Dead by Daylight | Livestream #77 - To share or not to share

  • čas přidán 9. 11. 2017
  • November 9th 2017 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Gabrielle Murphy (not_Queen), Mathieu Côté
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Komentáře • 738

  • Daddy Anti-Bloon!
    Daddy Anti-Bloon! Před rokem

    Y'all did a pretty good job

  • viji ___
    viji ___ Před rokem

    Please add mic in dbd

  • Rodrigo Oliveira
    Rodrigo Oliveira Před rokem

    I didn't get the part about the purple flashlight, could someone explain to me exactly what they are going to nerf or buff on the flashlight

  • Pippo
    Pippo Před rokem

    You nerf freddy but not the doctor?!! LOOOOOL i'm confused...

  • Lamar Brewington Jr
    Lamar Brewington Jr Před rokem

    Dead by the time you stoped talking close your mouth sip through away the key shut up please stop talking its anoying

  • Blakken
    Blakken Před rokem

    On the subject of Freddy, the changes that was discussed for him upset a lot of people in some way shape or form. Personally I didnt care so much but my 2 cents was that if you implement too many nerfs at once you will be discussing a cube in not too long. The previous stream you guys had discussing Freddy didnt land well with people. Cause the way the matter and changes was discussed regarding Freddy was not presented well, and as a result the community reacted.
    From what I can tell, the people that gets most upset and frustrated with Freddy are the Main Killers. They feel is he is easily countered and is placed with Wraith in therms of performance. To say that Freddy is powerful, I think the devs are looking at the R20-15 data. His dreamstate is annoying, his 2D sound-lullaby is annoying to play against for the lower tier players. But as you rank up he falls in line pretty quickly.
    My two suggestions would be to look at your previous stream discussing Freddy, and take an honest look at how you can discuss balance in a more clear way. My second suggestion would be to give new characters more time to settle down in the game before you run up ideas for balance changes. Give the players some time to adjust to the new things you put into the game, and then look at the data. Not 1 week, then #panicmode.
    I love the game and the work you do! So keep up the good work!

  • Toobrokeforyou 059
    Toobrokeforyou 059 Před rokem

    Juking doesn't work anymore on ps4!you ruined it

  • Osmosis
    Osmosis Před rokem

    I h8 it when awake survivors heal downed survivors when playing as Freddy cuz u can’t pick them up and it’s so freekin annoying!

  • Tiff Marie
    Tiff Marie Před rokem

    Buff Freddy up dead by daylight crew. It’s no fun playing him as a survivor. It way too easy!!

  • Diego Silva
    Diego Silva Před rokem

    Put chucky from childs play

  • Formula 1 Fun
    Formula 1 Fun Před rokem

    I reported you my game is not conect mach!!!

  • Shaun NicholsonMcEvoy
    Shaun NicholsonMcEvoy Před rokem

    you should do a five nigth's at freddy's killer

    JACK_ _IMPERIAL Před rokem

    Legacy prestige? (PS4)

  • 3beed _
    3beed _ Před rokem

    We have problems getting into group play (ps4)

  • 3beed _
    3beed _ Před rokem

    We have problems getting into group play (ps4)

  • 3beed _
    3beed _ Před rokem

    We have problems getting into group play (ps4)

  • 3beed _
    3beed _ Před rokem

    We have problems getting into group play (ps4)

  • leonardo frenna
    leonardo frenna Před rokem

    just com aut last yer the best game ever body play no mor you game trust my because killer is fast and survivor sta slow I need killer don't see you because I see you you don't ave noting to go fast just need speed bososter bad need long long time to activated you don't ahave ide aus play killer au fast is plus cheater I don't andestaind what you tolk
    you gamme is finish

  • leonardo frenna
    leonardo frenna Před rokem

    nobady play whait last killer this is fact just only you cant rovinate this game because you ting you genius ever bady tolk abaut camper noting fix noting game stay bug and you tolk only for noting new killer wat is alien area 51

  • Cameron Ray
    Cameron Ray Před rokem

    Freddy fucking sucks now wait to ruin him

  • Cameron Ray
    Cameron Ray Před rokem

    Bring back original freddy nerf ruined him waist of money

  • Black Angel
    Black Angel Před rokem +1

    Please addition new costumes to all survivors and killer's in ps4 PLEAEEEEEEES💔

    • Lucas Baker
      Lucas Baker Před rokem +1

      Black Angel ohhh I WISH😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Mody
    Mody Před rokem

    When will the menu be like before?

  • Aqdw Muhagungr
    Aqdw Muhagungr Před rokem

    I Think we did pretty good Job ,so far

  • Caio Alison
    Caio Alison Před rokem

    back new killer jeff the killer dead by daylight

  • Hiro Akiba
    Hiro Akiba Před rokem

    Can you delete freddy kruger because also we cant escape, cheat farming and camping

  • VladVlad DBD
    VladVlad DBD Před rokem

    In my opinion freddy is to op and it's so stupid to try to find a survivor to wake you up why you cant wake up your self

  • 633CJ
    633CJ Před rokem

    Me personally its not about strong or weak i just dont have fun playing as him or against him :(

  • Mihaitza Pvp
    Mihaitza Pvp Před rokem

    idiots developers you dont solve the camping problem just nerf killers like freddy kruger but now is better still idiots devs

  • ThatPersona
    ThatPersona Před rokem

    When you want.... hug need a buff and blodlast need a fix

  • 420 gaming
    420 gaming Před rokem

    Maybe sort out your survive with friends?? Before anything eles

  • Ephemera Serenity
    Ephemera Serenity Před rokem +2

    Question... Why does the killer have to see what stuff ppl take into the game(flashlights, Tool boxes etc)? would be way better if the killer isnt allowed to see the tools of the survivors, bcs we also dont know what killer we get till we are in the game

  • McArnold Richard’sGravyTrain

    i think we did a pretty good job

  • Michelle Meza
    Michelle Meza Před rokem

    Hey can you kick KrazyMigets of dead by daylight on Xbox one cause he bullys me and I reported him but he keeps on bullying me

  • brand smith
    brand smith Před rokem

    I think the new game mode in dead by day light shold be where you have to find car parts

  • Shady Gamer
    Shady Gamer Před rokem

    Freddy definitely isn't powerful, I tried to play Freddy I really did but his power feels more like a gimmick than a actual power, it's far too easy to wake up and barrowed time, decisive strike, sprint burst make Freddy almost unplayable.
    The only thing Freddy has going for him is intimidation unless the survivors run said perks and loop the whole game.
    I can barely pip agains most groups I play against becausd
    1 Gens rushing is a easy way to essentially guarantee a escape against Freddy, the fact that I can hook a survivor in the middle of the map and the second I hook him a survivor runs up and unhooks them and with barrowed time and sprint burst plus the delay to put them to sleep lets the survivor I am forced fo tunnel easily escape without a possibility of me downing them again
    The only plus to playing Freddy is even without sacrificing survivors is he is a good Bloodpoint farm killer with 1 streamer I get 50-60k a game

  • michael oltman
    michael oltman Před rokem

    Maybe shoutout some of your skilled streamers on loading screens and such. Some people I’ve seen CANT have ever watched a single stream and if they’re the people you’re balancing for that’s annoying for the non casual player base cuz freddy is complete garbage tier now /:

  • Ruby ReBeL
    Ruby ReBeL Před rokem

    Devs, PLEASE focus on fixing bugs and correcting issues that have been affecting gameplay for ALL before making new crap! so much balance in this game could be achieved if more attention was paid to these issues. quit catering to survivor/ killer main biased whining for nerfs or buffs and focus on the foundation of the game before continuing to build on a faulty one!

  • Franxm_
    Franxm_ Před rokem

    We want pennywise !

  • MR. Garrison
    MR. Garrison Před rokem

    Do something about the camper killers It's getting ridiculous.

  • Hex: Juke'r
    Hex: Juke'r Před rokem

    Connect error 😭😭😭😭

  • ThicclyPuff
    ThicclyPuff Před rokem

    Is the feng min golden exclusive coming out on consoles ?

  • AwarisX3
    AwarisX3 Před rokem

    Hello Mathieu,
    my name is Aaron. Im a big fan of your game. I got an idea: why dont you add a modus were there are 2 killers and 8 survivers? this would be so nice. i hope you see this.

  • Goi Jehudim
    Goi Jehudim Před rokem

    Buff Freddy or give me my money back you stupid c**ts!

  • That Raptor guy
    That Raptor guy Před rokem

    Get rid of freddy now. Once your in the dream world hiding is impossible.

  • MikeLatin7
    MikeLatin7 Před rokem

    9 games back to back host disconnected when are you guys going to fix this all those fixes and you mess up other things why don't you patch this

  • Funko Thanos
    Funko Thanos Před rokem

    Dead By Daylight New killed Jason

  • KRii7TY
    KRii7TY Před rokem +1

    Is ghostface going to be in the game because he is my favorite slasher and I would like to see him in the game

  • Luigi
    Luigi Před rokem

    Fix your game I can't connect to matches with my friends.

  • colpolryan
    colpolryan Před rokem

    I love Freddy! he is so awesome and really feels unique. I just got em on ps4. he is not too hard to play against either, but it just depends on the person playing the killer. I like too give people chances if I'm too op.. i hope pinhead joins the family soon.:D

  • Zykire Roberts Way
    Zykire Roberts Way Před rokem

    My dead by daylight lags how do i stop it btw im on pc

  • mona ramona
    mona ramona Před rokem

    Dbd killer idea,a killer who can run into pallets when he rage lol 😂 😂😂😂

  • Spiderman isent real!!!

    New killer crazy cat lady ability 10 homing cats that lock onto survivers from anywhere on the map it one shots has a mega rare very rare add-on call 4 in one it goes to survivers and picks them up to wiggle allowed they get put on hook they insta die you think to open??

    If your stupid this is a joke

  • billy willy
    billy willy Před rokem

    devs can i have the old wraith back no bell and his new sweaping animtion

  • Danny dear
    Danny dear Před rokem +1

    Ugh Hurry up and give us ps4 players the head case doc like you promised so many streams ago!

  • burza1974
    burza1974 Před rokem

    Jason next maybe? And Tommy Jarvis survivor?

    KENNEDY _ Před rokem

    They should do a jeepers creepers dlc

  • MineatomTR
    MineatomTR Před rokem

    I think you did a pretty good, JOB sO fAR m8

  • CristianYT
    CristianYT Před rokem

    Menuda basura de actualizacion joder que joden el punto juego de los cojones

  • Sir Alexander
    Sir Alexander Před rokem

    why must the killer kill people to rank up but survivor dont have to survive to get pips?