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I Got SECRET Dark Matter BANANA in Pet Simulator X..

  • čas přidán 29. 11. 2022

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  • MrEgg
    MrEgg  +3

    A normal banana is for 35t i dont know what dark matter adds on to it

  • bartseba410 !

    Let's all just appreciate all the kids days ruined by this guy

  • Eason ng playz

    i like how he keeps lying that he doesnt see a huge hippomelon running around


    Hi digito

  • Moonbeku

    the dark matter banana got duped a lot so it's not even that rare anymore

  • just a random guy on the internet

    So we ain't gonna talk about the hippomelon

    NOONVV  +5

    "Wow dark matter banana"

  • Nora Lee

    Keep up the great work :) :D

  • Khrystyna Friend

    I was the baller dude when he was giving away exclusives I can afford a huge hell rock now because of digito. Thanks Digito!

  • scribbles2134

    How get it?

  • mick kelsey

    Huge hippomellon casuly running around

  • Cree_bo

    Is the banana still obtainable?

  • Leizel Felecia

    Hi digitoo I love your videos

  • Neda Magic

    YOOOOOO THATS SO RARE BTW BOTS BE LIKE:Let's just appreciate how much of work and time he put into these videos 💘💘

  • Bacon
    Bacon  +2

    Get him to 10 million cuz he is very interesting to watch 🤩

  • Makkiebobo

    If normal banana is 12.5T then dm banana would be around 600T+

  • Demonic and King of Darkness

    I was just gonna eat my banana and i saw this video 😂

  • Yosef Ameer Narvaez

    “Noooo i dont want this pets!” I saw a 3 grim reapers when plush wanted a dark matter and normal banana.

  • MysticalMagma

    Another one of my fave CHclipr hits