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Kevin Hart Interview: Getting in the Rooms Where the Powerful People Are - Extended Version- TGHT

  • čas přidán 18. 11. 2021

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  • The Alkebulan Trust
    The Alkebulan Trust Před rokem +159

    Kevin Hart truly has put in the work over the years. He may not be everyone's favourite comedian but you can still be inspired by him. It's great to even see him work with Wesley Snipes as well especially because we need to continue to support those before us that helped pace and pave the way...facts or undeniable God's Honest Truth?

    • Ajai Robinson
      Ajai Robinson Před rokem +1

      Love it!!🙌🏿🙌🏿

    • PastorTimEllis
      PastorTimEllis Před rokem +1


    • YO LO
      YO LO Před rokem +2

      God has worked tremendously in Kevin’s life to the point now he can speak and have confidence that his words will leave his mouth and God will put them to work. We have watched him grow into the responsible leader he has become today. Continue to grind and sharing your testimony

    • IG:Earthangelfaith
      IG:Earthangelfaith Před rokem +1

      I agree 👍🏼☺️.

  • Ali Myrick
    Ali Myrick Před rokem +208

    Kevin made alot of good points. Financial literacy is crucial. The majority of black people aren't educated on stocks, bonds, annuities, etc. Setting up a portfolio or trust funds or being taught the concept of credit. Share the knowledge.

    • Ali Myrick
      Ali Myrick Před 5 měsíci

      @Chris Turner Listening to two black men converse about issues in the black community is subject topic. If you are not in that community then you are on the outside looking in. Some others deal with this issue as well depending on upbringing and life situations. These two men aren't white or Asian, etc. So one can listen and take it with a grain of salt.

    • Chris Turner
      Chris Turner Před 5 měsíci

      I myself didn't realize that was a
      "Black" problem.
      And by the way, just because someone says it's harder for one than it is for another don't mean they're claiming to be a victim. It's a rather astute observation and all that shit needs to be said

    • Buddha Fortune
      Buddha Fortune Před rokem


    • Ali Myrick
      Ali Myrick Před rokem

      @nextari His last couple of stand ups sucked.

    • nextari
      nextari Před rokem

      @Ali Myrick your point is good. I was talking about Kevin. I hope he doesn't loose his humor being a mogul.

  • Eye Saint
    Eye Saint Před rokem +65

    You can't put Kevin Hart in a box. He does everything well. Dude never miss🎯

  • Hyasmine
    Hyasmine Před rokem +41

    I love Kevin. As a person and as a comedian. Husbands of Hollywood is so underrated. That show was freakin hilarious! He needs to do another scripted show like that again.

  • KC
    KC Před rokem +35

    Crazy how I stumbled across this interview, and I’m a black woman working for a financial firm considering getting licensed as a financial adviser to impact the community. Kevin is 100% correct that the African American community is not aware on how to create wealth.

    • Blackfeet
      Blackfeet Před rokem +2

      Nobody knows. The biggest misconception is that we're the poorest but in reality it's the piggers that have it bad living in swamps and pig pens. ✊🏾

  • Shanice Sweetsmile
    Shanice Sweetsmile Před rokem +89

    This is such a great interview. Kevin Hart is a gem

    • Dan V
      Dan V Před rokem +1

      @John Hood how is he fake? hes a real dude that is all about his family and worked hard to get to where hes at,thats more real to me than anything u probly believe in

    • Unseathed Deity
      Unseathed Deity Před rokem +1

      @John Hood yea I’m sure we have to take your word for it since you’re so close with him and friends with him lmaaaaoooo

    • John Hood
      John Hood Před rokem

      Ahhhhh PLEASE! This fake dude got yall fooled. He is pretending to be something HE IS NOT, just to make you say the shit like you just said.

  • VVS Miles
    VVS Miles Před rokem +49

    Wow I see the vision Kevin trying to show us. & i think that’s beautiful that more black people who achieve the higher levels of success & financial freedom are starting to see the bigger picture & start from the roots of the black communities. This system is made for us to fail & moving together will be the only way to break this cycle.
    Bless up! ✊🏾

  • Dinah Charles
    Dinah Charles Před rokem +41

    I love Kevin as a comedian, actor, business man and father. For setting goals and achieving them.

    • John Hood
      John Hood Před rokem

      This is why you silly chicks always pick the wrong men. You don't even know what criteria to evaluate on.

  • Keep ithappy
    Keep ithappy Před rokem +28

    Great interview for Lenard and with Kevin. I enjoy listening to Kevin being serious.

  • Ajai Robinson
    Ajai Robinson Před rokem +3

    My Guy! “It’s about letting my people know it’s doable “ … that’s #golden. So many of our people still believe certain things are not attainable, I’m glad he is apart of the process to let our people know it definitely is!

  • By Falen Bauciquot
    By Falen Bauciquot Před rokem +2

    Love Kev! His work and the character he displays. Thanks Charlamange.. this show is for the culture.

  • Breeze
    Breeze Před rokem +30

    I actually watched the series and was surprised by how good it was.

  • Thank You Mr Anderson
    Thank You Mr Anderson Před rokem +8

    Kevin Hart is more than a comedian!!! Thank you Charlemagne for continuing to offer These gems

  • Mike the Travel Lover
    Mike the Travel Lover Před rokem +13

    I love his continued growth! A brother from Philly myself he is definitely an inspiration

  • -TreXzy-
    -TreXzy- Před rokem +2

    I love this interview!! This is the Kevin Hart I love to see and listen to!!

  • Fabian Groom
    Fabian Groom Před 5 měsíci +1

    Kevin gives some valuable advice to the brothers and sisters out there. It's a tough world, that's why success for people like him is so sweet. 👍🙏🙏

  • Tonic Shondlani
    Tonic Shondlani Před rokem +14

    Great Great Interview, I appreciate the he let him speak with no interruptions

  • John Hood
    John Hood Před rokem +4

    Ok, I gotta give him props for what he said about the rooms and managing money

  • ERYS
    ERYS Před rokem +4

    To add on to what Kevin said, I will never understand why successful people are very greedy on knowledge and "power". It's so fucked up because you really see that person for who they truly are...Crazy world we live in

  • Geneva
    Geneva Před rokem +9

    I am not going to spend my life being a color! I am so proud of Kevin Hart and his incredible growth! Some of our people our withholding knowledge out of hatred. If you don't like yourself then you don't want people that look like you to succeed. You end up putting your self hatred on one another. Let's not allow America to tell us who we are. We're creative and beautiful 😍. Without us America would not have any culture. I love my people and myself and I want all of us to succeed and not be labeled. Our love for one another can translate to all human beings. Let's love more in these hard times...

  • Fabian Lawstudies
    Fabian Lawstudies Před rokem

    I like this interview between Lenard McKelvey and Kevin Hart because it is informative finical literacy that is necessary. Thanks for sharing! 👍🏾

  • Flossy Ht
    Flossy Ht Před rokem +1

    that's real spill 💯 I work in a engineering department and I'm the only black person in there and heres a saying I always say to myself. .. talent will take you places that your character can't keep you

  • Tamika Wright
    Tamika Wright Před rokem +10

    Amen Kevin. Thank you for what you do.

  • Born Sacred
    Born Sacred Před rokem +5

    Kev is such a genius. Gotta love the growth and wit still in tact!

  • Carla Marie Mills
    Carla Marie Mills Před rokem

    This Interview was Great and Kevin is getting better and better 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Kristen Williams
    Kristen Williams Před rokem

    He speaking the truth!!!
    He said he wants to be a billionaire so other black dudes know it’s possible. I love people that don’t change with fame aka KEVIN HART FOR THAT!!!

  • RoxxxyJoseph
    RoxxxyJoseph Před 5 měsíci

    I’m so Proud of Kevin Hart’s Growth!!….Thank you CTG on a Very Inspiring and Uplifting interview💐💐💐💐… May God keep You too Brothers Safe🙏🏽👊🏽✌🏽🙌🏽❤️😇🥰❤️…Cancers in the Building 🦀♋️ ..I’m the 5th of July!!🙏🏽😇❤️🥰

  • LBx1243
    LBx1243 Před rokem +107

    Charlemagne continues to grow and evolve. Watching a mogul take form.

    • Christy Wallace
      Christy Wallace Před 9 měsíci

      And fine too

    • coolie
      coolie Před rokem


    • Jaxstar Bowen
      Jaxstar Bowen Před rokem

      Definitely! I couldn't stand him in the beginning!!!
      But since 2019 he's really being Prepared from ABOVE to HELP MANY IN THE CULTURE & BEYOND!

  • Tamika Wright
    Tamika Wright Před rokem +7

    Amen Kevin. Thank you for what you do.

  • Deante Section
    Deante Section Před rokem +3

    Everyone who likes this interview needs to click the share button . 💯It will definitely help spread the awareness and start opening people's eyes. At least it will start the conversation. 🔥🙏🏽

  • Danny
    Danny Před rokem +2

    👏👏👏 an applause for Charlamagne.

    NATURAL NIVIA Před rokem


  • Urban Nuance
    Urban Nuance Před rokem +1

    I'm sorry, when I see Kevin, I just want to laugh. Regardless of a serious role 😂

    • A C
      A C Před rokem

      He's a "feel good" type of person. Good energy.

  • Michael Bonhomme
    Michael Bonhomme Před rokem +4

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 What I wish Eddie Murphy can get back to. Be the Vet dropping knowledge and adding to the resume of the next man up💯 Townsend and Wayans did A LOT, and I’m climbing, but there’s something special about seeing these men age greater and greater, becoming stronger and stronger until their full potential is reached

  • J 10
    J 10 Před rokem +2

    Kevin always motivates

  • marito V
    marito V Před rokem

    Kevin you are absolutely spot on..

    NATURAL NIVIA Před rokem

    WELL SAID KEV!! ❤️💯

    RISTO JACOBS Před rokem

    Thanks kev for the knowledge. Ur not only funny, but smart respect

  • W A A N
    W A A N Před 11 měsíci +1

    Best interview 💯

  • PN MG
    PN MG Před rokem

    Kevin one of the smartest in the biz!!! 🙌🏾

  • KB
    KB Před rokem +4

    Nice interview and encouraging .

  • hunter klugh
    hunter klugh Před rokem +19

    Kev really getting serious and not just being a 1 dimensional comedian

  • Pearl Nonhlanhla Makhaye
    Pearl Nonhlanhla Makhaye Před rokem +1

    "I know I am part of a solution"🙏🙏🙌🏿

  • Tyrone Brown
    Tyrone Brown Před rokem +7

    Kevin Hart showed his drama side of acting in a movie called "35 and ticking" back in 2011. He's come a long way.

  • PA
    PA Před rokem

    Powerful message!

  • NaTira Holloway
    NaTira Holloway Před rokem +2

    Nah. The wiser you get, regardless of age, the more you’re ok with saying ‘NO’. Wisdom comes in many ages. I learned that I have to tell ppl ‘no’ bcuz they become accustomed to ppl bailing them out & never go out to get it on their own or they won’t ever learn to fight for themselves if I keep stepping in & stepping up to dig them outta that hole they’re in.

  • Hendrix🎸
    Hendrix🎸 Před rokem +4

    Bro I remember being a child watching Paper Soldiers. Literally like 9 years old. Seeing Kevin Hart get as big as he has is inspiring Af.

    • Handsome-brute
      Handsome-brute Před 4 měsíci

      @robotempire 😆

    • robotempire
      robotempire Před rokem +3

      He hasn’t gotten that big, he’s still like 5’4

  • hesh2
    hesh2 Před rokem +1

    I don't like him as a comedian but I love what he represents as a black man
    Bravo Kev

  • Uncultured Currency
    Uncultured Currency Před rokem +6

    I love Kevin Hart transparency and look forward to the new movie

  • Director Atypical
    Director Atypical Před rokem +7

    Absolutely Astounding.

  • Vannese Green
    Vannese Green Před rokem +5

    Great information Kevin Hart 💎

  • Janet Fitten
    Janet Fitten Před rokem

    Great job Kevin Hart.

  • Louis Jackson
    Louis Jackson Před rokem

    I understood what he was talking about because Muhammad Ali explained those exact sentiments during an interview in the 70's! A reporter questioned Ali about a expensive house that he purchased in the Philly suburbs! His response that it was ironic that he had to be the Heavyweight Champion of the world earning millions to live on the block with doctors and dentist!

  • cj wins
    cj wins Před rokem

    True story was really good 👏🏾🔥

  • L S
    L S Před rokem

    Around 9:10 he is speaking nothing but facts

  • Marcel Patillo
    Marcel Patillo Před rokem +9

    I gotta get in those ROOMS... ☺

  • doogie Five-Four
    doogie Five-Four Před rokem

    Never thought i would see the day when the niga from *Paper Solders* and *Soul Plane* would be out here doin serious roles 😄 get that bread Kev

  • Edward Kendrick - S
    Edward Kendrick - S Před rokem

    I'm not a huge fan of both of these brothas but I do love the message that is being given. I just hope that he continues to spread knowledge and this isn't just for TV.

    • Edward Kendrick - S
      Edward Kendrick - S Před rokem

      @Neghie Thervil Good to hear thanks for the confirmation

    • Neghie Thervil
      Neghie Thervil Před rokem +1

      Kevin has a whole entourage of people he has hired and put on. People have talked about how much he has helped them. None of what he's doing is 'just for TV.' He's driven and takes people with him.

  • WF Madden
    WF Madden Před rokem +2

    These have to be the worst timed audience claps ever 😂😂😂😂

  • michelle rodriguez
    michelle rodriguez Před rokem +1

    Awesome fir Kevin much love and success for him and 👋

  • TOJO J
    TOJO J Před rokem +1

    He needs to host the Oscars

    • J T
      J T Před rokem

      No...he needs to host a REVOLT award show. We need to put value on in OWN people. We don't even know who Oscar is.

  • Karlito's Reviews
    Karlito's Reviews Před rokem

    Kevin Dropping Gems

  • Rick Lewis
    Rick Lewis Před rokem

    I watched this on thanksgiving with the family good ass series

  • Olio Co
    Olio Co Před rokem +1

    Best Kevin heart interview I’ve seen

  • shawnese taylor
    shawnese taylor Před rokem

    This was very enlightening , getting this information about money .

  • Backstreets with Co
    Backstreets with Co Před rokem


  • Cherra
    Cherra Před rokem

    Great interview! ❤️👍🏾🏖

  • Ajayi Oluwaseyi
    Ajayi Oluwaseyi Před rokem

    First time I see Kevin Hart so serious

  • Aaron Barfield
    Aaron Barfield Před rokem

    This is exactly why I teach financial literacy and investing full-time

  • Elroy Hegwood
    Elroy Hegwood Před rokem

    You don't need the spotlight when you shine from within!

  • Tee Aye
    Tee Aye Před rokem

    “Just a dentist, or just a guy who created the internet. These are regular jobs” umm, okay, no😂 dentist, yes. Created the internet, that is also someone who was absolutely the best😂

  • Adventurous Loner
    Adventurous Loner Před 5 měsíci

    That dark, serious, real tone in Narcos is why I like the show. And it helped my Spanish.

  • gmy33
    gmy33 Před rokem +1

    Kevin is a nice guy .. and he supports a lot of others ... though i dont think he will ever supprise me ... i hope he get his billion

  • C ease
    C ease Před rokem

    Great interview

  • Brandon Paul Johnson
    Brandon Paul Johnson Před rokem

    This is a TED talk. Thank you for sharing

  • Uncle Kai.....
    Uncle Kai..... Před 11 měsíci

    That last 30 seconds.
    Says it all for me.....

  • Brain Machine
    Brain Machine Před 2 měsíci +1

    Good to see a mature Kevin.

  • M Michael
    M Michael Před rokem

    9:20 most important FACTS in this interview.. However it will go over most people's heads 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Matt A
    Matt A Před rokem +1

    9:17 the saddest part is that the culture itself is misleading young black American. We should not underestimate the negative effect that this culture has on our children. To fix it we need to call out artist promoting poor values. We need to stop validating artist that teach our kids to mess up their life by trying to make it quick.

  • Kedawit Kedawi
    Kedawit Kedawi Před rokem +1

    Wow it’s the best inspiration to the younger generation

  • Marley Janim
    Marley Janim Před rokem

    Great movies/series , can't wait to rewatch it?

  • Efe Oduduba
    Efe Oduduba Před rokem

    Kevin is super smart!

  • GabriellaJudyP
    GabriellaJudyP Před rokem +1

    True Story 🔥

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Před rokem +2

    I’m waiting for the joke but it seems like it’s not coming …. 😂😂😂

  • KO
    KO Před rokem

    He dropping fucking knowledge!!

  • Akeem Simmons
    Akeem Simmons Před rokem +2

    It’s almost that time for CTG to choose between this and the breakfast club… This a good look tho

  • joshua garcia
    joshua garcia Před rokem +14

    Man Kevin is similar to will smith he realizes his talent cross more the just the comedy box. Excited to see the show big dawg.

  • Meliyah_Redd
    Meliyah_Redd Před rokem

    I wanna meet Kevin ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ali Amin
    Ali Amin Před rokem +1

    Why does it still look like he's trying to keep from being goofy in his new movie😭😭

  • KingReese
    KingReese Před rokem +1

    I’d most definitely take a job for Kevin hart

  • H0llyw00d Howard
    H0llyw00d Howard Před rokem

    The older I'm getting the less fucks I'm giving so for that I agree with Kevin Hart.

  • Investor Lifestyle Jamaica

    Great content brother

  • Tom Pridge
    Tom Pridge Před rokem

    "What does he smell like?" 😆
    Trying to set Kevin Hart up off the rip.

  • Megan Howard
    Megan Howard Před rokem +1

    I just want Charlemagne's sweater

  • Kunta C8ntbeleevthots
    Kunta C8ntbeleevthots Před rokem

    Loved this. Thanks Kev

  • Deen
    Deen Před rokem

    Can someone tell me why Chalamagne is clapping at the same time as the audience hahaha you can tell is new to this .

  • jean royster-hills
    jean royster-hills Před 2 měsíci +1

    unapologic Kevin Hart.

  • Saikou Bahaga
    Saikou Bahaga Před rokem +1

    Clever hart wise words

  • Shifty Knucklebutter
    Shifty Knucklebutter Před rokem +3

    Mr. Hart is a better movie star than he is a stand up. He should focus on movies and tv shows.

  • Dayvon Goddard
    Dayvon Goddard Před rokem

    Kevin… works…. HARD! You can see it.