Dead By Daylight | #117 - Creation of The Legion

  • čas přidán 13. 12. 2018
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  • Alexandra Darkbee
    Alexandra Darkbee Před měsícem

    29:31 you're welcome

  • megladon gameplay
    megladon gameplay Před měsícem


  • Mustafa Gamer
    Mustafa Gamer Před 5 měsíci

    the legion have now too many buffs he is now super bad !

  • Maria Noel Sosa
    Maria Noel Sosa Před 5 měsíci

    Espero puedan poner a Buffy la cazavampiros.

  • b00st3d_6_6
    b00st3d_6_6 Před 5 měsíci

    I actually like legion, but although the concept is genius, the design is also really bad and unfair... He needs tweaks dud.

  • Jrlopez
    Jrlopez Před 5 měsíci +1

    23:27 Heres what you've been waiting for

  • El Tin
    El Tin Před 6 měsíci

    Algún traductor en la sala?

  • Irene Atkins
    Irene Atkins Před 7 měsíci

    Can we have another licensed character please we haven’t had one in a year

  • SoCal Fishing And Outdoors
    SoCal Fishing And Outdoors Před 7 měsíci +1

    i think they did a pretty good JOB SO FAR

  • Christopher Rascati
    Christopher Rascati Před 7 měsíci

    You have to tunnel to get a kill as legion

  • DanishFreddy
    DanishFreddy Před 7 měsíci

    dead by daylight is my favorite game
    i like the characters and hope for more in the future :D

  • Ryder Awesomeness
    Ryder Awesomeness Před 8 měsíci

    Dead by daylight is amazing don't listing to other people

  • Boiled Squirtles
    Boiled Squirtles Před 8 měsíci

    Dude fix the ice skating glitch

  • MrTimi 123
    MrTimi 123 Před 8 měsíci

    I am not sure but I can't heal players with Jake park is a bag... I don't know

  • 邱仲凱
    邱仲凱 Před 8 měsíci

    I want to ask if there is no horror to kill Valentine's Day killer at dawn.

  • Jelly
    Jelly Před 8 měsíci

    I love the Legion they have a cool design and a cool backstory

  • Lauty
    Lauty Před 8 měsíci

    I still miss old running animation for long time

  • Pimienta Verde
    Pimienta Verde Před 8 měsíci

    Guys you are the best so hyped for chapter twelve

    AVENSTIN Před 8 měsíci +1

    waiting for a silent hill map where u run away from killer Pyramid Head

  • Tabgaç Türk
    Tabgaç Türk Před 8 měsíci

    Hey devs plase solve this fucking error code 8014 connection error
    I can't play two weeks

  • Amigão da Vizinhança
    Amigão da Vizinhança Před 8 měsíci


  • Pierre Nader
    Pierre Nader Před 8 měsíci

    Can you make dbd mobile like it you agree

  • Matthew Botello
    Matthew Botello Před 8 měsíci

    Can we get a alien dlc

  • Nathan Horne
    Nathan Horne Před 8 měsíci

    Just saying put Bill on Xbox and ps4 plz

  • Black Venom
    Black Venom Před 8 měsíci

    Follow me pls Im New I make dbd too

  • Philip G
    Philip G Před 8 měsíci

    I've been with dad since the beginning and I was a fan but when you brought a licensed character Michael Myers and then Freddy came will there be other famous horror characters in dbd

  • Lukas Henrique
    Lukas Henrique Před 8 měsíci

    I can not wait for the subtitles in Portuguese, i love this game.

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith Před 8 měsíci

    You guys have Noooooo idea how to make a game! This game has to be the most if not the most horse shit game I've EVER! Played in 27 years of gaming! One sided, Unfair, Buggy, Very poor maps, Very poor picture for a game with very little in it if anything! And the Lag is so bad sooo awful it's beyond words! Truly I'm at a loss! Fuck me you make EA look good and that's impossible to do! 0/10 never will I play or touch any game you people make again even if you pay me I won't it's that bad!

  • DannitheDanki
    DannitheDanki Před 8 měsíci

    To be honest you guys did a pretty bad job in trying to make the legion scary and creepy

  • The YD
    The YD Před 8 měsíci

    Why does i get always stupid players if i'm the killer mimimi flashlight mimimi plattes. If i'm a survivor i always make everything cause the other make nothing. Why? I can't win allone

  • Marcus Holloway
    Marcus Holloway Před 8 měsíci +1


  • The Kuningaz
    The Kuningaz Před 8 měsíci

    Hahaha how stupid can u be to load up 25min on this video with just a clock tickin down

  • Knilz Pilz
    Knilz Pilz Před 8 měsíci

    Still waiting for the Legion buffs -.-

  • Rance :3
    Rance :3 Před 8 měsíci

    If you guys are tired of playing Dead By Daylight, I recommend playing Identity V. It's a mobile, rundown version of this game with easier and simpler game mechanics.

  • takuma uchiha
    takuma uchiha Před 8 měsíci

    Can u give legion a white jacket

  • Furin Family
    Furin Family Před 8 měsíci

    Can I get my own exclusive

  • Dragonstorm 1000
    Dragonstorm 1000 Před 8 měsíci +2

    Jeez they haven’t had a new video in three weeks. I know Christmas happened a while ago. But we should have gotten something by now.

  • Satou Tatsuhiro
    Satou Tatsuhiro Před 8 měsíci

    Pls Dev‘s Fix the bugs and the Hit Box from the Killers

  • Most Gentle Audio MGA
    Most Gentle Audio MGA Před 8 měsíci

    Legion base should be only 3 hit down in the freezy mode. That's all that's really needed not to much and not to less.

  • thinair123
    thinair123 Před 8 měsíci

    Graphics update pls

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger Před 8 měsíci

    Make Freddy better, reduce dream transition time and add a new skill like making fake generators

  • The YD
    The YD Před 8 měsíci

    Dead by daylight team why are the fu***** game spawning the Hatch always to thr survivors. What is Wrong with you

  • The YD
    The YD Před 8 měsíci

    Everytime i see the map Backwater i leave cause the map is full trash. Pls fix the map. Its crap

  • Pinecone Jim
    Pinecone Jim Před 8 měsíci +1

    So Devs how’s come it seems that instead of fixing the many issues that are wrong with your game you focus on making it a Barbie dress up game?

    • Red Five
      Red Five Před 8 měsíci

      Pinecone Jim Whats wrong with Barbie Dress up(

  • r/woo oosh
    r/woo oosh Před 8 měsíci

    I need help. Everytime I lose connection my rank goes back. Is it just me??? I never had this problem untill right now.

  • Christina Stephanie
    Christina Stephanie Před 8 měsíci

    Dead by daylight the best game💪❤❤❤

  • Anajba Agahah
    Anajba Agahah Před 8 měsíci

    Can u put bill back?

  • Internet explorer
    Internet explorer Před 8 měsíci

    i want new killer but his weapon is gun

  • Dabberman 420206
    Dabberman 420206 Před 8 měsíci


  • Mertcan078
    Mertcan078 Před 8 měsíci

    Q&A: Is there going to be any XP events or offerings?

  • leon
    leon Před 8 měsíci +1

    Dont bring new killers or clothes. JUST FIX BUGS please :)

  • N N
    N N Před 8 měsíci +1

    Perfect outfit but useless low tier killer for now, I really hope that in the future he/she will be upgraded like it happened to Hag and Wraith cause the idea is good.
    Ps: 2 years and half are passed since the game release and the game is still full of frustrating bugs of any type, after all of this time I assume that this situation is ok for You. What a delusion and what a waste of potential for the game.

  • Couldn't think of a Name
    Couldn't think of a Name Před 8 měsíci +1

    Can somebody tell me how to report a player directly to the devs? Had a survivor working with the killer AND the killer only went after me because they were chasing me and a Claudette that was apparently behind me (I had the camera facing forward, so I didn't see behind me) I pulled down a pallet to escape the killer and I didn't know she was there, so the killer hooked me, face camped me and let all the others live. She said she was "Doing justice" I reported the two immediately, but I wanna report it to the devs because I have video evidence AND screenshots of the conversation since she added me and the others to a group to tell them that she'd let them live

  • DannitheDanki
    DannitheDanki Před 8 měsíci

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you guys made a map that changes over time like a tree falling down on a entrance to a house so you can vault over it or completely block the entrance?

  • Souperstar12
    Souperstar12 Před 8 měsíci

    I bought Laurie strode from the store for five dollars with auric cells and now it says she’s locked and I can’t play her.
    Edit: Never mind I had to restart my application and my data was back.

  • хер с горы
    хер с горы Před 8 měsíci

    (Attention! My English bad I the Russian person hope will apprehend nobody my idea as very stupid, forgive) my idea is silly but there can be you will start a new trailer after a release of new chapter and this new trailer will be mysterious that players could look for the new murderer or the survivor thinking that they did not sit just like that (it sadly to wait for new chapter without knowing who it, and with this opportunity to players will be interesting to solve the new murderer or the survivor, (to be a certain detective, will be so much more interesting) whom they are and could give you many the new and various ideas). I hope that you understood about what I wrote and translated the point is that to me 17 more and I learn other languages besides English. Just consider this idea and can that I will help this BEST GAME FOREVER.(i love legion)

  • 中村ヨウハch
    中村ヨウハch Před 8 měsíci

    I review for 2.4 patch.From japan rank1 suv no party play.
    I was totally disappointed by DBD balance team.
    and my friends said same thing.awful balanced game DBD is
    why 3 blink Nurse haven't been downgrade all time...?all player think that is overpower.
    and Legion is special boring killer to both killer and suv side.
    all Legion doing thing is just chase,,,,there are no mind..just chase like horse...that is all.
    and PBB Spirit's addon is overpower too.there is Wraith's blood bug...borrow time bug...
    I retired this Game.and many friends too.
    because recently there are awful balance patch are released.
    i think balance team are changed and make this game boring one.
    player population are decline.
    I don't wanna broadcast this game and play at all.sorry..

  • Krazy Tarkatan
    Krazy Tarkatan Před 8 měsíci

    Buff survivors

  • Martincitoaguilar 41
    Martincitoaguilar 41 Před 8 měsíci

    Next Chapter of 2019 is gonna be Jason Voorhees.

  • Charlie Wain
    Charlie Wain Před 8 měsíci

    All killers need to get a grip! Survivors are weak as they are