Dead by Daylight | Livestream #108 - Girl Talk

  • čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
  • September 13th 2018 Twitch Stream capture.
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    Hosts: not_Queen, Patricia
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  • Tyler P.
    Tyler P. Před 3 měsíci

    Wait hold up...what can you report someone of if most things are not ban worthy like body blocking or face-camping hmmm 🤔

  • Lil Mogee
    Lil Mogee Před 5 měsíci

    C'était bien quand vous parliez français... 😅😂

  • Franix - BlackWolfen97
    Franix - BlackWolfen97 Před 5 měsíci

    Mmmmh we are useing in-game reports. When YOU guys will start useing it and maybe ban people who deserve?
    Oh wait, teaming with the killer to made teammates die, orbody block because someone have an item and don't give you it's not bannable even if i send the report, right?
    Nah, you guys just ban people you don't like, unfair players buy cosmetics, why ban them? Mmmmmh...

  • Mamina Кыця
    Mamina Кыця Před 9 měsíci


  • Auz Ell
    Auz Ell Před rokem

    So does this mean you don't have to record video evidence of people doing ban worthy actions? You JUST have to use the in-game report system?

  • Frank West
    Frank West Před rokem

    I think we did a pretty good job so far.

  • Desierto Sabaku
    Desierto Sabaku Před rokem

    I am a veteran player and when I left the game and see that they still do not do anything with the aldito champion is a disappointment, but to see that the lagswitching is temporary I do not know if I feel idiot for giving them money or blame for their lack of criteria to be a temporary ban when it should be permanent to fuck the experience of a player, congratulate them for having such a lack of judgment and little imagination

  • Eric Bonewicz
    Eric Bonewicz Před rokem

    Literally literally speeding home from work downloaded the new DLC before I left for work nine hours ago. I am so excited. I’m a PS4 user obviously LOL

  • JaetonWesley
    JaetonWesley Před rokem

    When is the next blood hunt

  • User 123
    User 123 Před rokem +1

    Uh fix console cuz it’s locked for all game play and rituals

  • PandaBear 06
    PandaBear 06 Před rokem


  • Broly The legendary Super Saiyan

    Y'all need to help your fans out smh

  • Rhys Lee Toxic gamer
    Rhys Lee Toxic gamer Před rokem

    Can you fix the pallet issue where you pull down the pallet and you go to the other side and then the killer is there on your side

  • KING_Oso_7
    KING_Oso_7 Před rokem

    Can y'all bring legacy back for ps4 users?

  • Tiff Berry
    Tiff Berry Před rokem

    When will the new chapter be released

  • seba marin
    seba marin Před rokem

    No puedo jugar al juego hace 4 dias me sale error de nat. Tengo play 4 plus.

  • M.I.A. with Guns
    M.I.A. with Guns Před rokem +1

    Could you please add a off-line mode and still let us get blood tokens so we can play with AIs and co-op please

  • Zizou Solis
    Zizou Solis Před rokem

    campers are idiots anyway. While they camp one guy, others survivors finish generators and go away with more points than him.

  • Leo Eichberger
    Leo Eichberger Před rokem

    pls bring old music back

  • AwardWinningChilli
    AwardWinningChilli Před rokem

    Yesterday I had a game where 2 survivors were friends of the killer and helped him farm me and the other survivor to death. Can't wait for those assholes to get banned.

  • Rafael Suarez
    Rafael Suarez Před rokem

    Nerf for Nurse holding down teleport for too long makes you tired. I don't know I just thought of this while watching some one play Nurse

  • A Person
    A Person Před rokem

    Maybe for a killer you could have a plague doctor and he makes survivors sick and they have symptoms that benefit the killer

    • Tyler P.
      Tyler P. Před 3 měsíci

      A Person wow just... just wow

  • pleb juker
    pleb juker Před rokem

    Yo u should make it where if the killer is camping and ur in struggle mode u can’t die and if ur in 1st state and there camping u can’t get in struggle till they leave

  • Marcos Sater
    Marcos Sater Před rokem

    It would be very funny if you created more scary murderers, monsters, that have little human; or that you put Slenderman or The Rake in the game, the second in my opinion would be brutal. It's just an idea, a greeting and I like it if you want the developers to see it!

  • Damned Eternal1
    Damned Eternal1 Před rokem

    I have an idea. Maybe the Predator should be a new killer.

  • Aramis Hernandez
    Aramis Hernandez Před rokem


  • Rroy115
    Rroy115 Před rokem

    Pls fix camping

  • parufkowicz
    parufkowicz Před rokem


  • CARDS 3
    CARDS 3 Před rokem +3

    Many chinese player hacker. chinese is bad manner

  • Alice Helena Mastrange De Oliveira

    I want Vanita Brock in Dead by daylight PLEASE ;;;;;;V;;;;;;)

  • ViperRo
    ViperRo Před rokem +1

    Please add venom with a city map omfg that would be so lit 🔥

    • gumbie’s way
      gumbie’s way Před rokem

      ViperRo lol. It won’t happen. They would have to go through Too much. He’s marvel. Not considered a killer.

  • Walter Boardman
    Walter Boardman Před rokem

    You guys should REALLY consider a mechanic to see how much a person is reporting. A person cant be running into that many gameplay abusing players, if a player has X amount of reports in a day/week their reports should be deleted or something. Man, my thing about reports is yall cant manage exactly what happened, so many games I see whiny survivors reporting killers saying reported for camping, reported for tunneling, almost every game I play where the killer doesnt pretty much hand them a free win. All they have to do is click unsportmanlike or gameplay abuse. On your end you see gameplay abuse, yet on our end it never happened. Unfortunate how entitled survivors are, and how every action someone doesnt like results in crying and reports. I feel bad for killers that defend their final hooks at end of the game or that survivor who goes for the save to try and give you a final shot to get away before your struggle ends. Every action warrants a report now it seems.

  • Walter Boardman
    Walter Boardman Před rokem

    No stephen💔

  • Joshua Bigelow
    Joshua Bigelow Před rokem

    Please add back in FoV selection and/or locking the game to 1920x1080 no matter which monitor you're using if you won't give us back FoV. Playing the game on an ultra-wide monitor is punishing now. I did some searching for a fix and people said that Behaviour said they wouldn't add it back in because it was an unfair advantage to those who had ultra-wide monitors.
    .....That's like saying that people who can afford higher end computers are cheating. Anyone can buy better hardware.
    If you won't let us take advantage of having better hardware, please lock everyone to the same aspect ratio and FoV. We shouldn't be punished for having a better monitor.
    For those of you who don't know, having an ultra-wide monitor makes everything seem much larger on your screen. Instead of seeing more, it's like seeing a blown up version of what you would see. i.e., you can't see the survivors' feet when you're getting close to them because of how much the visual is blown up.
    tldr; please give back FoV selection or lock the game to always 1920x1080 so everyone can play with the same amount of information on the screen despite whatever monitor they may use.

  • Derp Dogey
    Derp Dogey Před rokem

    Can you fix the glitch where I lose all my progress because the game crashes once I lost 4 ranks from this glitch and it’s really annoying

  • Spliffword Medicalz
    Spliffword Medicalz Před rokem

    Please tell me you guys are doing something special for Mikey's 40th anniversary. I am hoping so (fingers and toes crossed)

  • Serega MK
    Serega MK Před rokem

    2 bitches discuss, how to ban players in almost dead game,bravo, but in real they almost cant to do anything, you can find me and ban me in game for that post!

  • Los Mentos
    Los Mentos Před rokem

    I have a killer idea:
    Shrek ;
    Has a terror radius of up to 32 meters, walks fast, and carries a bowie knife.
    Everytime you’re within Shrek’s terror radius the song - ‘Somebody once told me’ by Allstar starts playing, the louder the music the closer Shrek is to you.
    His special ability:
    Can unleash a giant Roar that makes the affected survivor dizzy and scared, when the affected survivor is scared he will reveal the auras of any other survivor within a 24 meter radius of the survivor - to the killer.

  • Ayden Jacko
    Ayden Jacko Před rokem

    not sure if this has been fixed or being attempted to be fixed but their is a glitch exploit with the clown if the clown equips addons that increase his speed while re-fueling his bottles the clown can rfuel but cancel and do this over and over again for a huge speed boost i know that this has been reported before but just in case thought i might come to the dead by daylight channel and comment on this, but other than that its a great game i love it i hope it just gets better bye

  • bobby hines
    bobby hines Před rokem

    Go mobile

  • GermanSpys1
    GermanSpys1 Před rokem

    Here is a character idea
    Make Jason vorheese and he can throw down a pallet that can make a entity spawn so survivors can’t go over it but you can he also can just throw down a pallet and break it with his machete and he can also make it where if a survivor does go over it it breaks and hurts them ;) pls

  • BananaMan
    BananaMan Před rokem

    I bought all the dlc's except curtain call I got on one day and all my liscenced killers and survivors were locked please fix this thank you in advanced

  • Da3Precious1
    Da3Precious1 Před rokem

    What about ghostface

  • David Torregrosa
    David Torregrosa Před rokem

    fix lame killers (campers and focusers) cuz they are fucking the game, each time less players and worst players....

  • Elastic Taco
    Elastic Taco Před rokem

    I wish they can add chucky but he is to small and how is he going to hang the people on the hook😂

  • SANES xD
    SANES xD Před rokem +1

    what day comes out of the next week?

    • SANES xD
      SANES xD Před rokem

      @fGringaU :/

    • fGringaU
      fGringaU Před rokem

      @SANES xD sure, but before asking, make the effort to even try to solve it by yourself, or are you going to ask your whole life? thats kind of lame

    • SANES xD
      SANES xD Před rokem

      @fGringaUsorry buddy im just asking :/

    • fGringaU
      fGringaU Před rokem

      @SANES xD next thursday?????????? are you even trying dude?

    • SANES xD
      SANES xD Před rokem

      @fGringaU what day of the week? :|

  • Keiichim7
    Keiichim7 Před rokem

    Can we help me again?
    Are the macros of the Razer synapse considered a reason for banning? (3rd party software?)
    Thx! ^^

  • Andy Huang
    Andy Huang Před rokem

    Would you please set some rules or punishments to who always cut the line..... Especially the killer.......that's very bad feeling for another player...really hate that...

  • DCdubzGaming
    DCdubzGaming Před rokem

    Is using a colored perk pack instead of the default perk icons bannable?

  • Frag
    Frag Před rokem +1

    Fix the hitboxs thx :D!

  • Jeremy Verhof
    Jeremy Verhof Před rokem

    Jeepers creepers

  • Gaming GM
    Gaming GM Před rokem

    hello my name is suzzuki and I have a question guys I strat playing dead by daylight and some one guy he was blocking he was saying to me u bitch u suck he wasn't saving he wasn't doing everything so can u guys roport hin for some 2 days 3 please hes annoying me ok am trying to play with my friend and he joins and when se start the game hes blocking hes doing everything do can you guys report him please to bann him for 2 days 3 please thanks.

  • dahahaka
    dahahaka Před rokem

    Steam Overlay is a 3rd party application, please ban everyone

  • Goldfish /
    Goldfish / Před rokem

    Man, I wish DBD was made by competent devs. Griefing: Targeting specific users repeatedly to ruin their game experience, but streamsniping is okay, mmmmkay.

  • MaropSKi
    MaropSKi Před rokem

    Hope i dont get reported for using BBQ, having ears, using nurse...

  • Jaymen beaver
    Jaymen beaver Před rokem

    Yeah can you bring back the old menu theme survivor theme and killer theme plz bring it back

  • Christopher Rocha
    Christopher Rocha Před rokem

    On the PS4... a person name LORD_MAGGUS is always camping... body blocking. Now what do you guys have plan to punish body blockers that just camp around hooks???

  • That Kawaii
    That Kawaii Před rokem

    I have a perk idea i call it the bloodier the better it is a killer perk rank 1when you wipe your weapon its 5% faster Rank 2 its 50% faster rank 3 75% faster

    • Sir. iiDarkie
      Sir. iiDarkie Před rokem

      Kawaii _Gamer rank 3 is too much. It should be 25/50/75.

  • oh no 323
    oh no 323 Před rokem

    Bring back mathieu

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Před rokem

    I play on PS4 and play killer and I know survivors are going to drop pallets so I deliberately run as though I'm going through but stall and still get hit when no way was I close enough to get stunned I'd like that sorted👍🏻

    • Sir. iiDarkie
      Sir. iiDarkie Před rokem +1

      Mark Wheeler just like how you’ll be far over the pallet... and get hit? That should be fixed too. 👍