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  • Project Scorpio
    Project Scorpio Před 8 měsíci

    Remove D Strike and NOED!

  • Dom sugar
    Dom sugar Před rokem


  • Dom sugar
    Dom sugar Před rokem

    No killer lock hatch fix speed when breaking a hook needs to go faster and wiggle speed needs to be faster.

  • Johnboy
    Johnboy Před rokem

    mr. cote & not_queen your doing nothing to the game but braking it ...

  • austin thornton
    austin thornton Před rokem

    Will they add bill for xbox

  • ZingerWasTaken
    ZingerWasTaken Před rokem

    Hey how about you guys stop ignoring my support emails. I lost my save because so I did the standard support email and it just gets ignored.

  • Antonio Folino
    Antonio Folino Před rokem +1

    NEW killer please😢😢

  • Eno Velić
    Eno Velić Před rokem

    The only thing that sucks is when u start a game - the Killer quits immediately - and the survivors lose a Pip as well.. They should changed that!!! Why is a survivor getting punished when a Killer disconnect? Please change that...and the rank Reset shouldn't be from rank 1 up to 20... The Killer in rank 20 has no fucking Chance to win a game.. Better be a rank Reset without a rank till u played 20 games... After these matches u can get a rank :) or they should played against killers based on how much time u spend at the game, how much survivor are prestiged etc. This would be better... I loved this game but no one wants to play against pallet looper, or toxic survivors when u just start to play the game..

  • ericq1992
    ericq1992 Před rokem

    Y'all need to come up with a new game mode.... like killer vs killer while the survivors are do what they do best...survive. Idk but give us a different game mode lol



  • Kathleen Wylie
    Kathleen Wylie Před rokem

    I spelled things wrong because I am mad!!! A was supposed to be ADD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathleen Wylie
    Kathleen Wylie Před rokem

    I really hate you guys this christmas for what you did to me and my dream of playing ghostface in dead by daylight after I got it this christmas please A him It would be a current christmas miracle and I would by all your merch on him sinscerly your fan-Noah wylie P.S. sorry for the grammar errors

  • The Gaming Donkey
    The Gaming Donkey Před rokem

    This is my channel... that’s where I posted it chclip.net/channel/UCGvEyZfWqIoB7ntgTpL1AAQ

  • The Gaming Donkey
    The Gaming Donkey Před rokem

    Devs please help me with this! I’m on ps4

  • The Gaming Donkey
    The Gaming Donkey Před rokem

    OK I DONT KNOW WHAT BUG IT IS BUT I HAVE LOST A PURPLE FLASHLIGHT 3 TIMES TO IT AND MY WHITE WARD DIDNT WORK!!! Whenever I leave with a flashlight somehow it just disappeared but I escaped with it

  • Jaja Olivera
    Jaja Olivera Před rokem

    I need to ask you guys a question so when are you going to get the extra cloths for the survivors are going to come out on the PS4

  • Edwin Chale
    Edwin Chale Před rokem

    New killer please please

  • Brooklyn Horsburgh
    Brooklyn Horsburgh Před rokem

    I wish Freddy looked like the old one not the new one

  • Brooklyn Horsburgh
    Brooklyn Horsburgh Před rokem

    Can ps4 and Xbox one play together?

  • Brooklyn Horsburgh
    Brooklyn Horsburgh Před rokem

    You guys should make a mad father chapter. The mad father from “Mad Father” as the killer and Aya as the survivor

  • Im Your Big fan
    Im Your Big fan Před rokem

    Can u guys fix the pallet glitch?

  • Puardon Keawkrad
    Puardon Keawkrad Před rokem


  • Rekt Williams2
    Rekt Williams2 Před rokem

    dead by daylight a awesome game best game ive ever played 10.10

  • Nyan DoguiTTo
    Nyan DoguiTTo Před rokem

    pretty god job so far


    Devs please eliminate camping it should be a penalty and they shouldn't be rewarded blood points for camping and you guys should take out the Insidious perk it's ruining the game.😕

  • Colby Piotras
    Colby Piotras Před rokem

    On console I think if a killer pulls the plug on their console survivors lose their items and blood points

  • Awge
    Awge Před rokem

    This game just benefits killers just like retarded the 13th

  • Redmantic
    Redmantic Před rokem

    PERK POINT SYSTEM IDEA: You guys should really implement a perk point system, it would fix a few things with survivors especially. Make over powered perks cost a lot borrowed, DS, maybe self care. This will not only fix griefing survivors not being so cocky knowing they're OP simply because crutch perks, but with the point system preventing you from running the same powerful perks all the time it makes low teir perks have a use. Say the total point cost you have is ten, top tier perks cost 4 mid teir cost 2 low teir costs 1. If you want to run 2 top teir perks youll have to either go with only 3 perks if you choose mid teir or all 4 but you have to run 2 low tier perks. It will definitely make builds different and bring a nice balance to the way things play out for survivors and killers.

  • Spruzzarcobaleni
    Spruzzarcobaleni Před rokem

    Why not showing Gabriel Cyphre's music video of Dead by daylight? he was one of the first who made a very big tribute to the game

  • 구구리리리
    구구리리리 Před rokem

    It' so toxic that they dont even talk about the nerfs over the swf.

  • MooN
    MooN Před rokem

    Buff Killers nerf survivors this is it ....its to Ez kill surv good or Bad and i say that as a Killer Main
    Nerf The surv a litte bit

    • Awge
      Awge Před rokem

      baqheera rank 20 killer I assume

  • Lightning Guy
    Lightning Guy Před rokem

    Please let the killer close the god damned hatch.

  • B the B
    B the B Před rokem

    i'm wating for a jeepers creepers

  • Viral Malicer
    Viral Malicer Před rokem

    13:53. that will make those trolling survivors very salty.

  • Edwin Chale
    Edwin Chale Před rokem

    I really hate the corn field

  • Dry Water
    Dry Water Před rokem

    I tHiNk wE DiD A PrEtTy GO0d JowB

  • lucas palazzo
    lucas palazzo Před rokem

    Pretty good JOB SO FAR

  • Mind of Caaz
    Mind of Caaz Před rokem +1

    Just do the bright blue legacy then. We would have the OG Legacy and the new one why is it so hard to give us Legacy again in a diffrent color ? It wouldnt destroy the original purpose of the Legacy because it would be a diffrent color and we would get some new cosmetics for prestiging

    • Mind of Caaz
      Mind of Caaz Před rokem

      and then the event we have would also have a purpose becuase the things you gave us till now are lets say exceedingly modest. Im not saying its bad Im happy about the fact that you gave us an event is great but the stuff we got for christmas are worse then a usually events we got.

  • Darth Talon
    Darth Talon Před rokem

    Can you add the charity costume pack please!!? (To console)

  • Wither Star
    Wither Star Před rokem

    Please fix the sprint burst and dead hard bugs . Oh I forget the infinity sprint burst glitch happened to me

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean Před rokem +1

    If slenderman was in dead by daylight that gonna be soooo cool !

  • Q W E R T Y
    Q W E R T Y Před rokem

    Does someone know why Bill Overbeck is not in Dead by datlight PS4?

  • Pewds Chair
    Pewds Chair Před rokem

    I believe if pallets get nerfed then killers would be able to play again. Good survivors don’t really need them.

  • Charzen Haz
    Charzen Haz Před rokem

    Can the next killer be a werewolf

  • Dani Myers
    Dani Myers Před rokem

    Pretty good job so far

  • lost7 broker
    lost7 broker Před rokem

    would be great if i could get cool cosmetics for people say feng and david since they dont have shit and not have to pay 200 for a fucking dokey jacket or golden shirt

  • Carley Gray
    Carley Gray Před rokem

    Around 40 minutes they talk about blinds from flashlights. It’d be cool if Myers got blinded while stalking and evil within got set back slightly.

  • Professor Bob
    Professor Bob Před rokem

    Creepypasta killers(SLender Man, Jeff the Killer, The Rake etc.) Pweeeeeeeaaaaase

  • jamison gilbert
    jamison gilbert Před rokem +1

    can you add a First Nation survivor with a Wendigo as a new killer ?.

  • My Lonely Zombie
    My Lonely Zombie Před rokem

    Feel like DBD is going down the naughty bear road.

  • Jerry-_ ThePRANKSTER
    Jerry-_ ThePRANKSTER Před rokem

    So weird to see some ppl made a scary game and wearing a minecraft shirt

  • GewdWell
    GewdWell Před rokem

    Making less bp from daily rituals, no double bp, nerfing new killers a week after they are released, and constant bugs from the new engine have made this game undesirably boring to play in its current state. Devs have leaned way too far into the casual / low rank group of survivors and have paid the price for it in players. If they could make an original and exciting killer with good or great perks and not nerf him in the first month, maybe I would be more entertained. If they could finally give us an opportunity to get more blood points, maybe I would be entertained, and if they finally patch some of the bugs that break the atmosphere and gameplay, maybe I would be happy to play the game.

  • Tony mybrain Tr
    Tony mybrain Tr Před rokem

    Is jason voorhees come dbd after freddy krueger or is somekiller come game and when is it

  • dvazq9
    dvazq9 Před rokem

    The most bugged game at the time

  • HelloCece
    HelloCece Před rokem

    Feel free to make more updates.. buffs or nervs - i don‘t care as long as Stefan is going to join the stream 😏

    • HelloCece
      HelloCece Před rokem

      I am also starting to like maths 😬🙈

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  • hentai god
    hentai god Před rokem

    Like for next killer chucky

  • Oscar
    Oscar Před rokem

    As a person who loves the game id happy if they added a way to purchase Double Blood Points and help money.

  • The Homey 18
    The Homey 18 Před rokem

    Can you fix Freddy's lunge plz its to OP

  • Borrowed Time
    Borrowed Time Před rokem