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  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022

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  • @bonuswolfe684

    UPDATE: It seems if you join a random lobby (not using a code), the rewards are only given out one time if you fail. You should only be doing this with your friends, don't join random raids and lose on purpose because odds are you wont get the rewards anyway!

  • @korden1401

    ONLY DO THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS, the random host you joined will NOT appreciate you throwing

  • @reaganl.607

    JSYK You don't need to lose to farm the same raid over and over again, if the host saves before the den (autosave off) and then resets once you beat the raid and are returned to the overworld, the den will still exist. This way you can also tell what rewards you are getting. With the right strats, you can one-shot most bosses (using perserrker or iron hands, for example), which I think is even faster than losing.

  • @VirtualMarmalade

    I just hope this doesn't cause randoms to throw in actual raid attempts... Bc like if you're hosting a raid looking for group you want to win to get rewards, but your helpers get rewards regardless so they could just throw and that would suck...

  • @chrishusted9296

    Remember, with randos, its still faster to just kill the boss.

  • @SmurfRockRune

    Honestly this makes sense now. Last night I tried my first 6 star raid (by joining a random) and we got close but lost, and then I got a call from Jacq where the only response I could choose was "I won!" Thought that was really weird, but it would explain why that happened, the game thought I won. Thanks for clearing up that mystery!

  • @partyhatkid9940

    Just found this channel and I am SO HAPPY to see the old Wolfey style videos!!!! This made my day. I understand that the main channel's editing is more popular, but it's hard for me to grasp so I am happy to just see this side of you and your content is being posted somewhere. Regardless of my opinions, keep killin it!🙌🏻

  • @naotaka1624

    I am worried that no one will be willing to host random high star raids anymore

  • @BigBadHyena

    This is really cool, but I hope people don’t start throwing raids with strangers. Some of us want the Pokémon just as much/more than the rewards.

  • @danger_noodle1246

    What happens if the host disconnects? If disconnecting stops everyone from getting rewards then that could be considered a good defense against randoms trying to steal from the host by throwing.

  • @babybot12345

    I respect the commitment to the intro even in such an urgent wideo

  • @AKcorey47

    I remember my friends getting a bunch of XP candies from us failing 5 star raids when we first unlocked them. Meanwhile I wasn't getting any. Now it makes sense. Surprised this took so long for the community to figure out. Or maybe it was a well kept secret

  • @camouflagedjune9351

    Thanks for posting! Yeah would def only really recommend with friends. Want to mention a few things I never dm’ed.

  • @OsbordPlunky

    I spent 8 hours yesterday farming for an Ability Patch without knowing I had one from a failed raid then, lovely lol

  • @jamesbrooks6856

    This was fixed during patch 1.1

  • @brianpeterson7028

    You can attack allies and a higher level Pokemon fainting makes the timer go down more, so joining with a level 100 is actually the quickest way to do this

  • @TheJohnrt

    As much as I want terra shards to be more available, I really hope this gets patched. Anything that requires you to lose on purpose to get better rewards cannot be healthy for an online environment.

  • @JoseDorda

    Part of me isn't happy with this because a lot of of people are going to randomly join raid with the intention to fail, anyway, I was already planning of raiding mainly solo.

  • @StrengthOfADragon13

    So I think I accidentally benefited from this. I'm in a raid group using the perserrker strategy. And I would volunteer for the harder raids for that strategy (typically annihilape), so it would take 5 or 6 tries to win. Never would have guessed that beating my head against a wall would be worth it

  • @Alphard72

    This is fast, but probably not as fast as 5 or 6 star Ditto raids. Since Ditto always transforms into the host's mon, you could have them bring a Lvl 1 Sunkern or something and defeat the raid extremely quickly. Then the host can close the game before it auto-saves to prevent the raid from being removed and everyone else can go again. Obviously you can't rely on these raids spawning, but if they do they can be extremely lucrative for a group of friends.