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Nike SB | Nyjah Huston | Need That

  • čas přidán 27. 11. 2022

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  • Dirty Nuggets

    I respect Nyjah because he easily could have just slowed his pace and enjoyed an easy life. But he chose to put in the work and push himself to the absolute limit. He’s aware that he has a gift of talent and he’s not squandering it. This is surreal to watch. Wow.

  • Aaron Martirano

    Completely unreal, I can’t compare any skater to him. He goes harder, faster and tries the hardest tricks out there and constantly continues to raise the bar as he gets further and further into his career. He skates at such an at ease level that he makes even the hardest moves look easy when we all know how difficult they are. SOTY, SOTD(ecade), LEGEND!

  • Eric Byrom
    Eric Byrom  +192

    I have never seen a better part, in my 47 years. This is unreal. Nyjah is on another plane of existence.

  • BobscousinBob

    There are at least a thousand commenters who've already said it better than I could. What a part, what a career, what a living legend. Thank you for sharing your life and body with us for all these years Nyjah.

  • Time. Space. Heal

    Not a thug, A real nice guy

  • markfelixm

    Incredible. I’ll remember this part longer than who won Soty in 22

  • Ej Peterson

    Doesn't matter what you say, you can't deny he's one of the greatest to ever do it.

  • Elvek Djv
    Elvek Djv  +103

    You can try to find a reason to hate this guy but you can't deny that what you have seen was just unreal. Being raised with Misled Youth and Girl videos this is just insanity. 10 years ago, no skater would ever imagine to film a part with this amount of bangers.

  • danny wilson

    The greatest street skater to ever live.

  • time to play the game

    I'd be embarrassed getting soty when this part exists, this will be talked about for years as one best skate parts ever. I'm a skater I know how hard is to just kickflip, this dude is insane, how consistent he is man

  • Richard Dalvinn

    This is absolutely the sickest skatepart someone EVER did. So much determination, hucking, so much power and so much life-ending dangerous tricks. This is 🔥🔥

  • Rather be canceled than handled - KB so tired

    This is skateboard history . Going to leave a comment here so I can come back and reminisce in my elder years about this period of time 👍

  • YeahhDan
    YeahhDan  +695

    In my humble opinion, this is one of the greatest skate parts I’ve ever seen in my life

  • JDM Bren
    JDM Bren  +33

    tyshawn just won soty, just wanna say this may be the best part ive ever seen in my life nyjah, you are skater of this decade. 🙏

  • TheShenmueMaster

    So savage, Nyjah is indisputably the best skater in the world right now as he has been for a long time. Such an epic video, his style is so damn clean and making it looks effortless. Really knows how to take a fall and somehow not die or even get hurt that bad. What an amazing skater!

  • Alan Green

    the fact they didn't give this man SOTY is mind blowing to me. I get he's not their "style" but this is undeniably one of the best parts ever dropped. Shout out to Tyshawn but god damn thrasher wtf

  • DANY
    DANY  +44

    The amount of work put into this is absolutely incredible

  • Crypto du Jour

    I've never came back to watch a part so many times. This is history in the making right here.

  • Homage TV
    Homage TV  +416

    This is absolutely insane. SOTY. The man’s earned it

  • wavyFP
    wavyFP  +10

    The Real SOTY22 👑💐💪🏾