My first phone was CRAZY!

  • čas přidán 5. 01. 2019
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Komentáře • 9 474

  • Alejandro
    Alejandro Před 23 hodinami

    I thought it was a gameboy

  • not a channel it really is not

    Put a raspberrypi3 in it.

  • Freeman
    Freeman Před dnem

    seeing that bulk, it is hard to imagine, that at roughly the same time (2003/4) motorola also brought the razr v3, the slimmest phone at that time, already with color display (and weren't we happy about a 65000 color display....) and normal speaker/mike config... And just rembembering some of the crazy phone designs of that time, with buttons arranged around the display, sliders that rotate around the display etc...

  • Connor Bowden
    Connor Bowden Před 2 dny

    my first phone is the LG optimus g pro

  • Hi-tech samurai
    Hi-tech samurai Před 2 dny

    at 6:07 do you hear a fart

  • Liam The Gamer
    Liam The Gamer Před 3 dny

    Linus: It would be cool to have a modern phone with a clear casing
    Allow me to introduce ourselves.
    LG FX0:

  • heidi norwex
    heidi norwex Před 3 dny

    I should egg it for 40 bucks

  • m hordijk
    m hordijk Před 4 dny

    talk about ancient.
    My first cell was a Motorola D160, back in the late '90's.
    Must have been 25 or 26 by then.
    4 Penlites in a pack for power.
    When that wore out, i powered it with 4 rechargeable penlites with 900 mAh.
    Gave me 8 hours on stand-by.
    My brother had the same phone 2 years prior, which he got on a promotion with his bank account.
    He send it back 2 months later, because he didn't have service as he went just a little bit rural.
    Urban was still so,so either. 30% countrywide coverage at best and most of it in the more urban areas .

  • Omega Dream
    Omega Dream Před 4 dny

    Wow it has a rgb keyboard

  • TotallyNotRaging
    TotallyNotRaging Před 4 dny +4

    You can really tell when linus is passionate about a video. This is one of those times

  • Toby The Giraffe
    Toby The Giraffe Před 4 dny

    When it was closed, it looked like a GBA

  • critter Cason
    critter Cason Před 6 dny

    What was you first phone

  • Mattcool729
    Mattcool729 Před 6 dny

    I am watching this in the shower

  • Mithil Salunkhe
    Mithil Salunkhe Před 7 dny +1

    You have a stepdad ?🤔🤔

  • Νίκος Νίκος
    Νίκος Νίκος Před 8 dny

    4:52 jerryrigeverything

  • 81
    81 Před 8 dny

    When can I see a LGR video on this?

  • Michael Segal
    Michael Segal Před 9 dny +1

    My first cell phone was the Nokia 3360

    • Michael Segal
      Michael Segal Před 9 dny

      John Smith I may have I don’t remember it was a very long time ago but there’s a pretty good chance that I have I had that phone when I was like 13 or 14 and I am 34 now but I probably did drop it a couple of times but it survived I still have my original 3360 but the screen doesn’t work that well anymore but an old neighbour of mine was getting rid of their 3360 and said I could have it and that one works much better than the original one I had but my original 3360 is in pretty rough shape now it has no more faceplate some of the screws are missing so I if ever feel like playing around with a 3360 I just use the one my old neighbour gave me

    • John Smith
      John Smith Před 9 dny

      Did you ever drop it?

  • no hackers allowed 134
    no hackers allowed 134 Před 10 dny

    2019 not 2018 linus

  • dane
    dane Před 12 dny +2

    Next Video: OVERCLOCKING THE V100E

  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker Před 12 dny

    You're a pup. My first phone was Nokia 232. That was in 1995. I remember it well...

  • westtell4
    westtell4 Před 13 dny

    you had a high school social life

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin Před 13 dny +2

    mine was the nokia 3310 . that thing could serve an nuke

  • Robbie Goldman
    Robbie Goldman Před 14 dny

    Was my everyday phone back then

  • Moi 2926
    Moi 2926 Před 14 dny

    7:02 Was the phone function optional on that phone?

  • p butler
    p butler Před 15 dny +1

    The answer is yEs that voic crack

    SUTINGPIGEON91 Před 16 dny

    Lol it says about 2003 years ago on subtitles

  • Parker Wilkins
    Parker Wilkins Před 16 dny +8

    Betterscreen than some phones

    Basically oled
    Each pixel individually turns on/off

    • Tech UX
      Tech UX Před 13 dny

      Parker Wilkins even the iphone xr doesn’t have

    • Hillel Friedler
      Hillel Friedler Před 14 dny

      i phone XR

  • Super gamer
    Super gamer Před 18 dny +1

    3ds mimi

  • life hater
    life hater Před 18 dny +1

    the v bo..
    *in the comments*
    the vbucks

  • Tay Gumi
    Tay Gumi Před 18 dny +1

    Who can not press like by such shiny eyes of happiness. It is like from a small child is open his presents at Christmas.

  • Occhio Doro
    Occhio Doro Před 18 dny

    mmine was lg choclate 2

  • MyJuankmilo
    MyJuankmilo Před 19 dny

    It’s amazing that your first phone even had games or text messages, mine was an old motorola phone that only did calls and couldn’t save numbers so I had to have a small notebook with all the important numbers

  • Johannidn
    Johannidn Před 19 dny

    My first phone was a nokia

  • Eko Official
    Eko Official Před 19 dny

    My first mobile was a BT Savvy...this is way to advanced compared! and im only 29

  • Bee1974
    Bee1974 Před 19 dny

    Sitting with my green v100, still looking after the rest, but it's nice to have it after all these years and moving around :)

  • Kellan The dog lover
    Kellan The dog lover Před 20 dny

    I give up I’m 8

  • Husky Ruski
    Husky Ruski Před 20 dny +1

    this guy reminds me how broke i am

  • just a potato
    just a potato Před 21 dnem

    But can it run crisis

  • Hanro50
    Hanro50 Před 22 dny

    You call that new old stock

  • AlexTenThousand
    AlexTenThousand Před 22 dny

    Coloured clear plastic cases are my aesthetic, I want them back for ALL tech.

  • neo malapane
    neo malapane Před 23 dny

    That was my first cellphone also.

  • -_-'
    -_-' Před 23 dny

    That adapter is still in my house :)

  • Meanjuice
    Meanjuice Před 23 dny

    It looks more like a gameboy than a phone

  • Gurren Laggan
    Gurren Laggan Před 23 dny

    Looks like a gameboy married nintendo

  • Logan Bracken
    Logan Bracken Před 23 dny

    You're a Samsung supporter :) APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE!!!!

    THE AMAZING GAMER ! Před 23 dny

    So when you was 16 you either used windows me windows xp or windows server 2003

  • Spinkey
    Spinkey Před 23 dny

    i love the v box, warm squishy wet goodness of heaven on ear....wait my bad wrong v box

  • Khaled Z
    Khaled Z Před 24 dny +1

    Its called v-bucks? 😂😂😂

  • Ronniebon Gaming
    Ronniebon Gaming Před 24 dny

    Will this get IOS 13?

  • Legendary Markikid 202
    Legendary Markikid 202 Před 24 dny +3

    Looks like the gameboy SP and a phone had a baby

  • KooperSpeederYT
    KooperSpeederYT Před 24 dny

    My first phone is the shittest phone that exists (Alcatel One Touch Pop C1).

  • Hugo
    Hugo Před 24 dny

    Wwwhhhhhhaaaaaatttttt ttttttttthhhhhhheeeeeee fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...

  • Thomas Winovich
    Thomas Winovich Před 24 dny

    That must bring back memories

  • AlmostAsoko YT
    AlmostAsoko YT Před 24 dny +1

    But can it play crysis?

  • JaayOnPC
    JaayOnPC Před 25 dny

    Wait is that the old motorola flip fone looked like a mini computer? I had one.. it had auto respond to calls and i left it next to a radio that was static and my parents called me while i was asleep on a coach coming home from france lmao..

  • taleb lamaani
    taleb lamaani Před 25 dny

    the new Canon recording cameras of 10K Resolution are perfect , so please share this amazing news with your friends !

  • Apple Kid
    Apple Kid Před 25 dny

    When you got your first phone I was born

  • Jonathan Mintz
    Jonathan Mintz Před 25 dny

    How much did that phone cost?

  • stelios ouroumis
    stelios ouroumis Před 25 dny

    I was born on 2003

  • Keith Whisman
    Keith Whisman Před 26 dny

    That phone is pretty advanced compared to my first cellphone that had a wired handset that was attached to a large strapped carry bag and offered something like 30 minutes of talk time on one charge. Honestly the battery was ridiculously low capacity and it cost like $2 a minute.

  • George Vernon
    George Vernon Před 26 dny

    just consider yourself lucky, atleast you HAD a cellphone as a teenager... before the 90's we all had to muddle thru school without them and socialize in person...

  • Saad Usmani
    Saad Usmani Před 27 dny +3

    I thought that you were showcasing a phone that you made yourself, LOL

  • Zwyczajny Kanał
    Zwyczajny Kanał Před 28 dny

    I only have 5$ for a computer monitor, anyone anything?

  • Mr BoBo
    Mr BoBo Před 28 dny


  • super Redstoner
    super Redstoner Před 28 dny +1

    Linus, you can buy a cell phone that is see through on the back; the xioami mi 8 pro

  • azrielic_
    azrielic_ Před 29 dny

    I thought its a nintendo ds but the inventors of these... just why?

  • Cecilia Gurgul
    Cecilia Gurgul Před 29 dny

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't u realise he talks a lot in videos???!!?!?!!

  • Technocat1394
    Technocat1394 Před měsícem +2

    I had a Nokia X6-00 (2009) with a whopping 16gb of storage!

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen Před měsícem +1

    If modern iPhones had that see through plastic then it wouldn't protect the phone enough

  • part1cle
    part1cle Před měsícem

    13:21 vBuCkS

  • Waleed Alshare
    Waleed Alshare Před měsícem

    My first phone was the og Motorola droid

  • Cubono Hyena
    Cubono Hyena Před měsícem +2

    If its possible, could you try turning it into a modern phone and just keep the shell?

    • Cubono Hyena
      Cubono Hyena Před měsícem +1

      @Lol Naw, I mean like get rid of all the interior components and replace them so that it just looks like an old phone. Like putting the shell of an old 50's car over a Bugatti.

    • Lol
      Lol Před měsícem +1

      Wtf? Ofc not

  • 評価する
    評価する Před měsícem

    i think my first phone was a iphone 6s plus

  • Milk
    Milk Před měsícem

    Bruh my first phone was a IPhone 4 on Virgin Mobile, I miss that phone still

  • CMDR razorlight
    CMDR razorlight Před měsícem

    i had one of them phones back in 2003 pretty cool back then

  • Aaron Zevallos
    Aaron Zevallos Před měsícem

    OMFG is my first phone too

  • Hillel Friedler
    Hillel Friedler Před měsícem +8

    unbox therapy's next video I am switching to the motorola v100e

  • Mincrafter Pictures
    Mincrafter Pictures Před měsícem +2

    Who wants to watch this video at 240p?

  • Morgan Sedge
    Morgan Sedge Před měsícem

    Hi That's sweet my second phone was a Motorola V2288 it was the first phone that had radio functions to listen to any stations it could tune in to. And lol you don't look that old even if it was years ago for your first phone :-)

  • magical weeb
    magical weeb Před měsícem

    Looks like ds or 3ds

  • The alertArchitect
    The alertArchitect Před měsícem +6

    To be fair, it's hard to call you stone age when like 99% of your content is of up to date tech, and channels like Lazy Game Reviews go over classic tech on a weekly basis

    • Reaper Soft
      Reaper Soft Před měsícem

      Tbh he probs dont give a shit

  • Styles
    Styles Před měsícem


  • Wade Bawden
    Wade Bawden Před měsícem

    Translucent plastic cases would be awesome, but imagine being able to buy artsy batterys and kinds of cool add ons for your phone?

  • its matt
    its matt Před měsícem +1

    My first phone wouldn’t even run Snake

  • jake pauler
    jake pauler Před měsícem

    He is 31

  • tdanger gaming
    tdanger gaming Před měsícem

    you can't have clear backs on new phones because they have space for a headphone jack that they want to hide

  • Damien 0205
    Damien 0205 Před měsícem +1

    This just made me look up if I could buy my first phone. Oh dear nostalgia is calling

  • oof poof
    oof poof Před měsícem

    this could be the early nintendo DS

  • John Sanabria
    John Sanabria Před měsícem

    These are going to worth money soon

  • Sniper pro
    Sniper pro Před měsícem

    2160p baby

  • B.P. F.
    B.P. F. Před měsícem

    your not that old you lol

  • iF2ix
    iF2ix Před měsícem

    The charging plug looks like a MagSafe.

  • The Real Michelle Tanner
    The Real Michelle Tanner Před měsícem +6

    Him: I didn't really understand the game at he time...
    Me: pfft he could've just googled it
    Also me: oh

  • L W Munger
    L W Munger Před měsícem

    i got a motorola phone back in 2018 it's a touch screen it's a good phone unless you forget the password then it's just a thin piece of metal and other parts that sucks energy from plugs

  • nomlete
    nomlete Před měsícem

    sorry linus... personally you remind me of an elitist... like your entitled to thinking you are superior to most people...... sorry bro cant watch your show anymore... you look like a dick in real life.

  • wut wat
    wut wat Před měsícem

    my first phone was a Samsung flip phone I loved that phone until I broke the antenna

  • Cat Unhydrated
    Cat Unhydrated Před měsícem

    The v bucks???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Demented
    Demented Před měsícem

    "here in 2018"
    -linus, 2019

  • Casper SS
    Casper SS Před měsícem

    The V buxs

  • Not Reaper
    Not Reaper Před měsícem