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Calculations helped him save his daughters

  • čas přidán 1. 11. 2023
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    Calculations helped him save his daughters #sankalpbharat #neet #movie #physics #maths #shorts
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Komentáře • 7K

  • @jacobpage8028
    @jacobpage8028 Před 28 dny +109

    That tape measure was so unbelievably slack.

  • @somogyiarpad8298
    @somogyiarpad8298 Před 14 dny +48

    -Sees door that shouldn’t be there

  • @manojabraham6775
    @manojabraham6775 Před 14 dny +7

    I have unlimited respect for this dude for actually having commonsense to put a chair between a door so he wont get locked out😭🗿

  • @deathsfox8024
    @deathsfox8024 Před 14 dny +10

    Movie Name - "You should have left"

  • @matthewbibby8921
    @matthewbibby8921 Před 14 dny +40

    That kid has to be the most accurately written child I've ever seen.

  • @CarbonatedTurtle
    @CarbonatedTurtle Před 2 dny +1

    My favourite part about seeing TV and movie clips on CHclip is how literally nobody ever puts the name of the show or movie in the description, because obviously that would be fucking impossible.

  • @NotHim.n
    @NotHim.n Před 2 dny +538

    The guy putting the chair in the door is smarter than 100% of people in horror films

  • @quinnwilczek
    @quinnwilczek Před 21 dnem +33

    The one time the main character is actually smart and props the door open 😭

  • @jesse2667
    @jesse2667 Před 14 dny +272

    "It's bigger on the inside, than the outside"

  • @Rose-yx6jq
    @Rose-yx6jq Před 14 dny +375

    His gut said something was off and he went to confirm his gut feelings. This is why you should always listen to your gut.

  • @Ph03nix1
    @Ph03nix1 Před 21 dnem +21

    Words of wisdom: if you encounter a room that breaks the laws of physics, it is wise to stay away from said room

  • @lukemendoza4263
    @lukemendoza4263 Před 2 dny +193

    Doing Physics and Calculus with your daughter. That's just awesome. She'll be well on her way to the next NASA flight.

  • @DirectorWroqe
    @DirectorWroqe Před 14 dny +505

    House of Leaves looks a lot more different than I remember it.

  • @benhicks1392
    @benhicks1392 Před 14 dny +64

    Movie is called. “You should have left”

  • @SilverCapybara94
    @SilverCapybara94 Před 14 dny +200

    This was such a dope film. For anyone who doesn't know, it's called You Should Have Left

  • @cinfdef
    @cinfdef Před 21 dnem +12

    The sims in my home gaining self consciousness and finding the hidden passage to the basement:

  • @charleshill506
    @charleshill506 Před dnem +19

    New rule, "If you post a video clip, YOU HAVE TO POST THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE". Thanks to those who posed the name in the

  • @ServeonlyGod-4
    @ServeonlyGod-4 Před dnem +14

    That kid has to be the most accurately written child I've ever seen.

  • @Unrealistyk03
    @Unrealistyk03 Před 21 dnem +5

    Anytime my dad asks for my help, both our lives end up at stake

  • @justconnor7107
    @justconnor7107 Před dnem +2

    the house of leaves. one of the greatest reading experiences of all time