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My Life Is RUINED…


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  • Ben Azelart
    Ben Azelart  Před 13 dny +8759

    Subscribe to get me to 20M!😍😭

  • NeonistPurple
    NeonistPurple Před 13 dny +14490

    He got that poor dude to run in a whole NFL field for entertainment, such a friendship.

  • Johan21
    Johan21 Před 2 dny +327

    If you ever feel so unbelievably fucking useless, just remember that this guy exists

    • Bezinha divwrtida
      Bezinha divwrtida Před 13 hodinami

      Ooooo Watch ur mouth

    • Beano
      Beano Před dnem

      ​@BunnyEdits! You because of that anime pfp

      OFFGUARD PROD. Před dnem

      Humanity is doomed

    • mr_solano2008
      mr_solano2008 Před dnem

      I needed this

    • MarkTheGameKing
      MarkTheGameKing Před dnem +1

      Literally how does no one realize this is fake? The same shit happens over and over again

  • ⭕️Your Sex Playmate
    ⭕️Your Sex Playmate Před dnem +11

    Being friends with this dude would be pure torture

  • Yash Maheshwari
    Yash Maheshwari Před 3 dny +109

    Everyone talking about the play button and me randomly focused on the Indian flag on the wall 😂😂😂

  • Enszaiy
    Enszaiy Před dnem +27

    If you ever feel useless remember this friend group exists

    • Jacob Dorce
      Jacob Dorce Před 2 hodinami

      If you ever feel like you have a friend just think about his friendship

    • Jacob Dorce
      Jacob Dorce Před 2 hodinami


  • Smiguel
    Smiguel Před 4 dny +92

    I'm pretty sure he could just order a second one because he is the one who pays it

  • dd-fan
    dd-fan Před 4 dny +214

    what a good friend plus wTF the play button just shattered aint no way trippin

  • not____dylan
    not____dylan Před 2 dny +2

    if you ever feel bad about anything just remember this guy told millions of people that a diamond playbutton can shatter

  • Artuar3CRaFT
    Artuar3CRaFT Před 2 dny +8

    At least he invited him to an NFL game, what a nice friendship. 🙌🏼

  • Nick
    Nick Před 4 dny +90

    “He broke my diamond playbutton, so I forced him to do my biding and sent him to jail”

    • Zman's Zoo
      Zman's Zoo Před 3 dny +4

      They probably thoght he was a protester because quite a few of them do this

  • Kat-saku
    Kat-saku Před 7 dny +1185

    Being friends with this dude would be pure torture

    • Nick
      Nick Před 4 dny +1

      @Ultima Wolf let’s be honest it’s not so easy to break and looking at the material it was probably a fake version just to make this vid to get people to sub

    • ItzFluffyStars
      ItzFluffyStars Před 6 dny

      @Aspear Ik its not Im just saying Diamond is strong. And I’m not a guy

    • marc lemle
      marc lemle Před 6 dny

      @Ultima Wolf play* also, how is it his fault it looks like his friend ripped it from his hands and played with it…

    • A Platypus
      A Platypus Před 6 dny

      @Millie they’re not that fragile

    • A Platypus
      A Platypus Před 6 dny

      @Millie you can literally buy a new one from society awards it’s obviously fake

  • Dunno
    Dunno Před 2 dny +2

    I felt so good that he has Indian flag at his home,love from India Ben...

  • NotSoFruity
    NotSoFruity Před 3 dny +1

    “He broke my play button that was just glass and not even real diamond so I broke his neck and back and made him do my work”
    What a good CHclipr

  • Jaxon Rodriguez
    Jaxon Rodriguez Před 4 dny +17

    As a die hard Bills fan…. That was him!!!!!
    I remember that game like the back of my hand😂😂😂

    • SkittleFan
      SkittleFan Před 3 dny

      Please send me a clip I need that

  • 🍩hׁׅ֮ɑׁׅ֮zׁׅ֬ꫀׁׅܻᥣׁׅ֪ꪀׁׅυׁׅtׁׅ

    And that’s why you never let someone hold your play buttons

  • Beesandfees👀
    Beesandfees👀 Před dnem +1

    I want to see that game with his friend running through the field 💀

  • Calvin Dominguez
    Calvin Dominguez Před 3 dny +1

    It’s crazy how he literally held back his arm when he tried to catch it

  • Psycho SharkO
    Psycho SharkO Před 3 dny

    “How real do you want this to be?”

  • Lin Sun
    Lin Sun Před 2 dny +1

    Bro risked his life to get Ben another play button😂

  • Kentzo
    Kentzo Před 7 dny +428

    Bro really forced that poor guy to run in a NFL field and got caught by the guards
    Mad respect to that one friend

    • Kentzo
      Kentzo Před 4 dny

      @mark 3.0 don't worry man, i gotchu, i changed it now, Sorry for giving you nightmares earlier 🥰❤️❤️

    • TheRacistMexican
      TheRacistMexican Před 6 dny

      As long as he didn’t get decked my bwags

    • jotaro kujo
      jotaro kujo Před 6 dny

      It wasn't him so😂

    • GigaChad
      GigaChad Před 6 dny +1

      I was watching that’s not what happened I thought Bobby Wagner tackled him and got fined for it but it might have been someone else

    • Leviathan. TPT2
      Leviathan. TPT2 Před 6 dny +2


  • IceyStyle
    IceyStyle Před 3 dny +3

    Yes bro now I have never seen someone to be that godly to walk on the field like that W

  • Son goku
    Son goku Před 3 dny

    That punch at the start told me tha this guy is gonna get his ass whooped in every single fight he has😂🤣

  • Adriel Zuniga Soto
    Adriel Zuniga Soto Před 2 dny +2

    “Ben Azelfart” killed me 💀😂

  • Itz Toca Alia
    Itz Toca Alia Před 4 dny +1

    I’m so sorry that happened to Ben, but I think instead of doing that stuff you should do a challenge going around asking people if they can subscribe to your channel and maybe even other people like other CHcliprs like Jordan matter and stuff❤

  • Presley_Lynch
    Presley_Lynch Před 3 dny

    My dad once did the same thing bc the Cheifs won and when they Caught him he started to speak in Spanish so they thought he was super dunk and dint go to jail

  • Doherty
    Doherty Před 3 dny +11

    The dudes he hired just said subscribe to Ben
    I wouldn't be surprised if the people driving by had no clue who tf Ben was

  • Xavier Ah ki
    Xavier Ah ki Před 4 dny

    "He broke my diamond play button" also him putting his hand in the way 💀

  • Zoey Rector
    Zoey Rector Před 3 dny

    You expect me to think that's a play button that just shattered on the floor. It looks suspiciously close to resembling a rock.

  • Niharika
    Niharika Před 11 dny +1126

    As an Indian, I liked the flag on the wall. 👍

    • ExTREME Aj Gaming
      ExTREME Aj Gaming Před dnem

      @NeonistPurple bro who asked to ask if someone asked him to comment

    • NeonistPurple
      NeonistPurple Před dnem

      bro who asked

    • Abgth
      Abgth Před 2 dny


    • ExTREME Aj Gaming
      ExTREME Aj Gaming Před 2 dny

      it's from where he gets his most views probably

    • OneTOnSOup
      OneTOnSOup Před 3 dny

      ​@Prathiksha Shetty but wth he only prefer Indians

  • MWH Gaming
    MWH Gaming Před 2 dny +1

    Okay I'm pretty sure 10 million play button can survives a little more than a drop when it can survive a hacksmith lightsaber for about 15 minutes

  • CDAirsoft
    CDAirsoft Před 2 dny

    How cringe do you want this to be
    Him: yes

  • Sportymainchannel
    Sportymainchannel Před 3 dny +6

    Bro is going to be tackled by more than just security next time

  • Alphin D. Rajesh
    Alphin D. Rajesh Před 4 dny

    Someone : how much fake do you want
    Ben: yes!

  • ⭐️thedrawingdiva⭐️

    The way I gasped when it broke tho 💀

  • Ivan the maus
    Ivan the maus Před 3 dny +1

    Wait isn’t diamond like one of the strongest minerals ever on my planet earth so I don’t think it would break from 3 feet in the air. It would probably be scratched but not break. I’m just saying so it may be fake diamonds to make the play button.

  • watermelon juiceee
    watermelon juiceee Před 19 hodinami

    im old enough to remember when only talented people had a diamond play button

  • mixed_gamer
    mixed_gamer Před 4 dny

    Ben's recording crew:how fake do u want this to be

  • Grease
    Grease Před 8 dny +480

    For those who don’t know if you were to break your play button you would have to pay CHclip to get a replacement.

    • oli_notsoVia
      oli_notsoVia Před 7 dny

      @Player 1 Maximum i agree completely, but he already grew 1 mil subscribers in less than 5 days

    • Plasma playzzz
      Plasma playzzz Před 7 dny

      That’s true

    • 1K Subs Without Any Videos
      1K Subs Without Any Videos Před 7 dny

      ​@Player 1 Maximum Idk, there are definitely some people that believe it

    • Skyonfireman
      Skyonfireman Před 8 dny

      Yes finally someone who is not an idiot

    • Kaden Nelson
      Kaden Nelson Před 8 dny

      Ben stop lying about him

  • Luca Osso
    Luca Osso Před 2 dny

    im pretty sure that the plate need's more than a fall to break

  • Altangerel Chuka
    Altangerel Chuka Před 3 dny

    editor: how fake do u this to be?
    him: YES

  • Vedant Dodia
    Vedant Dodia Před 3 dny +1

    did anyone notice that on the billboard it was written Ben "Azelfart" instead of Ben Azelart😂😂😂

  • IrgendeinSkelett
    IrgendeinSkelett Před 2 dny

    Wait till he realizes he can buy one 💀

  • DayUNight
    DayUNight Před 3 dny

    He’s been doing this, even though you can literally buy replacement

  • hauhn kim
    hauhn kim Před 3 dny +1

    ben broke it by sticking his hand out he would have caught ut

  • Mels Sanch3z
    Mels Sanch3z Před 4 dny

    Can we give him a break please 🥺

  • Emma Barry
    Emma Barry Před 4 dny +10

    Bro got fucking ran over by security for a play button respect man 😢

    • 𝔹ℝ𝕌ℍ
      𝔹ℝ𝕌ℍ Před 4 dny +1

      ​@justin and the boyz No taking vbucks or I'll destroy your kindergarten

    • justin and the boyz
      justin and the boyz Před 4 dny +1

      No bad words allowed or else ill take ur vbucks

  • nemarz gaming
    nemarz gaming Před 7 dny +252

    It’s either his friend is stupidly willing to do that or it’s pure torture

  • Anjali Hernandez
    Anjali Hernandez Před dnem +1

    wait Dimond play buttons are basically IMPOSSIBLE to break. I watched a video where they actually TRIED to break it and they couldn't 😂🍕

  • Lloyd Jago
    Lloyd Jago Před 4 dny

    He pushed his friends arm out of the way So it's actually Ben's fault

  • Dab Pro
    Dab Pro Před 3 dny

    Bro those things don’t just break, I’ve seen someone literally shot that thing with a real gun and nothing happened

  • Δημοσθένης Κωστόπουλος

    Am I the only one who's gonna talk about how fake that billboard looked?

  • Harsh gamer
    Harsh gamer Před 4 dny

    Bro I proud of you love from India😁😁

  • skapqz
    skapqz Před dnem +1

    he deserve an Oscar

  • Alexander Matthews
    Alexander Matthews Před 3 dny

    He literally is the reason for him dropping it

  • seth alexander arcega .m
    seth alexander arcega .m Před 12 hodinami

    “Sir we didn’t say that we’re not gonna give you another one until you hit 20 mil- sir? Sir?”

  • Zaide gamer
    Zaide gamer Před 11 dny +713

    The security guard tackled better than half of the football players

  • Analysis
    Analysis Před dnem

    I remember when Ben made actual content

  • 666blooddr0ps
    666blooddr0ps Před 3 dny

    How fake do you want this-
    Him: YES
    You did even let me-

  • RoxSd
    RoxSd Před 3 dny

    If i had a 10m playbutton and my friend broke it i would just say that's it's okay because accidents happen (if it was actually an accident)

  • AbyssOnyx
    AbyssOnyx Před dnem

    I’m subscribing the running onto the field was crazy 😂

  • XEN Ashton💔
    XEN Ashton💔 Před 5 dny +5

    Ben has to have to worlds lightest punch 💀💀💀

  • I have no clue
    I have no clue Před 4 dny +1

    That’s not how that works, you can literally buy another one.

  • Maykel R
    Maykel R Před 3 dny

    i miss the old good days when only funny and talented youtubers had 10 milions subs

  • Rojo Thomas
    Rojo Thomas Před 2 dny

    is it just me or ben was the reason his play button broke?

  • Cloudy Pot I
    Cloudy Pot I Před 17 hodinami

    No way he did this O-O
    I feel so bad the way they jumped on him

  • JoeDealer
    JoeDealer Před 6 dny +195

    Ben is such a good friend HE forced his friend to run in a stadium. And get a Tattoo of his name.💀💀💀

  • Diane Craft
    Diane Craft Před 3 dny

    Well he broke it cause you got in the way of him trying to catch it.

  • Life nice
    Life nice Před 17 hodinami

    Ben Azelfart got me dying (on the billboard)

  • wubbox on magical sanctum


  • Rigo Ojeda
    Rigo Ojeda Před 11 hodinami

    Wow that billboard has the best green screen I've ever seen💀

  • Universal
    Universal Před 6 dny +641

    “He broke my playbutton, so I broke his neck”

    • Dayton Clan
      Dayton Clan Před dnem


    • ksttristanMineCraft
      ksttristanMineCraft Před 4 dny

      Wait Ben arm’s we’re blocking him from getting it so Ben ruined his own Play button

    • [BUBBLES_]
      [BUBBLES_] Před 4 dny

      @May May how about you shut up your literally acting like a snake

    • Shadow_blox
      Shadow_blox Před 4 dny +1

      @Zaney what, no?

    • Zaney
      Zaney Před 4 dny

      Are you serious did you did your friend actually do that

  • Name of a man
    Name of a man Před 2 dny

    Instead of buying a billboard, why not just buy a new one?

  • besties in wonderland 🥰

    I just love the flag you keep at beginning of the video
    Love from India 🇮🇳

  • Saleh Alleas
    Saleh Alleas Před 2 dny

    Bruh is this friendship or the downfall of his friend's life

  • Rocking Ransh
    Rocking Ransh Před dnem

    Pay respect to this for having an india flag

  • Rajinder Singh Lakha
    Rajinder Singh Lakha Před 11 dny +72

    To be an indian i love that he has that indias flag at the bag ❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Meat
      Meat Před 6 dny

      Here is a fact: ✨Nobody cares✨

  • Tori4lifee
    Tori4lifee Před 2 dny

    The play button didn't break it was clearly rocks and plus diamonds don't break that easily💀

  • roblox meee
    roblox meee Před 3 dny

    Why cant he just get his tattoo lasered except for sacrificing his life for ben

  • hydra division
    hydra division Před 2 dny

    You're almost there I'll support you

  • Drkz
    Drkz Před 2 dny +1

    Bro legit stoppes his friend from catching it💀

  • heh
    heh Před 7 dny +312

    Sometimes youtubers are just so ungrateful for the amount of subscribers they already have.

    • The Diagonal Doggo
      The Diagonal Doggo Před 2 dny

      @Ma Cao imagine having more money than a neurosurgeon yet being spoiled when your glass and plastic playbutton gets smashed

    • SWR
      SWR Před 6 dny

      @K A Y Z O [EDITZ] yeah, some people still got effort while others don't

    • Izoha kinshero
      Izoha kinshero Před 6 dny

      @BLUE BLUR people get made over every thing so let them flag it as if it will do any difference

    • K A Y Z O [EDITZ]
      K A Y Z O [EDITZ] Před 6 dny

      @SWR uh

    • heh
      heh Před 6 dny

      @SWR honestly

  • _GRU_
    _GRU_ Před 3 dny

    It actually wasnt his fault. If you look closely you can see that Ben hit it out of his arms

  • De-Angelo Kpodo
    De-Angelo Kpodo Před 3 dny

    Do not worry Ben you will get there one day

  • Siddhi and Samriddhi Srivastava

    Do someone noticed that when he was calling CHclip there was a flag of India behind him .

  • Wade Brunt
    Wade Brunt Před 2 dny +1

    "Hey guys, he broke my play button so I killed his family"

    SHAUNAK RAJPARA Před 12 dny +1990

    As an Indian, I love how he had the Indian flag in the background 😀😀
    Edit: OMG THANKS GUYS 4 THE LIKES(They are the most I’ve ever had)

  • sh¡nzune
    sh¡nzune Před dnem

    imagine if that was a fake play button and he just wanted more subscribers by embarrassing his friend?

  • Legend Army
    Legend Army Před 2 dny

    Love to see the INDIAN flag in the background ❤️❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • KanishkOP Gaming
    KanishkOP Gaming Před 4 dny

    Respect to you you have an Indian flag🇮🇳 as I am an Indian Thanks for that

  • Tom Hooker
    Tom Hooker Před dnem

    Hilarious how he broke it anyway

  • Luna
    Luna Před 8 dny +288

    Ben literally distracted him to drop the play button-

    • Nathan Norton
      Nathan Norton Před 7 dny

      ​@AMAN RAHAMAN they can still shatter though, it's not like the gold/silver play buttons.

    • Preppyvibezzzzz
      Preppyvibezzzzz Před 7 dny

      @pat ucharatna nahhh I think he did it for purpose like for views💀

    • Luna
      Luna Před 7 dny

      Lol it looks real

      AMAN RAHAMAN Před 7 dny +1

      It's fake diamond play button
      Coz real one is made out of metal 🤣

    • Mark Reid
      Mark Reid Před 7 dny

      @pat ucharatna no it was definitely staged plus he cab bye a new one sooo

  • Wogginmynoggin
    Wogginmynoggin Před 3 dny

    If you’ve already gained 10 million you can pay for a replacement

  • Roro Ismail
    Roro Ismail Před 4 dny +1

    The fact that he didn’t break it Ben put his hand in front of him to drop it

  • Jorge Fleites
    Jorge Fleites Před 4 dny

    That was him. He did all of it. It’s all his fault.

  • G4wt1z Animations
    G4wt1z Animations Před 4 hodinami +1

    Bro the sign just literally just called you Ben Azelfart💀

  • Mícheál Bergin
    Mícheál Bergin Před 7 dny +46

    I miss when it took talent to get a diamond play button

  • Prachi Paranjpe
    Prachi Paranjpe Před 3 dny

    Teacher : diamond is one of the strongest metals on earth
    This play button :
    That indian flag in the corner sus

  • fayaaz4eyes
    fayaaz4eyes Před 3 dny

    We all know that you didn't really break the real play button

  • Web Plays
    Web Plays Před dnem

    That’s your fault Ben you put your arm in the way so the diamond play button fell and broke