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Victoria & Abdul | 10 Minute Preview | Film Clip | Own it now on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital


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  • ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku
    ReyTheJediLady ViaJakku Před 4 lety +363

    This what I love about history. There’s always more to the story to discover like a treasure hunt

  • Laureen Sanders
    Laureen Sanders Před 4 lety +232

    I really loved this movie!!!! I think Queen Victoria was a brave women to put up with so many people against her believing she could not pull it off being a strong Queen and yet she proved them ALL wrong!!!

    • James Callaghan
      James Callaghan Před 10 dny

      @Apurv Chaturvedi Not at all. She was more human than you curry eaters.

    • pokemon fan
      pokemon fan Před rokem +1

      She is a scholar as well learned everything about world. Everything Just like us in Victoria institution Kuala Lumpur Malaysia!

    • Thomas Pandit Fan
      Thomas Pandit Fan Před rokem

      @Arun Kumar well, it was not only them I am pretty sure.

    • Mathew Jose
      Mathew Jose Před rokem +3

      So many jobless people vomiting their anger here

    • infinity
      infinity Před 3 lety +3

      And then we aim to be considered superpowers.. Wen we choose to take revenge of colonisation with vile abuse and sheer stupidity.. instead of doing so by becoming strong economically..
      You boys understand only weak use abusive language.. strong use action..

  • Mayra Gillen
    Mayra Gillen Před 3 lety +27

    absolutely loved this movie! they found comfort in each other Queen Victoria with her grief and Abdul being away from home and trying to fit in. absolutely brilliant

  • Teresa Nery
    Teresa Nery Před 4 lety +12

    Wonderful story.Full of humor and respect .

  • Femi
    Femi Před 3 lety +34

    Even a queen is a child at heart ❤️

    • SUN Flower
      SUN Flower Před 7 měsíci +1

      It's not about being a child..Any person wants solace, comfort and a good time and it was after Brown that the Queen found her comfort in Abdul...Great

    • Mathew Jose
      Mathew Jose Před rokem +3

      She said that she lost her childhood funs because of her high position (princess of British Empire)

  • Imperfect Artist
    Imperfect Artist Před rokem +8

    Working alongside Hollywood legend is itself an honour ♥️

  • Brandon O’Connor
    Brandon O’Connor Před rokem +55

    This is the main reason I became a high school history teacher. You always find little pearls hidden in our history.

  • Nurun Nahar
    Nurun Nahar Před 3 lety +9

    Excelent movie I watched it many times when I visited Uk.last year.What a great queen , she excepted an ordinary Indian man as a human without being prejudiced.Her court tried their best to destroy their friendly relationship But could not succeed .She was a powerful ,decisive confident & shrewd lady .Did not succumb to the last.Judy Dench portrayed the character superbly .

    • Neha Patil
      Neha Patil Před rokem

      Hi can u tell me where would I get this movie I wnat watch this movie

  • lakhsmidewi wulan
    lakhsmidewi wulan Před 2 lety +15

    "Listen, a little drop, give yourself up without regret, and in exchange you gain the Ocean". quotes by Rumi , the last thing Abdul said to Queen :"(

  • Ahmed Noor Uddin
    Ahmed Noor Uddin Před 3 lety +10

    Love is love there is no age. Elezabeth proved that she is also gold in his heart

  • Linda pautu
    Linda pautu Před 3 lety +32

    I watch this movie last year...It's a nice a good movie to see how Queen and Abdul shared times together ... from India , Mizoram

    • Paarth razdan
      Paarth razdan Před 3 lety

      @Sarah R ya they were

    • Sarah R
      Sarah R Před 3 lety

      It it true they were lovers ?

    • Paarth razdan
      Paarth razdan Před 3 lety

      @Linda pautu I was asking about the site on the internet, I mean which site did you see it on but I guess 'I watch at home also works'. :D

    • Laurence Lee Roceta
      Laurence Lee Roceta Před 3 lety

      @Linda pautu wanna know what level of school did you doing teaching. Let me guess is it english subject.

    • Linda pautu
      Linda pautu Před 3 lety

      @Laurence Lee Roceta is quiet fun 😊

  • Vanchhawng Vanhmingliana
    Vanchhawng Vanhmingliana Před 3 lety +223

    The queen liked him so much that she even promoted to her personal teacher in just one year of aquiantence even though all of the court disapprove she gave her house near the palace and near her bangla in India but the court expelled him from the court as soon as the queen dies and burned all the letters sent to him in from of him... Such to say the British was very racist to him and discriminate him in every way even though the Queen was most fond of him probably jealous of him

  • Fact and History
    Fact and History Před 3 lety +2

    This movie can go for oscars

  • Flora Fauna
    Flora Fauna Před 2 lety +2

    Hilarious! Love it!

  • Patricia Angustia
    Patricia Angustia Před 2 lety +4

    You know if Victoria and Abdul were of same age, they will be great best friends 😂😂😂

  • Sandeep Rohilla
    Sandeep Rohilla Před 3 lety +4

    It is about a mutual understanding and connection , a very sophisticated relation & charm between two very diff humans..It is respect truly.

  • oska david
    oska david Před 2 lety +2

    Queen Victoria was a great person and great people can recognise other Great people.

  • Dinesh Xxxx
    Dinesh Xxxx Před 2 lety +3

    The movied stayed in my mind for weeks with a good feeling....

  • Wendy Woo
    Wendy Woo Před rokem +3

    I recently saw this movie on Netflix and thought it was very good, definitely worth watching.

  • Rohit Yadav
    Rohit Yadav Před 3 lety +88

    Who else thinks that JUDI DENCH is more like Queen Victoria than the Queen Victoria her self....... Really a great actress.👑👑👑

  • Apurva D
    Apurva D Před 2 lety +4

    I desperately want to watch this movie 😭

    • reuter romain
      reuter romain Před rokem

      Why don`t you watch it? Is it not available in India?

    RODOLFO SEQUEIRA Před 4 lety

    Pongan la completa porfavor😊

  • Fajar Nurpratiwi
    Fajar Nurpratiwi Před 3 lety +5

    I really love this movie..

  • Ravi Malik
    Ravi Malik Před 3 lety +4

    beautiful movie

  • Señor Nathak
    Señor Nathak Před 3 lety +69

    Decedents of Victoria trie to erase all the evidence that suggests that she once had a friendship with abdul

    • ابو مجاهد *الهندي*
      ابو مجاهد *الهندي* Před 5 měsíci

      @Ratna KC lol she is trippin .... diàna just went to some mosques for visit thats it .

    • Ratna KC
      Ratna KC Před rokem +1

      @Viva La Palestine they loved Muslims???? so they use to hate other religions?

    • Vivek Kumar
      Vivek Kumar Před 2 lety +3

      Prince Harry resembles Abdul...
      gene flow....

    • Viva La Palestine
      Viva La Palestine Před 2 lety +6

      Her and princess Diana loved muslims and were always criticized for it
      Such racism and hatred

    • Lindsey
      Lindsey Před 3 lety +6

      Not her descendents but the British government after she died

  • Maha Issa
    Maha Issa Před 3 lety +4

    I love it
    This is only 10 minutes how can I get the whole movie

  • Palmertson Trading
    Palmertson Trading Před 4 lety +32

    My mum said to watch it I thought it is boarding but it is amazing

    • Mazar Anees
      Mazar Anees Před 3 lety

      @Muzuki Aye Muzuki Aye 😄

    • Mck Dgz
      Mck Dgz Před 3 lety

      boring is the right word.

  • Ezra Electric
    Ezra Electric Před 3 lety +47

    Abdul Karim was hired by Queen Victoria to teach her Persian and Urdu Languages because of Urdu and Persian used as a official as well as Native language in millennium era of Great India.

    • Aparna M
      Aparna M Před 2 lety

      Do u know the meaning of native language. Lol 😂

    • Kulbir Singh
      Kulbir Singh Před 2 lety

      @Salma Patel which is the oldest language in world?

    • Salma Patel
      Salma Patel Před 2 lety

      @Kulbir Singh only in india

    • Salma Patel
      Salma Patel Před 2 lety

      @allen 11 persian was offical language of the administration and judiciary in whole india and urdu was the most spoken language in india before 1857

    • Kulbir Singh
      Kulbir Singh Před 2 lety +1

      @சௌமியா true 👍

  • Nicola Rollinson
    Nicola Rollinson Před 3 lety +7

    Hopefully its not too long before someone can download and share the whole film 😁 please

    • Ram Haridas
      Ram Haridas Před 3 lety

      Pay and watch, kids

    • kashish sehrawat
      kashish sehrawat Před 3 lety +1

      Nicola Rollinson if u find the link , forward it to me as well 🙂

  • Naughty Mani
    Naughty Mani Před 3 lety +6

    Need full movie plz guide us where we can watch it.

  • Putralan Vlog
    Putralan Vlog Před rokem +1

    True Story........ Interesting story for the World to know the true story Queen Victoria and Abdul.

  • roshika debbarma
    roshika debbarma Před 2 lety

    I just love this actor and his acting 👌😊

  • Nonna love Priceless
    Nonna love Priceless Před 3 lety +18

    I want to watch the whole movie
    Where can I watch it
    I love these kind of movies
    But it is so lovley if we could all respect and learn from each others cultures .
    Talk about snobbery 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Humanitarian Harjot
      Humanitarian Harjot Před 3 lety +1

      Lol it's in the description link. You have to pay for it

    • Green Minded
      Green Minded Před 3 lety +1

      U can rent the movie...
      Under the description of this video

  • Marck Carrera
    Marck Carrera Před 4 lety +4

    Pónganla completaa por favor!!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiioi

  • aaditya rai
    aaditya rai Před 3 lety +8

    Can someone upload it in CHclip pls? I so wanted to watch it. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Vincent Ho
      Vincent Ho Před 2 lety

      @tenuka - Thanks but is "gowatchseries " legit ? Free ? Too good to be true ?

    • Tenuka L
      Tenuka L Před 3 lety

      Hey I watched it before it was really good cried a bit I think. You can watch it on the watch series I'll give a link

  • Ikhwan Fathur
    Ikhwan Fathur Před 3 lety +3

    After queen died in 1901 Abdul was expelled from the court and returned to India, Queen letter to him were burnt in from of him by the new King's order

  • Biologist Baba Classes
    Biologist Baba Classes Před 2 lety +1

    Ali Fazal is an underrated actor here in Bollywood ... But he has done a tremendous job in Hollywood

    • Rahbar Raza
      Rahbar Raza Před 8 měsíci

      @M Scott race racist, dark colo not means ugly

    • M Scott
      M Scott Před 2 lety

      He is a good actor, but not right for Abdul Kirim, who was short and ugly.

  • Thursday
    Thursday Před 4 lety +2

    Waiting for the movie to be rentable in GooglePlay

  • aaditya rai
    aaditya rai Před 3 lety +6

    Where can I find this movie? I really wanted to watch..

  • Faris Here
    Faris Here Před rokem +2

    History, Sometimes so Beautiful ❤❤

  • Wii7z
    Wii7z Před 3 lety +9

    Love the movie but has a sad end
    Good thing is part of hiatory

  • Rajiv dixit ji ka krupa
    Rajiv dixit ji ka krupa Před 2 lety +2

    Now Abdul going for best cricket 11 team for England 😂😀

  • ksssb
    ksssb Před 4 lety +6

    man, i am unemployed and i want to watch this movie, pls upload the movie.

  • Maria Ferreira
    Maria Ferreira Před 4 lety

    A rainha não se levantava da cama sozinha?Era por ser idosa ou por causa do protocolo?É estranho.Ela não fazia nada sozinha,foi sempre assim mesmo quando tinha 18 anos??O protocolo era tão ridiculo e os indianos deviam achar tudo muito estranho.

  • Gary Martin
    Gary Martin Před 3 lety +42

    abdul was great man queen victoria new that he made hur smile inside she was very happy bless abdul. x

  • Mai Giza
    Mai Giza Před 3 lety +1

    Love this movie and love this story too much, very nice story 💋 😍😍💓💓💓💓👌👌

  • sabika zehra
    sabika zehra Před 3 lety

    Wow!!!very interesting 👍🏼

  • Margie Masih
    Margie Masih Před 3 lety +4

    They are very intelligent.alot of them are not given the credit they deserve.

  • Under Water
    Under Water Před 2 lety +5

    Abdul Karim was Hafiz E Quran [ memorized whole Quran ]
    The Queen Victoria was so Impressed with Karim and his Teachings of Islam and genuine Caring.
    Karim not only made Queen learn URDU but also he was teaching queen about the one true God [ ALLAH ] and Islam. Obviously Karim knows each and every word of Quran. What exactly Allah is commanding saying to his believers and what are the teachings of Prophet Mohammed [peace be upon him].
    Queen was very humble and soft heart lady.
    After all this teachings, Caring and process of Karim Queen made karim her SON.
    Queen was very smart lady. when Karim made her to understand what is real and what is fake how to please your Creator and praises be on the God [ Allah ].
    The court and its people hated so much on Karim. They could not digest the truth and their love between mother Queen and her son Karim.
    Karim made queen to Accept Islam before she died.
    "when Allah want to bring someone in his True Monotheism Religion Islam. This how Allah will send his believer's [dahee] like Karim to his chosen people and make them to accept his religion Islam"

    • SUN Flower
      SUN Flower Před 6 měsíci

      @Evaisthisía Eclaire just shut up u idiot u abuser don't Abuse Muslim Religion their book...Idiot I u r Fake baseless person urself..u should feel ashamed of urself why on earth are u born .. u don't have knowledge so keep quite, otherwise u will regret...

    • Evaisthisía Eclaire
      Evaisthisía Eclaire Před 2 lety

      @Under Water Alright. I can argue only with sensible people. After reading your original comment once again, I realised that it is useless and pointless to talk with close-minded idiots like you.

    • Evaisthisía Eclaire
      Evaisthisía Eclaire Před 2 lety

      @Under Water Just _try_ your best. According to the Quran, it is your duty "_to convince_" the "_non-believers_" into succumbing to your stupid religion. About two years ago, I too believed in the nonsense that you believe now. So, I have some rudimentary knowledge about your *stupid* beliefs.

    • Evaisthisía Eclaire
      Evaisthisía Eclaire Před 2 lety +1

      @Under Water I was once a "believer". Later, I saw the nonsense in it and went to the real truth and realised that the Quran is nonsense written by idiots 1400 years ago. There is no proof that Islam is "the true monotheism". If you can't prove it, then accept that God doesn't exist. Don't make baseless claims just because you can't think.

    • Evaisthisía Eclaire
      Evaisthisía Eclaire Před 2 lety

      @Under Water Could you explain how the silly nonsense in the Quran is "the truth"?

  • The Siren Of Sarasota
    The Siren Of Sarasota Před 3 lety +2

    4:32 🤣😂 that's so me in the morning

  • Firstname LastName
    Firstname LastName Před 2 lety +8

    "The Indians didn't look Indian enough so we had to change the garments, I mean you wanna be authentic after all" 6:34

    • blackcitroenlove
      blackcitroenlove Před 2 lety +2

      I love Tim McMullan and his sarcasm, brilliant actor who doesn't get enough decent parts.

  • kemanakakimelangkah
    kemanakakimelangkah Před 3 lety +6

    MaaSyaaAllah ♥️. Mohammed and Abdul.

  • K.A. Sharmella
    K.A. Sharmella Před 3 lety

    Can this show be aired in FOXLIFE CHANNEL?? wish to watch it.

  • AmazingFilms
    AmazingFilms Před 4 měsíci

    8:16 love how they referenced Winston Churchill's wife

  • Noel Kanaparthi
    Noel Kanaparthi Před 3 lety +4

    I remember a similar greeting that a U.S Ambassador to Britain, John Adams had to do before Geroge III.

  • Saad Shaikh
    Saad Shaikh Před 3 lety +65

    I happened to be part of Abdul Karim family some of the things shown here is a lie to show British discrimination attitude.... Abdul Karim was invited by Queen to teach her farsi and Urdu. I have seen some pictures which can blow people's mind but I can't mention here. Queen was obsessed by Mr. Abdul Karim because he was handsome and smart and a very intelligent, intellectual person

    • Samar Zaidi
      Samar Zaidi Před rokem

      But Abdul Kareem was no scholar/teacher of Urdu or Persian, the queen could had invited someone who was expert in these two languages if she wanted to learn these languages.

    • Thomas Pandit Fan
      Thomas Pandit Fan Před rokem

      @Shine Bright Like A doitsu someone had a kink it seems...

    • Saad Shaikh
      Saad Shaikh Před 2 lety +1

      That bonding was spiritual.

    • Saad Shaikh
      Saad Shaikh Před 3 lety

      @Shine Bright Like A doitsu hehehe

    • Shine Bright Like A doitsu
      Shine Bright Like A doitsu Před 3 lety +6

      Nah she constantly ended her letters with "your dear mother"
      Or that's what I heard

  • Spandan On Youtube
    Spandan On Youtube Před 3 lety +1

    Was it just friendship or something more....that do not reveal itself in the history pages ? However i really like history based movies. Is a dvd av. In the market india


    i only know Victoria and Beckhams.
    i only knew Victoria and Beckhams before.
    a gift is not a "gift".
    it is too different.

  • MrjolieGuy
    MrjolieGuy Před 3 lety +22

    Not a full 10 min preview like the thumbnail advertised cuz there’s about 1:20 of intro.... so more like 8min-ish 🤷🏻‍♂️just saying 😉✌🏼

    • MrjolieGuy
      MrjolieGuy Před 3 lety

      Bevearly Bernal Hilarious! 😁👍👍👍 awesome to have read ur comment!

    • Bevearly Bernal
      Bevearly Bernal Před 3 lety

      Mrjolie 666 i was about to say that! Haha

  • Kavipriya
    Kavipriya Před 3 lety +1


  • 381st Modeller
    381st Modeller Před 4 lety +1

    Looks great, not sure how I get it.

  • Isela Alvarenga
    Isela Alvarenga Před 4 lety +6

    Thet were not the Windsors at that time, they were the Hannover while Queen Victoria'd reign

    • M Scott
      M Scott Před 4 lety +1

      Isela Alvarenga When Victoria married Albert in 1840 it became Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

    YOUR MIRROR Před 3 lety +1

    Does that mean they had a extra marital love affairs?

    JULIUS CAESAR Před 3 lety +3

    This is bloody ridiculous, two months on a boat, and I haven't even got a tray?

  • Wise man says
    Wise man says Před rokem +1

    I thought this would end in " And they bombed happily ever after."

  • Juliana Azman
    Juliana Azman Před 2 lety +1

    where can i watch the movieee ??

    HUR ABBAS Před 3 lety +2

    This place looks literally like a live version agrabah from alladin

  • Junaid Syed
    Junaid Syed Před 3 lety +23

    5:17 he said 'Khabees kahin ka' which is a Pathan slang literally meaning 'what a dirty animal' or 'what a pig'

    • Samar Zaidi
      Samar Zaidi Před rokem

      "Khabis kahin ka" is pure Urdu not Pashto everyone who speaks urdu is familiar with this phrase.

    • Haissam Sukaina Baneen
      Haissam Sukaina Baneen Před 2 lety

      I am not pathan but my roots are from balochistan...when my kids annoyed me 2 much i called them khabees ho sab aik number k ..😋

    • Haissam Sukaina Baneen
      Haissam Sukaina Baneen Před 2 lety

      Urdu is a mixture of different languages...most of persion and arabic words are usual words of daily use of urdu communication language...URDU MEANS LASHKARI was created when different ppl of other continents came to Bar e sagheer pak o hind so they created this language to communicate with one another...most of our mughal emperors use to talk persion...

    • Monjoor Ahmed
      Monjoor Ahmed Před 3 lety +1

      I'm Bengali but we also use

    • Maryam Beg
      Maryam Beg Před 3 lety

      @Junaid Syed khabees meaning is shaitan

  • 7syn1
    7syn1 Před 2 lety +1

    I have 1 points... and I hope someone to correct me if I'm wrong , the queen when met Abdul was 60 years old its where the actress looks 73sh its unlikely a 73 year old would have a naughty hidden side ... unless there was a 60 year old one and had accident with elephant before shooting the movie

    • M Scott
      M Scott Před 2 lety

      Additionally, Abdul was not handsome like this actor, but very ugly.

  • Kartikey Pandey
    Kartikey Pandey Před 2 lety +1

    Can anybody help,where i can watch this movie?

  • saurabh singh
    saurabh singh Před 2 lety +379

    And then Abdul returned to India, settled in a small town called Mirzapur, became a body builder and joined hands with an exporter of carpets, guns and opium. Such is life.

  • krishnan pradeep
    krishnan pradeep Před 4 lety +22

    The British seems so polite and not at all behaving as we studied in the schools

    • Thomas Pandit Fan
      Thomas Pandit Fan Před rokem

      @me while those times were very bad. And I despise those people from then. I do have to admit, our Indian books do glorify ourselves a bit much.

    • Aparna M
      Aparna M Před 2 lety

      They used to play mind politics also

    • Jasveer Singh Bal
      Jasveer Singh Bal Před 3 lety

      @Firoz Hey, don't blame the baloney!

    • Santosh Pandey
      Santosh Pandey Před 3 lety

      Haha its movie not reality 😁😁😁😁

    • الشيخ محمد
      الشيخ محمد Před 3 lety +2

      Hhhh this is a movie man

  • Niché
    Niché Před 4 lety

    “ What an arsehole! “ 😂

  • Harsha Weeraratne
    Harsha Weeraratne Před 2 lety +29

    We are Asians, and nobody's slaves.We have produced great people,.

  • Arkaprabha Chakraborty
    Arkaprabha Chakraborty Před 3 lety +103

    Just say, If Abdul talked to that officer as shown in the movie, he would have never seen England.
    By the way, even though the British destroyed India, I still adore the queen as she looks like any other grandma. Cheers!

    • SUN Flower
      SUN Flower Před 6 měsíci

      It's Britishers who build railways, schools, colleges....They actually built India..

    • Thomas Pandit Fan
      Thomas Pandit Fan Před rokem

      @Navita Choudhary so how about do it the Russian way? Prosper and then kill and get freedom?
      "A small price to pay for salvation"

    • Evaisthisía Eclaire
      Evaisthisía Eclaire Před 2 lety

      @power strike First of all, Indians were not slaves. But, they were treated as second-class citizens. Even if the British did bring "development" to India, the cost of sub-human treatment was not worth it. China was never colonised (formally). Japan was never colonised, and even before the Meiji Era, Japan was a relatively developed country at that time. If not for the British, India wouldn't exist with the current boundaries, and, it wouldn't even exist as one single country. We can't say that if colonisation hadn't taken place, the different form(s) in which this country would've existed would've necessarily been undesirable. Colonisation was bound to take place. Arguing about whether it was good or bad is pointless.

    • Evaisthisía Eclaire
      Evaisthisía Eclaire Před 2 lety +1

      @Abdul Hannan This was the Victorian era. Even during her grandson's rule, a lowly Indian clerk would never have been allowed to talk like this to a colonial officer.

    • power strike
      power strike Před 2 lety

      @Gokul S so you want populism?

  • عابـرة سبيـل..!

    والله جدا حبيت الفلم خصوصآ عبدول الهندي شخصيه جدا متميزه
    كلش انقهرت اخيرا لما حصل لعبدول وزوجته وحماته والخادم....💔💔💔💔

    • تركي
      تركي Před rokem

      وش اسم الفلم

    • تركي
      تركي Před rokem

      وش اسم الفلم

  • Born Athlete
    Born Athlete Před 2 lety +33

    Few centuries ago these britishers were bowing like this to may be abdul's ancestors "mughals" 😂.
    Look what they made out of india in just 3 centuries.

  • Film Buff Baby
    Film Buff Baby Před 2 lety

    Great Movie.


    Where I can find this movie ..I wanna watch but it's not on CHclip..
    Anybody wanna help.

    • Junaid Khan
      Junaid Khan Před 2 lety

  • Safiq Ali Patel
    Safiq Ali Patel Před 4 lety +3


  • Isaac Gregory
    Isaac Gregory Před 4 lety +1

    Abdul got his freak on with the Queen

    • mkariymah
      mkariymah Před 3 lety +3

      He loved and respected her all of his days. Theirs was a good friendship. Keep hope alive!!🇱🇷🙋‍♀️❤

  • Jayme Mangano
    Jayme Mangano Před 3 lety +5

    Queen Victoria really disapprove of an stained sight of an Deer on display!

  • shra 1
    shra 1 Před 3 lety +4

    Real story of queen Victoria and Abdul Karim, bcz karim and another person was gifted to queen Victoria as trusted slaves.

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    Funny how he says "civilization" with a beggars at port to welcome

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  • Junaid Syed
    Junaid Syed Před 3 lety +1

    Both were asked to present a 'Mohar' which is a Persian/Urdu word meaning a stamp or mark or insignia

    • Norlisa Abdul Rahman
      Norlisa Abdul Rahman Před 2 lety +2

      I think Mohor mean stamp. Because in Malay (a language of Malay people in Malay peninsular or now known as Peninsular of Malaysia) we also have the term Mohor (It taken from arabic word if not mistaken). For example, the term Mohor Besar Raja-raja (The great stamp of the royals/kings) is always used to represent the permission/approval/announcement from the royals in letters.

    • Junaid Syed
      Junaid Syed Před 3 lety +1

      @DJ X Coins are also called moharein because they had the royal seals on them.

    • DJ X
      DJ X Před 3 lety +2

      I think mohar means gold coins.

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    REHAN KHAN Před 3 lety +3

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    I lost my Great Grand Father Because of Britishers 😭😭😭
    I don't know why British ruled india

    • Thomas Pandit Fan
      Thomas Pandit Fan Před rokem

      What else country would u have chosen?

    • Shakirah Saad
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      Because India were rich of resources such as spices and etc.

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    Today it's just the opposite. We Indians are one of the four which holds the ultimate Power to handle a war.
    History will repeats itself. And this time I don't think it would.
    BTW I completely disagree with the people who still says that India got benefited from then British.

    • reuter romain
      reuter romain Před 4 měsíci

      @My Time Capsule Architecture, infrastructure, administration, industrialisation, education, democracy, and the English language.

    • My Time Capsule
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      @reuter romain How?

    • Thomas Pandit Fan
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      @Mani vannan it's the equivalent of what happened to Russia basically.
      If u get what I mean.

    • Mani vannan
      Mani vannan Před rokem

      @reuter romain say this to the families of Jallianwala Bagh massacre, April 13 1919.
      This is just one small incident that I'm citing out of countless inhumane acts.
      Today india spreads peace and harmony with the entire world with the consciousness of never allowing such incidents to happen again.
      I suggest you to educate yourself about history of British invasion of India.

    • reuter romain
      reuter romain Před rokem

      India did benefit a great deal from british rule in India.

    UNFORGIVEN .U. Před rokem

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