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Handyman Tips & Hacks That Work Extremely Well ▶7

  • čas přidán 12. 01. 2022
  • Now and then, all of us have to do a little repair or DIY around the place, glue something together or replace a fastener or two. These workers know what they are doing, so here you bring you some of their best tips and hacks. Watch this review of Tips&Hacks and tell us what you think. Enjoy!
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Komentáře • 671

  • Sven Treffinger

    for connecting the wood bars, it would be better to just glue in a dowel. With the screw you are more likely to end up with a space between both sides, since you try to align the edges. Also you still should use clamps until the glue is dry.

  • thanrose

    Really great timesavers and hacks. Even the use of dried up silicon caulk as a cleaner for abrasives and other tools was new to me. Collapsible 2x4 sawhorse is on my to do list. Spacers for concrete forms for garden edging were unknown to me. I'll have to time stamp certain tips for later... Very useful.

  • Andrzej Poreda

    Świetne są tu naprawdę pomysły pozdrawiam twórcę tego filmiku serdecznie 👍👍👍👍

  • Евгений Швачко

    Спасибо огромное автору ролика. Сам, к физическому труду и использованию различных инструментов приучен с 5 лет. Отец всегда показывал разные хитрости. Тем не менее, много узнал нового. Респект!


    Ótimo trabalho

  • Kaptain Krak

    In my experience the cost and time to acquire the "correct" tool or item is less than inventing your own way. In most cases it is safer as well. For example when wiring up a boat or car I have found wire nuts where a butt connector should be. Wire nuts are great for solid core wire but fail when used with stranded wire, which is the only approved wire on vehicles. Same with plumbing on vehicles, especially boats that have had all pex removed and replaced copper pipes. And kept in place with copper brackets and soldered together. Meanwhile the boat flexes and sags while the copper pipe doesn't give the same way and also corrodes when exposed to salt water.

  • BeeRye
    BeeRye  +14

    Could be extremely dangerous making your own electrical connectors/lugs.

  • Robert
    Robert  +1

    For the homemade Electrical lug, drill a small hole in the tube by the flattened surface, use a broken screwdriver with a rounded tip use it to crimp the tube and solder the wire in place, when solder comes out the hole it's good to go.

  • Thomas Martin

    Always looking for hacks before I start a DIY project. I've saved myself so much time, trouble, and money by watching others!!!

  • H-INK - Visual Versatility

    A great video from a great channel once again! Wonderful tips and hacks. Cheers👍👍

  • Marauder 36

    Okay, unlike most of these DIY vids on CHclip THIS one is actually full of practical, useful, and ingenious ideas. Well done!

  • RobGomez

    I discovered by accident that drilling into the screw heads will often help "fix" it enough to get it out and replace it. In my case, I used a small drill bit to make a hole in the screw head and that apparently gave my regular screwdriver enough room to fit and turn the screw.

  • DP Z
    DP Z  +15

    Better than most of the work hack video's I've seen.

  • Mechanic Art

    There are a lot of tips here that can be used at work, thank you for sharing, I think it is necessary for me to try it myself

  • Bill Zerkeley

    Lots of great tips & hacks. My personal favorite is stapling down a cable tie.

  • Joe Biden Is Not My President

    I have to say that I found many of these tips practical. Good Job👍

  • Bobcat 843

    I'm a handyman and this stuff is great 👍🍻

  • doire aintu

    Always looking for hacks before I start a DIY project. I've saved myself so much time, trouble, and money by watching others!!!

  • Trendy Insight

    These are definitely some good hacks to use when you don't have the tools to get a job done!

  • Jack Of trades

    Q tech is by far my favorite I always learn a few new ones. Thanks guys