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  • čas přidán 1. 12. 2022

Komentáře • 788

  • Robert Mckinney

    The only game that actually feels like a fever dream

  • Davo
    Davo  +11

    Finally socks is making a video about this game and entertaining us with the best game in the universe

  • Andrew Brown

    You know that last boss looked harder than an elden ring boss

  • Rylee Jackson

    I’ve seen so many people play the game glad you played it too!

  • Rezya_
    Rezya_  +5

    Can’t we just agree that our day always lights up when you see socks upload

  • Fishygamez

    I love how socks is wearing a “so you see” shirt on a game where your a deer and you kill people

  • RaTpAcK bOl

    Does anyone else ever think of how sock’s fbi agent feels listening to his calls

  • Yousef -

    Love you're videos keep up the good work

  • Francis Ferrell

    Socksfor2:geting both endings

  • Baller
    Baller  +2

    Make a two hour live stream on this game it looks very cool

  • Kai Cade

    I was having a bad day and you cheered me up keep uploading

  • 𝔾𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕘

    How did he replace his antlers with two 50 caliber desert eagles

  • JustNateMAN

    Am I imagining things or isn't this the second upload of this game? I swear I'm starting to hallucinate 😵


    This game is literally made for socks and blaza because they are crazy people🗿

  • Alexander Kelvin Kasan

    This is the final form of gun devil (chainsaw man)

  • CreeparCat

    Finally he plays this game

  • Olivia Olson

    Ah yes, the cow rhinosaurus mech. I used it once in COD.

  • Angryarsalaan 1

    Damn Socks on a rampage you uploaded 5 videos in a DAY


    Wait socks actually gave his friends a real chance to win different

  • Gan Choon Sian

    Fun fact: deers can survive a car crash