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  • Hi.. Ive missed you. I hope you enjoy Ryland and I trying the glorious foods from the dollar store.
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  • Allison Sisk
    Allison Sisk Před 4 hodinami

    The fact they never had cheddar fries 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jordon Bordon
    Jordon Bordon Před 22 hodinami +1

    Ryland sounds exactly like Jeffree Star if he was just a little more gay and flamboyant

  • eW bLuE jEaNs?
    eW bLuE jEaNs? Před dnem

    For those saying they didnt check out the ice cream it's at 2:17 🤨

  • Sincerely Because
    Sincerely Because Před dnem

    :26 I see a meme 😄

  • Luna Tahel
    Luna Tahel Před dnem

    I can do the same thing with my feet

  • StephandTimTravel
    StephandTimTravel Před dnem

    Omgosh my toes do that too! It’s because your tendons in the back of your calves are too tight

  • bluejazz511
    bluejazz511 Před dnem

    “Dollar store citizen” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • i’m a clown
    i’m a clown Před dnem

    those whales were my go to snack as a kid 💀

  • ew. Jocelyne
    ew. Jocelyne Před dnem

    we stan !!

  • Piggy Queen
    Piggy Queen Před 2 dny +1


  • Brandon Beavers
    Brandon Beavers Před 2 dny

    Ryland has be told he’s the hot one by his family his whole life and it’s gone to his head. He’s not hot. He’s not boujee. He’s a washed up wannabe. Period.

  • Brandon Beavers
    Brandon Beavers Před 2 dny

    “Your” freezer Ryland???
    Would you have that freezer without Shane?? Nah. Calm down Beyoncé

  • kristin james
    kristin james Před 2 dny

    Your beautiful Morgan!

  • Martina Vaillant
    Martina Vaillant Před 2 dny

    Morgans top button of her pants are undone... and that's such a mood.

  • nick jaeger
    nick jaeger Před 2 dny

    when morgan inhaled the cream puff i DIED

  • Nicole Maczel
    Nicole Maczel Před 3 dny


  • Audrey Hays
    Audrey Hays Před 5 dny

    The veggie meatballs are actually really good. Lol

  • chloe padilla
    chloe padilla Před 5 dny

    they have the pop
    corners in many
    flavors at a store
    called costco :)

  • Stephanie Rice
    Stephanie Rice Před 6 dny

    Me toooo and I can never get off the phone hahaha

  • Stephanie Rice
    Stephanie Rice Před 6 dny

    And I love ryland and theirs relationship so sweet and yes I’m late lol

  • Stephanie Rice
    Stephanie Rice Před 6 dny

    I love Morgan! She is seriously so me... I never wanna do anything or get ready and just want like one good group of friends that care about me hahah

  • NatalieJo RF
    NatalieJo RF Před 6 dny

    I've actually had the fur flops but rainbow because I'm hi so...🤣Idk I just related

  • hdai _mla
    hdai _mla Před 6 dny

    No one grocery shops at the dollar store 1. Bc most stuff is off brand/nasty 2. It’s usually cheaper to buy regular sized products than it is to get single item goods

  • sinplylizzie
    sinplylizzie Před 6 dny

    finally, i feel as if the dollar tree has great reviews 🥺

  • Jessica Ireland
    Jessica Ireland Před 7 dny

    morgan’s so pretty wtF

  • plagued rat
    plagued rat Před 7 dny +1

    Lmao my foot does that too

  • Little lori Weir
    Little lori Weir Před 7 dny +1

    Omg you two are funny lo

  • Maud Rusman
    Maud Rusman Před 8 dny

    “Jojo’s tattoos! We need that” 5 secs later “Omg jojo’s! I’m so good at that!”

  • Michelle Woods
    Michelle Woods Před 8 dny

    OMG laughing so hard 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jill Saldaña
    Jill Saldaña Před 8 dny

    dollar store walk dollar store walk yesterday this guy tried to sell me meth
    im just trying to bring alive garrett watts

  • Kate Moth
    Kate Moth Před 9 dny

    I heard all of us in Mardi Gras Land collectively swoon at the Moonpies.

  • fallinqruby
    fallinqruby Před 9 dny

    The way morgan inhailed the cream puff had me creased 😂😂

  • GraceEstelle Denny
    GraceEstelle Denny Před 9 dny

    They serve cheese fries at my school. Now I know they come from the dollar store

  • Riley Moore
    Riley Moore Před 9 dny +1

    put the moon pie in the microwave for 5 seconds. game changed

  • Sad Vibes
    Sad Vibes Před 9 dny

    We have too freeze bread so it doesn’t go out of date so it lasts longer. Some people forget that not everyone has their lifestyle

  • D. LastBreath
    D. LastBreath Před 9 dny

    7:03 I SWEAR this is me when my teacher asked if I had cheated.

  • amber reed
    amber reed Před 9 dny

    i don't pick the phone up for anyone either 😂 is Morgan a Gemini ♊?

  • Beionca Harris
    Beionca Harris Před 10 dny

    The end had me fucked up

  • Grey Lazy
    Grey Lazy Před 10 dny

    Morgan is awesome😍😘💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
    Hi from russia💃

  • NotA Furry
    NotA Furry Před 10 dny +1

    I’ve never related to something more then morgan inhaling that cream puff, my god

  • AeroSlimes 2
    AeroSlimes 2 Před 10 dny

    Your fam might not love you as much as ryland but 32.3m of us do!

  • Rachel Gessner
    Rachel Gessner Před 10 dny

    The red bag of the popcornis are EVERYTHING the are kettle corn flavored

  • Moonchild’s Child
    Moonchild’s Child Před 10 dny

    did anyone besides me realize that morgans pants were unzipped

  • Sydney Davis
    Sydney Davis Před 11 dny

    Literally both my feet crack like that and everyone hates it 😂 im not the only one

  • Tracey Angelbert
    Tracey Angelbert Před 11 dny

    Does Morgan's mom have a CHclip channel?

  • Jane Budde
    Jane Budde Před 11 dny

    It’s a hedgehog you heathens
    But I love all of this

  • ChelseaLeeHD
    ChelseaLeeHD Před 11 dny

    The foot thing that Morgan does, all of my brothers and me, (3), do it all the time

  • Kally Mayhem
    Kally Mayhem Před 11 dny

    15:35 I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life. lol we're talking tears, pee and can't breathe.

  • Lorelai Dewrell
    Lorelai Dewrell Před 11 dny

    Corn chips are not Fritos corn chips are better 😝😝

  • Pumkinhead Girl
    Pumkinhead Girl Před 11 dny +6

    Morgan be like “I played the flute with my nose and it got taken away “ 😅😂🤣😅😂🤣😅😂🤣

    • Veerle Van De Laar
      Veerle Van De Laar Před 8 dny

      Yeah, I was like, why isn't anyone talking about this? Morgans other hidden talent 😂

  • idk idk
    idk idk Před 12 dny +64

    Morgan seems like that one person who actually hears your joke when the rest of the group ignores you and would actually laugh at it

  • Scorpius Malfoy
    Scorpius Malfoy Před 12 dny

    I have fur flops they are so FLUFFY not comfortable but fluffy

  • Quacko-_-
    Quacko-_- Před 12 dny +36

    Ryland: "something I've done and will never do again"

    me answering for him: "women"

  • Dani Derpasaurus
    Dani Derpasaurus Před 12 dny

    Do a Little Debby mukbang 😂

  • Gabbyplays gacha
    Gabbyplays gacha Před 12 dny

    You guys are wrong Liza koshy is worth 6$ million

  • Gabbyplays gacha
    Gabbyplays gacha Před 12 dny

    Now you know what I eat😂

  • Payden Dennison
    Payden Dennison Před 13 dny


    Ryland - Which Is A Rip-off for mh cheddar rockets by trader joe.
    Morgan - *Which is a rip-off for goldfish.*

    Who Agrees?

  • Michael Villegas
    Michael Villegas Před 13 dny

    When they said portion control at 16:54 I felt like they came for me 😂

  • Ashley Shehan
    Ashley Shehan Před 13 dny


  • Willow_xo !
    Willow_xo ! Před 13 dny +1

    I have the same foot problem