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Honest Trailers | Hancock

  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022
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    Honest Trailers | Hancock
    Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
    Title Design: Robert Holtby
    Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Lon Harris
    Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
    Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
    Edited by: Randy Whitlock
    Post-Production Manager: Emin Bassavand
    Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
    Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
    Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
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Komentáře • 1,7K

  • @tsarfox3462
    @tsarfox3462 Před rokem +1576

    It was 2/3rds of a good movie. It's actually a solid premise. Everyone always asks "what if Superman turned evil?" but few ask "what if Superman was 100% done and just wanted to drink all day?"

    • @TripleT706
      @TripleT706 Před rokem +33

      Funny thing Superman 3 had a few scenes like that.

    • @hackerx7329
      @hackerx7329 Před rokem +29

      @@TripleT706 Superman was a REALLY mean drunk.

    • @danieljob3184
      @danieljob3184 Před rokem +25

      Yeah, that was the plot of Megamind.

    • @CSHummer
      @CSHummer Před rokem +40

      Everyone asks who is superman but no one asks how is superman

    • @tsarfox3462
      @tsarfox3462 Před rokem +3

      @@CSHummer Yeah, I mean what if after Injustice when Lois gets killed he just became like this?

  • @benderbendingrodriguez420
    @benderbendingrodriguez420 Před rokem +1065

    The first 2/3rds are honestly really good. It's the last half with the twist reveal that derails it. I swear one more rewrite and they would've nailed it imo

    • @jstan5802
      @jstan5802 Před rokem +98

      @@The_Muffin_Man 60 percent of the time, it works everytime

    • @johnofthenorth6653
      @johnofthenorth6653 Před rokem +43

      Rumor has been for a long time that it was two movies that they just kind of smushed together. That's why the last bits feel like they're from a different movie.

    • @CedLove
      @CedLove Před rokem +7

      @@johnofthenorth6653 That's an interesting theory, and I actually like it

    • @terminalsarcasm
      @terminalsarcasm Před rokem +5

      The main villain was kinda dumb. I mean nobody knew about Hancocks movie. What were they gonna do if the bullets didn't work? At least at the bank they had hostages.

    • @AbsoluteApril
      @AbsoluteApril Před rokem +3

      @@johnofthenorth6653 I'll choose to believe this rumor, thank you 😄

  • @joermnyc
    @joermnyc Před rokem +1670

    Hancock feels like two scripts they just wedged into one film.

    • @PerfectlyPedanticPokemonPlayer
      @PerfectlyPedanticPokemonPlayer Před rokem +63

      That's a perfect description of it.

    • @davidshillaker7578
      @davidshillaker7578 Před rokem +47

      That is how Picth Meeting described the movie too

    • @austinkoos6842
      @austinkoos6842 Před rokem +38

      I'm 90% sure it literally IS 2 movie scripts smashed together. At the very least, I heard that rumor not long after it came out.

    • @CynicalCharmer
      @CynicalCharmer Před rokem +22

      It’s true. They got halfway through before changing over directors, and you can tell the first half is a much stronger movie

    • @PaoloNovaro
      @PaoloNovaro Před rokem +5

      'cause that's literally what happened

  • @SteveHarrellRally
    @SteveHarrellRally Před rokem +519

    I'd really love for someone to take another stab at this movie someday, because there's just so much potential

    • @lorensummer5616
      @lorensummer5616 Před rokem

      What do you mean?

    • @Dalewt75
      @Dalewt75 Před rokem +9

      Surely the hero- not a hero thing has been done now with Deadpool.

    • @EvesGonnaEve
      @EvesGonnaEve Před 11 měsíci

      Agreed 💯

    • @abegarfield7031
      @abegarfield7031 Před 11 měsíci +3

      I want to see something similar
      but the protagonist isn't uncaring or nonchalant
      but incompetent.
      Where he has great power and wants to do good but is a complete idiot.
      I don't mean like
      The Greatest American hero
      where he was just overwhelmed by his powers,
      this guy should be so stupid that having these abilities are actually a detriment.

    • @abegarfield7031
      @abegarfield7031 Před 11 měsíci

      ....a bit like Captin Clyde.
      Now, there's an obscure reference.

  • @puirYorick
    @puirYorick Před rokem +1892

    I give the film credit for trying something a bit different than simply making another spin-off or sequel. The first act was pretty good too.

    • @mrodriguez16ks
      @mrodriguez16ks Před rokem +89

      Like he said the 3rd act skybeam hadn't been invented yet

    • @michaeldebellis4202
      @michaeldebellis4202 Před rokem +61

      I agree. From the reviews I expected to hate it, but the beginning was really good. Then they got into that ridiculous bit about his twin, lover , whatever and it just went off the rails.

    • @designersunlockedu1888
      @designersunlockedu1888 Před rokem +4

      yeah true, the first act was really good

    • @steprockmedia
      @steprockmedia Před rokem +19

      It really was! And then they thought, nah, let's take a massive left turn for the 2nd act then work on a totally different movie for the finale!

    • @goodial
      @goodial Před rokem +23

      It tried something different for sure. It decided to put the movie and its lame sequel into the same movie! 😜😂

  • @wickedshadesproductions5254

    “I do love your father but… he’s more like a pet to me”
    that’s pure genies right there

  • @Grimmtoof
    @Grimmtoof Před rokem +1072

    I always thought the message in this film was off. The whole way through it was about how Hancock should use his powers to help people, and yet when it was revealed that Mary also has powers there is no criticism of her for doing nothing with them. At least Hancock was trying to do good, she was doing nothing.

    • @bigd7696
      @bigd7696 Před rokem +93

      Women eh? (just kidding...) 😎

    • @pramudyamaulana6969
      @pramudyamaulana6969 Před rokem +71

      @@bigd7696 u don't have to be kidding dude, because it is what it is ..

    • @kirbyr558
      @kirbyr558 Před rokem +60

      I think the whole reason she didn't do that is because Hancock would find her and they would be doomed.

    • @VladOS_Ur
      @VladOS_Ur Před rokem +76

      I think it's more about finding purpose and fulfillment in life. He always wanted to be a hero and help people. Being a blank slate at the bottom of society, he still followed this aspiration. She, on the other hand, always wanted a simpler life and family. And Ray saved both, helping the first to fit into society and becoming a new family for the second. So here nothing to criticize.

  • @IllisiaAdams
    @IllisiaAdams Před rokem +43

    I actually really liked the third act! I like the twist, and yes, three dudes with a gun against two superpowered beings would *normally* be a sucky showdown, but the fact is that when they are together they become vulnerable, hence the guns actually hurt now. It's a good twist!

    • @Puschit1
      @Puschit1 Před 9 měsíci +2

      Maybe for another run-of-the-mill superhero movie. The problem isn't the twist itself, the problem is that:
      a) It comes out of nowhere
      b) It has absolutely nothing to do with everything that took place in the first 2 acts
      The result is that you have the feeling of watching two different movies stitched together. And since it abandons the original theme, plot and narrative you'll end up with lose ends and an unsatisfying ending. You just got to the point where you enjoy the concept of a grumpy and raunchy superhero that does things his own way and are eager to see where his character arc gets him - and BOOM all of a sudden it's a cheesy love story and Hancock transforms into an ordinary superhero with a slightly different kryptonite. That twist could have worked for a Superman movie but not one that is all about establishing an anti-hero, which, remind you, was a refreshing thing back then in 2008.

  • @calvinmatthews1527
    @calvinmatthews1527 Před rokem +39

    Hancock is the film everyone forgot about but has the ideas everyone uses.

  • @Gabe_Cross
    @Gabe_Cross Před rokem +651

    Homelander: You guys are the real heroes.
    Hancock: Good job.

    • @LaniakeaDenizen
      @LaniakeaDenizen Před rokem +45

      Except Hancock actually means it.

    • @runtergerutscht4401
      @runtergerutscht4401 Před rokem +25

      @@LaniakeaDenizen that's why he doesn't give some fake one-liner like homelander

    • @Gabe_Cross
      @Gabe_Cross Před rokem +12

      @@LaniakeaDenizen Did he, though? At first, I thought he did, but I started to doubt that looking back. For one, he said this to cops that were not doing so well in that particular situation and were far from having the situation under control. Second, he did not really sound like his usual self and sounded awkward. It was almost like someone who was trying to do PR and were looking for something to say. The guy he became friends with did want him to change his image. When looking back, it almost seems like he was kind of bored when he said it. Maybe that could be chalked up to him not being used to the whole noble superhero thing.

  • @kykis9
    @kykis9 Před rokem +66

    Am I the only one that enjoys the twist and the concept of a godlike pair that's fated to love each other and lose their powers or distance themselves and gain extraordinary abilities? lol I love this movie. Also, it's hilarious that the best joke about the parallels b/t Will Smith and Hancock wouldn't have even made sense a year ago.

    • @jatzi1526
      @jatzi1526 Před rokem +4

      I liked it

    • @caistigh2062
      @caistigh2062 Před rokem +7

      Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this movie pretty well, I just felt like they tried to cater to too many people so it was unfocused. The Average Joe villain plot was completely unnecessary for example.

    • @MyZ001
      @MyZ001 Před rokem +4

      Nope, I liked the idea of these 2 beings stay together but lose their powers or stay separate but remain immortal. That's a dope concept.
      BUT, the way it was used here felt kind of shoehorned in. The whole movie is about how Hancock is a shitty person trying to do good, but just being bad at it. Which means, he's not actually a shitty person. Then, we start to see his growth and willingness to change and actual progression.
      But, once it's revealed that she exist, the whole movie completely switches focus from Hancock's growth and development to him focusing on being with her and their history. It's like the 3rd act was meant for a different movie.

    • @h3llboyyy407
      @h3llboyyy407 Před 10 měsíci

      @@caistigh2062 the average joe villian was good because you wouldn't expect that when you first start the movie.

  • @SethanderWald
    @SethanderWald Před rokem +45

    Honestly, the plot twist of the ending is what made me like this movie so much. If it wasn't for that, it'd be pretty much just another action movie.

  • @random_user8345
    @random_user8345 Před rokem +270

    You either loved this movie or hated it. I loved it and wished they'd made a sequel.

    • @TheKmanKVSC
      @TheKmanKVSC Před rokem +23

      Everyone love movie #1 and hate movie #2 in this mess.

    • @SimonBuchanNz
      @SimonBuchanNz Před rokem +12

      I don't like when people say this sort of thing. I had missed feelings about this movie, and it sure seems like a lot of other people do to.

    • @BigUriel
      @BigUriel Před rokem +10

      It's watchable but feels like an unfinished product. A better cut could improve it dramatically.

    • @mrcraggle
      @mrcraggle Před rokem +6

      How? I thought it was ok but when they make Hancock a genuine hero, the film's quality begins to tank and the third act with the whole sister thing feels out of nowhere. They had a good idea and didn't fully execute on it.

    • @firstlast-vt6bo
      @firstlast-vt6bo Před rokem +3

      I liked it too but don't want a sequel. Specially since it's not a "hero saving the world" kind of movie but more on personal stuff. It's what I liked about tobey's spiderman movies, the first two anyways.

  • @SlightlyBetterPudding
    @SlightlyBetterPudding Před rokem +7

    I actually kind of enjoy this movie, I like the idea of it since it kind of goes outside the superhero norm. If anything, where it ended would be just fine, but a movie or hell, even a comic book that dives into what/who they are, why and how would be really neat. We get no explanation behind anything other than Hancock kind of remembers something from a long time ago, they've been around a long time and always wind up together, but they lose their powers when that happens

  • @talonskye5577
    @talonskye5577 Před rokem +42

    I love this movie. I always lamented that there wasn't ever a sequel.

    • @agrey832
      @agrey832 Před rokem +1


    • @muchanadziko6378
      @muchanadziko6378 Před 6 měsíci

      it's a good thing there is no sequel
      Not everything needs to be a franchise or a series
      Stand-alone films is something that's extremely lacking in modern blockbusters and cinema in general

  • @gargamellenoir8460
    @gargamellenoir8460 Před rokem +142

    I was so confused when the bad guys made an alliance to go after him near the end, since they had no way to know he was just being depowered right then. That finished taking me out of the movie.

    • @LeeEverett1
      @LeeEverett1 Před rokem +37

      Didn't they form that alliance though the moment he got shot and was in the hospital? That's a clear indicator he's lost power

    • @ChristopherMallonMusic
      @ChristopherMallonMusic Před rokem +12

      I think there was something about his weakness attracting enemies? So subconsciously they knew it was time. It's been a while since I've seen it, though.

    • @theBabyDead
      @theBabyDead Před rokem +17

      He was in the hospital... I'm guessing him having lost his powers was pretty clear.

    • @Kishan_Baijnath
      @Kishan_Baijnath Před rokem +10

      They only try to kill him after he gets shot and ends up in hospital.
      They knew because it was all over the news, so everyone could suspect something was wrong with his powers.

    • @kardnails8729
      @kardnails8729 Před rokem +1

      I loved the movie except for that part. The final with the thugs... made no sense.

  • @thedelordhimselfgokublack
    @thedelordhimselfgokublack Před rokem +217

    Hancock was ahead of it’s time. If it came out during the right time like MHa and one punch man during the peak of movie superhero influence. It would have raked it bags

    • @JoshuaStDenis
      @JoshuaStDenis Před rokem +19

      It actually did well at the box office (#1 in world 2 weeks in a row), critics weren't a fan though.

    • @nikkilee3840
      @nikkilee3840 Před rokem +21

      It was one of the biggest movies of the year despite being garbage. It outgrossed Iron Man. That's Will Smith's star power for you.

    • @Eking-su3tr
      @Eking-su3tr Před rokem +2

      It did rake in bags tho
      An animated adaptation would be cool tho but will smith....yh

    • @renlevy411
      @renlevy411 Před rokem +9

      @@nikkilee3840 Nah, I like Hancock

    • @TheGlssr60
      @TheGlssr60 Před 11 měsíci +5

      @@renlevy411 I liked it well enough also. Don't get all the hate. Sure, it's not cinematic gold but I found it to be entertaining enough because it's....wait for it....a fucking fantasy movie....and entertainment it provided. Probably the only thing I found really stupid about the script was how when he went to prison and the prisoners actually thought they were a threat to him. That was just dumb. Put Lex Luthor and Superman in a jail cell together and take notice that Superman's knees don't start to tremble.

  • @ramflight
    @ramflight Před rokem +361

    I actually liked the idea that they get paired off and lose their super powers. Loved it from the start, though I was sure it's not your typical popcorn flick.

    • @thevintagerose
      @thevintagerose Před rokem +53

      Yeah, I mean unpopular opinion but I liked this movie. It's unconventional and I think that's a good thing.

    • @jordankidd4443
      @jordankidd4443 Před rokem +14

      I liked it too. Also, the soundtrack was awesome

    • @lisahuber9329
      @lisahuber9329 Před rokem +22

      @@BMFstudiosNYC Like she says in the movie, "it usually takes longer" so they don't lose their powers immediately every time they are close.

    • @lisahuber9329
      @lisahuber9329 Před rokem +35

      It's basically the uno reverse card to the superheroes/beings teaming up to be stronger trope, I liked it too. Having to choose between your powers and the person you're supposed to be with could have been played out a bit better in the movie, but I like the idea.

    • @Echo.k
      @Echo.k Před rokem +17

      @@BMFstudiosNYC I always thought "close" doesn't mean distance wise but intimate instead.

  • @denijane89
    @denijane89 Před rokem +60

    I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun and original at the time.

    • @andrewj1754
      @andrewj1754 Před rokem +5

      Its still pretty original I think.

  • @retroboomer3197
    @retroboomer3197 Před rokem +14

    This is actually one of my favorite movies. I wish the whole movie was just Hancock being a dick to people.

  • @LeeEverett1
    @LeeEverett1 Před rokem +66

    One line that really sticks out in this movie for 2022 was when Hancock was rescuing that pinned down female police officer, and he asks "do I have permission to touch your body? It's not sexual!" 🤣

  • @TheWarmachine375
    @TheWarmachine375 Před rokem +615

    Hancock was just going for a walk.
    A very enthusiastic walk.

  • @ephraimcouncil3481
    @ephraimcouncil3481 Před rokem +15

    Not gonna lie, loved this movie.

  • @IanCookUS
    @IanCookUS Před rokem +22

    I loved Hancock and thought it was so much fun, but they had so many ideas that could have been so much more interesting with more development.

  • @t.gatsby1160
    @t.gatsby1160 Před rokem +7

    Hancock is the kind of a plan that you write at 4:00 a.m. after watching a motivational video then realize it's absolute garbage the next day

  • @motherplayer
    @motherplayer Před rokem +310

    This film is so torn by its elements of satire against its elements of genuineness that I'm not too surprised looking back and realizing why I didn't really get into it. Still, deserves props even looking back for some elements like just the opening alone.

    • @shellshhock
      @shellshhock Před rokem +1


    • @elliottknifton8902
      @elliottknifton8902 Před rokem +7

      I felt if they went all out on the initial premise of what if Superman was this drunk rude guy who nobody liked and was more trouble than he was worth it would have been better.

  • @papichrono
    @papichrono Před rokem +104

    A prequel of Hancock would be amazing!

  • @nickwinn
    @nickwinn Před 11 měsíci +3

    I really liked this movie, wish they came out with another.

  • @NukeMarine
    @NukeMarine Před rokem +63

    If you're doing good movies that had a horrible third act, do "Law Abiding Citizen" which was an amazing movie with the worst 15 minute ending.

    • @TheIamPC
      @TheIamPC Před rokem +4

      ugh, it was such a let down.

    • @HiWorldHaveANiceDay
      @HiWorldHaveANiceDay Před rokem +2

      Yep, it was so close

    • @melbell0865
      @melbell0865 Před rokem +2

      Yeah, ain’t that the truth. It’s like they were in first place of the race, but it ended up tripping and falling 5 ft from the finish line.

  • @derek.seaborn
    @derek.seaborn Před rokem +101

    The movie that gave two for one movie rental a new meaning.

    @MIGHTYBOOSCH198 Před rokem +69

    I remember really loving this idea for this film but missed it at the cinema and caught it later on TV and I was so disappointed and confused by the convoluted twist. Absolutely nerfed an interesting idea.

  • @sarawolos6051
    @sarawolos6051 Před rokem +202

    Honest trailers is at its best when it does older films 👏👏👏

    • @guyver441
      @guyver441 Před rokem +2

      Films at their best...

    • @CedLove
      @CedLove Před rokem +10

      I agree. I think cause most people have seen the older films, so we understand what he is talking about. Now a days, if its not an Honest Trailer on Marvel, John Wick, or the animated movie of the year, I probably haven't seen the movie.

    • @thethirdjegs
      @thethirdjegs Před rokem


  • @JohnnyKChop
    @JohnnyKChop Před rokem +65

    It was crazy Bateman and Theron’s characters STAYED TOGETHER. Her and Smith were lovers but stayed away way since they lose their powers so Bateman’s like, “Ha, I win by default”. Lmao.

    • @John_C_J
      @John_C_J Před rokem +10

      I can only see Micheal Bluth and Rita, happily ever after.

    • @asmosisyup2557
      @asmosisyup2557 Před rokem +10

      There's plenty of couples like that in real life where one of the partners "won by default"

    • @alexanderguerrero347
      @alexanderguerrero347 Před rokem +3

      @@John_C_J MR. F

    • @jliller
      @jliller Před rokem +10

      The movie seems to indicate Theron really does care about Bateman.

    • @muchanadziko6378
      @muchanadziko6378 Před 6 měsíci

      Theron's character wanted to stay with Bateman's.
      There is no 'default' there. Hancock could've come back after they both healed.

  • @videomissionary
    @videomissionary Před rokem +4

    I love it when he said "it's hancockin' time. Truly one of the films ever made

  • @bird3713
    @bird3713 Před rokem +49

    I unironically love this movie- I liked the 3rd act twist, and felt like it had an emotional ending.

  • @TG-jv8lf
    @TG-jv8lf Před rokem +24

    I weirdly actually like Hancock but mostly I think because I like Jason Bateman a lot

  • @PumpkinEdition
    @PumpkinEdition Před rokem +42

    The cinema sins bit was priceless 😂

  • @toryspelling7737
    @toryspelling7737 Před 11 měsíci +2

    Thanks for the great breakdown! Really enjoy seeing your perspective and great comedy along the way

  • @Tyler_W
    @Tyler_W Před rokem +5

    I kinda like this movie. If it would've been more coherent about what it was even trying to be, I think people would look back on it much more fondly. We could use more original superhero movies.

  • @LMPtm
    @LMPtm Před rokem +180

    the cinema sins joke tho 😂

  • @neeliawally3706
    @neeliawally3706 Před rokem +15

    After 4 years of waiting, comes an honest trailer that everyone forgot they needed...

  • @geardog24
    @geardog24 Před rokem +36

    Hancock needs to be brought into the Boys universe, so he can show them how it's done.

    • @verakoo6187
      @verakoo6187 Před rokem +1

      It what context? Homelander is way more hardcore. Lol i dont think Hancock has ever conviced someone they didnt want to kill themself just so he could kill them lmao.

    • @geardog24
      @geardog24 Před rokem +2

      @@verakoo6187 Homelander is a coward and a bully who only attacks anyone he knows he can beat. If he ever fought someone who's stronger or has countless years of experience like Hancock, he wouldn't stand a chance.

  • @spideydew20
    @spideydew20 Před 9 měsíci

    "Will I get in trouble for that?"
    I laughed at that way more than I probably should have.

  • @MeredithMacArthur
    @MeredithMacArthur Před rokem +4

    When I saw this in the theaters, I though it was fun and funny--for about the 1st third of the film. Then I felt like, "OK, we get it. Will Smith is Super Brother." Then the weird stuff with Charlize Theron's character started happening and I was like, "Ah HAL! Now here's a FILM hiding in this MOVIE." Granted there ARE three plots and they ALL could have there own movie.

  • @MrWesleyDP
    @MrWesleyDP Před rokem +2

    This movie...great premise and the first half-hour is great. Then it just...I can't imagine this was really anyone's vision for this story.

  • @slackerman9758
    @slackerman9758 Před 11 měsíci

    I remember finally watching it and halfway through thinking “why did everyone say this movie is a mess?” By the end I was like “oh, yeah”.

  • @Kackpuh
    @Kackpuh Před rokem +249

    You misunderstood: those scars aren't from them fighting each other, it's from the people that came and tried to kill them everytime they became mortal.

    • @HuginMunin
      @HuginMunin Před rokem +16

      They didn't say the battles were with each other. And in fact during that line they showed Hancock fighting a thug, not his wife.

    • @Kackpuh
      @Kackpuh Před rokem +1

      @@HuginMunin 2:48 He doesn't say it explicitly, but from context and his pause you can confer he thinks they always fight each other.

    • @HuginMunin
      @HuginMunin Před rokem

      @@Kackpuh There's copious footage in the movie of them fighting each other, yet the video, which is edited very carefully, shows Hancock fighting a thug for that line. Also, the people who do these things are not, you know, stupid. There's no "with each other" in the scripts and no evidence to assume it was implied.

  • @8bitmalfunction242
    @8bitmalfunction242 Před rokem +11

    im so happy we no longer in the era where EVERY SINGLE shot has to have camera wobble/moving especially on close ups of people talking

  • @rahulbunkar7264
    @rahulbunkar7264 Před rokem +2

    The Hindi Dub of this movie was killer. Back then dubs had their own different vibe going on.

  • @cheesegyoza
    @cheesegyoza Před rokem +23

    The whale throwing scene will always be funny!

  • @zanabrisk9711
    @zanabrisk9711 Před rokem +19

    i actually love this movie

    • @jazlanmiasara22622
      @jazlanmiasara22622 Před 11 měsíci +1

      Same bro 😓 but... I really wish it was reboot and i dunno. Make it look cool and make sense

  • @woody_you_want
    @woody_you_want Před rokem +5

    I feel like this movie would have been great if it leaned more into the main premise

  • @fallingstar7347
    @fallingstar7347 Před rokem +5

    I actually enjoyed this movie, it wasn't bad.

  • @robertgrantz6639
    @robertgrantz6639 Před rokem +6

    I remember hearing this one was a victim of the writer's strike, hence why it felt like two different movies smashed together. It didn't get the reworking it needed.

  • @ThePrinceOfNigeria
    @ThePrinceOfNigeria Před rokem +7

    "Lead Hancock a Super hero cursed to live insides his own Cinemasins video. Ding, Ding, Ding"
    So accurate.

  • @1994moviebuff
    @1994moviebuff Před rokem +1

    John Powell did the score, and the track Death and Transfiguration is one of my all-time favorites

  • @SpicyToast28
    @SpicyToast28 Před rokem +5

    Okay thank you for including that scene, I keep seeing versions of this movie where they cut out the part where he hooks up in his trailer, and screams “Mountain top… MOUNTAIN TOP!” And throws the girl off him 😂😂😂 I was starting to think I made it up 😅

  • @tommcfeely8707
    @tommcfeely8707 Před rokem +74

    'I was legend'
    Ouch, I think even Hancock felt that burn.

    • @BigUriel
      @BigUriel Před rokem +2

      I was legend, now I am simp

  • @TheJManOrRiot
    @TheJManOrRiot Před rokem +7

    This movie had so much potential and squandered it

    • @jemiebridges3197
      @jemiebridges3197 Před rokem

      so one points out a good reason... it was written during the writers strike!! no wonder. Hope this train strikw works out better than this movies ending jehejeje!!

  • @Origin_59
    @Origin_59 Před rokem +10

    I had already assumed that Hancock had an honest trailer by screen junkies until this.

  • @JohnSmith-ii3cu
    @JohnSmith-ii3cu Před 9 měsíci +1

    Vince Gilligan definitely redeemed himself with Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. We all have our off days!

  • @shawnadams1460
    @shawnadams1460 Před rokem +8

    I loved this movie.....what if superman just didn't give a fuq? Was the third act a mess....yup....but on purpose IMO because every time those two got together it ended very badly. Imagine going through that with someone for Millenia with someone for them to completely forget you and have no recollection of it....that would be torture and a whole other level.

  • @Dennicillin
    @Dennicillin Před rokem +71

    Do a trailer for Constantine (2005). Do it for Keanu Reeves.

  • @antonlvdm
    @antonlvdm Před 7 měsíci

    I actually loved this movie! It was before all this, feel bad for the bad guys started getting put into scripts.

  • @Matt_Villines
    @Matt_Villines Před rokem +11

    You know when this came out there had to be some people watching this going “if he’s that strong why doesnt he just slap people?”

  • @AttemptedVoices
    @AttemptedVoices Před rokem +165

    First Nostalgia Critic, now this.
    These channels never let me down. :D

    • @danavixen6274
      @danavixen6274 Před rokem +20

      Pitch Meeting nailed it with this too. 🤣

    • @denverarnold6210
      @denverarnold6210 Před rokem +5

      @@danavixen6274 Yeahyeahyeah!

    • @hoid9407
      @hoid9407 Před rokem +13

      @@danavixen6274 Nailing it is TIGHT!

    • @withalittlehelpfrom3
      @withalittlehelpfrom3 Před rokem +3

      @@danavixen6274 they made it look super easy, barely an inconvenience.

    • @dylanwesley3964
      @dylanwesley3964 Před rokem +7

      Nostalgia critic did an amazing cover of the wall you should check it out...

  • @roackyroad585crunch8
    @roackyroad585crunch8 Před rokem +28

    That Cinemasins reference was golden 😂

    • @blacksage2375
      @blacksage2375 Před rokem +4

      “Random bystanders would be excellent at Cinemasins.”

  • @bigcrash72
    @bigcrash72 Před rokem +2

    I personally loved this movie. It was a mess, but the concept was so good that it just made me overlook all the discrepancies.

  • @YodaMan.
    @YodaMan. Před rokem +8

    Will Smith always slappin' out the hits.

  • @quinnjones1655
    @quinnjones1655 Před rokem +2

    I can't wait to see her in the new Dr Strange movies. I'm going to assume it's the same character until told otherwise, then I shall live in denial and insist they are.
    Also, 50 points for the 'he's like a pet to me' joke.

    • @jelita_
      @jelita_ Před rokem

      I forgot Charlize Theron was in this movie, in fact I forgot this movie exists. Yes, Clea could be her.

    • @reach_on_screenjunkies00
      @reach_on_screenjunkies00 Před rokem

      Hi there 😄 Thank you for watching! *I've picked you amongst my random contest winners please write me on my official TELEGRAM above* ✍🏻..

  • @sonicwind1901
    @sonicwind1901 Před rokem +1

    I really like the concept for this movie it just doesn't quite stick the landing it needed a bigger budget and some rewrite fixes and this could have been a really cool multi-picture success.

  • @s3cr3tpassword
    @s3cr3tpassword Před rokem +16

    Wait….. what……. Hancock came out when Ironman came out?!?!?!?
    I was in high school! Going to the mall to watch movie without telling with your friends was a whole journey!

  • @midus0013
    @midus0013 Před rokem +9

    Well since you guys want to go back into the superhero genre, can I get an honest trailer Daredevil Netflix series?

  • @empirestate8791
    @empirestate8791 Před rokem +107

    Hancock was two movies juxtaposed into one: the first movie was fun, humorous, and awesome, while the second was a hot mess.

  • @moviewolverine89
    @moviewolverine89 Před rokem

    The first half of the movie was pretty solid, like they knew exactly what the whole story was going to be about. The last half they seemingly wrote themselves into a corner and didn't know what do to with the rest of the story.

    • @reach_on_screenjunkies00
      @reach_on_screenjunkies00 Před rokem

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  • @mego4698
    @mego4698 Před rokem +16

    He was a legend. We just feel sorry for the guy now.

    • @jeverydk
      @jeverydk Před rokem +2

      You do?
      Everyone makes mistakes - he slapped Chris Rock, apologised and is already making movies again.
      Will Smith is the last guy to feel sorry for - he has already moved on.

    • @deensaid7762
      @deensaid7762 Před 10 měsíci +1

      @@jeverydk even worse.
      He's living with a woman who cheating on him by sleeping with other men and mentally abused him, but because of his simpness, he's ditching his own dignity for the woman he loves.

    • @jeverydk
      @jeverydk Před 10 měsíci

      @@deensaid7762 nah. Learn to forgive and move on. Life is better that way

  • @lexsea
    @lexsea Před 11 měsíci

    if the movie would have came out today it would have been a hit... thats all ima say

  • @jaimealbertopantanoarenas3879

    That's the most realistic picture of an American citizen getting powers

  • @shannonmn8923
    @shannonmn8923 Před 9 měsíci

    PETITION FOR HANCOCK 2!!!!! WILL SMITH!!!???? I actually enjoyed this movie a lot, and found the twist super emotional and surprising!!!! The juxtaposition with Bateman’s unwavering, pure ideals was refreshing too.

  • @GlennDavey
    @GlennDavey Před rokem +15

    The way he slaps that nice man on the stage was a weird twist

  • @zaubermaus8190
    @zaubermaus8190 Před rokem +10

    "but he is like a pet to me" hahaha, invincible rocks.

  • @JoshuaStDenis
    @JoshuaStDenis Před rokem +10

    This movie is amazing I don't care what anyone says. Vince, we need a sequel asap!

  • @harrydresden64
    @harrydresden64 Před 8 měsíci

    Actually really like this film. Superhero film told in a unique way, with a love triangle that painlessly ends before it even begins.
    Male lead: We must be in love!
    Female lead: No, we're not.
    Male lead: You sure?
    Female lead: ...yes. I'm married and love my husband. You and I used to date, but it ended badly and we're not doing that again.
    Male lead: Oh. Okay.

  • @no_handle_found
    @no_handle_found Před rokem +6

    Charlize Theron was just so gorgeous in this movie ❤

    • @Akshay-Patil
      @Akshay-Patil Před rokem +1

      I still remember when I saw this movie and first and she reveals her powers and wears that black suit damnnnnnn ❤️

  • @unfortunategamer8586
    @unfortunategamer8586 Před 9 měsíci

    *A superhero cursed to live inside of his own Cinemasins video* you guys are amazing 🤣❤

  • @SteveSmith-wk9dx
    @SteveSmith-wk9dx Před rokem +2

    About half of this film is one of the best deconstructions of the superhero genre in cinema. And then the twist...

  • @longdongsilver3267
    @longdongsilver3267 Před rokem

    Nothing really to say, but I enjoyed this video. Thanks for making and sharing it.

  • @lawenforcer9864
    @lawenforcer9864 Před rokem +8

    Please say, “Darcy’s acting of the trailer was impeccable” in your epic voice.

  • @megamen7353
    @megamen7353 Před rokem +4

    Only problem with this movie was that they clearly didnt know where to go with it in the end. The movie changes its own motto so many times that it feels like you watch 3-4 seperate, unrelated movies under 2 hours.

  • @deadlyecho
    @deadlyecho Před rokem +5

    The funny thing is that I went to watch this movie in the theater, while The Dark Knight was being screened, thank god I went to watch The Dark Knight the other day...

  • @Nasser851000
    @Nasser851000 Před rokem +86

    The only superhero drunker than Thor XD

  • @edmilsonlennon2866
    @edmilsonlennon2866 Před rokem +39

    This movie hurts me so much to watch, it had it all to be a hit

    • @djsejwal2
      @djsejwal2 Před rokem +10

      It still made a lot of money. Blockbuster. People just left common sense home and enjoyed

    • @RossAllaire
      @RossAllaire Před rokem +3

      Common sense, narrative cohesion, consistent of tone and character motivations, character relatability... Any sensible adult would have had to leave all that stuff at home to have enjoyed it. Otherwise it's pretty forgettable by the end.

    • @edmilsonlennon2866
      @edmilsonlennon2866 Před rokem +1

      @@djsejwal2 wished a sequel came out that time to actually stick the Landing

    • @edmilsonlennon2866
      @edmilsonlennon2866 Před rokem +3

      @@RossAllaire I saw this movie when I was 10 and even then, it was hard for me to finish it

    • @ghostdragon2282
      @ghostdragon2282 Před rokem +2

      @@edmilsonlennon2866 oho, what refined taste you must have 😂

  • @lexsea
    @lexsea Před 11 měsíci

    still pissed this movie never got a sequel. i loved the chemistry between will smith and charlize theron and just wanted one more movie of it. with the right writer and world building this could have become a franchise

  • @KobatheASMRbiker
    @KobatheASMRbiker Před rokem +2

    This honest trailer slaps harder then Will Smith on Oscar night.

  • @maximarbogast5722
    @maximarbogast5722 Před rokem +16

    Never realized that Michael did get to do Rita after all

  • @shetlandapache949
    @shetlandapache949 Před rokem +4

    Would love an honest trailer for every Errol Flynn movie

  • @Burnie007
    @Burnie007 Před rokem +4

    i actually loved the third act twist. and Charlize Theron? SHEEEESH

    • @MichaelNNY
      @MichaelNNY Před rokem +3

      Yeah she fine in this, especially when she went dark. Oh man...

  • @AlatheD
    @AlatheD Před rokem

    Besides the fact that honest trailers always makes me happy, I think I'm also glad I've never watched Hancock. 😆

  • @georgemathew7866
    @georgemathew7866 Před rokem

    Tried to do something different with genre and somewhat succeeded. It was very refreshing for a while and the ending went overboard. Overall, just about watchable.. so much potential.

    • @reach_on_screenjunkies00
      @reach_on_screenjunkies00 Před rokem

      Hi there 😄 Thank you for watching! *I've picked you amongst my random contest winners please write me on my official TELEGRAM above* ✍🏻.

  • @christianschoff2490
    @christianschoff2490 Před rokem +1

    I *LOVE* this movie.