Airbag Car Seat

  • čas přidán 4. 08. 2011
  • The Carkoon car seat is a revolutionary new product set to change the way we look at safety in the car whilst travelling with children. Carkoon is a rear facing car seat designed to literally 'Cocoon' your child in their seat in the event of an accident, keeping them safe from flying objects. The safety advantages of rear facing car seats far outweigh those of forward facing, and given that many parents are unsure if their car seat is fitted correctly, the new ISO FIX standard is set to change this. Using the latest in Air Bag technology, Carkoon is set to change the car seat market forever.
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  • lapisgirl 2009
    lapisgirl 2009 Před 4 měsíci

    For no reason the guys were recording the dad in real life but the kid is on 3d

  • Pradhipta TS
    Pradhipta TS Před rokem

    Ohh youtube recommend..

  • Guillermo Olivares
    Guillermo Olivares Před 2 lety

    Si va a viajar con un menor por favor tenga su silla de carro lista o pide un taxi con silla de carro

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  • Conner Harrell
    Conner Harrell Před 2 lety

    What happened was the child was not rare seated thats how he got bones broken its safer to be rare seated

  • Peter Cook
    Peter Cook Před 4 lety +22

    Can't see anything about airbag as per title - mmm

  • 渡辺 朋幸Tomoyuki Watanabe

    Hm, I think so, too...

  • Thomas Stroble
    Thomas Stroble Před 6 lety +1

    Of course this depends on the age of the child, because at a certain point legs grow to long for rear-facing.

  • Siyamson Pathmanathan
    Siyamson Pathmanathan Před 6 lety +3

    What if your rear ended, same damage to the child?

  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Gabriel Gutierrez Před 6 lety +3

    it hurts when the airbag hits you and the side airbag it burns i hate it i never want to be in a car accident

  • christopher davis
    christopher davis Před 6 lety

    my car crashed and the airbag poofed out

  • thezididada
    thezididada Před 7 lety

    godt nice

  • kassie alexander
    kassie alexander Před 7 lety

    my car is toadaled. i'm not kidding

  • Titanten
    Titanten Před 7 lety

    It's very rare (statistically). It's something like 83% of crashes happen where the car is in a frontal impact.

  • john s
    john s Před 7 lety

    so what if a car impacts the rear?

  • Nomapro
    Nomapro Před 7 lety

    omg :( poor kiddy