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Avicii - Heaven (Lyric Video)

  • čas přidán 6. 06. 2019
  • Music video by Avicii performing Heaven (Lyric Video). © 2019 Avicii Recordings AB, under exclusive license to Universal Music AB
  • HudbaHudba

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  • Gjfotos
    Gjfotos Před dnem

    This is Heaven...r.i.p.Tim and thanks Chris Martin for the prefect voice...

  • Anthony- Shapes
    Anthony- Shapes Před dnem

    Eres El Mejor❤🎧😥

  • Erik Hilbert
    Erik Hilbert Před dnem

    Who the hell have soul to dislike?

  • Natt Kaewsuwan
    Natt Kaewsuwan Před dnem

    Love you Tim❤️

  • Amy's Art Corner
    Amy's Art Corner Před dnem +1

    Who ever disliked this video, you're dead to me.

  • Amy's Art Corner
    Amy's Art Corner Před dnem +1

    We all miss you. ); i hope you are happy up there in heaven because you should be, you have changed so many peoples lives with your music and your songs still live on even after you have passed. you are foreverin our hearts, never to be forgotten.

  • monica gonzales
    monica gonzales Před dnem

    Tu leyenda nunca morira Tim.

  • Comrade John
    Comrade John Před dnem +1

    Please if you love Avicii like this comment

  • Anna Charriere
    Anna Charriere Před dnem

    Rip avicii

  • prashant jha
    prashant jha Před dnem

    I miss avicii
    The best DJ ever

    He must have gone to heaven

  • Jakub Kacprzyk
    Jakub Kacprzyk Před dnem


  • Ryder Wilson
    Ryder Wilson Před dnem +1

    Rip Avicii I'm sitting here crying

  • Battlebee 123
    Battlebee 123 Před dnem

    The vocalist sounds like Coldplay

  • dhruv bhingradiya
    dhruv bhingradiya Před dnem +1

    Can you imagine music been everywhere ?

    Even the heaven would say : what the hell is this place?

  • Tubagus Fachreza
    Tubagus Fachreza Před dnem

    Shit, i know you're listening this up there man, thanks for the song!

  • breiner epiayu
    breiner epiayu Před dnem +1

    Avicii el mejor fortnite

  • Charly B.E5
    Charly B.E5 Před dnem

    Alguien habla español ?

  • rpz yoel
    rpz yoel Před dnem

    What happen with avicii?

  • sulaiman zahwan
    sulaiman zahwan Před dnem

    To all the people that had the nerve to dislike this istg

  • S1 Universe_Gaming
    S1 Universe_Gaming Před dnem +1

    Fuck off people how disliked!🖕

  • Piggy Gamer GT
    Piggy Gamer GT Před dnem

    How the fuck

  • Nikola
    Nikola Před dnem

    People, legends never die! You remember it for the rest of your life! #Avicii 😢💕

  • S1 Universe_Gaming
    S1 Universe_Gaming Před dnem +1

    1 like 10 love to AVICII

  • Josh Pace
    Josh Pace Před dnem

    Bob Marley said once in an interview about reggae music. The music will get bigger and bigger until it reaches the right people. Thats how I feel about Tim's music.

  • MISIU 2k17
    MISIU 2k17 Před dnem


  • Theodore Raymond
    Theodore Raymond Před dnem

    Rip and much love to him and his family

  • MISIU 2k17
    MISIU 2k17 Před dnem


  • Thermo Beats
    Thermo Beats Před dnem

    I will do a mash-up of Heaven and Fleetwood Mack's "Landslide"

  • Arsyafaat
    Arsyafaat Před dnem

    Rest well my friend

  • RB10 RB10
    RB10 RB10 Před dnem

    2019 ? :D axaxax

  • Lusi Tursina
    Lusi Tursina Před dnem

    Forever ini your hearts

  • Patchos 11
    Patchos 11 Před dnem

    ,,I think i just died'' oh no boi legends never die

  • Rajaswi Kori
    Rajaswi Kori Před dnem

    I know there will be a star called AVICII

  • Joey Summer
    Joey Summer Před dnem +1

    Thank you Avicii and Chris Martin -Heaven RIP Tim! ❤️

  • JI JeiI
    JI JeiI Před dnem

    아비치 그곳은 어떤가요 내가 그곳에 갔을때 당신의 노래가 더 많아졌음 해요...NEVER DIE ABICII

  • zdRANDER 9
    zdRANDER 9 Před dnem

    1 month ago : Oi good
    Now : Did i Wath this Million?

  • Mc Mr
    Mc Mr Před dnem


  • ピカチュウ愛好会

    I am Japanese
    Many japanese people are sad too
    “I think I just dead”?
    No,his songs are always in my heart

  • Ton Nao
    Ton Nao Před dnem

    ◢ ◤

  • 転生したらMicro uziだった件。


  • TRI.F
    TRI.F Před dnem +1 really went to heaven

  • TANISHIタニシ
    TANISHIタニシ Před dnem


  • Gokarna Gurung
    Gokarna Gurung Před dnem

    Its a pity he died tho did u know he really died and he wrote before he died and published it by his managers😭

  • connor flynn Flynn
    connor flynn Flynn Před dnem


  • Misa rina
    Misa rina Před dnem

    Thank Avicii😢❤️

  • lol_pp
    lol_pp Před dnem


  • 김태웅
    김태웅 Před dnem

    Rest in peace, dear Avicii.

  • shane the beast
    shane the beast Před dnem

    Rip avicii

  • The Projix
    The Projix Před dnem

    This is definitely his style!! Mad love bro, Rest in Heaven! Till we meet again!

  • Varun Malaviya
    Varun Malaviya Před dnem

    What is the use of so much fame and money when you fail yourself. Anyways man your music was always the peace that i looked for in this world. I hoped to meet you someday but i guess i got late. Good luck brother for your life in the next world of there is any! Hope to see you again somewhere someage!

  • Alena Blöchle
    Alena Blöchle Před dnem

    I'm listening and I just wanna cry because I will never wait for a new Album a new song.
    But he's in a better place.
    Legends never die!

  • Martin de Jager
    Martin de Jager Před dnem

    no such person for me

  • Nicholas Tang
    Nicholas Tang Před dnem

    Did Avicii sing this song himself?

  • Juan Roldán
    Juan Roldán Před dnem

    Thank you for all, you're always my inspiration, when you release Alcoholic, I'm in love with you😍

  • Aussie gameplays and more

    R.i.p avicii a.k.a tim, your legacy will remain, to all who see this comment keep Tim's legacy strong, and live a great life. -aussie

  • 地雷職人
    地雷職人 Před dnem

    You rase me up now!

  • K 5
    K 5 Před dnem +7

    "When I die,I want to be remembered the life I lived,not the money I made."
    -Tim Bergling(Avicii)
    The Legend lives in HEAVEN!!

  • Passenger's Lover
    Passenger's Lover Před dnem

    we miss u Avicii

  • Marija Stankovic
    Marija Stankovic Před dnem

    avicii will always be in our hearts

  • Ariella Smith
    Ariella Smith Před dnem


  • thanh tung hoang
    thanh tung hoang Před dnem

    Avicii has come back from heaven

  • Félix Mathieu
    Félix Mathieu Před dnem

    Comme d’habitude, une musique riche et superbe ! J’adore cet album !
    Merci pour tout Avicii ! On retrouve souvent un air de levels qui nous remémore tout une vie de musique !

  • Fran Tosca
    Fran Tosca Před dnem

    People only died until they're forgotten
    You can be inmortal Tim
    Thanks for your music

  • 黎奕劭
    黎奕劭 Před dnem

    The original one is better

  • DJB
    DJB Před dnem

    May this great artist rest in peace!!!

  • armand justlike
    armand justlike Před dnem

    Rest In Peace Tim a.k.a Avicii...You are amazing and your creativity will be Legend

  • Евгений Китаев


  • aing wibu
    aing wibu Před dnem

    Legends never die :')

  • Danny Shihman
    Danny Shihman Před dnem

    coldplay + avicii = Heaven !

  • Juan Alvarado
    Juan Alvarado Před dnem

    The world really missed out on them not making enough music together

  • Huỳnh Ngân
    Huỳnh Ngân Před dnem

    The Legend Never Die :(

  • Yadi Setiady
    Yadi Setiady Před dnem +1


  • farian bull
    farian bull Před dnem

    "I think i just died and went to heaven" this song made me shed a tear! RIP avicii! You"ll never be forgotten ❤

  • byTiagoLoL
    byTiagoLoL Před dnem


  • Marise Schlindwein
    Marise Schlindwein Před dnem

    Eterno Avicii...🎵🎹🎶🎧😍❤🧡💛💚💙🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • 758 Caribbeandiamonds
    758 Caribbeandiamonds Před dnem +2

    Avicii & Chris Martin

  • Huy Quang
    Huy Quang Před dnem

    legend never die

  • Lunadragonmoon 3
    Lunadragonmoon 3 Před dnem

    ◢◤ Legends never die

  • Soul Of Music
    Soul Of Music Před 2 dny

    I've just posted a cover avicii Heaven go check it out and subscribe you are missed every day avicii rip🙏🙏🙏🔥❤

  • Olga botash
    Olga botash Před 2 dny

    He did not die

  • Ninja Kiwi
    Ninja Kiwi Před 2 dny

    This is literally coldplay what does this song have to do anything with him..?

  • Caroline Kula
    Caroline Kula Před 2 dny

    This jam hits good

  • Jessica Montes
    Jessica Montes Před 2 dny

    I’m literally crying 😢

  • Maribel Morales
    Maribel Morales Před 2 dny

    Acaso es chris?

  • Bella Andrade
    Bella Andrade Před 2 dny

    como assim gente?ele nao tinha morrid????????

  • Purnima M
    Purnima M Před 2 dny +1

    Avicii my king our king

  • Mariah Gunn
    Mariah Gunn Před 2 dny +1

    He was the greatest that ever lived point blank.

  • Emil Johansson
    Emil Johansson Před 2 dny

    Can't believe that i heard this like 9 month ago on soundcloud. I do miss avicii mutch. Can't believe he is dead.

  • Mateo Palomeque
    Mateo Palomeque Před 2 dny +1


  • vladis golub
    vladis golub Před 2 dny


  • lil smov
    lil smov Před 2 dny

    So sad :''( god bay

  • Owen Kinghorn
    Owen Kinghorn Před 2 dny

    Rip love your music 😢

  • Eline VdBerg
    Eline VdBerg Před 2 dny

    Goosebumps. I miss you Tim ! Beautiful, pure soul. I'm always tearing up because we are the same age and i know how it feels to be really broken, but the pressure you had to handle.. God, i had of wished you had quit sooner. I am SO sorry! Hopefully you are at peace now. You deserve it.

  • Lary Marcehlly
    Lary Marcehlly Před 2 dny


  • Hari Prakash
    Hari Prakash Před 2 dny +1


  • Kawther Alabbasi
    Kawther Alabbasi Před 2 dny

    Isn’t he died????????????

  • Xwerx
    Xwerx Před 2 dny +1

    I think he know that he just died but he had think ich juse the last time of my life to make a GOOD SONG....How he feel before He died is in this Song ...
    Thanks Avicii for your last time you have... R.I.P

  • Txlx 14
    Txlx 14 Před 2 dny

    Great time to putt this song!! My birthday month you will always be remembered 😘☺️😢

  • Jake Symons
    Jake Symons Před 2 dny

    I love this song it's on every day. Like if this is you