Mini Pâtés Chinois • Tasty Miam

  • čas přidán 15. 03. 2019
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Komentáře • 163

  • Cabin fever remedy
    Cabin fever remedy Před 23 dny

    Whoever is responsable for this mess knows nothing about paté chinois.

  • rackle leon
    rackle leon Před 26 dny

    wheres the recipe!!!!!!!! i need it A.S.A.P

  • Butterflygirl ABC
    Butterflygirl ABC Před 27 dny

    wow this is so tasty ;)

  • Aurore Couturier
    Aurore Couturier Před měsícem

    Alright, I know this is supposed to be Canadian French but I’m pretty sure « maïs de crème » is wrong in any French...

  • DragonSoul România
    DragonSoul România Před měsícem

    Why didn't you do the video in english so i can understand something ;(

  • AceTheMemeLorde
    AceTheMemeLorde Před měsícem

    Can't read French, but I'm pretty sure these are shepards pie/cottage pie hand pies/pasties/empanadas/samosas (depending on who you ask) Also I'm not sure if they're using ground beef or lamb, so I'm not sure if it's a shepards pie or a cottage pie

  • Rachna Dasireddy
    Rachna Dasireddy Před měsícem

    More rie videos plz😍

  • chrisvie et Glenn las Moukala Moukala

    Écrivez en français !!! La vidéo est en français !!!!! Vous êtes étourdis

  • Mr. Baseball
    Mr. Baseball Před měsícem

    Pourquoi est-ce en frençais, je sais le plat est français mais.... c’eat plus facile si c’est en anglais

  • ArYaN aNiMaTiOnS
    ArYaN aNiMaTiOnS Před měsícem +1

    2:31 translation is OOF sauce

  • Sashameyerr
    Sashameyerr Před měsícem

    Why is everything québécois?

  • Caroline Gnahore Dreibøl
    Caroline Gnahore Dreibøl Před měsícem

    The tattoos and the nails annoyed me, sorry. But oh what a dish! MMM!

  • Not Carlie
    Not Carlie Před měsícem

    sorry i don't speak baguette

  • IvyTruong
    IvyTruong Před měsícem

    That's a chunky looking paté

  • TeylaDex
    TeylaDex Před měsícem

    aaaaah, and then use that one product which we get paid for using, which is only availble in one or two countries. not that we would give you an alternative or something, but hey, we get paid.

  • Sai Keerthana Ghanta
    Sai Keerthana Ghanta Před měsícem

    Who is the one always saying"Oh! yes!" Afternoon every tasty video?

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Před měsícem

      Sai Keerthana Ghanta good question.

  • Zhaoxiang Ma
    Zhaoxiang Ma Před měsícem

    Hi, I’m an English commenter

  • Anabel La banane
    Anabel La banane Před měsícem

    Purée de pomme de terre pourrais être “patate pilée”

  • Anabel La banane
    Anabel La banane Před měsícem

    J’aime comment vous mettez des vidéos français pour les francophones merci

  • G The Guy
    G The Guy Před měsícem

    Why cant they just Surrender, so we can Cook it :(

  • I don’t Know
    I don’t Know Před měsícem

    Uhhhhhh. Whattttttt

  • Carmen Ballantine
    Carmen Ballantine Před měsícem

    p.s. this is in French if you guys wanna translator!

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Před měsícem

      Carmen Ballantine good to know. Thank you.

  • Carmen Ballantine
    Carmen Ballantine Před měsícem

    tré bien, j’adore Tasty! Merci 💓

  • Miss B
    Miss B Před měsícem

    In my culture this is called meat pie

  • dasign why
    dasign why Před měsícem +1

    would be nice if it was in English so i could make this

    • Arobazzz
      Arobazzz Před měsícem

      You could learn french

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Před měsícem

      dasign why don't you like the music.

  • ?
    ? Před měsícem +1


  • Anoobius
    Anoobius Před měsícem +1

    Je suis ton mere

    • Arobazzz
      Arobazzz Před měsícem

      You just wrote "I am your mother"

  • Jewel Rock
    Jewel Rock Před měsícem


  • Flamery Blurs
    Flamery Blurs Před měsícem


  • Dadu PW
    Dadu PW Před měsícem

    looks similar to Cheburek?

  • A E
    A E Před měsícem


  • V S
    V S Před měsícem

    Tasty I know you’re trying to be all cool with the foreign languages, but just put everything in fucking English.

  • Mateo Cedeño
    Mateo Cedeño Před měsícem +2

    Please translate to English!!!

    • Lemon lime Windex
      Lemon lime Windex Před měsícem

      Mateo Cedeño a lot of the words actually sound English.

  • Micro$oft is a cult
    Micro$oft is a cult Před měsícem

    My 1 semester of French class is coming in handy

  • Aravinthsri Sivasritharan
    Aravinthsri Sivasritharan Před měsícem

    Miam miam

  • Periyalatha Thayani
    Periyalatha Thayani Před měsícem +5

    À la place de caser la tete avec la pate faite maison on peut utiluser de la pata feuillté .

  • Eyy Boi
    Eyy Boi Před měsícem +2

    Make a giant ravioli if you want . Hard but cool thanks man.

  • Small Chic
    Small Chic Před měsícem +16

    Merci de faire des vidéos en français nous apprécions l’effort 😍

    • Audrey May
      Audrey May Před měsícem

      je me disais, j'ai bien vu ?? maïs de crème ^^

  • Jagdeesh Kumar
    Jagdeesh Kumar Před měsícem +1

    Make Vegan version of this recipe

  • Cyrielle Chargam
    Cyrielle Chargam Před měsícem

    Euh... Pourquoi c'est en français ?

    • Cyrielle Chargam
      Cyrielle Chargam Před měsícem

      +anne beauregard Ah, ok merci ...

    • anne beauregard
      anne beauregard Před měsícem

      Parce que c’est une vidéo de recette québecoise, j’imagine que c’est destiné à un public québécois.

  • Rafa Macias
    Rafa Macias Před měsícem

    You should make a giant ice CREAM

  • mmm
    mmm Před měsícem +2

    shouldn’t it be crème de maïs instead of maïs de crème lol the fuck is maïs de crème

  • Rana Ch
    Rana Ch Před měsícem +1

    Nice music ❤

  • Megan Carey
    Megan Carey Před měsícem

    Tell Alvin this make giant gummy pizza

  • Hoà Đại Nhân
    Hoà Đại Nhân Před měsícem

    Whoever cross is not paying 100%

  • Emily Chan
    Emily Chan Před měsícem

    Noooossa deve estar super salgado 😲😲😲

  • Agung Rizki
    Agung Rizki Před měsícem

    now it's time to learn French.

  • jamie
    jamie Před měsícem +2

    *_i dont speak baugette_*

  • Tanmay McGrath
    Tanmay McGrath Před měsícem +4

    When did this turn into tasty canada?

  • FirstPersonGAMER
    FirstPersonGAMER Před měsícem

    Can you make a 15 layer cake?

  • fortnite abdija
    fortnite abdija Před měsícem

    Can you make a gaiend borito ❤❤

  • ameema syed
    ameema syed Před měsícem

    can you say how to make the easiest caramel custard or pudding

  • Checha Kitchen
    Checha Kitchen Před měsícem

    Please subscribe my channel

  • Sliced
    Sliced Před měsícem

    Mmmm looks good... might have to try that out on my channel!

  • dan olmstead
    dan olmstead Před měsícem

    Sort of like mini handheld shepherd's pies with a dip.

    • alexiaetcetera
      alexiaetcetera Před měsícem

      The dip is actually just ketchup cuz when you eat pâté chinois, it's usually slathered in ketchup

  • S.E.A Gamer
    S.E.A Gamer Před měsícem +24

    Put English subtitles please. I can't understand

    • FranklyNic_RBX
      FranklyNic_RBX Před 8 dny

      Too fucking bad lol. Learn French

    • S.E.A Gamer
      S.E.A Gamer Před 11 dny

      +Tomi okay

    • Tomi
      Tomi Před 12 dny +2

      lol its not that hard to understand

    • S.E.A Gamer
      S.E.A Gamer Před měsícem +1

      +Arobazzz well soon :)

    • Arobazzz
      Arobazzz Před měsícem +1

      Learn french

  • The channel
    The channel Před měsícem

    thank you for your great recipe

  • Kristalicious 11
    Kristalicious 11 Před měsícem

    Nothing about this dish is Quebecois, or pate chinois for that matter. I've never in my life seen anyone in or from Quebec (myself and entire family included) use a package of dry ingredients to flavor their dish either. Everyone knows you only need 3 things, in layers, like a casserole, to make this: STEAK, BLE D'INDE, PATATE!

  • Alec Burns
    Alec Burns Před měsícem

    this is a fucking aussie meat pie cunts wtf u doing

  • issa SavageQueen
    issa SavageQueen Před měsícem


  • recoil53
    recoil53 Před měsícem +10

    Odd. The name implies that this is Chinese, or in the style of China. The origin is Quebec. In execution it is supposed to be like Shepard's Pie, an English dish.
    The thing is all over the place

    • Flamery Blurs
      Flamery Blurs Před měsícem

      +It Burns That's actually the most widespread story as to the origin of that dish

    • It Burns
      It Burns Před měsícem +4

      One origin story says that English railroad bosses taught Chinese railroad workers/builders how to make a shepherd's pie, and their simplified version with creamed corn instead of gravy became associated with these Chinese people. It sounds hokey to me, but that's the only story I could find as to how the word "Chinese" might have become part of the name.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Před měsícem

    Looks very good...but am I the only one watching with English subtitles?

    • MelodicWolf
      MelodicWolf Před měsícem

      Hermione Granger yes, out of 12 thousand non French speaking people on an English, American channel, you are the only person to turn on subtitles

  • Caro Wells
    Caro Wells Před měsícem +3

    What language is this? Swahili? Esperanto?

    • Arobazzz
      Arobazzz Před měsícem


    • It Burns
      It Burns Před měsícem +1

      +Marah Bauer

    • Marah Bauer
      Marah Bauer Před měsícem

      The video is in French

  • XRB429 Clips
    XRB429 Clips Před měsícem

    Not to be rude but is this video in French?

  • Victoria Byford
    Victoria Byford Před měsícem +1

    Every time I try cooking meat it burns

    • MelodicWolf
      MelodicWolf Před měsícem +1

      It Burns I was rolling my eyes at your comment since I thought it was yet another grammar nazi getting triggered over a comma, but then I read your name and was significantly less salty

    • It Burns
      It Burns Před měsícem +4

      "Every time I try cooking meat it burns"
      Not sure you're saying this to me in particular, but go ahead and finish your sentence. 'Every time I try cooking meat....?'

  • María Martínez
    María Martínez Před měsícem

    Potatoes, corn, butter... Quite Chinese.

    • Ana N
      Ana N Před měsícem +1

      It’s in french because it’s from Quebec. Some say its called pate chinois because they would feed chinese workers ground beef with corn and potatoes

    • María Martínez
      María Martínez Před měsícem

      +bentleyr00d Indeed. First I thought it was some mistake, or some quite imaginative Tasty recipe (I have seen before interpretations of national dishes the nationals don't recognize).
      According to Wikipedia is a Canadian recipe (I thought this channel was French) and certainly the name is a mystery. Looks like originally Eastern European to me, being the corn the American touch.

    • bentleyr00d
      bentleyr00d Před měsícem +5

      Yeah nobody knows where the name came from, even after doing extensive research. Some food historian even wrote a book about the name "The Inscrutable Mystery of Pâté Chinois"

  • Juan Sierralonche
    Juan Sierralonche Před měsícem +19

    I believe pâté chinois is a quebecois dish, but this doesn't look much like that dish. I guess it's pâté chinois en croute?

    • Katia Anglin
      Katia Anglin Před měsícem +1

      It's Jamaican

    • It Burns
      It Burns Před měsícem +3

      +Kimeya JB
      You are mistaken. This is absutely a Quebecois dish. From wiki
      Pâté chinois (pronounced [pɑte ʃinwa]) is a French Canadian dish similar to English shepherd's pie or French hachis Parmentier.
      Place of Origin: Canada

    • Kimeya JB
      Kimeya JB Před měsícem

      Pâté chinois (shepherd's pie) is not Québécois, it originates from Britain and the Republic of Ireland. I think what you are thinking about is tourtière which is Québécois

    • sqa
      sqa Před měsícem

      Eh. Kinda. Cest vrai, non?

  • tikzz
    tikzz Před měsícem


  • Hélène S.G.
    Hélène S.G. Před měsícem +14

    what is this? just because it has similar ingredients doesn’t make it a pâté chinois lol

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Před měsícem

      Miss Mahal thank you for answering

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Před měsícem

      Hélène S.G. thank you for asking

    • Miss Mahal
      Miss Mahal Před měsícem

      It’s a mini shepherd’s pie

    • sqa
      sqa Před měsícem +5

      +Hi my name's Catrina damn u mad af.

    • Hi my name's Catrina
      Hi my name's Catrina Před měsícem +2

      Shut the fuck up

  • BlabYour_KING
    BlabYour_KING Před měsícem +3

    Why the hell is this in French

    • Arobazzz
      Arobazzz Před měsícem

      +JamesJ Fisk
      Google translate isn't the best translater you know

    • tina andersen
      tina andersen Před měsícem

      BlabYour_KING to change things up.

    • JamesJ Fisk
      JamesJ Fisk Před měsícem +5

      Qu'est ce que tu veux dire? il me semble que l'anglais. Peut-être avez-vous eu un traumatisme crânien à la tête et avez-vous une hallucination francaise?

  • AwesomeBro RBLX
    AwesomeBro RBLX Před měsícem +2

    Only 1k views?

  • Your Neighbor
    Your Neighbor Před měsícem

    Small Chinese Pastries

  • Abc Cba
    Abc Cba Před měsícem +23

    This is a tourtière with smash potatoes not pâte chinois.

  • Frany Chevry
    Frany Chevry Před měsícem +10

    I definitely wanna try to make those. Merci beaucoup.

  • Yan yan And Jes
    Yan yan And Jes Před měsícem +8

    Yo im early for once and not a year late
    I also just liked every early comment

  • Veil Diamond
    Veil Diamond Před měsícem +14

    Looks good~Thank you for sharing a great recipe !!

  • Sketchy Skies
    Sketchy Skies Před měsícem +1


  • Araminta Brooke
    Araminta Brooke Před měsícem +5

    that moment when you don’t think you’re early and then you scroll up and see that there are only 15 comments
    and then you do a short victory dance around the room

  • Garrett Porter
    Garrett Porter Před měsícem +4

    Can you just make a separate channel????

  • Weight Loss Dietitian
    Weight Loss Dietitian Před měsícem +1

    Nice video

  • Han Phan
    Han Phan Před měsícem +2


  • GalaxianPika
    GalaxianPika Před měsícem +7

    Ahh .. looks so *tasty*

  • sqa
    sqa Před měsícem +2

    This literally translates to mini "Pâtés" Chinese in french. I'm dissapointed in your tasty.
    c'est un dégoûtant titre. And the tasty miam? What the hell? Tasty yum? Are you kidding? And the ingredients. What the hell are people doing in Canada to make normal food less intruguing. Oh mon dieu!

    • sqa
      sqa Před měsícem

      +Srg. Johansson oh. cool.

    • Srg. Johansson
      Srg. Johansson Před měsícem +1

      +sqa You were saying that you were disspointed in tasty for the title.. All I was saying is that it's the food's actual name. (There are many versions of the story: One was that the French Canadians missheard sheperd's pie for "chinois" (chinese) and another one is that the chinese people invented it when the first train track covering the country was created)
      You didn't need to write in French but it's cool that you did! and don't feel obligated to respond..

    • sqa
      sqa Před měsícem

      +Srg. Johansson the combination is heinous. I just de test pate in general. Also, my first comment is self explanatory on a personal opinion. I've made beef patties as well, but multiple starches/carbohydrates mashed together isn't necessarily a good idea. Especially when this could be soggy. The name itself threw me off because my family speaks chinese, but i speak some French and English, so idk why the name was combining 2 cultures, but just represented regurgitating, Quebec invented food.

      That's all. Also. The don't oof me reply, are you serious? I had the urge to leave the comment as it was, but since that wasn't clear and you didn't think my first comment was a personal opinion is just really a waste of my time typing on a video.
      Beurk. Cest ne pas a utile conversation, mais, cest utile pour tu comprend. mais, c'est utile pour tu comprend. Mais, je commence avec, "je de test le pates. chinois, et, je response.. il n'est a heureux reponse. Cest fini. M'xcuse moi pour le tres long response.

    • Srg. Johansson
      Srg. Johansson Před měsícem +1

      +sqa oh don't oof me. You could at least explain what you were trying to say..

    • sqa
      sqa Před měsícem

      +Srg. Johansson oof.

  • FuturisticJosh
    FuturisticJosh Před měsícem +6

    Me as food

  • Gabryella Krull
    Gabryella Krull Před měsícem +4

    First time ever that I'm early tho

  • Ilyas678
    Ilyas678 Před měsícem +2


  • -rin. ღ
    -rin. ღ Před měsícem +48

    love that classy music in the background ✊

  • Ethan Duquette
    Ethan Duquette Před měsícem +6

    So many of your videos have inspired me to do so many different things with cooking I’m always happy to watch your videos thanks a lot keep it up

  • Clarinetgurl
    Clarinetgurl Před měsícem +1


  • Sad Girl
    Sad Girl Před měsícem +3


  • Nostef 10
    Nostef 10 Před měsícem +2


  • Awkward Animator
    Awkward Animator Před měsícem +10

    Yo im actually pretty early

  • WaterTsuki
    WaterTsuki Před měsícem +2

    This looks so good!!!

  • -TheGoldenRobloxian-
    -TheGoldenRobloxian- Před měsícem +1

    I like waffles

  • Jyotsna Sridhar
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  • Ila Kennedy
    Ila Kennedy Před měsícem +4

    Yes first comment and first like!!