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Mike gets Tuco arrested P1 | Better Call Saul

  • čas přidán 15. 11. 2022

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    Part 2:

  • Francis Drake

    I love how calm Tuco is. He's not trying to start a fight

  • HighVibe Productions

    "you calling me a liar?"

  • Abdelrahim Mohammed

    “Tuco, put your fists away Tuco”

  • Drake Scott

    I mean, Tuco wasn’t as mean as he could’ve been lol

  • David LaFranchise

    The look on Tucos face as he walked by him. FANTASTIC

  • Joseph Mcleod

    With his first couple of words he seem genuinely trying to resolve the situation without any arguments or threats

  • klaxir
    klaxir  +5

    “Check out Mr. Magoo here” 😂

  • Solvem Probler Studios

    For the first 3 seconds I was like: Wow, Tuco’s pretty chill here

  • AngryAmber87

    Tuco gets so pissed off at people being unclear or inconsistent or unsure, and I think it’s hilarious how Mike is just exploiting that in this with “oh well I mean IF I DID i’m sorry, I’m not aware of doing any of that”

  • General Grevious

    This is honestly the most chill reaction from tuco ever.

  • Basios Rasian

    It’s so funny seeing Mike play the role of an average person.

  • The Like Button

    What a perfectly reasonable exchange between two cordial individuals. I’m glad that they were able to amicably settle their differences. I’m sure after this exchange the bloke whom’s car was hit learned to better control his anger issues and channeled his emotions into a more productive outlet.

  • Andrey
    Andrey  +74

    I love how Tuco is respectful and disrespectful at the same time. I miss seeing him on the show, I liked his charisma. Same with Lalo

  • Aligames
    Aligames  +227

    “You calling me a liar?”

  • I Can Fix That

    “You gonna stand her and Deny it?”

  • Brock Samson

    Tuco, crazy as he is, still has that strong latino respect for elders. Watched many a dude get their ass broke in half in county due to disrespecting the elders or "schools".

  • Adrian LaPar

    Tuco respects his elders. Man of culture.

  • ShagStars Productions

    Tuco is almost nice here. If he replied better to his liking he even wouldn't badmouth his car.

  • Maruchan

    Gotta love how he respects his elders.