Dead by Daylight | Q&A session #2 - June 21st 2018

  • čas přidán 21. 06. 2018
  • Questions from the Dead by Daylight Community answered by members of the Dead by Daylight team.
    not_Queen - Community Manager
    Louis McLean - Gameplay Programmer
    Stefan Horvath - Gameplay Designer
    0:56 : Decisive Strike, Sprint Burst, Self Care - Discussion
    8:09 : What perks can we expect to see reworked?
    8:13 : Dejà Vu
    10:07 : Calm Spirit
    12:25 : Ace in the Hole
    13:49 : Sole Survivor
    16:41 : Dark Sense
    17:57 : Bitter Murmur
    19:11 : Tinkerer
    21:42 : Predator
    22:43 : Whispers
    24:37 : Sloppy Butcher
    25:36 : Save the best for last
    27:36 : Will we ever get some new items and addons to play with?
    27:47 : Will trapper traps put already injured survivors into dying state?
    40:35 : Hag changes
    48:23 : Do you have plans to add back closing the hatch?
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  • HryHry

Komentáře • 2 099

    BO JANGLES Před rokem

    Hope you can answer this question? I am new to this game. I play killer and I am getting alot of survivors rank 2 and 3 coming into the match. I am rank 15 and it is very hard to catch them never mind killing them. It just seems very unfair I don't stand a chance. It is happening more and more. Today I had two of them in one match Rank 2 and 3. Killers have it very hard and when they bring in friends like that its not even worth playing the game cause I can't compete with them. :(

  • Rodrigo Ferreira
    Rodrigo Ferreira Před rokem

    Dedicated server?

  • Eric McClelland
    Eric McClelland Před rokem

    Not queen is so good at theese
    Clarifying questions for the community

  • Mr Chow
    Mr Chow Před rokem

    2 killer who aren't even that good compared to other get balanced (not buffed, balanced especially the hag) and broken perks get nerfed now I myself don't think agree with SB and stuff not recovering cooldown when running but only not recovering cooldown when in a chase. and for self-care i wouldn't even consider that tiny adjustment a nerf, im still gonna run it every game and so will everyone else. there is a reason its the most perk used by survivors.

  • Vertigo Shadow
    Vertigo Shadow Před rokem

    Self care should regress the healing bar at a slow rate instead of completely drop down to 0. an example would be you 97% your self heal but get interupted for 7 seconds when you go back to heal yourself its around 90%

  • Sal 2y
    Sal 2y Před rokem

    I don't understand what exhaustion does :(

  • FaTaLpanda
    FaTaLpanda Před rokem

    Is anyone having problems with matchmaking with friends it’s still taking 10 to 15 minutes and it’s pissing me off I can’t play a great game

  • Gabriel Anton
    Gabriel Anton Před rokem +1


  • TheEliteTurtleSFM
    TheEliteTurtleSFM Před rokem +1

    Are there gonna be any licensed video game killers? If so, who?

  • Tristen Gauna
    Tristen Gauna Před rokem

    Noooo not dimon stone...

  • G. Barzen
    G. Barzen Před rokem

    It's very interesting how all the killer mains are saying these are balanced changes. So, what they needed to stop crying was an infinite list of killer buffs and survivors nerfs that guarantee them the 4 kills every game. Bye bye DBD

  • G. Barzen
    G. Barzen Před rokem

    It seems you want people not to play as survivor, or in other words... it seems you want yo kill your own game. You will have to create another game mode called "killer vs killer" because no one will play surv. All you do is nerfing survs. Wtf's wrong with you?

  • Alessandro Peters
    Alessandro Peters Před rokem

    listen fuck console players just buy a pc poor people -_-

  • Josh M
    Josh M Před rokem

    Buff Freddy or he told me personally "he's coming for you f**kers"...

  • Ryun
    Ryun Před rokem +1

    PLEASE dont ruin whispers. its completely fine how it is.

  • WolfPad
    WolfPad Před rokem

    I think in order to make the endgame a little more dynamic, they should look into changing how opening the doors work to allow the killer to buy some time (just as he does to generators).
    Some ideas from the top of my head are:
    1. If interrupted, opening progress exponentially degrades the longer the switch remains untouched.
    2. Killer can actively lower the progress on the gate's opening switch, this could prevent that particular gate from opening soon but would lose precious time the survivors can spend opening the other gate, healing, cleansing, etc.
    3. Once the gate is opened, it will close after an X amount of time. This will allow the killer to punish extreme altruism because as of right now once the gate are open the survivors are pretty much guaranteed escape no matter what (unless blood warden is active).

  • Rick Mahnn
    Rick Mahnn Před rokem

    At this point. 98% of PERK adjustments are NOT going to fix your game. At low tiers, it fixes stuff. But mid+high tiers these changes you suggest will NOT fix anything. and it most certainly wont even chip away at the block. You really need to fix this both ways. A More challenging game for higher tiered players. And a game that slowly breaks in the new players to a progression that works. THis sounds nice and all, but it is NOT going to fix "Gen rusher meta" and the "Survivor With Friends" issues that the game's killers face. Yes, Survive with friends has advantages, because it encourages people to go in with friends. BUt you aren't really solving that problem by adjusting the perks the way you are.
    The trials NEED to be more challenging. This means map variables that CHANGE when a player Ranks. The whole backwards number thing is kinda lame. (20 progressing to 1). Maybe it needs to be the other way around.
    When the player ranks up, the maps need to be adjusted. So the further up the player climbs. The harder it is.
    The "Entity" or more what you call the "RNG", needs to really challenge the players by adjusting generator placement, repair time, action time and even LESS pallets that spawn in. Otherwise you have a game that is only lasting 4-6 minutes. Not 30 minutes.
    Hex perks: We all know what they are, but when you are in a match with high level players. Within the first 2 minutes of the game. The hex perks are DOWN = useless abilities for the killer. As the difficulty level increases. So should the disarming of hex perks and even when a hex perk is now being worked on. It should be a notification to the "Killer" in the game. With the last thought ON the hex perk being placed at the first 15 meters within the circle of the map, or even difficulty accessing them now.
    BBQ & CHili" SHOULD have been a HEX perk is what mid+low tier survivors want. It is TOO POWERFUL for them. Yet when you go Upper+ mid tier. ITs USELESS.

  • hola holi
    hola holi Před rokem

    Dead by daylight on Nintendo Switch

  • Devin10
    Devin10 Před rokem

    The pallet changes are so stupid as a killer it's easy as shit to win Chase's depending on who ur playing and u get hit 99% of the time

  • Queen Kee
    Queen Kee Před rokem

    Most of these changes are amazing, but the only things I want them to add is the ability for survivors to remove hag traps without flashlights. The ability as a survivor to see and know where she places them and not be able to do anything about them is just tidious and annoying.
    Also, the zoom in on traps when they activate needs to be removed. It ruins the whole sprint in chases when it starts moving the camera towards the traps resulting in you running towards them.

  • Psykkhe
    Psykkhe Před rokem

    Du grand n'importe quoi tout ces changements... Cela ne servira à rien de jouer survivants maintenant.. Je me demande d'ailleurs si vous jouez à votre propre jeu. Si vous mettez en place ces changements vous allez tuer votre jeu, il va devenir très frustrant pour les débutants. S'il vous plait, écoutez votre communauté et ne démolissez pas le jeu avec ces modifications

  • Tyler0246
    Tyler0246 Před rokem

    The killer is not on PS4

  • Lollipop Candy
    Lollipop Candy Před rokem

    Can you please change the shards to the same please

  • floppy
    floppy Před rokem

    decisive strike is gonna be so trash now

  • King_Ivan
    King_Ivan Před rokem

    Can u make a new killer play like candy man, Hannibal, or scream, or the baker the backer is a random killer new survivor Oscar Rodriguez new map the bakery

  • Siggerad
    Siggerad Před rokem

    Nerf Self-Care the most beloved perk for survivors? Lol a lot of main survivor solo players are gonna be mad. why not just buff the killers when they are playing against SWF? You buff killers and nerf survivors is a plus 2 nerf for survivors; and why are you focus only the veteran players or high rank players? you have new players, casual players too.
    Sorry i dont want sound mean or rude but the "new" changes on Deja Vu and the other garbage perks still not worth of a perk slot, sure i cant see for 5 sec the 3 closer generators pfff and how that help when Hillibilly dont have terror radius for 8 sec when the generator is 90% plus and alert of my location?

  • 3Dsfails
    3Dsfails Před rokem

    June is almost and still no Clown for PS4.....

  • Karmeli S
    Karmeli S Před rokem

    LoL revolutions perks :-O Good job :-D Thanks DbD ;-)

  • XxdevoxX 62
    XxdevoxX 62 Před rokem


  • Anthony Teague
    Anthony Teague Před rokem

    Everyone needs to relax. They're changing survivor perks that are taken every single game by every survivor ever. The 3 perks that are getting nerfed are still going to be strong enough to use regularly and survive with. I do think now that they should remove bloodlust though. Let's not all freak out before trying any of these changes.

  • Eric Star
    Eric Star Před rokem

    These are good changes survivors should be scared of the killers not the other way around where survivors ds, fl, block hooks, palette drop, speed gen, infinite loop only for the killers to get teabag by toxic survivor group.

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás Před rokem

    much you did against pallet what about hooks being 5-10 meters away from eachother? making wiggle useless except for body blocks?

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás Před rokem

    killers only want easy kills they want to enter the game and kill everyone in 3 minutes and provoque survivors rage in the lobby. thats the problem, they are just a bunch of cry babys

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás Před rokem

    the game is not getting more balanced, do something with gen rush and campers thats all you have to do.

  • Nicolás
    Nicolás Před rokem

    stop nerfing survivors, are the killers crying too much to get this?

  • H3X Travia
    H3X Travia Před rokem

    I am so excited KILLER MAINS OUR TIME IS NOW!

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke Před rokem

    You guys shouldnt have even released the game on console if you're going to put it at the bottom of your list for priorities I've never complained on a developers CHclip channel about anything like this but you guys seriously don't care about console players. Queue "I think we did a pretty good job so far"

  • Dj Killer000 gaming
    Dj Killer000 gaming Před rokem

    That’s ass about self care what happens if they have nurses calling

  • shadey bubbles
    shadey bubbles Před rokem

    I lost hope for Dead by daylight loving all of their platforms

  • I honestly no idea
    I honestly no idea Před rokem

    So what your telling me is that I need to keep stopping healing right before I fully heal and start over to get more bloodpoints

  • Othman Usaimi
    Othman Usaimi Před rokem

    Ranking up on killer is much much easier than ranking up on survivor. Being a good killer relies on you and you alone at least in low ranks. But survivor however, no matter how good you are, your results are not fully in your hands.

  • EJSVideo
    EJSVideo Před rokem

    Maybe if you ever stop catering to PC players and focus more on console players every so often we'd have updates for it by now. Don't bitch there's less players on console when you treat them like second class citizens. And not all of us are ignorant like PC players, so trying to pin all the blame on Sony and MS for the certification won't work for anyone experienced with how certifications go. You just wait late to submit them because you are terrified we might get something before the almighty PC players and we can't ever have that.

  • Ruupture
    Ruupture Před rokem

    Please buff no mither

  • Dante Tassone
    Dante Tassone Před rokem

    You guys are absolutely useless you take forever to release the new chapter on xbox and ps4

  • Terakoon_ほん
    Terakoon_ほん Před rokem

    Ps4 update

  • Maxwhalington
    Maxwhalington Před rokem

    I kind of wish that spring burst wasn’t automatic, like rigged to a button or something

  • bloopblob
    bloopblob Před rokem

    What about if you stop self-caring to let a friend heal you? It’s probably just better to make the self-care heal regress slowly over time

  • Ahgora
    Ahgora Před rokem

    Fortnite can come out with an update every week or 2 on console. You mean to tell me it takes several weeks just for Microsoft to clarify the update?

  • jesternario
    jesternario Před rokem

    The Killers could use some power gain. They've been fairly toothless for a good while now.

  • B Nutz
    B Nutz Před rokem

    How about a nerf on BBQ's sight after hanging someone. Or make Sole Survivor be 100% at 2 dead. Killers strongest things never get nerfed or changed but there's no problem making survivors have to adapt every patch lol. You pretty much see 2 killers high rank, billy and nurse. Rework billy's chainsaw movement speed or something... and rework the nurse somehow to need to recharge blinks or reduce the amount of them they can have. Balance needs to be done on both sides here folks.

  • uNderverse One
    uNderverse One Před rokem

    alright cancer updates as usual, what next, remove pallets and windows next? increase gens repairing time next?
    (Uninstalling game and pre-order Deathgarden)

  • roberto Morales
    roberto Morales Před rokem

    Add 6 killers : Sam from trick r treat , Pennywise from it , ghostface from scream , Jason from Friday the 13th , Chucky from Child's play , Samara from the ring

    BASEBALL PRO554 Před rokem

    I know this has nothing to do with a killer but hopefully when f13 dies we will get the license for jason because I love both games so jason in dbd would be grest

  • Kacper Ferenc
    Kacper Ferenc Před rokem

    Proszę dbd official zrubcie nowego killer którym będzie wilkolak on będzie umiał biegać na czterech łapach a jednym z jego perków będzie że 1 surv na początku gry będzie ranny a survivorem będzie nauczycielka Christina ona jednym z jej perków będzie nauczenie survką jednego swojego peruka np selfcured jeśli się spodobało napiszcie w komentarzu a powiem wam więcej informacji na ten temat

  • The Cape Crusader
    The Cape Crusader Před rokem

    Best question here! When TF! You guys gonna release 2.0.0 on PS4!!!!!

  • The Tiger boy
    The Tiger boy Před rokem

    Pls do on ps4 put the clown

  • King Slug
    King Slug Před rokem

    Plz DbD plz BUFF FREDDY BEFORE I UNINSTALL THE GAME. Why do u buff trapper before him. Plz notice this for your plsyer base

  • Asterios Gkougkoulias
    Asterios Gkougkoulias Před rokem +1

    If u are gonna nerf the exhaustion perks from the survivor, atleast nerf the bloodlust cause the survivor wont have any hope to survive (the sprint perks are the only hope of escaping)

  • BlackMoonGer
    BlackMoonGer Před rokem +1

    thanks for destroying the game. :,( you kill two of the most important perc´s. if the update come out i quit the game.

  • Dominick Pleasant
    Dominick Pleasant Před rokem +1

    Damn might as well get rid of decisive strike if you can only stun them for 3 seconds. Usually the odds of another survivor helping you out is slim. And if a killer has iron grasp on OOOOOF, iron grasp would just easily consume your decisive strike