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    Hello, dear friends! We have a lot of amazing ideas for you today. If you have cardboard and paper at home, you can make a lot of amazing DIY toys and even party costumes. Check out our awesome DIY ideas and tell us in the comments, which one you like most of all.
    You will need a few big cardboard boxes for the first craft in this video. Check out how to make a cool cardboard house that looks just like a real one. You can make lovely curtains and all other details for your house as well.
    You can make a DIY T-Rex costume using cardboard boxes. This is a perfect costume for any party. It can be a dragon, a dinosaur, or any other animal that you would paint on it!
    We prepared for you a few cool DIY kids' games. If you like racing games, then check out an exciting cardboard racing track and paper caterpillars racing game!
    Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make more lovely paper toys including a cool spinning and flying toy (you'll need a bit of wire for that), paper fish, and a funny SpongeBob toy!
    0:22 - Cardboard house
    3:30 - Cardboard T-Rex costume
    8:23 - DIY cardboard car game
    11:35 -More paper toys
    We advise adult supervision and care at all times.

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