Dead by Daylight | Livestream #81 - Mat Squared

  • čas přidán 7. 12. 2017
  • December 07, 2017 Twitch Stream capture.
    We stream on Thursdays at 2PM EDT (view schedule here - )
    Hosts: Filip Ivanovic, Mathieu Côté
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  • SadiesKBeauty
    SadiesKBeauty Před rokem

    I think freddy is to powerful

  • ArigatoDBD
    ArigatoDBD Před rokem

    fuck yeh leatherface

  • User 123
    User 123 Před rokem +1

    Umm it's the next patch and u didn't add the head case like u said

  • User 123
    User 123 Před rokem +1

    Add The charity DLC to Console

  • billynair
    billynair Před rokem

    "A Nurse's Calling" - Not used at lower ranks: Nurse is hard to use at first so she doesn't get leveled up by the lower ranked players, but when you get good enough to rank her high enough to share her Shrine Perks, you will have the skill needed to get up into the higher ranks pretty quick.

  • D.D D.D
    D.D D.D Před rokem

    Why did you nerf the flashlights ? Good killers could dodge them with ease... It was so fun to play with it..

  • TJ Loves Art
    TJ Loves Art Před rokem

    I have a new killer / survivor idea.
    Killer: Santa Claus
    Survivor: Elf
    Killers weapon: Candy Cane
    Killers power: Present surprise (when he places one and a survivor walks up to it, a toy santa pops out and he has two choices, teleport and fake it or leave it)
    Killers perks: Freeze cane (after you hit someone it freezes them for 1-3 seconds) Present shock (only works for people with traps, after a trap is triggered, a fake version of you pops up for them, and a heartbeat and you can see your fake you and them.) Snowy day? (makes it snow after you hit someone and if they walk right into it again, they freeze for 1-2 seconds)
    Survivor perks: Unfreeze-able (if the killer has a freezing perk, you dont get frozen for as long.) Shortage [effects the killer] (the killer has more than 2 traps on him, he looses all of them at the start of the round only. he has to search for them) Christmas tree? (if a trap/present is activated it makes no noise for the killer and the survivor has a chance to escape with a mini tree on them?)
    Map: Christmas snow [north pole?]
    Mori: lets them kneel, slaps them with the cane, over and over, then he pushes them over.
    P.S. I wish this could be added as a dlc for £4.99 and it took me ages to write!

  • Doddo Georgian
    Doddo Georgian Před rokem

    cel mai prost joc

  • Cagatay Cagsirli
    Cagatay Cagsirli Před rokem

    Holy shit devs, i hate you soooo fucking much right now! This flashlight nerfes are pissing me so much off right now! I was the only one of my friends who was able to safe my teammates from zhe killer grasp but now you literally fucked all the flashlights.... i tried to flash a killer with the instablind(0.625 second blind) and it takes more than 2-3 seconds to blind him now! With a fucking instablind! Are you fucking kidding me???? I wasted more than the half of my flashlight battery and i wasnt even able to flash him once! Now i lost so many flashlights bcs of this retarded nerf! Im playing on ps4 btw. So i hope its a motherfucking bug or i will never play dbd again for real! I even have headache bcs of this shit! Edit: You devs know exactly how to Fuck a game to death GG

  • Khakan Ahmed
    Khakan Ahmed Před rokem

    I can't use the killer for no reason it does not me let play as killer

  • Green VipeR
    Green VipeR Před rokem

    что за бабуйня?

  • Mr Wet
    Mr Wet Před rokem

    Six dollars for clothing on console You people can go fuck off

    • MysticEcho
      MysticEcho Před rokem

      Brown Lighting wait its 6 dollers

  • JeSSe & Burcy
    JeSSe & Burcy Před rokem


  • Beau
    Beau Před rokem +1

    So i have all the Lf faces and i was wondering, are the devs going to add more faces to lf's exclusives, you see leatherface doesnt have other exclusives than his faces and if there are 5 faces why not make more, it will only make the killer more scarier. So i hope the devs will make more Leatherface faces. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Swathy Statue
    Swathy Statue Před rokem

    My killer:he is called the psychopath.he is a crazy man that has a cleaver as a weapon.hes power is he charges at u really fast like hillbilly but not as fast and it doesn’t one hit kill them but u get more control on it and also the camera moves faster then the charge that hillbilly does. Perks:
    1 perk.rampage:this allows the killer to not do the animation when he breaks the pallet instead the killer uses the hit button to break it so he can get the survivor faster.has a cool down
    2 perk.bleed for me:when ever u hit a survivor it will slow them down in movement speed and healing,sabotage,searching and repairing.
    Plus it will make more noise.this effect will last for 40 seconds for lvl 1.lvl 2 last for 60.lvl 3 last for 80.
    3 perk.Gen swift.when the first survivor goes on the a gen the killer could see him for 3 seconds(the high the lvl the more seconds he could see him)if a gen is completed the first one to get on the second gen the killer can see.u guys should know what I mean.

  • Nathan Irwin
    Nathan Irwin Před rokem

    Fix your fucking totem placement, Stevie Wonder was able to see it.

  • Ruben Gaming21
    Ruben Gaming21 Před rokem

    You show me killer called the house-made and she is a ghost-like figure with one eye with no eyes with bandages around her head and her arms cut off and she floats

  • Ruben Gaming21
    Ruben Gaming21 Před rokem


  • Stefanie Poppitz
    Stefanie Poppitz Před rokem

    One of megs heads cant be use..on Xbox. you can equipe it, but meg don't change the head.

  • Jackson Rusche
    Jackson Rusche Před rokem

    add bill to ps4

  • hcw11
    hcw11 Před rokem


  • Dingo2343
    Dingo2343 Před rokem

    Basically my favorite news update for the game. I need to know when the winter event is so I can grind for Wraith.

  • XXquantooXX
    XXquantooXX Před rokem

    wheres the fucking wraith update

  • paranidherc
    paranidherc Před rokem

    "Omahgerd, we have so many ideas and we are working so hard on them. We aren't allowed to discuss them though, but don't worry, soon"™
    Seriously, that's pretty much 30% of every dev stream summed up. Meanwhile the game hasnt changed for months.

  • Tolga Gölpınar
    Tolga Gölpınar Před rokem

    İf ı have object of obsession perk and killer iş freddy. When my perk iş active, ı cant see the killer but he can see me. Its a big problem. This perk working only in the dream work.

  • Jamppandeerus
    Jamppandeerus Před rokem

    maybe bring legacy skins back

  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons Před rokem

    For Christmas add krampus

  • thog
    thog Před rokem

    Bring back legacy :(

  • Two Snaps
    Two Snaps Před rokem

    Just curious but is there any new killer ideas in mind? I know we just got Freddy Im just wondering

  • blackjack 87
    blackjack 87 Před rokem

    Self care is too used,
    What do You Guess to make that for healing themeself the survivors should serch around the map things for heals themeself

  • MrBecrazy
    MrBecrazy Před rokem

    Id like to see more classic monster vampire and werewolf. Or a more original character that dont involve copy rights. Wouldnt have to cost much for a dlc and it would be a fun concept. Or free like the huntress.

  • lola
    lola Před rokem

    Can xbox get charity case please , and when are headcase and anniversary coming out

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    Frozen killer that can slow the servs down by frost biting the area feet

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    A army traind serv

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    You could also have a clown killer that has a bloon that pops and wen it pops the killer gets a speed bost for 3 seconds and a unicorn head with a knife on the horn to stab

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    You could add an army man killer and a citizen

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    What about adding Jason and one of the counslers

  • I Do Random Stuff Oof
    I Do Random Stuff Oof Před rokem

    Omg killer insidious

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    I only play on ps4 and I hear your adding a teacher with a roller with a blade on it with an apple with spicks on it

  • Ares Smith
    Ares Smith Před rokem

    Can you ad bill to the ps4

  • Dungeonmasters2
    Dungeonmasters2 Před rokem

    Ghostface could be an interesting killer

  • Justus M
    Justus M Před rokem

    I wish they made it so that it didn't mark you had no mither on, or they made it so that only the survivors could see it

  • Springtrap Left
    Springtrap Left Před rokem

    If i want reset but have all my bloodpoint the prob im on console how can i to that

  • Neos SechsFünf
    Neos SechsFünf Před rokem +1

    Get we Bill on console ?

  • Royale with cheese
    Royale with cheese Před rokem

    When does the head case dlc come out for consoles?

  • I am Molly The Fox
    I am Molly The Fox Před rokem

    get off mask all nurse

  • Bininel
    Bininel Před rokem

    Why the last patch bugged my game?when the last patch appear,im being disconnected all time

    MARCOS LIMA Před rokem +1

    Tá chegando o Natal,coloca o krampus ,demônio do natal .

    MARCOS LIMA Před rokem +1

    Cadê os assassinos

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev Chelios Před rokem +1

    Methieu, did you do a pretty good job so far?

  • B B
    B B Před rokem

    A cemetery map would be cool!

  • Ghostmatrix TV
    Ghostmatrix TV Před rokem

    We need JASON!!! Or a Clownkiller!!!

  • Deine Lucker
    Deine Lucker Před rokem

    More killers and maps would be good

  • Yo shmaayo
    Yo shmaayo Před rokem

    I got a save game error on dbd on ps4

  • LegionMapping
    LegionMapping Před rokem

    are they going to make jason vorhgees?

    • Charlie B
      Charlie B Před rokem

      Austin Williams no because f13 came out but im sure they were going to make him originally

  • Faraaz Iqbal
    Faraaz Iqbal Před rokem +1

    I wish they'd add ghostface, that acts as a reverse michael-he gets buffs depending on how long he's in a chase (cuz thats what he does irl). At tier 3, he should have the ability to have a significantly reduced weapon cooldown and the ability to jump over pallets and windows.

    • Faraaz Iqbal
      Faraaz Iqbal Před rokem

      I thought of another killer that does something similar..kind of like a "mechanical" killer that has prosthetic limbs, etc. He can build fake generators that explode when completed, injuring all nearby survivors.

    • Charlie B
      Charlie B Před rokem

      Faraaz Iqbal i say he should be like a trap setter. Fir example he could place traps on generators to create fake skill check noises

  • foxy love
    foxy love Před rokem

    can you make a new killed like jason

  • The Homey 18
    The Homey 18 Před rokem

    New Killer Ghostface
    Power: Cellphones- every survivor has a cellphone and you click the button and it rings like the Doctor's shock therapy and the survivors have to silence their phones
    Perks- 1: scary night- each survivor dies Ghostface fuels in rage and gets a movement speed and survivors screen gets darker
    2: stab- when a survivor is hurt or in dieing state the survivor's speed is decreased on recovery and other things
    3: whats your favorite scary movie- you become obsessed with 1 survivor and if the survivor dies then other survivors skill checks sound bar is 0 and appears smaller
    Map: Woodsboro High School
    Mori is he flips you over and stabs you multiple times like how he did to Casey in the first movie

    • The Homey 18
      The Homey 18 Před rokem

      Charlie Berbel thats true but I think that should a great idea for the phones though

    • Charlie B
      Charlie B Před rokem

      The Homey 08 ok thats a good idea but the phones is to much so i say he can mimic survivors cries or something or make like a trap that baits survivors

  • sleep deprived
    sleep deprived Před rokem

    Fix the poor optimisation on consoles already! Sloppy games are bad games.

  • Mohammed Almahasna
    Mohammed Almahasna Před rokem

    Please Fix The Lag In The Servers Like Don't Put The Killer Is The Host I Always Have Bad Connection And I Always Die Beacuse Of The Lag Please Fix :(