Dead by Daylight | Mash it up! #1 - May 31st 2018

  • čas přidán 31. 05. 2018
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  • HryHry

Komentáře • 516

  • EhCloserLook
    EhCloserLook Před 4 měsíci

    That one killer that pulls the entire team out of lockers in the killer shack. Good stuff!

  • Dylan Grayson
    Dylan Grayson Před 9 měsíci

    So. Clodette didn’t both anyone, but me? Who made this? Lol

  • Destroyer YT
    Destroyer YT Před 11 měsíci

    all he wanted was more hatchets

  • Fun Powder
    Fun Powder Před rokem

    7:47 allow us to introduce ourselves

  • ersterPirnaer
    ersterPirnaer Před rokem +1

    The third picture at the end is in dont starve style 😁

  • りょうき
    りょうき Před rokem

    The intonation is bad...

  • Alessandro Rojas
    Alessandro Rojas Před rokem

    1:28 try to not get satisfied

  • DEADPOOL wrestler
    DEADPOOL wrestler Před rokem

    I hope Queen is a nice girl.

  • NotGabriel
    NotGabriel Před rokem

    Ok that don’t starve style fanart was clever as hell

  • MasterGamerRF
    MasterGamerRF Před rokem

    Not sure if this game is cross platform O.o been playing and I'm just wondering

  • MasterGamerRF
    MasterGamerRF Před rokem

    Can I get featured? :3

  • Pizzaguy121
    Pizzaguy121 Před rokem

    Can we submit our own clips?

  • Agnes
    Agnes Před rokem

    Need ask Dook how he's doing that xd

  • Salty Done
    Salty Done Před rokem

    thanks queen fix the the god damn game lol- vinc 2018

  • catclaws123 Jaws
    catclaws123 Jaws Před rokem

    This game is getting to be pretty well dead because little to no work to fix things is being put in. Returning it in two days. Not worth the money I paid. Especially not to be a second class citizen because I have to play PS4 since I can't afford a good computer

  • GehtjetzBierholn
    GehtjetzBierholn Před rokem

    Definitely the MoFuggaU world champ The one and only Vinc3ntvega

  • Mikethegreat
    Mikethegreat Před rokem

    Your game will always be a piece of shit, just die and give up

  • krisiemorisie
    krisiemorisie Před rokem

    Give Voice chat ,3

  • SMoonGameR
    SMoonGameR Před rokem

    When is the update comin out for pc and ps4???

  • Ficusul
    Ficusul Před rokem

    why did not you get the ptb?

  • trentigalaxy
    trentigalaxy Před rokem

    I miss the staff reactions to the artwork esp mattheui's analysis!

  • Suzi Q
    Suzi Q Před rokem

    I'm sorry to say but I'm learning to hate this game. So many immature people are playing it and just like the world at large, there's nothing to do but quit playing. And it has so much potential! Thank you for trying.

  • Daron Parsons
    Daron Parsons Před rokem

    Please please! Reduce the amount of pallets on maps its ridiculous how many times in one game I get looped.

  • Mike Blair
    Mike Blair Před rokem +1

    Hey I just got demoted for escaping and I saved people from the hooks and did generators FIX YOUR RANKING SYSTEMS YOU FUCKING MORONS LIKE WHAT WERE YALL THINKING

  • Shep 23
    Shep 23 Před rokem

    DbyD the servers and glitches have been so bad on PS4 I got rid of the game. I also have purchased all but 1 of your DLC add ons. I couldn’t even load into a game without loosing connection to server, host, or being completely bugged while playing. What’s up?!?!

  • Marcos Gabriel Casinos Medina

    I have an idea for the end of dead by daylight that says that benedict baker appears with the key to escape from the realm of the entity. and a new killer the herald the executor of the entity when the entity wants something to end sends it to finish them off. with a perk called anger. When the killer receives a stun, movement speed is added to all his actions for 10, 15, or 20 sec. implacable that what it does is that when you give a hit the reload does not slow you downOnce there was a man who ran in a very rare forest after many days there, although he did not have to worry about his needs and he began to fall into despair. This attracted the attention of an indescribable entity, a being whose appearance is unintelligible to the human mind. and much more his ambitions began to torture the man day and night for weeks and even months until the man could no longer feel pain the entity not being satisfied began to think about his next step but the man eager for what that entity had malignant proposed to be his right hand in its operations and devise a trap for people that was how the man became the executor arm of the entity and his herald sent to finish what he started
    benedict baker with perks, know your enemy, that gives you an advantage before the killer and to know the inhabitants of the world of the entity you can know their English movements stealthy, and immutable similar to this man
    only older
    the map would be a bizarre and strange realm in which the entity recides THE PARANOIAC SPACE ONLY RED ALL RED. the chapter would be called "The End" so the battle for survival and freedom could arise
    and and skins without a mask and this fan killer

  • the little hamster Aquino

    can you tell us in next video when comes out with a full patch or just keep as surprise

  • reichDelta
    reichDelta Před rokem


  • Purposeless Tr
    Purposeless Tr Před rokem

    pls ı am türkish player and ı like dead by daylight game so pls we want to türkish languege patch !

  • insideClaw
    insideClaw Před rokem

    Entertaining footage, but that's it for the week? Disappointing, was looking forward to my weekly dose of dev stream, but I suppose that's the new schedule :( I find it hard to believe the community was the one who voted for that though, it seems like something to alleviate the burden of streaming and talking each week.

  • EeasyGamer
    EeasyGamer Před rokem +1

    Borrowed time should be applied to jumping off the hook on your own. If you do this you can't be camped. Let's say you are hooked in front of the gate and you're being camped. You have slippery meat, up the ante, and borrowed time. You jump off the hook and you're downed immediately and you die from being camped. However if you had borrowed time active for this you would be able to fly right out that exit and live until the next trial.

  • Roman YouTube Game
    Roman YouTube Game Před rokem

    Ха ха ха, прям очень смешно, прям пздц.

  • A Guy
    A Guy Před rokem +1

    I have the maximum blood points and I’m dying waiting for the new killer

    AMK NONNE Před rokem

    When the new update will come (without PTB) ? I LOVE THIS GAME

  • XxdevoxX 62
    XxdevoxX 62 Před rokem


  • XxdevoxX 62
    XxdevoxX 62 Před rokem


  • XxdevoxX 62
    XxdevoxX 62 Před rokem


  • XxdevoxX 62
    XxdevoxX 62 Před rokem


  • TWDGameNews
    TWDGameNews Před rokem

    Hey guys, I have an idea for new killer from the movie. In Conjuring 2 there was so creppy Nun and I think she would be amazing as new killer. I'm so scared of her.

  • Andrei i
    Andrei i Před rokem

    Devs do not make Dead by Daylight a pay to win game even with the skins

  • Kris
    Kris Před rokem

    Can you add Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's Series to your game?

  • NicC
    NicC Před rokem

    When does Xbox get the update

  • Bobuletzs
    Bobuletzs Před rokem +1

    Buff the clown make 3 seconds of slow and vision

  • Sarah Cola
    Sarah Cola Před rokem

    Ajouté sur PS4 la mise à jour

  • KoNiJiWa CH.
    KoNiJiWa CH. Před rokem

    I found a hacker named his player named Don BOTHER playing trapperHack stop time.

  • Jesus Aramayo
    Jesus Aramayo Před rokem

    what you did with the pallets in the beta is bullshit.

  • 4adeeb
    4adeeb Před rokem


  • Nightcore Mix
    Nightcore Mix Před rokem

    Hello dear Dead by daylight team what hold you from the game Identity V?? Thats Interesting me😉

  • Mohammed Almahasna
    Mohammed Almahasna Před rokem

    Put The New DLC In Consoles

  • Vince BobaTaK
    Vince BobaTaK Před rokem +1

    stop putting
    on a new killer and create a new mode or the game is dead !!! thank you ;)

  • a Despondent Thespian
    a Despondent Thespian Před rokem

    Jendise = Boo

  • alex
    alex Před rokem

    uhh fudge is in the vid too

  • Junx
    Junx Před rokem +1

    Hey, please, in the next update (2.0.0), check the translation of the game in Portuguese Brazil. The game in Portuguese has 10% of the English translations!

  • Marq Player
    Marq Player Před rokem

    I really feel like Vincent doesn't fit in this video. He's an old man with a quick temper.

    TWITCH/DAVIANT Před rokem

    Ну такое себе...пару моментов кул, остальное обыденное дело

    Заходите на наши стримы)

  • Deegan C
    Deegan C Před rokem +1

    I like a way to unlock the new currency please🙏🙏🙏

  • Gerard C.
    Gerard C. Před rokem

    Learn to optimize your game.

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username Před rokem

    fix the game pls

  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox Před rokem

    Move the clip name to the top left. It obscures the survivor UI.

  • Angel 4 asome
    Angel 4 asome Před rokem

    And iam so mad that you put more skins on the Xbox 😡😠😒