Junior Varsity: Athletic Fails (July 2019) | FailArmy

  • čas přidán 16. 07. 2019
  • There is a reason these people don't have letterman jackets! Check out the best junior varsity athletic fails from the greatest bench warmers of all time!
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  • KomedieKomedie

Komentáře • 281

  • rustyz8
    rustyz8 Před měsícem +159

    Love how in the one at 5:08 the dude in red acts like it cost him the race but he was losing the whole race.

    • Chiara Le Clerq
      Chiara Le Clerq Před 12 dny

      The club he’s from has good runner’s tho

    • RedGaming Studio
      RedGaming Studio Před měsícem


    • feliixx
      feliixx Před měsícem +1

      What he said translates to "filthy queer".

    • Iamtop
      Iamtop Před měsícem +1

      There is always one.

    • HyborianAge
      HyborianAge Před měsícem

      My son was winning asshole.

  • anarchy idrop
    anarchy idrop Před 3 dny

    So my add way toy story three when woody tried to get out of the bathroom stall to escape daycare

  • Kai Hamilton
    Kai Hamilton Před 4 dny

    best part was 4:52

  • Florisvaldo Guedes
    Florisvaldo Guedes Před 4 dny

    Sports falis, or “Tokyo here I go” The best of Olympic qualifiers

  • Александр Васин

    скоро чернобелые ролики будут вставлять

    • Andrey Alferov
      Andrey Alferov Před 4 dny

      Главное, наше "ёбтвоюмать ты живой?" звучит!))

  • Avi
    Avi Před 9 dny

    Not that I could do better but jeez that’s bad

  • JFKozlowskiJr
    JFKozlowskiJr Před 10 dny +2

    I lost it @
    , She broke my Driver in half...
    #MarriedLife 3:09

  • Chiara Le Clerq
    Chiara Le Clerq Před 12 dny +1

    Me: 5:10 wait this place looks familiar
    *hears the people speak*
    Me: o sh*t i’ve been there :0
    (Yall don’t even know how rare this is, there are barely any fails recorded in Belgium but here you have two clips in one vid , the other clip is that guy who runs directly into the pole xD)

  • Liam Shelley
    Liam Shelley Před 14 dny

    5:58 I mean, he made it

  • Tony Stokes
    Tony Stokes Před 15 dny

    Today I stopped at this roadside stand that said lobster tails $2.
    So I paid my $2 and the guy said, “Once upon a time there was this lobster…”

  • Dr. Nerd Ind
    Dr. Nerd Ind Před 20 dny +2

    2:45 It looked like he was gonna fly away with it... 😂😂😂

  • Bndns Nsns
    Bndns Nsns Před 25 dny +1

    2:52 the best part 😂

  • Vintage News Network
    Vintage News Network Před 27 dny

    Failception. When you fail to horizontally record a fail.

  • Joe V
    Joe V Před 27 dny +4

    1:57 Scott Stirling! The man! The legend!

  • Churchill Wang
    Churchill Wang Před 27 dny +2

    3:30 That accuracy had me laughing lmao

  • Люська Иванова

    Еб твою мать! Живой?😂

  • Jannic
    Jannic Před 28 dny

    3:33 The car in the background looks like an alien

  • Rachel Balacuit
    Rachel Balacuit Před 28 dny


  • Damian
    Damian Před měsícem

    We're all over here like "Wow I'm glad I'll never be that stupid" Who knows maybe you'll be the next big fail😁

  • Jorge Nuñez
    Jorge Nuñez Před měsícem +5

    3.50 FailArmy presents "Man getting hit by football".

  • Nike All-Star1480
    Nike All-Star1480 Před měsícem +3

    5:18 the dude who comes in lAst is the one who seems the most pissed 😂 good scapegoat

  • Joseph Nickelback
    Joseph Nickelback Před měsícem

    'No way?'

    Waynes World!

    Also .. lose the pole vaulters.
    Them sobs aint nothin but time wasterz

  • thebad baliguy
    thebad baliguy Před měsícem

    Always that 3rd kid

  • Justin S.
    Justin S. Před měsícem

    These guys used to pump out good content.now its all so plain

  • Jason Collins
    Jason Collins Před měsícem +2

    5:14 Why would you under any circumstances walk on a track when people are racing? -_-.

  • sorry m8
    sorry m8 Před měsícem

    0:40 that's no jv hight. Smh

  • Eric Fajardo
    Eric Fajardo Před měsícem

    Saved the best for last 😂

  • Dan Wybrow
    Dan Wybrow Před měsícem

    Track and Field is the gift that never stops giving

  • sager R
    sager R Před měsícem


  • Lisette Mercier
    Lisette Mercier Před měsícem

    Le fraçais c'est une plus belle langue que l'anglais!!

  • G. Phill
    G. Phill Před měsícem +6

    1:17 MAGYAROK LIKE!!!

  • CrefloMack
    CrefloMack Před měsícem

    4:50 His little jog is over

  • Ryan McGauley
    Ryan McGauley Před měsícem

    I realize not everyone is an athlete, I’m far from the smartest person, come on though this is ridiculous. 🤦‍♂️

  • Rocketman 123
    Rocketman 123 Před měsícem

    3:04 That's literally me when I play golf.

  • Owais Qadri
    Owais Qadri Před měsícem

    the first one man damn...

  • Erikg2001
    Erikg2001 Před měsícem

    0:46 that school is legit 10min from where I live, didn’t expect anything local would show up 😂

  • Erikg2001
    Erikg2001 Před měsícem

    0:46 that school is legit 10min from where I live, didn’t expect anything local would show up 😂

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson Před měsícem

    Ok this was actually funny 😂

  • Erica Guillermo
    Erica Guillermo Před měsícem

    New CHclipr here let’s help each other’s grow!! ;))

  • Chris Gl
    Chris Gl Před měsícem

    Please go back to posting funny videos.

  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson Před měsícem

    What is that thing they spin around

  • Dani Juhász
    Dani Juhász Před měsícem

    1:13 Mehet! XD

  • Alicja Mirowska
    Alicja Mirowska Před měsícem

    Make breakdance fails

    CHRISTO BIJU CHEMMANAM Před měsícem +1

    I give credit to MOST of these people cuz they are trying to do something athletic unlike people like me who just sit around. They are actually trying to do something new. But also, there is a difference between trying something new and doing something stupid... :)

  • Mathin3D
    Mathin3D Před měsícem

    FAIL, bitchass!

  • G79G
    G79G Před měsícem

    Do cat fails!

  • Liverius日本の竜
    Liverius日本の竜 Před měsícem

    1:14 kapásból egy magyar :D

  • Michael Markle
    Michael Markle Před měsícem

    Then belly flops were perfect

  • Backerbse- HD
    Backerbse- HD Před měsícem

    Absolut Unlustig

  • The Harder Army !
    The Harder Army ! Před měsícem

    after all these fails. I still have respect for them

  • BlueOz
    BlueOz Před měsícem

    5:11 the look on the guys face is like that dude cost him the race yet he was losing hardcore anyway omegalul

  • Try Again
    Try Again Před měsícem


    _CRANBERRY _SAUCE_ Před měsícem

    practice makes perfe.........

    BLACKTACULA97 Před měsícem

    5:10 me asf

  • aslave730
    aslave730 Před měsícem

    They never had the makings of a varsity athlete...

  • Nathan Birhangeta
    Nathan Birhangeta Před měsícem

    I mean karma

  • Nathan Birhangeta
    Nathan Birhangeta Před měsícem

    Make to much carma

  • ibuy4unow
    ibuy4unow Před měsícem +1

    0:34 they can’t drive either so what’s so surprising here?

  • Алекс Тихонов
    Алекс Тихонов Před měsícem

    Ёп твою мать, живой?))))

  • Jay Murray
    Jay Murray Před měsícem +3

    4:50-4:56 I peed myself laughing

    • Ray Chang
      Ray Chang Před 29 dny

      Definitely the funniest clip. He'll never run again. Maybe he can get a job a a "postal" worker! HA!

  • Todd McCraven
    Todd McCraven Před měsícem

    4:42 not funny. That happened to me once. LOL I can laugh since it was 30 years ago but I remember it well.

  • Ita Júnior
    Ita Júnior Před měsícem

    4:51 lol

  • Toxichammertoe
    Toxichammertoe Před měsícem

    4:49 he definitely lost that race no way you can recover from that type of injury!

    • Alex Vargas
      Alex Vargas Před měsícem +1

      God had that one in mind 🤣

  • Hadeel Khalid
    Hadeel Khalid Před měsícem +1

    Dear man....
    Not every girl who smiles at you means she likes you!!!
    Maybe your face looks funny 🙂

  • DOJO
    DOJO Před měsícem +6

    Yo...2:44...that kid wasn't ready! The tangential force was so great it caused that dudes head to look up...ROFL.

  • Barath Aron
    Barath Aron Před měsícem

    Welcome to the internet archives. Failarmy is the FAIL itself.

  • Bean ThatDancer
    Bean ThatDancer Před měsícem

    really…..no hockey?

  • Karen’s Manager
    Karen’s Manager Před měsícem

    1:58 Scott sterling is back

  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry Před měsícem

    LOL that's confirmation the SPASTICS are in town!

    MR AND MRS STELOME. Před měsícem +1

    4:54 he never gonna walk again... R.I.P. BALLS

  • Aaron Screwface
    Aaron Screwface Před měsícem +2

    4:52 I had no idea Daniel Tosh was a marathon runner

  • 自由人
    自由人 Před měsícem

    i love taiwan.

  • Chethan Chinny
    Chethan Chinny Před měsícem

    4:48 excellent runner

  • FitzyCify
    FitzyCify Před měsícem +9

    0:47 - Not a bad recovery, mind.
    3:35 - This is how you win the game.

  • Jon
    Jon Před měsícem

    Travis ya fucked it mate 😂