YouTube Rewind 2018 but it's actually good

  • čas přidán 27. 12. 2018
  • CHclip Rewind 2018. Celebrating the actual videos, people, music and moments that defined 2018. #CHclipRewind
    Dolan Dark:
    Extra credits:
    Ali A's intro:
    Hit or miss:
    Crab rave:
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  • Made in 130613
    Made in 130613 Před dnem

    always come back to this PERFECT video 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Ralliauto •
    Ralliauto • Před dnem

    Did youtube pay for you

  • DJ Mutt
    DJ Mutt Před dnem +1

    82K people are CHclip employees

  • Thomas Williams
    Thomas Williams Před dnem

    Thank you for making the best rewind yet!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter Freymuth
    Hunter Freymuth Před dnem

    4:09 to
    4:45 best part of the vidio

  • The Absolute Hoot
    The Absolute Hoot Před dnem

    This is how 2018 rewind should have been
    Like if pewdiepie rewind is better than the actual rewind

  • MLT Hall Of Famer
    MLT Hall Of Famer Před dnem

    avenge ninja

  • Awesome
    Awesome Před dnem

    We also lost some bad people T-Series

  • Marko Díaz Montero
    Marko Díaz Montero Před dnem

    I watched this like 50 times, and it's still the BEST video I've watched

  • ToZiK TeamKiLL
    ToZiK TeamKiLL Před dnem

    This is ultimate LIWAY, I think?

  • MickeyDs
    MickeyDs Před dnem +2

    Why didn't you mention XXXTENTACION

  • MD Hazme Bin Shamsuri
    MD Hazme Bin Shamsuri Před dnem +1

    🅱️eter Griffin is back 1:26

  • Wikipediah Plays
    Wikipediah Plays Před dnem

    They did surgery on a grape

  • Fangirl_ofmany
    Fangirl_ofmany Před dnem

    I love how you included the special people whom died this year. Made me cry, but I think it was necessary to include it, matches the title. Thanks pewds ❤

  • TheSeenuStuffs
    TheSeenuStuffs Před dnem

    Why FlyingKitty is soo good

  • AstroDas360
    AstroDas360 Před dnem

    the least dislikes for the most liked non music video on youtube

  • ARshack Yo
    ARshack Yo Před dnem

    Who else just comes here frequently to see the likes?

  • MaskedYandere
    MaskedYandere Před dnem

    When the normal rewind doesnt give tribute to all the amazing people who passed away

  • Adriel Guzman Loza
    Adriel Guzman Loza Před dnem


  • FishStick DaBest
    FishStick DaBest Před dnem

    CHclip's video has 2.5 million likes you have over 7 million

    No suprise

  • My unexplained Stupidity

    Who made this, should made the 2020 CHclip rewind it would be better rather than CHclip making it

    And thats a fact

  • Lee Chunyan
    Lee Chunyan Před dnem +1

    Everytime i watch this it makes me laugh👏👏meme review👏👏 👏👏year review👏👏

  • Gregory Pashos
    Gregory Pashos Před dnem

    Still the best video than the other one

  • Larpi Jara
    Larpi Jara Před dnem

    Omg foot letuce😂

  • hero gamer2000000
    hero gamer2000000 Před dnem

    I have no clue what was wrong with the original...but this was good too

  • EZY music
    EZY music Před dnem +1

    2020 pewDiePie who made youtube rewind
    Who agree like

  • Thed Emon
    Thed Emon Před dnem

    CHclip should let Pewds create every youtube rewind after this cause they'res was bad this was haaaaaaaaaaaaawt

  • monstersince
    monstersince Před dnem

    looka they will pay about 10 times what they pay pew/themselves. some call it fraud some call it justice.

  • Harry- Console Fan
    Harry- Console Fan Před dnem

    This is cringe!

  • um quadrado totalmente branco

    Rewid oficial

  • Daniel Ritter
    Daniel Ritter Před dnem

    Why are xxxtentacion not in this video?? He died 18 juni

  • Ari Gacha videos :D
    Ari Gacha videos :D Před dnem

    The best rewind ever! I love you!

  • オイラーはガウス

    Will Smith will notice to make mistake

  • WorldOf Sewa
    WorldOf Sewa Před dnem

    MR BEAST MADE IT SO DID SHANE AND OMG I LOVE THIS I swear pewdiepie controls CHclip for the best

  • Ryan Plays
    Ryan Plays Před dnem

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you click this button it will turn blue

  • தமிழன்
    தமிழன் Před dnem

    3:26 You have to add the name of them in it
    Edit :You can add it as subtitles

  • Aine Joubert
    Aine Joubert Před dnem

    This is genuinely better than CHclip rewind 2018

  • jozozombi 5038 jo
    jozozombi 5038 jo Před dnem

    omg clikbait is in Croatia and not clikbait

  • Bazo0ka
    Bazo0ka Před dnem

    Now I can tell my mom ,I made a history!

  • Jasmine Roberts
    Jasmine Roberts Před dnem

    whoever disliked is a t series fan

  • Bazo0ka
    Bazo0ka Před dnem

    Well ,now I can say PewDiePie is CHclip manager

  • Jasmine Roberts
    Jasmine Roberts Před dnem

    another guys trying to copy ur rewind LOL

  • Ivekthemaster57 k
    Ivekthemaster57 k Před dnem +1

    So cool

  • Mattplays Roblox,Minecraft And More

    pi day is on march 14
    the first three digits of pie is 314

  • Mattplays Roblox,Minecraft And More

    I was born on pi day,pi day is when steven hawking died and albert einstein was born

  • Thedgyone
    Thedgyone Před dnem

    Game cube
    Hit or miss
    Do you know the wae
    Bongo cat
    Sans trumpet guy
    Bitch lasagna
    TikTok song
    Chills number 15
    Family guy scream
    Tide pods
    Fornite song
    T H I C C
    Who is marshmallow
    Fornite junk
    Mr. beast
    T series vs pewds
    Little TAY
    Fornite bus?
    Logan or jake Paul?
    Sans theme
    Fornite again
    Crab rave
    Ligma prank
    FBI open up
    Sans theme
    Mrbeast donating
    Fornite dance
    I wanna be tracer
    NO BOB ROSS??!!

  • GameCypher Online
    GameCypher Online Před dnem

    Stan lee is my forever hero

  • Goku's Channel
    Goku's Channel Před dnem +2

    This better than Yt rewind who agrees

  • The last Species of Chane

    This is going to become a tradition

  • Mia Cyclone
    Mia Cyclone Před dnem +2

    *wHaT tHe FuCk u SaY tO mE U LiTtLe ShIt!*

  • Mia Cyclone
    Mia Cyclone Před dnem

    *wHaT tHe FuCk u SaY tO mE U LiTtLe ShIt!*

  • Yousef Dwaba
    Yousef Dwaba Před dnem

    Idk who will miss Stefan hawking that dumb that not believe there’s something called God

  • Rebo name
    Rebo name Před dnem +1

    Better then better!👍

  • Josef Marion Cruz
    Josef Marion Cruz Před dnem +1

    I showed this to my dog

    Now he's snoop dog

  • fish milk
    fish milk Před dnem

    Less then half the views but more then twice the likes

  • Roman Lovegood
    Roman Lovegood Před dnem

    This is a bop

  • Jwuw Jsu
    Jwuw Jsu Před dnem

    1:54 :D

  • Mikylathereal vlog time here

    I wan't to be rewind

  • Mikylathereal vlog time here

    Your are?

  • Tech N' Stuff
    Tech N' Stuff Před dnem

    I'm selling replay buttons
    1 button costs 1 like

  • Efe Can
    Efe Can Před dnem

  • Md. Ziaul Haque
    Md. Ziaul Haque Před dnem

    I didn’t even watch the original one.

  • Fauzan GWEM
    Fauzan GWEM Před dnem

    march 2019???like

  • Maxmillian mus
    Maxmillian mus Před dnem

    I all see is positive comments no negative comments

  • Win School
    Win School Před dnem

    17/3/2019 ?????

    PR STUDIOS Před dnem

    This is way better than the actual rewind.. Who agrees

  • Pikachy
    Pikachy Před dnem

    song name 4.15 ?

  • TheWolf Gaming
    TheWolf Gaming Před dnem

    RIP Stan Lee

  • mohammad hossein ebrahimzade

    amazing vid poods as always!!!!

  • ACE NinjaOnMax
    ACE NinjaOnMax Před dnem

    The best rewind ever

  • ARTICLE 13
    ARTICLE 13 Před dnem

    Man pewds loves those rocks I fell like their in almost in any vid where pewds isn't inside.

  • Mikael Abe
    Mikael Abe Před dnem +10

    Plot twist : all of this made by pewdiepie because he owns every meme channel

  • Alper Safak
    Alper Safak Před dnem


  • TubaToastBrot
    TubaToastBrot Před dnem +1

    It is Perfekt

  • carmel gillett
    carmel gillett Před dnem


  • AdityaPlayZ YT
    AdityaPlayZ YT Před dnem

    5 CHcliprs did better than YouTuhe itself

  • MR. CAT
    MR. CAT Před dnem +1

    so goddddddddddd

  • il poldo mangia panini

    the dislikes are of t series and youtube
    I leaved like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍,👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Flooster
    Flooster Před dnem

    let me guess. demonetized?

  • Stahlhelm Model. 1940 Fd. Gr.

    Old, normified memes that I hate seeing in videos these days.
    But back in earlier 2018 days they were precious. The point of Rewind.

  • Juaqin Aguilar
    Juaqin Aguilar Před dnem

    Finally, a CHclip rewind that is actually good, you saved my life

  • yeet my sheet
    yeet my sheet Před dnem


  • Stahlhelm Model. 1940 Fd. Gr.

    Why didn't Sir Francis/iDubbbz try this
    They were born too early to be active now but late enough to be remembered as CHclip Saints

  • LeoM365
    LeoM365 Před dnem +1

    Great rewind so funny 😂


    This video is 99,8%perfect. I would have liked to see the "CAPTAIN, LOOK" meme in it ;)

  • HT Music
    HT Music Před dnem

    0:32 : her name please!!

  • GamerFunGames 09
    GamerFunGames 09 Před dnem +2

    If they don't put PewDiePie vs T-Series in CHclip Rewind 2019. I will literally never watch CHclip again!! (No promises lol)

  • BoeserBob
    BoeserBob Před dnem

    Thats hot

  • Frienzo
    Frienzo Před dnem +1

    this viedo will go down in history

  • The Jethro Gameplay
    The Jethro Gameplay Před dnem

    3:30 Who is dat guy

  • Otto Van Nobody
    Otto Van Nobody Před dnem

    Who else almost started crying when it said the people who died

  • DisneylandLouie's
    DisneylandLouie's Před dnem

    1 cringe
    2 no
    3 I think real rewind is better

  • Lutsen Vries, de
    Lutsen Vries, de Před dnem

    Fortnite season 8 leaked volcano lol

  • [I'm Vegan't] Psygirl14

    I'm just sitting here waiting for 2019 rewind

  • Aril simon
    Aril simon Před dnem +1

    If say "who watching in march??" Can i got a like?

  • Vsauce666
    Vsauce666 Před dnem +1

    CHclip: thanks men dressed up as women
    Pewdiepie: thanks every important person who died in 2018

  • MeaslyHorizon
    MeaslyHorizon Před dnem

    I come back to see this masterpiece every once in a while...

    LØRD JØSHUA Před dnem

    Xolbor yalp uoy od

  • HowToBasic Kids
    HowToBasic Kids Před dnem

    you should be in charge of youtube rewind 2019