11 Vampire Pranks and Life Hacks / What If Your BFF Is A Vampire

  • čas přidán 10. 03. 2019
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    Does your friend dream of becoming a vampire? What a great idea! You can come up with a bunch of pranks on a vampire theme! Watch our today's video and you'll know what to do if your friend thinking that she is a vampire!
    Supplies and tools:
    • EOS lip balm
    • Garlic powder
    • Light clay
    • Acrylic paint
    • Utility knife
    • Plastic folder
    • Paperclips
    • Parchment paper
    • Flat iron
    • Printed-out blood donor label
    • Tomato juice
    • Food coloring
    • Funnel
    • Round box
    • Ribbon
    • Garlic
    • Toothpick
    • Melted chocolate
    • Chocolate-coated almonds
    • Press-on nails
    • Scissors
    • Elmer’s glue
    • Glitter
    • Clear nail polish
    • Fake vampire teeth
    • Memory foam pillow
    • Rubber paints
    • Styrofoam ball
    • Tinfoil
    • Hot glue gun
    • Hammer
    • Template of a bat
    • Felt
    • Elastic ribbon
    • Makeup
    • Black tulle
    • Umbrella
    • Needle and thread
    • Plastic bottle
    • Picture of red roses
    • Thread
    • Decorative flower
    • Printed label that says “Vampire Blood”
    • Cocoa powder
    • Milk
    • Plastic capsules
    • Syringe
    Spooky Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).
    Source: www.twinmusicom.org/song/250/spooky-ride
    Artist: www.twinmusicom.org
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    • DeQueta McBee
      DeQueta McBee Před 26 dny

      LOVE IT :) make more hacks and crafts

    • Anthony Pinion
      Anthony Pinion Před 27 dny

      U know u can't see vampires in the mirror cuz they have no reflection

    • Lps and ajpw And more
      Lps and ajpw And more Před 28 dny

      I don’t have medical simboles but I can make it believable 😉

  • Anthony Jr.
    Anthony Jr. Před 16 hodinami

    sand me culrs shool hack hair hack to me

  • unicorn girl tala
    unicorn girl tala Před dnem

    Can you make clothes

  • Elodie Innes
    Elodie Innes Před 2 dny

    Are you friends with them so do you have a sleeping mask of Batman Lego

  • Jessica Dern
    Jessica Dern Před 4 dny

    Elsa is an ICE queen not a VAMPIRE queen

  • Carolyn Robinson
    Carolyn Robinson Před 5 dny

    Just w the other day I was in you can see the whole time and college and I have to go buy some people don't

  • Sandra Kasper
    Sandra Kasper Před 5 dny

    I love vampires so much that I act like one all the time 🧛‍♀️

    • Jason Statham
      Jason Statham Před 5 dny

      Are you one of those kids that hiss at people in the hallway?

  • Ronald Ling
    Ronald Ling Před 7 dny

    Great hacks but vampires cant see themselves in a mirror or picture

    • Ronald Ling
      Ronald Ling Před 7 dny

      Well they dont have a reflection

  • B Barhoum
    B Barhoum Před 7 dny


  • Typical Jax
    Typical Jax Před 7 dny

    This is proof god isn’t real.

  • Bad Mythical Morning
    Bad Mythical Morning Před 8 dny

    if the steak sword didnt work then how will we prank our friends if they know thats foam and one qustion IS THIS A PRANK VID?

  • Herme Emilia Chang
    Herme Emilia Chang Před 8 dny

    6:36 vampires dont have reflection

  • Kiki Garcia
    Kiki Garcia Před 9 dny

    If this is meant to be serious it is really stupid at least you 5 years old

  • Maria Creasy
    Maria Creasy Před 9 dny

    Vampires can't see themselves in mirrors

  • Jordan Jernigan
    Jordan Jernigan Před 9 dny


  • Keily Rodriguez
    Keily Rodriguez Před 9 dny +3

    Cristine : ok what's next

    Troom troom : ANywAYs

  • Ashley Edwards
    Ashley Edwards Před 10 dny


  • Berkeley Academy
    Berkeley Academy Před 11 dny

    Wait you can't take a picture with a vampire

  • Mariah Francois
    Mariah Francois Před 11 dny

    My siblings said am a half vampire once cried idky this entrest me

  • Teresa Nascimento
    Teresa Nascimento Před 11 dny

    Vampires don't have a reflection so they don't appear in pictures or in mirrors :

  • Alicia Rickman
    Alicia Rickman Před 11 dny +1

    First of all why would you bug your vampire friend and why do u keep giving her garlic and its very true when did vampires end up in pictures 😕😂💗

  • Peter’s palace
    Peter’s palace Před 11 dny

    It’s not holo glitter

  • Peter’s palace
    Peter’s palace Před 11 dny

    I was with you until you said tomato juice

  • Peter’s palace
    Peter’s palace Před 11 dny

    I see holo I click

  • Tamasha Green
    Tamasha Green Před 12 dny

    It’s stick not steak I swear my ocd is killing me

  • Grape Chu
    Grape Chu Před 12 dny +2

    Vapires dont have reflection so you dont have a photo with a vampire

  • Steven Garcia
    Steven Garcia Před 12 dny

    Who's elsa?

  • suyi lin
    suyi lin Před 12 dny


  • Ravenclaw_13
    Ravenclaw_13 Před 12 dny

    Troom troom you have a priblem

  • Nga Hoang
    Nga Hoang Před 12 dny

    whos hẹre because of danny?

  • Makayla Bellamy
    Makayla Bellamy Před 13 dny

    Vampires don't show up on camera

  • Lk Kang
    Lk Kang Před 13 dny

    love it

  • Christian Brown
    Christian Brown Před 13 dny

    Toom Toom

  • Kinsley Ryan
    Kinsley Ryan Před 14 dny

    why do you need to know how to decorate a box for a vampire human

  • Kinsley Ryan
    Kinsley Ryan Před 14 dny

    whats a blood bag is that a thing? and

  • Gacha Boy
    Gacha Boy Před 15 dny

    Garlic lip balm, really 🤨

  • Itsjust Mehaleymblackberndoingeditsnstuff

    Yes she did want to poison Elsa

  • vampireblood kid 2015
    vampireblood kid 2015 Před 16 dny

    Oh my f***ing god, the vampire b***ch has a blood sucking as s***, her name is elsa the vampire!!!!

  • Callie b
    Callie b Před 17 dny

    those teeth cannot be healthy to have in your mouth

  • Lulu Sikaala
    Lulu Sikaala Před 17 dny

    Who would drink tomato juice 🤢🤮

  • Hannia Khan
    Hannia Khan Před 17 dny

    How to make vampire Dress

  • Xavier Lang
    Xavier Lang Před 18 dny

    I would put blended garlic in there drink

  • Jamie Taylor
    Jamie Taylor Před 19 dny

    All if you girls that mad
    Thees video,s cald
    Troom Troom are sexsy

  • Benjie Yotoko
    Benjie Yotoko Před 21 dnem

    She was not a real vampire

  • Rylee Williams
    Rylee Williams Před 21 dnem


  • NIcholas Jenkin
    NIcholas Jenkin Před 21 dnem +1

    Www the way they make the capsules is so gross but I like the jar

  • NIcholas Jenkin
    NIcholas Jenkin Před 21 dnem

    Red food colouring to tomato juice, ewwww 😯

  • Lydia Eaton
    Lydia Eaton Před 21 dnem

    Troom troom make it cringy

  • tyrell2159
    tyrell2159 Před 21 dnem


  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez Před 22 dny +1

    How did she take a pic with cristy if she ain’t have no reflection

  • Kitty HyperCat Kawii
    Kitty HyperCat Kawii Před 22 dny

    So she’s not a vampire

  • Kitty HyperCat Kawii
    Kitty HyperCat Kawii Před 22 dny

    You can’t take selfies with a vampire because they don’t show up on the screen

  • Samara Kashif
    Samara Kashif Před 24 dny

    Why didn't Cristi even believe Elsa the vampire!!!!?

  • Ni'Yamah Murphy
    Ni'Yamah Murphy Před 25 dny


  • Kiwi Kitty
    Kiwi Kitty Před 25 dny

    Since when are vampires aloud to see themselves in mirrors and vampires die if eat garlic

  • Jessie Yazzie
    Jessie Yazzie Před 25 dny +1

    I thought vampires were suppose to be invisible on the reflections

    • symphony-of-the-mint
      symphony-of-the-mint Před 22 dny

      Jessie Yazzie Only if they’re using a mirror made with silver. That is what was used in the old days.

    Gascon SAINTONGEOIS Před 26 dny +1

    Red food colorant and water= blood

  • Emily Diane
    Emily Diane Před 26 dny

    Vampires dont show up in pictures

  • DeQueta McBee
    DeQueta McBee Před 26 dny +1

    Take paper cut the top color it any color cut out the squares crumble the paper squares put them in a capsule

    Now you have a color guessing game

    It,s a hack

    Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay

  • Arnett Beagay
    Arnett Beagay Před 26 dny

    Real vamps dont have capes stupid🕷👹👹

  • Reid MacKinnon
    Reid MacKinnon Před 26 dny

    Was 'Elsa' on a hover board for the first one?..

  • mahbuba kabir
    mahbuba kabir Před 26 dny

    why does cristy have to play a mean idiot instead of the nice person that she is

  • UainSpesh0
    UainSpesh0 Před 28 dny

    Elsa. the qween of ice. **ELSA. QWEEN OF VAMPIRES. WHATS NEXT. ANNA QUEEN OF DEEZ NUTZ?!?!?!1**

  • Jennifer Duncan
    Jennifer Duncan Před 29 dny

    Vampires are fake

  • Jennifer Duncan
    Jennifer Duncan Před 29 dny

    The steak was shaped like a pencil

  • Reyna Granados
    Reyna Granados Před 29 dny

    I'm a vampire don't worry a good one

  • {LilCake Queen}
    {LilCake Queen} Před 29 dny

    I hate you 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻💔💔💔💔💔❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

  • NWA_ iEnVy
    NWA_ iEnVy Před 29 dny

    Kristy is so cool right

  • Crystal Burchfield
    Crystal Burchfield Před měsícem

    You know when you are taking selfies your friend will notice you

  • Falguni Mutsuddi
    Falguni Mutsuddi Před měsícem

    I I like th fire videos

  • Girlbro87
    Girlbro87 Před měsícem

    Person:elsa the vampire queen
    Me: huh I thought Queen Elsa is from frozen,How is she a vampire queen
    Confusion Kicks In: If Elsa is from Frozen then how is she a vampire queen

  • Kevin Miranda
    Kevin Miranda Před měsícem


  • Emily Murray
    Emily Murray Před měsícem +2

    Use theses to kill it friend? If U r and she's a vampire here's the right thing for u

  • Crystal Kurfiss
    Crystal Kurfiss Před měsícem

    Isn't tomato juice red

  • Emily Lamb
    Emily Lamb Před měsícem


  • Kaley
    Kaley Před měsícem +1

    vamires dont show up on camra

  • هبة عباس
    هبة عباس Před měsícem

    I have vampire teeth

  • kong hooi khor
    kong hooi khor Před měsícem +1

    Ven helsing

  • Mara Villegas
    Mara Villegas Před měsícem


  • m s
    m s Před měsícem

    i think its cool & awesome

  • وائل اسامه
    وائل اسامه Před měsícem +1

    I love this video to much

  • Eli Sutiowati
    Eli Sutiowati Před měsícem


  • Eli Sutiowati
    Eli Sutiowati Před měsícem


  • Eli Sutiowati
    Eli Sutiowati Před měsícem

    Fdsh gtu ft gg gg cctv fbfyvftggggtbig. Yftui ggfy yuffgff

  • NIcholas Jenkin
    NIcholas Jenkin Před měsícem

    The blood stuff looks gross like the blood and blood capsules

  • Asma Athar
    Asma Athar Před měsícem

    Awsome vids #troom troom

  • Riah Raf
    Riah Raf Před měsícem

    You made a mistake. Vampires can't see there reflections

  • Riah Raf
    Riah Raf Před měsícem

    Elsa:want blood
    Chrissy:ew no. * throws bag away*

  • OrangetangyOrka
    OrangetangyOrka Před měsícem +2

    Nail polish isn't ment to be in your mouth!

  • cool diys and things
    cool diys and things Před měsícem

    :troomtroom let's teach kids how to scared for life

  • GamerQueen Christy
    GamerQueen Christy Před měsícem +1

    People say that im like a vampire bc i hate sunligjy and i cant sleep without total darknees

  • Venice myka 2511
    Venice myka 2511 Před měsícem


  • Sierra Solum
    Sierra Solum Před měsícem

    That is not candy! That is a chocolate dipped garlic clove! OMG

  • Sierra Solum
    Sierra Solum Před měsícem

    Why would you put garlic in an eos!?!

  • Mohsin All day and then
    Mohsin All day and then Před měsícem

    I am a boy watch your videos🧛‍♀️🧛

  • Ritu Sukhnani
    Ritu Sukhnani Před měsícem

    I drink my own blood

  • Woozi’s Dimple {Proud BooRi}


  • Phuong Tran
    Phuong Tran Před měsícem +5

    I do this but i don’t have vampire friend so I alone😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Apatite Facet 24XJ
    Apatite Facet 24XJ Před měsícem +1

    My friends are a werewolf and a succubus. Also vampyres Can have garlic

    • Apatite Facet 24XJ
      Apatite Facet 24XJ Před 29 dny

      @Jennifer Duncan not exactly think of cannibals that's kinda vampyre like and Ivan the terrible known as Dracula and actually there are symptoms of a disease known as vampyrism these symptoms include enlarged canines iron deficiency and how you would say a sun allergy look it up it's all real

    • Jennifer Duncan
      Jennifer Duncan Před 29 dny

      Vampires aren’t real

  • Alexandra Spivak
    Alexandra Spivak Před měsícem

    the vampire diaries who?