12 Smartphone Gadgets you might not believe Existed.

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  • 12 Smartphone Gadgets that will completely change how you use your smartphone (Android or iPhone) in 2019! These Gadgets are either coming soon, or can be bought from Amazon / eBay / Wish:
    Product links (Some are amazon affiliate links):
    Muja Touchpad
    Worldwide (Product page is not live): bit.ly/2H9UNnq
    Worldwide: bit.ly/2TDD2m1
    Gravastar Speaker
    Worldwide: bit.ly/2VPxl2a
    Crack Light
    Worldwide: bit.ly/2T6kqai
    Screen Cleaning Pad
    US: amzn.to/2Ts7L6w
    UK: amzn.to/2VLnjyX
    Worldwide: bit.ly/2SW133H
    External Speaker
    US: amzn.to/2VPidlf
    UK: amzn.to/2VTia8b
    India: amzn.to/2Hax0DT
    Momentum True Wireless
    US: amzn.to/2CarlJS
    UK: amzn.to/2SORWlf
    India: amzn.to/2TtrAuf
    Cable Hugger
    US: amzn.to/2tXaENt
    UK: amzn.to/2H8yWN6
    India: amzn.to/2EYoiWY
    Switch 6 MK2
    US: amzn.to/2TqILwh
    UK: amzn.to/2C5ZQRF
    India: amzn.to/2EWMWqM
    Casper Glow
    Worldwide: bit.ly/2J2q7X0
    US: amzn.to/2CetVi2
    UK: amzn.to/2SV7nIl
    India: amzn.to/2EY0J0e
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