Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • čas přidán 13. 05. 2019
  • With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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Komentáře • 17 340

  • Julembedi
    Julembedi Před hodinou

    Love the show, a bit disappointed he didn't make a "robble robble" vs "ruble ruble" joke between the hamburger thief and stalin though

  • Lantern 501
    Lantern 501 Před 3 hodinami

    Ya know, it's oddly satisfying to see Bill Nye swear. It makes him seem more human.
    Also looking forward to seeing what new technologies are made in our efforts to fix carbon emissions and such.

  • Anomish Fish
    Anomish Fish Před 3 hodinami


  • Luis Mata
    Luis Mata Před 5 hodinami +1

    Everyone's making jokes while Bill's trying to save the planet...Come on my fellow humans, all you gotta do is spread the word and don't litter 👌

  • michelle ca
    michelle ca Před 7 hodinami

    Shocked and heartbroken. 😮

  • Kai P.
    Kai P. Před 9 hodinami

    I've never heard Bill Nye say a bad language word. I love it

  • NineTailsGaming
    NineTailsGaming Před 10 hodinami

    *_I have an idea, it’s just one, and it’s foolproof_*

    *_Why don’t we just do the thing, that gives us 0 greenhouse gasses?_*

  • NineTailsGaming
    NineTailsGaming Před 10 hodinami

    But cake can have lots or fruit, frosting, and goo in the middle!

  • John Francis
    John Francis Před 10 hodinami song about climate change

  • Jack Li
    Jack Li Před 11 hodinami +1

    18:33 what u came here for

  • Cam Robinson
    Cam Robinson Před 12 hodinami

    Selective science

  • Cam Robinson
    Cam Robinson Před 12 hodinami

    The RUSSIANS are coming.....the RUSSIANS are coming

  • emonster6x
    emonster6x Před 13 hodinami

    I think we're gonna go extinct. Might as well enjoy the lifespan I have as a human being.

  • Angelo Barbone
    Angelo Barbone Před 13 hodinami

    John, I know you will never read this, but I want to tell you that I've followed you the first time 2 years ago,while I was attending an English course, and recent facts and my interest toward politics and big issues reminded me of you
    You're great, seriously, and I say it as an Italian living in Germany

  • CSLFiero
    CSLFiero Před 16 hodinami

    Here's an experiment. Put a class of ice water in the microwave and watch it until the ice melts. Tell me how much the level of the water changed.

  • J. R.
    J. R. Před 17 hodinami

    american television, where dozens of channels with democrat party demagogues complaining about one conservative tv channel

  • Gulf City Scuba Steve
    Gulf City Scuba Steve Před 17 hodinami

    I Have to say this every time, The West is doing their part. You need to make the rest of the developing world Step the fuck up Especially China India and Southeast Asia

  • RedWeslo
    RedWeslo Před 19 hodinami +1

    18:34 what you came here for motherfuckers

  • PunkShockRock
    PunkShockRock Před 19 hodinami

    Bill nye the woke “science guy” never ceases to amaze me that the same people who claim “the science is settled” also deny basic biology. Then again communists never have a shortage of contradictions.

  • Robert Bernal
    Robert Bernal Před 21 hodinou

    Some might counter argue against global warming by saying "science has proven that climate change is natural...".
    This is what I say...
    "yes, there are also natural changes" and I would say "association fallacy", and also "yes, there is proven natural AND human caused global warming. Natural, because of many various astronomical conditions and AGW because we've converted HUNDREDS OF CUBIC MILES of hydrocarbons into extra CO2. And yes, folks, that PART of the science IS SETTLED! Do you dare to disagree? Then you must also disagree with the physics behind what stars are made out of, how lasers work. In Short, you must single handedly prove that ALL science is wrong, that the devise you're using to "deny" with is but a figment of the imagination, the world is flat and all the modern conveniences brought to YOU are not really happening.
    Science is objective (and only quantum physics and whatever happens inside of black holes are subjective). What's the difference? the science behind what stars are made out and how CO2 molecules re-emit infrared photons to keep the Earth from freezing over, is about as direct as 2+2, whereas, the science of what happens in a BH is just not understood, yet"

    The science of climate change is as uncertain as climate change itself. However, physics prove that CO2 is an infrared absorber. Therefore, the science behind global warming (which is defined as "extra radiative forcing") IS settled. Why? Because humanity has converted hundreds of cubic miles of hydrocarbons into extra CO2.

    It should also be "settled science" that the ONLY solution is the _INDUSTRIALIZATION_ of clean energy automation (not socialism)...
    We need about 250,000 sq mi of solar (complete with such recycling abilities) to power just today's world (accounting for the need to make up for low capacity factor and batteries). Or, we'd need like 100x current wind capacity (and the lots of batteries), or, simply 20,000 molten salt fast reactors (do we dare?).
    Without ALL these options, we will be TRICKED into economic ruin into an overheated biosphere - anyways.

    The science behind global warming (not climate change) is simple and direct, WHY is it that people still deny? It's because it's a VALID political issue. GW is being used as an EXCUSE for a leftist agenda! If only INDUSTRIALIZATION of clean energy automation was touted as the solution, We'd all agree and we'd have even more energy than what fossil fuels could ever provide! Indeed!

  • OrigiNate
    OrigiNate Před 22 hodinami

    If cows could be raised inside for at least part of the time, the methane released could be collected by the ventilation system of the shelter they are in.
    That might simultaneously reduce the methane in the atmosphere and provide us with a renewable fuel source (methane).
    Burning the methane as fuel would still release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but the amount of warming due to greenhouse emissions would still decrease.
    Such an arrangement could also be financially beneficial to cattle farmers, who could use that methane as a fuel to power their farm. Additionally, if other generators and/or vehicles ran on methane, cattle farmers could sell that fuel, which they could continue to produce by farming cattle in such a way that they can collect the methane

    • OrigiNate
      OrigiNate Před 18 hodinami

      +Robert Bernal if feeding them grass and fewer antibiotics causes fewer methane emissions, maybe it would help to have subsidies to help encourage raising them that way.
      I have also heard that grass fed is usually better for the products produced by cattle farming.
      In humans, antibiotics should generally only be used for a specific amount of time when trying to treat a health issue. Otherwise antibiotic resistant strains might happen.
      I don't know how it is with cows and antibiotics, but I imagine it's similar

    • Robert Bernal
      Robert Bernal Před 21 hodinou

      They might not fart as much if grass fed and raised properly without living in their own shit, having to take antibiotics...

  • Nakura
    Nakura Před 23 hodinami

    Is Arnold what's his name an older version of pewdiepie? XD jkjk

  • earth ocean
    earth ocean Před dnem

    I think I just fell in LOVE with Bill Nye all over again! 😍

  • Emily Shea
    Emily Shea Před dnem

    I am CRYING at how Trump pronounces "origins" omfg

  • froot loop
    froot loop Před dnem +2

    😂We are gonna let the Earth die because we want hamburgers? Is this really an argument that’s going on?

    Official: I know my granddaughters generation is gonna be f*ed up but I really want that burger ya know?
    Other official: I know right? The world can end but at least I’ll have my Big Mac
    *_~50 Years Later~_*
    Everyone: _non-existent_

    _...the world is in good hands..._

  • U. S. S. A.
    U. S. S. A. Před dnem +1

    We need that asap.

  • StyleNA
    StyleNA Před dnem

    We need to embrace nuclear power.

    • Robert Bernal
      Robert Bernal Před 20 hodinami

      It will probably meltdown when the next Carrington event happens. Therefore, we might want to build up just 20,000 Molten Salt Fast Reactors, globally, to power everything. They can't meltdown, use much less fuel, require much less resources to build (than solar, wind and batteries) and would be cheaper than the existing NPP reactors to build.

  • John Schauder
    John Schauder Před dnem +2

    John Oliver is a dishonest cunt .

  • John Schauder
    John Schauder Před dnem

    John Oliver is trash!

  • jesse dalrymple
    jesse dalrymple Před dnem +1

    Soooo we just going to ignore him bashing Elon musk our savior

  • Kimisa Escavyn
    Kimisa Escavyn Před dnem

    Not even a minute in an I'm laughing to tears.. EMMY!!

  • Debbie
    Debbie Před dnem

    10:54 ✨🥰

  • Mister Valeska
    Mister Valeska Před dnem

    0:35 EARTH DAY? Look how much fucking trash they produced!

  • skoronesa
    skoronesa Před dnem

    I really wish Bill Nye hadn't used curse words, it really wasn't necessary.

  • Mr Root
    Mr Root Před dnem +2

    Bill don't start ranting your government propaganda to us. Plus STFU your generation caused most of this so why don't you shut your mouth and get the work instead of yapping like a Chihuahua.

  • imblake
    imblake Před dnem

    or for this guy to create teslas that dont explode

  • HelloImDuke N
    HelloImDuke N Před dnem

    I would really like to go to Express John Oliver. So many nice checkered shirts and ties.

  • Henchman Twenty1
    Henchman Twenty1 Před dnem

    Bill Nye the Pissed-Off Science Guy

  • Moises Zavala
    Moises Zavala Před dnem

    John looks like the pringle guy

  • Nick Mukai
    Nick Mukai Před dnem

    Why can't the BC govt and canadian govt a small percentage of the carbon tax directly to r&d and implementation of of green tech?

  • Synktra Communix
    Synktra Communix Před dnem +1

    The laughing track is kinda annoying

  • newtec3425
    newtec3425 Před dnem

    Wait people still believe in climate change???? lol a sucker is born every minute I guess. and lol Canada is going socialist.

  • Tristyn Leos
    Tristyn Leos Před dnem

    "Earth day easter basket". Easterbaskets are made of wooden reeds that decompose.. Those zipties are plastic and will be eaten by a turtle one day. That's not earth friendly

  • Marco Cantu
    Marco Cantu Před dnem

    It’s crazy we care more about a thumbs up than actually trying to help this cause the filthy rich will locate somewhere else us on the other hand have already excepted our fate right? So here’s to all of you needing acceptance👍

  • Jordan Harris
    Jordan Harris Před dnem +1

    Anything with Bill Nye is propaganda, do your research

  • Kaitlyn Pozzi
    Kaitlyn Pozzi Před dnem

    Am I the only one who watched the whole thing just for bill nye

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Před dnem

    I personally think that there would be no more fitting end for humanity than climate change. Seeing a cliffedge ahead and just ignore it's existence and the danger we are in until we are already falling and spending our last moments before we hit the ground debating who is at fault is the most human like thing I can imagine.

  • savio schronberg
    savio schronberg Před dnem

    What to change in personal life:
    - cut down on meat consumption preferably go vegan)
    - choose a green energy contract.
    - minimise consumption in general.
    - put money on a green bank.
    - isolate house.
    - get solar panels.
    - get rid of car.
    Vote green!

  • Julius C Rojas
    Julius C Rojas Před dnem

    Damm Bill I feel you

  • 5%LowBattery
    5%LowBattery Před dnem

    Throw the whole Republican Party away 🚮

  • Miggies
    Miggies Před dnem

    Bill nye shows up a little after 10:10, then comes later around 18:10 your welcome

  • • Stärłïght •

    Oh no I think we broke Bill Nye......

    Welp f**k you photosynthesis!!!!

  • Reeo
    Reeo Před dnem

    7:00 HBO teasing their new series

  • Hazukichan X
    Hazukichan X Před dnem

    "This law is bad. I shoot things that are bad. Vote for me, West Virginia, and I'll shoot bad laws without explaining what's bad about them."
    US politics at their finest.

  • jar josh
    jar josh Před 2 dny

    2040 now. Well as we approach 2040 yall will push it back some more. Whats next 2050, 2100? Lol
    AGW is propaganda. They had to switch from Global Warming to Climate Change because the climate is always changing and they can point to every change and blame climate change. It has NEVER been static.
    There is no evidence that co2 is leading tempature.
    Between the Modern Maximum and Medieval Maximum there were four grand solar minima.
    The Wolf, Sporer, Maunder and Dalton Minimum.
    The Dalton ended around 1820.
    The graph used to show "unprecedented" global warming starts in 1880 to present.
    The Modern Maximum started around 1914 and may have ended around 2007. It double peaked. Once arpund 1950 and again around the 1990s.
    All the warming yall are so worked up about is well within natural variability.
    The Modern Maximum may be over or it could surprise us and continue on for a few more years or even a few decades. There is no way to predict what it will do with any real accuracy.
    But keep living in your psuedoscience world with no evidence co2 is leading temapture changes now.
    I guess adjusting and "correcting" data sets to fit your theory instead of adjusting the theory to fit the unaltered data counts as evidence in psuedoscience world. Have fun with that.

  • Mia Rossman
    Mia Rossman Před 2 dny

    Bill Nye the pissed of guy!

  • ArachCobra
    ArachCobra Před 2 dny

    I guess even for the infamously dense republicans it's becoming kinda hard to ignore all the effects all this pollution is having.

  • Chad Kirk
    Chad Kirk Před 2 dny

    Nah Lewis Black does skits on The Daily Show maybe if we can get Bill Nye to play the part. What do you say?
    Bill Nye: Here's some fucking mentos! And a bottle of diet coke.

  • Glenom
    Glenom Před 2 dny

    the planet’s on f**king fire

    • XeanderMan
      XeanderMan Před dnem

      There are a lot of things to put it out

  • John Arispe
    John Arispe Před 2 dny +1

    If he does a new show talking like that I will f****** watch that show no sensors realshit. We suck. it's like saying there's an asteroid going to hit us and it's going to cost a lot of money just to try to blow that thing up with a million missiles but wait it's going to cost a lot of money so f****** it let's all die. It will save us some money.both the Republicans and the Democrats are going through hell they both want to say they want to help Americans but it's all about their own agendas so no one gives a f***

  • NoMic
    NoMic Před 2 dny

    10:21 you welcome

  • nova nova
    nova nova Před 2 dny


  • nova nova
    nova nova Před 2 dny


  • youmeddlingkids
    youmeddlingkids Před 2 dny

    It's sad to see so much beef recalled, so those cows were raised and butchered just to end up in the trash.

  • yelow dino
    yelow dino Před 2 dny

    please, consider the following

  • Go crazy go stupid
    Go crazy go stupid Před 2 dny

    10:19 this is where bill comes in

  • Baby Virgin Eyes
    Baby Virgin Eyes Před 2 dny +1

    I came here bcz of bill nye oof XD

  • pettyparty - loser
    pettyparty - loser Před 2 dny

    Bill Nye has become the Gordon Ramsay of science.

    • pettyparty - loser
      pettyparty - loser Před 2 dny

      +Das Snek >:v

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek Před 2 dny

      That's an insult to both the scientific community and Gordon Ramsay.

  • Isabella Rana
    Isabella Rana Před 2 dny

    6:45 i was only half-listening but my name's isabella and i was completely unprepared to hear that

  • Cheese And Quackers
    Cheese And Quackers Před 2 dny +6

    *_Enjoyable, light-hearted demonstrations_*

  • smugman
    smugman Před 2 dny

    had no idea most cow farts came out of their mouths.

  • M Balazs
    M Balazs Před 2 dny +1

    11:34 menthos droop

  • Donovan Childers
    Donovan Childers Před 2 dny

    Hold on now while I go follow Bill Nye on social media...

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash Před 2 dny

    Nobody wants it

  • Susan Brooks
    Susan Brooks Před 2 dny

    It's not actually funny... people will kill this our species in order to not have to sacrifice their comfort and convenience. Doing things the way we've always done them only works in an unchanging environment.
    And the likelihood of radically changing out society and culture is low. We shall perish.

  • Srecna Mim
    Srecna Mim Před 2 dny

    John was just talking about green part of "Green New Deal"..........what about "New Deal" part ........................the point of this deal is to create new good paying real jobs through huge public "green" projects with emphases on creating jobs............if we continue like this and majority of people die from hunger do we really care what kind of planet we will leave to couple of zillioners John do one show about New Deal part if you dare

  • Assozial Network
    Assozial Network Před 2 dny

    Watching Brits making fun of Americans is like watching midgets fighting. Very funny and pathetic at once.

  • random one.niner
    random one.niner Před 2 dny

    Oddly enough, Al Gore told us the ice caps would melt by 2014..
    Keep em coming Nostradamus..

    • Rakaydos Draj
      Rakaydos Draj Před 14 hodinami

      Check your close captions... "14" and "40" sound remarkably the same.

  • maniXCX
    maniXCX Před 2 dny

    americans your green new deal won't do shit for environment , even if u bring ur carbon emission to net zero , the rest of the world will continue to pollute the earth

  • Wesleygamer1
    Wesleygamer1 Před 2 dny

    I now want a return to Bill Nye The Science Guy now more than ever. ..........They'd have to put that show on HBO. Which I'm fine with I hear they have a time slot available...........

  • Mark Moncada
    Mark Moncada Před 3 dny

    Another great show John but Bill Nye the pissed off guy is golden!! HBO, please give that man an HBO comedy special. He can spout some science facts while using profanity and insulting us. I would pay to watch that.

  • true.a c
    true.a c Před 3 dny +1

    10:21 18:33

  • John Tomlinson
    John Tomlinson Před 3 dny

    Fuck pie

  • Robert Rodriguez
    Robert Rodriguez Před 3 dny

    We need the Green Deal, get someone competent enough to get it done, not a bumbling idiot like AOC.

  • Jason T
    Jason T Před 3 dny

    10:22 & 18:34

  • YouTubeWatcher
    YouTubeWatcher Před 3 dny

    There's a bill for example the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act that gives tax revenues back to the people. The carbon tax or cap and trade sets has goal of the negative externalities of emissions, not merely for generating revenue. In economic terms, it puts output at the equilibrium. Why do people seem to oppose? Lack of information?

  • B. Nyhof
    B. Nyhof Před 3 dny +1

    The Green New Deal cannot be just a conversation starter. If it was it would not have been rejected by literally EVERYONE WHO VOTED ON IT.

  • Guamby Guambelle
    Guamby Guambelle Před 3 dny

    Bill Nye probably wants to use a lot of foul language these days! (LOL)

  • I wants some beans ok
    I wants some beans ok Před 3 dny

    Why bill why you know you want say that

  • John Harn
    John Harn Před 3 dny

    Unfortunately, if the US government collects a tax on carbon, there is little to no chance the proceeds will find its way to investment in clean technology. They will spend it on kickbacks to the same oligarchs who will pay a disproportionately lower rate for the carbon they produce.

  • Oscar Wilde
    Oscar Wilde Před 3 dny +1

    I read the Green New Deal and it was pretty stupid.

    It can be read here:

    On several occasions AOC goes off on numerous, irrelevant tangents. For example, on pg. 4 she talks about the "gender wage gap" which has been disproven time and time again (see Claudia Goldin a female economist from Harvard if you want a good read of the subject). Go figure. I don't know why that was relevant to CO2 in terms of ppm.

    Anyway, read it yourself. It more like a poem than anything truly tenable. IF YOU WANT TO READ SOMETHING GOOD ON TENABLE SOLUTIONS, see what NASA posits instead:

    Or Google "scientific american climate change".

  • Paul Ferrara
    Paul Ferrara Před 3 dny

    You killed the "bill!!" The bill is dead!! Love Bill Nye!!

  • Oscar Wilde
    Oscar Wilde Před 3 dny +1

    "Dale, you giblet-head, we live in Texas. It's already 110° in the summer, and if it gets one degree hotter, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

    -Hank Hill, Episode 1

    King of the Hill over 20 years ago. That's how long democrats and republicans have been ignoring global warming, heck, even longer.

  • Russell Cunningham
    Russell Cunningham Před 3 dny


  • Austin Do
    Austin Do Před 3 dny

    I was in a mock Congress for my Civics class and proposed to put a price on carbon (modeling it after John Oliver’s suggestions) and it failed to pass :(((

  • No One
    No One Před 3 dny

    AOC was joking about the world ending in 12 years

  • Fabio Balenzano
    Fabio Balenzano Před 3 dny +11

    Bill Nye managed to explain Climate Change in such an easy and direct manner even a conservative could understand it! wow!