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We Spent £100,000 On MrBeast’s Credit Card Ft Speed

  • čas přidán 12. 11. 2022

Komentáře • 9 699

  • YouTube
    YouTube  +37

    the reactions after each transaction goes through 😭

  • Finature Official

    A huge respect for Beast. Man is a living W

  • Bluric
    Bluric  +1

    Chunkz is like speeds big brother

  • StarsRoblox

    Chunkz made speed lose a jet but he made a payback♥️

  • user786
    user786  +5

    Respect to Chunkz for sharing his prize with Speed

  • W A C K
    W A C K  +474

    Damn he is so nice giving out 1k after he spent 120k from mrbeast

  • DragonG
    DragonG  +52

    Seeing Chunkz and Speed together is absolutely crazy. Seeing Speed act normal is crazy aswell.

  • Karen Lopez

    I appreciate Speed actually feeling remorse for the amount of money he spent. That’s how yk what kind of guy he is. ❤️

  • Brapppp26

    This is one of the best videos I’ve ever seen of Speed. He really is a good genuine guy and is grateful for everything he’s gotten. We finally made the right person famous!!

  • Luis
    Luis  +57

    I´m just glad you helped those who needed the most and not some spoiled brats.

  • Juice
    Juice  +71

    The funniest part is speed runnin around spending actin like he broke af when he could buy all this shit for himself on any given day🤣

  • Jeremiah DeRosas

    Speed and Chunkz are the perfect duo

  • Mohammed_Hassen

    The fact that Speedy lost a jet to a handshake gets me every time

  • Jonas Leaumoana

    Seeing Speed act crazy is normal, seeing Speed act normal is crazy

  • AMP
    AMP  +9

    Yo chunkz

  • Rantle
    Rantle  +55

    Speed is like the weird younger cousin of chunkz 😂

  • Boidiss
    Boidiss  +27

    When you actually see him in person he actually looks good😂😂

  • HyperGamer

    speed was so happy he started talking spanish

  • Nimra
    Nimra  +16

    Chunkz and Speed are the best comedic duo we did not expect 😅😂

  • Violates
    Violates  +672

    Chunkz and Speed is a dynamic duo. We need a Chunkz, Speed, and Filly video ASAP!