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New Gameplay Trailer: "Let's Play Genius Invokation TCG!" | Genshin Impact

  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022
  • Introducing Genius Invokation TCG, the card game that's been taking Teyvat by storm!
    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's time to head to The Cat's Tail, and listen to what Diona has to say...
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Komentáře • 5 841

  • Leon Tran

    The fact that we can finally go into The Cat's Tail is already a win.

  • yeonjunsus

    I know we're all hyped about the card game, but the Cat's Tail can finally be entered????? I have waited 2 whole years for this moment

  • Mia  Gatwa
    Mia Gatwa  +943

    Glad to see Diona included in a voiced event as one of the main cast!

  • Demonlord242

    Lumine: Brother, do not try to stop me. I will-

  • Sophia
    Sophia  +816

    This game looks so cool! And the fact that after 2 years we can finally go into the Cat’s Tail is amazing! Great work Mihoyo!

  • oOCarrie

    I love that the traveler's first ever played character in TCG is Noelle, just like she was the first character that everyone pulled from the gacha.

  • Kyouno
    Kyouno  +13

    We all know Cyno is going to be extremely difficult to beat. He’s already a master a long time ago

  • HiimVirgo 67

    they 100% need to keep this exclusively in genshin though, not a separate app ever, allow people to see that genshin is really just a fun place to relax and enjoy no matter what types of games you like. So many times, i have wonderous experiences just going for walks with people in this world while chatting and i think it'd be genius to just have this seemingly amazing TCG as another reason to just come vibe in the world of teyvat with this amazing community.

  • Trialation Dev

    Fun fact: during the whole TCG event, Cyno never leaves the Cat's Tail, assuming he's addicted to TCG or he's a pro player. (also every time you re-enter the bar, you'll see Cyno duel other people randomly from table to table)

  • Ender
    Ender  +469

    The reason traveler looks so confidant in the trailer is that he is staring DIRECTLY at Fischl's cards. Fischl is not hiding them in the slightest.

  • Pipe Dream

    I'm not un-excited for TCG but what actually made me legitimately excited was the fact we can FREAKING FINALLY go into the Cats Tail Tavern!! Too long has Angels Share had a monopoly, now we can actually see what it's competitor looks like inside!!

  • MegaLisa830 Bright

    I am so happy that the City of Freedom, Mondstadt, is getting more attention from the creators! ^_^ It's my most favorite region, and City, of the land of Teyvat! May Barbato's wind go with you all! :D <3

  • Just xIGoldenIx

    Am I the only one excited that we finally get into the cats tail tavern?

  • HumHa
    HumHa  +383

    My favorite moment is when Fischl pulled out The White eyes Blue Dragon, but then Cyno said "You've activated my trap card." Truly a very -OH! Moment.

  • Weic Lur
    Weic Lur  +15

    At que enfim podemos ver o interior do bar da Diona aps 2 anos isso incrvel. Estou muito ansioso pelo jogo de cartas.

  • Ryenzo
    Ryenzo  +8

    Hope they add ranked mode or server leaderboard sometime in the future, without competition this would feel kinda empty after 4-6 weeks unless you have friends who are into TCG.

  • Buffmon
    Buffmon  +275

    This actually feels like a new game just in the world of genshin. Like how Gwent became its own standalone game from The Witcher.

  • Ravindra Dhaneswara

    Meanwhile, in Dawn Winery:

  • CapriciousRhapsody

    After over 2 years, we FINALLY get to see the Cat's Tail Tavern interior? I'm definitely bring Venti inside.

  • Gadar98
    Gadar98  +3

    Okay I'm pretty sure this is going to be one of the best game mods in the game, please keep it ;)