

    • @acetown2263
      @acetown2263 Před 19 dny +14

      @@lukeslayer Miranda rights aren't required to be detained.

  • @Sparkle-cx3tn
    @Sparkle-cx3tn Před 22 hodinami +3

    I feel like police should be required to tell you why they are arresting/restraining you

    • @mindmugger
      @mindmugger Před 15 hodinami

      It's mandatory!

    • @thewafflez_73
      @thewafflez_73 Před 12 hodinami

      They’re required by law to do so, as well as read you your Miranda rights, if under arrest.

    • @ryanadams5976
      @ryanadams5976 Před 2 hodinami

      He quite literally said that he was in excess of 100. He told him the reason

  • @OnLineSystems1
    @OnLineSystems1 Před 4 dny +2

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  • @isaiahbishop8999
    @isaiahbishop8999 Před 22 dny +4733

    “I was only going 96” good job bud 😂

    • @harsheo
      @harsheo Před 22 dny +15

      Not mphs

    • @lobinhouiui9523
      @lobinhouiui9523 Před 22 dny +146

      @@harsheothat’s on Florida, so yeah, it was mph

    • @Thawhid
      @Thawhid Před 22 dny +17


    • @dreycon9143
      @dreycon9143 Před 22 dny +7

      Still doesn’t make the biker guilty

  • @jayquanrhodes270
    @jayquanrhodes270 Před 2 dny +2

    Bro handcuffed him THEN told him to put the kickstand down💀

  • @cjfink5382
    @cjfink5382 Před 5 dny +1

    You have the right ✅️ to sue this officer. Even if you broke the law, he should know to follow procedures 😮😮😮

    • @mpls6124
      @mpls6124 Před 5 dny

      What "procedures" do you claim cop didn't follow? This in Florida FYI so quote their policy. Cop was actually 💯 lawful!

    • @djchris4771
      @djchris4771 Před 4 dny

      What are the procedures?

  • @manekimata8595
    @manekimata8595 Před 11 dny +1954

    “You were speeding”
    “True but not like SPEEDING speeding”

  • @isaacgraham6506
    @isaacgraham6506 Před 23 hodinami +2

    And this is why I can't blame them for running

    • @prodigyparker3513
      @prodigyparker3513 Před 4 hodinami

      ????the dude was going 30+ above the speed limit what’d you expect??? The cop to be nice?

  • @user-rp1hb7zh9w
    @user-rp1hb7zh9w Před 4 dny +2

    Cops are more then rober

  • @heightenedspeed1774
    @heightenedspeed1774 Před 17 dny +7474

    “I was only going 96” Ladies and Gentlemen, we got ‘em.

    • @danielmiles3649
      @danielmiles3649 Před 17 dny +48

      Such a specific number.

    • @RadRedAnimator
      @RadRedAnimator Před 17 dny +55

      It was 76 in his mph screen

    • @AtinDalkoness
      @AtinDalkoness Před 17 dny +39

      I think if you're going a certain number over the speed limit, it's no longer just a violation and it becomes felony endangerment

    • @randomgamer8248
      @randomgamer8248 Před 17 dny +17

      But he was going below 100 mph

  • @rexceed5254
    @rexceed5254 Před dnem +1

    You have the right to resist an unlawful arrest. The man did not say anything to you before or while detaining you

  • @frankconrad8561
    @frankconrad8561 Před 10 dny +4515

    I was on your side at first until you said “I was only going 96” 😂

    • @ColinoDeani
      @ColinoDeani Před 10 dny +26

      lmaooo ditto

    • @jaure_jay3796
      @jaure_jay3796 Před 10 dny +36

      C'mon he was only 96, give the lad a break

    • @mddunlap03
      @mddunlap03 Před 10 dny +30

      Even if he was under the speed limit he admitted guilt

    • @nickt5680
      @nickt5680 Před 10 dny +16

      Listen to the voice. The one saying "you were going over 100mph" was the one saying they was going 96mph

    • @lbreezy4423
      @lbreezy4423 Před 10 dny +3

      Why were you on his side before he admitted to doing 96?

  • @not-AI
    @not-AI Před 3 dny +1

    Florida cops don't play 🚔

  • @dctv2940
    @dctv2940 Před 22 dny +18501

    “The lawyer gone love this” 😂😂😂

    • @BleachAmmo
      @BleachAmmo Před 21 dnem +435

      More like the Lawyers gonna laugh in his clients face when he finds out he was doing 96 mph and openly admitted to it

    • @Issamenock
      @Issamenock Před 21 dnem +37

      @@BleachAmmoit’s highway

    • @GH0ST_D3V
      @GH0ST_D3V Před 21 dnem +154

      @@BleachAmmothe limit was 100 he said that in the video

    • @hugh.mungus
      @hugh.mungus Před 21 dnem +67

      @@GH0ST_D3V some type of hearing you got on you kid

    • @richiepayne7226
      @richiepayne7226 Před 21 dnem +392

      ​@@BleachAmmocop never read him his rights or told him he was under arrest therefore digging in his pockets is considered an illegal search. He could have found 3 needles in there and it wouldn't matter. Secondly pulling in front of him without giving him a chance to pull over is considered reckless endangerment. And since the cop pulling him over where he did not being legal it's also considered reckless driving to park in the middle of an intersection on top of impeding traffic. The cop could have handled that better. He chose to do every single step of the process as wrong as he possibly could have. The guy on the bike has no right to be riding at that speed and should have his license taken but the cop handled that completely wrong. Oh and unless you can prove the excess of 100 mph its also a wrongful arrest.

  • @Peace_in_Christ
    @Peace_in_Christ Před 11 hodinami

    That cops gonna get fired 🔥

  • @ZombieNek0
    @ZombieNek0 Před 18 dny +3678

    "My lawyer will fix you really nicely"

    • @warlordnipple
      @warlordnipple Před 18 dny +25

      Lol? Biker was going to jail. The police don't have to say shit to you once they have probable cause to arrest you

    • @Malva597
      @Malva597 Před 18 dny +167

      @@warlordnipple Never read him his rights, illegal search. If that's not payday to a lawyer I don't know what is

    • @fewminutestudio959
      @fewminutestudio959 Před 18 dny +30

      @@Malva597cop clocked him going over a 100 and the guy admitted to doing 96. He doesn’t have to read him his rights yet because technically he was just “detained” and as far as the search, if they are arresting you they now have every right to search and don’t need permission.

    • @g.sanders6916
      @g.sanders6916 Před 18 dny +13

      ​@@Malva597the only time cops have to read you your Miranda rights are if they are questioning you after you have been detained. As for the search that is simply search incident to arrest.

    • @Rasheed1494
      @Rasheed1494 Před 18 dny +5

      @@Malva597 just because you know this one thing dosnt make you smart

  • @Bbknuckles
    @Bbknuckles Před 5 dny

    Bro going 96mph is crazy. He had a legit reason to arrest you although he didn’t have to act like a little boy about it.

  • @shanesilva4257
    @shanesilva4257 Před 12 dny +1489

    Admitting to 96 is the difference between a ticket and a felony

    • @theimage1144
      @theimage1144 Před 11 dny +4

      A violation vs a criminal act

    • @mr.nilraps
      @mr.nilraps Před 11 dny +13

      ⁠@@theimage1144that would depend entirely on the speed limit in that area. Its hard to tell from just that video but that doesn’t look like a 70mph highway to me. All that said, he admitted to excessive speeding which can be used as evidence against him even if he’s charged for 100mph so either way it was a moronic thing for him to say.

    • @otto_stromberg28
      @otto_stromberg28 Před 11 dny +29

      No because the police officer dint read his Miranda rights so what he said cannot be used in court

    • @nothingnerdyNtertainment
      @nothingnerdyNtertainment Před 11 dny +8

      ​@@otto_stromberg28he wasn't being interrogated. That's irrelevant.

    • @theamazingvince58
      @theamazingvince58 Před 11 dny +10

      @@mr.nilrapsI don’t know much about law but I think he can’t get charged if the cop didn’t tell him his rights like the right to remain silent. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • @dr.exooj1281
    @dr.exooj1281 Před 7 hodinami

    No way dude says “I was only going 96” 😂😂

  • @spicyainsley9635
    @spicyainsley9635 Před 2 dny

    When interacting with cops, remember: Everything you say can and will be held against you.

    • @alexbabcock6166
      @alexbabcock6166 Před dnem

      This would be tossed out. He pulled him over and interacted with him all wrong and illegal. He detained or arrested him without even reading him his rights or stating an officisl reason why. That's highly illegal and cases get dropped all the time because they weren't read their rights. They have tl be let go because they can't legally arrest them if they don't tell you those few simple words. So no, nothing will be held against him here. Maybe a ticket, but this officer wouldn't be the one giving it to him at the station. Officer can't do his job properly at all, and committed more crimes in the video thsn the biker did lol. He should be fired

  • @OfficialNightic
    @OfficialNightic Před 17 dny +15497

    that isn't a cop, that's the terminator

  • @chaitanyakotra3755
    @chaitanyakotra3755 Před 3 dny

    “I didn’t go over 100 I was only going 96”
    reminds me of the excuse from Ant-Man “I wasn’t stealing anything I was just returning something that I stole”

  • @ILOVEsharting
    @ILOVEsharting Před 26 minutami

    technically he has the right to know why he’s being arrested and the officer can’t just search him like that 😭

  • @davidvbobb7785
    @davidvbobb7785 Před 16 dny +3482

    He told the cop he was going 96. Brilliant.

    • @lemur3433
      @lemur3433 Před 16 dny +109

      I’m guessing it was a 100 road that’s why he said it

    • @gracieg7601
      @gracieg7601 Před 16 dny +158

      The cop still had no right to grab him handcuff him and search him. A traffhc violation doesn’t give him all those rights to violate the motorcycle guy.

    • @spiderymantis4226
      @spiderymantis4226 Před 16 dny +31

      There’s probably a bigger charge for 100mph than just 96

    • @randsimpson5326
      @randsimpson5326 Před 16 dny +4

      You- 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • @colinsmith2399
      @colinsmith2399 Před 16 dny +10

      @@gracieg7601reckless driving is a misdemeanor.

  • @livinglifewithrose7154

    "I was only going 96" LMAOOO what a way to incriminate yourself further

  • @gypsyqueen3806
    @gypsyqueen3806 Před 4 dny

    Cops get so pissed when they see us warn other riders of cops ahead!! Not to mention the fact that he was speeding too and admitted it. Most cops I’ve come into contact with don’t get that upset about speeding, depending on how fast you’re going off course. 96 could be considered pretty fast…

  • @Kalda3
    @Kalda3 Před 22 dny +9985

    The way he opened his car door on you was insane 😂

    • @wade5285
      @wade5285 Před 22 dny +44

      man was fast, they do that to try and snatch your keys right away

    • @garydewberry
      @garydewberry Před 22 dny +23

      And he would've seen that a bike can indeed go off road

    • @ashtonk4h19
      @ashtonk4h19 Před 22 dny +11

      His name will be in the deposition for court - public documents. Public record is also in the realm of property records. Get him back.

    • @Hugie-rz2kl
      @Hugie-rz2kl Před 21 dnem +13

      yeah felt almost like a felony by itself

    • @cambion6048
      @cambion6048 Před 21 dnem +15

      Yhea that was lowkey reckless as fuck

  • @devynhale1623
    @devynhale1623 Před 3 dny

    Jealousy is one hell of a drug

  • @Myrppl
    @Myrppl Před 19 dny +1503

    "I was only going 96." "In that case, you're free to go", said no cop ever.

    • @nicholasgilmore3680
      @nicholasgilmore3680 Před 19 dny +15

      At that point just don’t say anything 💀

    • @goldencinder7650
      @goldencinder7650 Před 19 dny +6

      true BUT if the speed limit is 30 and you are over 100 that's a multitude of felonies vs a misdemeanor if you are doing 99 , not sure if that is true for all 50 states but it is true in MOST

    • @awsumaustin7650
      @awsumaustin7650 Před 19 dny +5

      100 mpk is the same as 60 mph. S9 he was going 58 in a 60 mile an hour zone. Do math and figure out he probably wasn't even braking the law

    • @virginsovietunion5876
      @virginsovietunion5876 Před 19 dny

      Going 20 mph over the speed limit is felony speeding

    • @sydneyps
      @sydneyps Před 19 dny

      ​@@goldencinder7650 I think it's anywhere from 90 to 100 depending on the state. Also, if you go over 20 to 30 the posted speed depending on state.

  • @lee_0708
    @lee_0708 Před 7 hodinami

    This is not okay on either part. The cop didn’t say ANYTHING as to why he was pulled over, simply handcuffed him and got rude with him, but at the same time he was going 96 mph. They are both at fault here, every cop is required to say AT LEAST SOMETHING to the person they pulled over, otherwise handcuffing the motorist without any verbal context is going to be what gets this cop in trouble more-so than the motorist.

  • @GregJoshuaW
    @GregJoshuaW Před 21 dnem +6057

    Never. Ever. Ever. Say how fast you were going. At all. That's the definition of self incrimination.

    • @josiahfuller2094
      @josiahfuller2094 Před 21 dnem +66

      You should say a lower number or say you were going the speed limit
      And take a ticket to court officer likely won't show and if they do ask if the speed tracking device is calibrated

    • @brah7985
      @brah7985 Před 21 dnem +20

      and never ever stop when u see a pig

    • @Tricomado
      @Tricomado Před 21 dnem +10

      En España justamente ayer, un conductor se libró de la multa, porque el policía le pregunto si sabía a qué velocidad iba, al responderle la velocidad antes de que el policía le leyera sus derechos, la multa quedó nula.
      Es un pequeño vacío que tenemos en la ley aquí.

    • @duanethomas7067
      @duanethomas7067 Před 21 dnem +13

      Unless he's in Canada and it's a 100kph zone. But yeah NEVER say anything.

    • @ellabella9335
      @ellabella9335 Před 21 dnem +7

      @@josiahfuller2094my dad took a serious speeding ticket to court cop showed up and lied his way through the trial

  • @hrtwonyyy
    @hrtwonyyy Před dnem

    the fact his shirt says “snow snail” 😭

  • @fis5398
    @fis5398 Před 3 dny +1

    This is why you don’t stop

    • @mpls6124
      @mpls6124 Před 3 dny

      How about don't speed recklessly

  • @MessiahGray
    @MessiahGray Před 17 dny +5909

    The "I wasn't going over 100" was enough, you shouldn't have added the 96 part 💀

    • @LizeoDoesMusic
      @LizeoDoesMusic Před 17 dny +138

      By saying his exact speed hes not saying he thinks or whatever he is giving better proof that will hold up in his defense. (More so than "i was not going that much" it shows he was paying attention.

    • @nextgamebud8342
      @nextgamebud8342 Před 17 dny +37

      Different charge once it his 100mph

    • @adamwojciehowski
      @adamwojciehowski Před 17 dny +15

      Could be km and not miles.

    • @BakkuIa
      @BakkuIa Před 17 dny +16

      ​@@adamwojciehowskiI promise it was mph

  • @shazablasta5818
    @shazablasta5818 Před 3 dny +13

    Cop was professional, calm, non-confrontational, even got mans to confess to speeding. Doing your job right doesnt always mean being nice.

    • @Thomas-mc9cc
      @Thomas-mc9cc Před 3 dny +2

      You can’t just do that shit without speaking. That’s not procedure remotely.

    • @nikhilteja1346
      @nikhilteja1346 Před 3 dny

      @@Thomas-mc9cc I still dont understand how people like you survive without common knowledge, what you see in youtube or social media are not the laws buddy, police can detain you if they feel threatened or suspect that you're gonna flee without giving you the reason. He did not use any force so its perfectly legal to detain before tellling you the reason

    • @minijosed
      @minijosed Před 3 dny +3

      @@nikhilteja1346 Have you ever heard about the 4th amendment or Miranda rights? lol

    • @nikhilteja1346
      @nikhilteja1346 Před 3 dny

      @@minijosed they don’t apply unless you’re being arrested and questioned for interrogation, I seriously don’t understand how IK your laws better while living 4k miles away from your country😂😂

    • @moriyamakyon1067
      @moriyamakyon1067 Před 3 dny

      @@nikhilteja1346ummmm, so anyone in police uniform can cuff you? right?
      Officer should always say his name, surname, position, department, show his badge/license, explain why he is approaching you etc. and it's bare minimum

  • @izzy.1812
    @izzy.1812 Před 3 dny

    brooo opened the door before he even stopped

  • @theyinninja8859
    @theyinninja8859 Před 18 dny +3493

    Dumbledore arrests Harry Potter, calmly.

    • @Antoni_Lenart
      @Antoni_Lenart Před 18 dny +1


    • @welhynole4082
      @welhynole4082 Před 18 dny

      Call your what?

    • @jollyquinn430
      @jollyquinn430 Před 18 dny +3

      @theyinninja8859 But the cop was calm?
      Your comment doesn't really make sense.

    • @theyinninja8859
      @theyinninja8859 Před 18 dny +1

      @@jollyquinn430My good friend you belong in. R/Wooosh

    • @fivepandas1
      @fivepandas1 Před 18 dny +3

      @@theyinninja8859The whole Dumbledore joke is that it is said to be calm, but pretty much the exact opposite. Here, they just said he was calm and he was calm. It's not really funny.

  • @ellijaygalB
    @ellijaygalB Před 3 dny

    I wasn't going over 100. I was ONLY going 96. I really wish these guys who ride would understand how quickly they can become a speed bump.

  • @Cohrotarp
    @Cohrotarp Před 3 dny +1

    Bro made fun of a officer for no reason broke the speed limit and says WhAt Did I dO

  • @dillonr2610
    @dillonr2610 Před 20 dny +4893

    That cop was fucking up until you confessed right way 😂

    • @russianbot2630
      @russianbot2630 Před 20 dny +65

      He wasn’t fucking up you can be arrested for going that speed.

    • @nathanharrison2
      @nathanharrison2 Před 20 dny +275

      @@russianbot2630 he was in cuffs and off the bike before a reason for being stopped was given. by law if you ask what are they pulling you over for they have to answer. if you are put in cuffs they have to say you are detained for x reason. if you are arrested they have to say so or its a false arrest. this guy couldve been paid real good if he kept his mouth shut about going 96

    • @logithurman2433
      @logithurman2433 Před 20 dny +21

      ​@nathanharrison2 they only have to if they're gonna say shit. A cop wouldn't need to talk to you about anything if he saw you punch someone. This is the same.

    • @josiah3043
      @josiah3043 Před 20 dny +21

      ​@@nathanharrison2That's not the law at all 😂. Literally do a tiny bit of research and learn you're wrong. Although they're typically policies* to that effect for individual departments. Not the law..

    • @user-fp8vi3pz4b
      @user-fp8vi3pz4b Před 20 dny +6

      @@nathanharrison2different states have different laws some states you do not have to identify an arrest nor a ticket as it will be printed on the citation and arrest report as some states dont want suspects taking off after they know their being arrested but mostly all cops will tell you out of common courtesy and polite with u

  • @Mrnobody957
    @Mrnobody957 Před 5 dny

    Double or multiple tapping the helmet is Army signal for a soldier / officer to inform others to follow him without verbal command. This guy deliberately signaled the cop to follow him and the cop knew the meaning of tapping on the helmet.

  • @christopherdonlick9119

    Dude literally asked to go to jail.

  • @CBDMagicCanada
    @CBDMagicCanada Před 24 dny +86302

    Never seen a cop first arrest someone without saying a word... that's wild

    • @danr4316
      @danr4316 Před 24 dny +2152

      Apparently you missed something in the video. The cop says he got him at over 100 mph....followed by the biker admitting he was going 96.

    • @WintergamerWoopoe
      @WintergamerWoopoe Před 23 dny +7000

      @@danr4316correct me if i’m wrong, but he’s was already in cuffs and had been taken off of his bike before any of that was said. super illegal.

    • @BayroPhasmo
      @BayroPhasmo Před 23 dny +972

      not just wild, but also a fat paycheck!

    • @H3gamer360
      @H3gamer360 Před 23 dny +474

      @@WintergamerWoopoebeing put in handcuffs doesn’t always mean being arrested

  • @2cgonzalezmolinajose633

    Police speed detectors have a margin of error of 7 to 10 percent. which means if you go 96mph the cop will see it as 104 or 109mph

  • @draxgoodall3685
    @draxgoodall3685 Před 16 hodinami

    Just to be clear, its not illegal to warn other motorists that there is a cop up ahead.

    • @danr4316
      @danr4316 Před 16 hodinami +1

      That's not what the stop was for. The video shows the deputy stating he got him in excess of 100 mph, followed by the biker admitting he was going 96. That's what the stop was for.

  • @jccraftmage2313
    @jccraftmage2313 Před 21 dnem +3040

    No officer. I won't confess to speeding, I'll just confess to speeding

    • @gaming_rules6977
      @gaming_rules6977 Před 20 dny +32

      The speed limit was probably 100 so 96 would be fine

    • @sammooney10
      @sammooney10 Před 20 dny

      @@gaming_rules6977what are you saying 😂

    • @noudhuyben5712
      @noudhuyben5712 Před 20 dny +48

      The confession cant even be used, he didnt read any rights beforehand

    • @kitty-gf2wd
      @kitty-gf2wd Před 20 dny +28

      @@gaming_rules6977What kind of highways do you go on that the speed limit is that high…?

    • @LordDrackonel
      @LordDrackonel Před 20 dny +12

      ​@@kitty-gf2wdsouth Florida highways have their limits stated in kph, where 100 is the limit, that's around 60 mph, so he was still under the speed limit..

  • @ryderwilliams8155
    @ryderwilliams8155 Před 4 dny

    The cop can get fired for not telling you why you got arrested so just let him not talk

  • @harate
    @harate Před 18 dny +8516

    Admitting you were doing 96 as an argument against 100+ is crazy 💀

      @THEKINGRAYKATS Před 18 dny +194

      On a illegal arrest it's just trolling

    • @JonDough-ux9ju
      @JonDough-ux9ju Před 18 dny +137

      @@THEKINGRAYKATS? How is it illegal.. he just admitted it like an idiot. He would have gotten out of that ticket if he kept his mouth shut the cop obviously didn’t have him on radar.

      @THEKINGRAYKATS Před 18 dny +295

      @@JonDough-ux9ju Silent arrestation, search on body without consent, just 2 things, he can say what he want, he'll never get any charges

    • @psycoklown8461
      @psycoklown8461 Před 18 dny +35

      ​@THEKINGRAYKATS Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. He just did what one would call the Admittion of guilt.

    • @charlielupin8618
      @charlielupin8618 Před 18 dny +146

      @@psycoklown8461yeah but he was never read those rights by the cop, even to he would have been required to
      so it’s still illegal and they can’t use infos obtained illegally

  • @gabrielbrandao4521
    @gabrielbrandao4521 Před 5 dny

    easiest way to win a lawsuit

  • @squirrelguy-sn1vf
    @squirrelguy-sn1vf Před 5 dny

    You could actually sue the cops because when you asked for what you did, he didn’t answer until he put the cuffs on you which is illegal

  • @oolexplayz
    @oolexplayz Před 19 dny +1639

    BRO HAD THE CASE UNTIL HE SAID “I was only going 96”

    • @JakeDaMistake
      @JakeDaMistake Před 19 dny +17

      No, he just took the lesser of two different charges and tickets.

    • @bluebarry3
      @bluebarry3 Před 19 dny +22

      cop clearly didn't have his speed. good chance he won until he admitted guilt

    • @matthewcohen9582
      @matthewcohen9582 Před 19 dny +26

      This appears to be Canada, where 100 km/h is 62 mph. Possibly the limit on the road. He stated he was only going 96 (km/h), which is about 60 mph.

  • @Sc_Messey
    @Sc_Messey Před 4 dny +3

    That’s a lawsuit you can’t just pull up on dude like that and throw cuffs on him for a minor speeding infraction without even saying anything

    • @spyder000069
      @spyder000069 Před dnem +1

      If he was 30mph over he can. Appears to be Rt1 in FL (st johns county sheriff). Anything over 30 is misdemeanor, potential license suspension, loss of motorcycle endorsement, fines, insurance hikes, etc.

  • @Mr.HustleGr8_13
    @Mr.HustleGr8_13 Před 4 dny

    Just violated that's man's God given rights 😂

  • @Mr.Wayne8
    @Mr.Wayne8 Před 9 dny +2401

    "I didn't go over 100 I was only going 96!" Perfect response 👌

    • @hutchinsonfamily1
      @hutchinsonfamily1 Před 7 dny +6

      Fr bro😂😂😂

    • @jaredweber1528
      @jaredweber1528 Před 7 dny +42

      He said that because “excess of 100” is a felony charge, so he was trying to get out of that

    • @jasonallen3678
      @jasonallen3678 Před 7 dny +1

      @@jaredweber1528 Right

    • @IDATMAN
      @IDATMAN Před 7 dny +15

      Why would you admit to anything like that? If you were exceeding the speed limit at 98, 100, or 67, it's still illegal and one should be prepared to pay the price for breaking the law.
      Here's an idea. Don't break the law in the first place.

    • @darienplays6741
      @darienplays6741 Před 7 dny +11


  • @dabdillon6318
    @dabdillon6318 Před 4 dny

    He forgot that breaking the law is illegal

  • @maxxou_46
    @maxxou_46 Před 4 dny

    You cant arrest someone without Telling why you are arresting Them and you need a warrant to Search someone you cant without

  • @Treblaine
    @Treblaine Před 20 dny +3430

    "i was only going 96" and then the cop smiled like he just found a $100 bill in an old pair of jeans.

    • @tso_yams6926
      @tso_yams6926 Před 20 dny +4

      ​@Will-dn9dq did u not get the joke?

    • @tobeyjohnson9420
      @tobeyjohnson9420 Před 20 dny +38

      It is a trick to get a person to admit guilt by correcting the officer with the accurate information. He is most likely smiling because it worked like a charm.

    • @Will-dn9dq
      @Will-dn9dq Před 20 dny +1

      @@tso_yams6926 read it wrong

    • @Digger-Nick
      @Digger-Nick Před 20 dny +1

      Why would he speed and then admit to it... Bikers are worse than cyclists I swear

  • @anthonylindsay2562
    @anthonylindsay2562 Před 3 dny

    great job proof that our ta dollars dont go to waste thank you for the clean up

  • @shraken_of_darktide9066
    @shraken_of_darktide9066 Před 3 hodinami

    That cop should 100% be fired he put the cops on that dude before even got off the bike which is dangerous didn't even tell him why he was being pulled over until he had the cuffs on him at that point he should have been read his rights perform the illegal search because there was absolutely no probable cause for a search that dude just broke all types of laws

    • @danr4316
      @danr4316 Před 3 hodinami

      Law enforcement doesn't have to tell you IMMEDIATELY within milliseconds of being cuffed why they are being cuffed. In this case, it was about 45 seconds from cuffs to explanation, which is legal. Miranda rights are only required to be read PRIOR to questioning the person who is in custody. In this video, the deputy doesn't question him, so it follows that he didn't read them at that time. It wasn't an illegal search either. The video shows the deputy state he got him in excess of 100 mph, followed by the biker admitting he was going 96. At that speed, it is considered reckless driving, which is criminal and arrestetable. Thus probable cause is established to do a legal search.

  • @ApentDiwoi
    @ApentDiwoi Před 3 dny

    From a litigation, self-incrimination resulted.

  • @dutchrovell3662
    @dutchrovell3662 Před 20 dny +3405

    Dude said "I didn't go over 100, I was doing 96" 😂

    • @leviharris7267
      @leviharris7267 Před 20 dny +66

      Km/h, so 60mph

    • @Questofthenight
      @Questofthenight Před 20 dny +51

      Because in Florida going over 100 is reckless driving or a felony. I can’t remember but that’s why he made sure to say he wasn’t over 100

    • @Questofthenight
      @Questofthenight Před 20 dny +25

      @@leviharris7267 No he was saying 96 mph so 154 km

    • @privatepartswcrz8761
      @privatepartswcrz8761 Před 20 dny +26

      ​@@leviharris7267this is obviously not in kmh. Cop wouldn't react that way over 60mph

    • @DefCantGame
      @DefCantGame Před 20 dny +5

      Pretty sure its considered reckless in most states just some areas wont arrest unless its mid 100, around here they will just ticket you for speeding and reckless@@Questofthenight

  • @danclay8229
    @danclay8229 Před dnem

    In some states if you go over the posted speed limit by 20mph or more the infraction becomes worse than just a traffic violation. This may be one of those states. Someone else may know more about this than me.

  • @yasaintgfx4758
    @yasaintgfx4758 Před 3 dny

    Policeman with the salomons damnn he drippin

  • @TSjFoolishW
    @TSjFoolishW Před 10 dny +2181

    He cracked a smile when you said “only 96” 😂😂

    • @amazingaces4389
      @amazingaces4389 Před 8 dny +3

      He didn't he said he wasn't going over 100 the cop said 96😊

  • @Mae11549
    @Mae11549 Před 32 minutami

    Bro hopped out and arrested him without reading him his rights

  • @rayoffuckinsunshine
    @rayoffuckinsunshine Před 5 dny +20

    That Cop does not have the right to do what he just did. It is against the law.

    • @Hubbmeister21
      @Hubbmeister21 Před 3 dny +3

      Yes he did and no it’s not

    • @mpls6124
      @mpls6124 Před 2 dny +3

      What law do you think cop violated? FYI cop was lawful 💯

  • @mrpuffindabz4494
    @mrpuffindabz4494 Před 18 dny +3164

    "I wasn't going over 100, I was doing 96" 💀

    • @ibo1137
      @ibo1137 Před 17 dny +4


    • @Rewwrs
      @Rewwrs Před 17 dny +56

      This is in Canada they use kph not mph. In our measurements of speed he was going like 59mph

    • @RingoEffects
      @RingoEffects Před 17 dny +19

      ​@@RewwrsSt johns county is in Florida US this is not Canada

    • @treyhertsch5232
      @treyhertsch5232 Před 17 dny +7

      If you listen the limit was 100 and the cop said he exceeded it

    • @JustusConrad-Veinotte
      @JustusConrad-Veinotte Před 17 dny


  • @jacobmartinez750
    @jacobmartinez750 Před 2 dny

    That video is all the evidence he’s gonna need. Sure he was speeding but the lack of professionalism from the officer is out of hand. Biker was cooperating and getting off the highway.

  • @baggyspaggy
    @baggyspaggy Před 20 dny +3673

    ‘I was only going 96’
    Anything bro says or does can be used against him in a court of law 💀💀💀

    • @whatshisfaced2488
      @whatshisfaced2488 Před 19 dny +232

      The cop hadn’t read him his Miranda rights yet 🤷‍♂️

    • @acoustic9373
      @acoustic9373 Před 19 dny +26

      96 KMH

    • @blj824621
      @blj824621 Před 19 dny +40

      He doesn’t have to read him his Miranda rights right away when talking to him, he could be just be detain and not arrested and even so he never ask him a question he answered the bikers question on what he done to be pull over. The biker disclosed information without even being question.

    • @jonathanmillard6539
      @jonathanmillard6539 Před 19 dny +8

      He has a way better case going for him against the cop though. Everything about this is illegal in america

  • @dovesarygray8076
    @dovesarygray8076 Před 5 dny

    Sounded like his bike was slowing down at the beginning of the video. Fun fact, mounted radar catches everything in front and behind the patrol vehicle, coming towards and going away. So if the Officer's settings on his radar were set right, he potentially could have caught the biker. As I said, sounded at the beginning of the video the biker was slowing down so cop could have caught him before he realized. Just because he didn't go after him at first doesn't mean he didnt catch his speed. Could have just not wanted to deal with it then changed his mind.

  • @aabryelle
    @aabryelle Před 4 dny

    That camera catching all the angles lol

  • @nex8000
    @nex8000 Před 21 dnem +1547

    "I was only going 96 not 100"
    "Sir this is a school zone"

  • @sagecovert9231
    @sagecovert9231 Před 5 dny

    Power trip mode activated when he opened the door before even stoping no seatbelt buckled either

    • @mpls6124
      @mpls6124 Před 5 dny

      🤔 reckless speeder going over 100mph....you really can't understand WHY cop would DETAIN IMMEDIATELY??? Cop stated "excess of 100" PRIOR to search! That's a REASON 🤣

  • @revivethebloodgod
    @revivethebloodgod Před 12 hodinami

    This officer had no right to search him, or put him in cuffs without saying anything, that's a violation of his civil rights.

    • @danr4316
      @danr4316 Před 12 hodinami

      Apparently, you missed the part in the video where the deputy states he got him in excess of 100 mph, followed by the biker admitting he was going 96.

  • @The8Don
    @The8Don Před 14 dny +3383

    Played right into the cop's hands. "I didn't go over 100 I was going 96".

    • @tbirds5313
      @tbirds5313 Před 13 dny +121

      Beat me to it. Instant loss of any court case right there.

    • @chikne3018
      @chikne3018 Před 13 dny +79

      ​@tbirds5313 the point is under 100 isn't wreckless. Can't be arrested for it.

    • @The8Don
      @The8Don Před 13 dny +42

      @@chikne3018 you can be arrested for any unlawful act bruh. Most cops just don't waste time arresting people for minor offenses. And reckless isn't capped at 100mph bruh, reckless is defined by all contributing factors. Driving 70mph in a 25mph zone is justified reckless driving. 100mph has it's own stipulation like loss of license and impounding the bike or something.

    • @moonshot8589
      @moonshot8589 Před 13 dny +1

      Plua banging hand on helmet might me shown as reckless

  • @TaterChip3
    @TaterChip3 Před 16 hodinami

    Cop wasn't even wearing his seatbelt which is a law they have to follow as well!!!

    • @danr4316
      @danr4316 Před 15 hodinami

      The problem is, you don't know if he wasn't wearing it at all, or if he just removed it prior to the camera angle. You see, you are absolutely correct, they have to wear it; however, in situations where there is a traffic stop where the person might be a flight risk they can take it off early, in order to conduct a traffic stop. Just as law enforcement can break traffic laws and speed if there are specific calls or reasons to do so.

  • @leakathleenstrode6557

    Thag cop cant be detaining him like that
    He has to tell the guy why he is being detained. Unfortunately our rights arent required to be read before hand but they are supposed to be sites at amy point before transfer. Although, i see many violations in this video. This should easily be thrown out