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What Is Real Truth?


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  • JoshSketchShow
    JoshSketchShow Před rokem +146

    This video came out at an astoundingly coincidental time in my life right now.
    I've been 100% certain in my faith for the past 8 years from high school to the end of college, and through the past few weeks, I've started to fight doubts that have never, ever come before me until now.
    I've been questioning my faith. I don't disagree with the Church on any moralistic matter at all, as they've explained their stances and it all makes sense theologically and rationally, but my doubt comes from the idea that I should be taking what is said long ago or by some that I don't even know as "true", whether its if God's existence, if my prayers mean something, if everything really has objective meaning, or if nothing matters.
    I don't want to lose my faith. At all. Without God, there's nothing to live for, and people tell me doubts are normal, but I want to go back to having confidence again; I want to go back to looking at the icons of Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother and not feeling guilty or sad, thinking that "maybe there is no God".
    Please help me, and pray for my eased mind. I want to go back to normal.

    • simon slater
      simon slater Před 3 měsíci

      Please watch the warning or illumination of conscience by Christine Watkins. Then The Papacy can NOT be destroyed. Then Following Padre Pio. Then Don’t call protestant’s Christian! God bless. Praise Jesus and Mary always!!!

    • Chigozirim Ejinkeonye
      Chigozirim Ejinkeonye Před rokem +1

      Going through the exact same thing. I'll pray for you

    • StuberFilmz
      StuberFilmz Před rokem

      Brother I have gone thru similar thoughts these last couple of weeks as well...all I can say is if you are able, go to confession, and attend mass...pray the Mary undoer of knots novena...and bring all of your worries to God, dont hide a single fear from him...he loves you and he will set you free...May God Bless you! We are in this together!

    • MrsS
      MrsS Před rokem

      If you recently finished college you know that there are tests and there are exams. I think this is a test. I’m guessing something profound happened recently where are you were grateful to God or told people about what happened and gave credit or praise to God or something like that. Somehow you shared and magnified your understanding and presence of God in your life. When that happens, never be surprised that something challenging comes right afterward because the devil likes to lie to you. Go back through your life recent or otherwise and remember what God has done for you in the past, saved you from sickness or give you insight when you need it most as to what to do etc.Tell God you remember his love and you need his help as he has given it before.

    • AlaskaAir
      AlaskaAir Před rokem +1

      Take the long road, be patient. The reason you feel uncertainty is because you are in learning mode (we are all most of our lives). God will reveal all in time, just be patient. Praying for your discernment and patience. 👍

  • StormBreaker
    StormBreaker Před rokem +248

    Jesus bless all those who read this.

    • Coconut Pete
      Coconut Pete Před rokem

      @Karen B remember, Jesus hung out with the sinners more than anyone

    • Karen B
      Karen B Před rokem

      Jesus bless you❤️

    • Coconut Pete
      Coconut Pete Před rokem

      And even the people that downvote it

    • Shane Holloway
      Shane Holloway Před rokem

      Thank you, may blessings be upon you as well.

    • Łukasz Magiera
      Łukasz Magiera Před rokem


  • Viking XD
    Viking XD Před rokem +51

    "Truth cannot be manufactured, it can only be discovered."

    • Karol Nava Jimenez
      Karol Nava Jimenez Před rokem +1

      @Jennifer McMinn
      I'm curios to ask, what are some "lies" he has told his followers? From what I know, and being a catholic, he has been right about many things and stands for the objective truth that human live begins at conception and that abortion is murder, thanks!!

    • Joshua Leboeuf
      Joshua Leboeuf Před rokem +2

      @Jennifer McMinn Let's not make this political lol. We're talking about the faith. Not Trump, or Biden or any of that.

  • lovelast4ever Gemma
    lovelast4ever Gemma Před rokem +26

    I definitely have to listen to this again but I think it is that Truth is Truth even if no one believes it!!!

    • Stephen Merritt
      Stephen Merritt Před rokem +1

      That's right. Just like a crime scene for example, the evidence actually points to a singular set of events. There is only one narrative that is true out of many possible narratives.
      Facts are true but not 'truths' in of themselves.

    • Gaza Gxrl \x/
      Gaza Gxrl \x/ Před rokem +2


  • Fr Sajith Solomon Albert Official

    God bless you abundantly father🙏

  • Christophe WAKIM
    Christophe WAKIM Před rokem +67

    Hey guys pray for me and I am praying for you❤️🙏🏼✝️

  • asger djernis khan
    asger djernis khan Před rokem +3

    Thank you for doing this video. I talked to girl the other day, and she was arguing that all truth is subjective. I will share this immediately.

  • Geraldine Dion
    Geraldine Dion Před rokem +1

    Again, this is bang on Father Mike! Beautifully explained, and very easy to understand, well put together! It definitely helped me, as I needed to hear this. And it's also comforting, and now I'm a little bit better equipped. May God continue to bless you, Father Mike!

  • Francois van der Merwe
    Francois van der Merwe Před rokem +2

    This spoke right into my heart. Thank you Fr. Mike.

  • Karen Andrews
    Karen Andrews Před rokem +2

    Love you way of explaining things! Simple yet profound!

  • N Wright
    N Wright Před rokem +5

    I love Fr Mike's enthusiasm and his smile !

  • ryousseph30
    ryousseph30 Před rokem +1

    Praying for you Fr Mike and all the people at Ascension. You guys are awesome!

  • 555yrty
    555yrty Před rokem +67

    Pray for me and also pray for the people in China.

    • Sigit L
      Sigit L Před rokem

      @Yeg0r7 Ikr nothing wrong with people in china. People always have bad stereotype with the communist party....

    • Yeg0r7
      Yeg0r7 Před rokem

      Why for the people in China?

    • Talitha Koum
      Talitha Koum Před rokem +3


  • Siel Sounds
    Siel Sounds Před rokem +1

    I forward your videos to so many people. Even if I know the answer to a question, I know that you'll answer it far more charitably than I will!

  • bikuuesaka2008
    bikuuesaka2008 Před rokem

    In my prayers this morning, I was asking for clarity around the subject of “your truth” vs “my truth” vs “the truth”. Then this video popped up in my recommended. Thank you Lord and thank you Fr. Mike for making these videos 😇

  • Mahal Nyo Mahalin Trejo
    Mahal Nyo Mahalin Trejo Před rokem +1

    Thank you, Fr. Mike! God bless everyone!

  • I O
    I O Před rokem +5

    I think it is difficult accept objective truth when it conflicts with my beliefs, opinions, feelings, or preferences.
    I really like Father Mike Schmitz.

    • I O
      I O Před rokem

      @Kaye Stover Is that pride that causes that? Sometimes I think feelings, emotions, opinions, and preferences are useless

    • Kaye Stover
      Kaye Stover Před rokem

      Truth certainly can hurt.

  • jasper vinodh
    jasper vinodh Před rokem +1

    Thank you Father Mike. Father how do we understand Jesus's statement about Himself when He said I am the Truth. Is it subjective, objective or moral truth? What is moral truth? Thank you. God bless you

  • Angela Lemos
    Angela Lemos Před rokem +1

    As always you went with wisdom and TRUTH, and your description of what could be done for of subjective truth (opinions etc) is the perfect answer especially for today's society trying to pretend like objective truth and facts don't exist because they don't like it or cuz it's not convinient 🙄🙄🤪👏👏

    EBIN SAJU Před rokem +7

    Pray for India, we are still in lockdown 😔

  • lovelast4ever Gemma
    lovelast4ever Gemma Před rokem +2

    Thank You Father Mike💜✝️💜

  • Paul Gibbons
    Paul Gibbons Před rokem +3

    God bless all Fr Mike's viewers. I guess you need it. 🙏🏻

  • Aimee Marshall
    Aimee Marshall Před rokem +21

    I’m really not sure I understand what Fr. Mike is talking about, but I think I’m suppose to order a pizza and re-watch this video.

    • AllAboutTruth
      AllAboutTruth Před rokem +1

      If you ordered pepperoni pizza because that is your truthful preference, and the delivery guy gave you a vegetarian pizza and refuses to refund you for the order because he believes you shouldn't eat meat, then you'll get what Fr. Mike is talking about.

    • Shefali Bali
      Shefali Bali Před rokem +3


    • M dL
      M dL Před rokem +5

      LOL. Get Papa John's AND Dominos. Objective truth is that you have pizza from two different companies, subjective truth is that you like one more than the other... Pizza always solves confusion in my house 😄😄.

    • TreeAnnie
      TreeAnnie Před rokem +6

      LOL! 🍕🍕🍕

  • Mary Michael
    Mary Michael Před rokem +1

    😂😂😂"wisdom Speaks...!" Father Mike you are so hilarious... yet can convey it to the point..😘!

  • Agaligai Antony
    Agaligai Antony Před rokem

    Very well explained Fr. God bless you for revealing truely what is truth?

  • Linda Frick
    Linda Frick Před rokem

    Love this explanation.....and Dr.Sri's commentary on Pilate asking the same question! No Greater Love Study ❤

  • Joy Young
    Joy Young Před rokem

    Thank You father Mike. God Bless You!

  • Richie
    Richie Před rokem +1

    Truth helps clarify the reality. Thanks Fr. Mike for explaining in detail.

  • Olivier I.M.
    Olivier I.M. Před 10 měsíci

    Thanks a lot father!
    May God bless you!

  • Nata
    Nata Před rokem

    Thanks for all the videos father they really help

  • HakxxaW Official
    HakxxaW Official Před rokem +1

    GOD bless this man.

  • Sharon Fuentes
    Sharon Fuentes Před rokem +3

    People justify breaking relationships and cancelling friendship based on subjective truth(feelings, opinions, preferences). Then they accuse you of being offensive. This is very painful. Thanks for this talk Fr. Mike!

    • M
      M Před rokem

      So true! Especially nowadays between people who vaccinate & people who don't want it. 98% recovery rate from covid. People need to care more about each other & their souls 💗🙏✝️

  • Mary CS
    Mary CS Před rokem

    Hello Fr. Mike. I've been wondering this for a while if someone had some questions they wanted to ask you what would be the best way to do it?

  • MrsS
    MrsS Před rokem +1

    Thank you father Mike. I get so tired of people saying well that’s your truth. I explain to them that there is my experience or my opinion or my preference, as you illustrated here, but there’s only one truth and it comes from God. They don’t like it.

  • Carol Hannah
    Carol Hannah Před 8 měsíci

    Brilliant! I think I now understand the subjective/objective thing but I may have to watch again to make sure. God needs everyone.

  • Patrick Mooney
    Patrick Mooney Před rokem +1

    Great topic and discussion. God Bless.

  • Sara Anić
    Sara Anić Před rokem

    Love that you talked about philosophy and logic.

  • brendan q
    brendan q Před rokem +1

    I was just making a comment about this to my wife when we were watching the senate confirmation hearings today. Ask and you shall receive!

  • Kerrie Holian
    Kerrie Holian Před rokem +40

    No such thing as "This is my truth" relating to reality.

      BEN CALVERT Před rokem

      @Mcon There are no secret truths in the Bible. Zero. Real theology comes from the Bible. Everyone and anyone that has Christ can get all the truths they want from God. It is called being led by the Holy Spirit. Mysticism is not on the list of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When a church takes advice from so-called mystics over the Bible then that church is wrong and lying to the people. What lies are those, that Mary was immaculately born, that she is a mediator to Jesus, that you eat and drink the real blood and flesh of Jesus. Those are all lies of the Catholic religion. None of them are found in the Bible.

    • Mcon
      Mcon Před rokem

      @BEN CALVERT oh no, I don’t mean occult mysticism, I am talking about prolific Catholic figures such as St. Augustine, St. Francis, and Thomas Aquinas, people who discovered real theology. Any deep study of them clearly show God as no-thing that is in the universe…and certainly not a old man in the sky who grants wishes. And when you say my church lies a lot I assumed you were Catholic…given you are watching a Catholic priests video lol so if you are not Catholic I’m sorry, keep your truth then, this truth the priest is taking about is strictly for Catholics, other Christian denominations don’t hold any real value to me so we don’t have anything else to talk about.

      BEN CALVERT Před rokem

      @Mcon Leviticus 20:6
      “If a person turns to mediums and necromancers, whoring after them, I will set my face against that person and will cut him off from among his people.
      Hebrews 13:8-9 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Do not be led away by diverse and strange teachings, for it is good for the heart to be strengthened by grace, not by foods, which have not benefited those devoted to them.
      We do not need mystics to tell us anything about God, Jesus, or what is in the Bible. We have the Holy Spirit to do that. Your mystics do not have or know the Holy Spirit.

      BEN CALVERT Před rokem

      @Mcon Your church lies a lot. Jesus alone is Truth. Jesus alone is the only truth that leads to God and Salvation. No other religion can do that. Your mystics are lying to you also.
      1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
      1 Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons,
      Deuteronomy 18:10-12 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

    • Mcon
      Mcon Před rokem

      ​@BEN CALVERT The Church does teach that there is truth to be found in all religions, Only that they have the "Fullness" of truth which is arguable, based on your knowledge of God, even Christian Mystics such as Meister Echhart have seen the fullness of truth, which frankly is not what is taught at the pulpit from any catholic priest, and I don't belive he "Helped" create the Universe like some Co-God. Jesus was God so he created, not co-created.

  • terryfriend16
    terryfriend16 Před rokem

    Very nice, thank you ❤

  • Diego Kelty
    Diego Kelty Před rokem

    Perfect starting point, thanks father 👍

  • frankg461
    frankg461 Před rokem

    Great job explaining

  • JD Hernandez
    JD Hernandez Před rokem

    Father, I have been banging my head for a few years already around this topic... Truth.. universal truth. Is there any blog or forum where this question can be discussed in a rigorous manner?. Please extend the discussion in a future video!

  • Tina Bejarano
    Tina Bejarano Před rokem

    Thank you for this!!!!

  • Mary Bailey
    Mary Bailey Před měsícem

    I wish I could have expressed this as clearly as you have. In a “discussion” with my adult daughter, she said it depends on her “prism”. I said that doesn’t make it true. I should have said it is not an objective fact that is true.☺️

  • Samuel Blakeney
    Samuel Blakeney Před rokem +3

    This is a really important topic today and vital to proper evangelism. I'm going to use many of these principles in my faith formation classes this fall! Thank you Fr. Mike and Ascension!

    • Tom Andrews
      Tom Andrews Před rokem

      @Samuel Blakeney Well if there's good reason to be convinced, then I'll be convinced. The question I'm interested in though is why you're convinced, my opinion doesn't really matter here. That's fine if you don't feel comfortable sharing, I'd just encourage you to really think deeply about whether you have good reason to think those experiences were actually caused by God.

    • Samuel Blakeney
      Samuel Blakeney Před rokem

      @Tom Andrews well, again. That's faith, isn't it? You didn't experience it so who's to say you'd believe what I have to say. That being said, I am always encouraged to help share my faith. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable sharing my experiences in a CHclip comment section. They have all felt private, but that may be me just being selfish. I have so much to learn and a long way to grow. I feel my story is similar to that of another Samuel in that I am continually being called by God to do something. I'll pray on this and if I feel like I'm meant to share my experiences I will.
      I'll pray that your faith and mine are strengthened together through this.
      John 20: 29 "...Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed."

    • Tom Andrews
      Tom Andrews Před rokem

      @Samuel Blakeney Can you describe these first hand manifestations and miracles? I don't disbelieve that you have experienced something, but what is your evidence that it was actually God manifesting, or that the miracles were produced by God?

    • Samuel Blakeney
      Samuel Blakeney Před rokem

      @Tom Andrews I'm honestly not sure how I'd feel or change if given proof that historical accounts were untrue. However, the personal accounts are my own. I have been blessed with first hand manifestations and small but undeniable miracles that cannot be proven false, because I experienced them. Even with that, I still struggle with faith, as we all do. That's why an increase in faith is part of my daily prayers.

    • Tom Andrews
      Tom Andrews Před rokem

      @Samuel Blakeney If it were shown that these historical accounts or personal testimonies were not true or didn't really happen (I'm not say they aren't, I'm just asking hypothetically) would you still maintain your faith that all of Christianity is true?

  • Brother Roop teaches the Bible

    The Word of God is truth. Nothing else.

    • john paul
      john paul Před rokem

      @BEN CALVERT Well Ben while i might not be real smart, I know where to get the best interpretations Fr mike is one of my favorites and also Fr Barron. But sense God is Truth there can be only one correct interpretation. Your explanation of Noah is not right because Our God is not contradictory and God would not harm not even one of his little innocent children. But your close to understanding the Noah story when you wrote "it was a Small world back there not millions of people"

      BEN CALVERT Před rokem

      @john paul I replied to your statement about Noah.

    • Gaza Gxrl \x/
      Gaza Gxrl \x/ Před rokem

      @john paul There doesn't needs to be a God for 1+1 to equal 2. Truth is truth...

    • john paul
      john paul Před rokem

      @Gaza Gxrl \x/ no because God is the original author of all truths

    • john paul
      john paul Před rokem

      @BEN CALVERT Your right i'm not very smart.

  • Dominic Souder
    Dominic Souder Před rokem +1

    As a firm believer in objective truth, an understander of subjective preferences, and a hater of the misleading sin of moral relativity, I have a few thoughts to add for conversation sake:
    1.) In the human, material sense I do believe things cannot be 2 opposing things at one (non-contradiction), but I do want to throw out the reality that Jesus was both fully human and fully God. Now, I don’t say this to prove non-contradiction is wrong with this reality, but to add to the divine mystery of the nature of God. Being the creator of our ability to even come up with the term “non-contradiction” shows us something...something that can be understood by relinquishing the perfect ability to understand the Trinity. What I’m clarifying is that paradox may seem like contradiction, but don’t confuse it with that. Paradox is in fact true and what I believe to be the gateway to Wisdom. Food for thought. On that note, my next point.
    2.) The visible doesn’t totally constitute what is real. I believe Chesterton touches on this when he writes about how the most rational men leave space for the irrational-what he was describing is the virtue of humility which is the gateway of faith. To illustrate the same point, but in a more rational approach, let’s think of what a philosopher would say and how an empiricist would respond.
    A philosopher would say that the world is 99% invisible, invisible meaning, the space in-between everything-the void, space. A scientist would say “yes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be seen or understood, we just haven’t figured out the means to test it yet.”
    I’m saying all this because I’ve observed the tendency in American Catholicism, which has sadly become more of a political orientation, to bind to the realities of material objective truth. I would say this is much more of a conservative point of view. Not necessarily wrong, but not necessarily right.
    On the other hand there are those that prescribe much more to the “invisible” truths as absolutes. Think of the tendency of the left- winged ideologies to glorify emotion over objective, more “material” truths (an example of a fetus not being considered human upon conception because people would rather worship comfort of not having responsibility over the reality that can be proven that a fetus, even in the earliest stage of its existence, is in fact a human being).
    What I’m getting at is that there is the middle way, the path in-between, where the subjective truth and the objective truths can align, but it takes a soul who seeks wisdom rationale. Wisdom being the attitude “I don’t know so many things because the world is in fact mostly invisible, I am not God, and I am a feeble human,” while rationale is the attitude of “things can be known and I do in-fact know things because I see them right in front of me.” Again, I don’t think the necessarily disprove non-contradiction, but proves paradox to be something to ponder and contemplate.
    These are my thoughts! Thank you for the video, father.

  • Tigerseye Heart
    Tigerseye Heart Před rokem

    What a long lead-in up to 8:10 as to what this has to do with religion. It was worth the buildup. Thanks, Father Mike. You have a beautiful heart and a beautiful brain. Oh, and a beautiful Spirit too. 🤗

  • Miirii Nada
    Miirii Nada Před rokem +5

    The truth is what is. Based on that (great) definition, there is neither "one's truth" nor "subjective truth". Those are personal opinions, perceptions, bias and tastes, making "objective truth" nothing more than a pleonasm. But firstly, there is the Truth, Who Is.

  • Feu De La Croix
    Feu De La Croix Před rokem +54

    I wish the Lord would make a million Father Mike clones and send them to every parish in the world.
    But wait, that's exactly what he's doing with the Father Mike on our screens 🤔

      BEN CALVERT Před rokem

      @Tonino Belimussi No, priest is perfect. Not even Mike.

    • Tonino Belimussi
      Tonino Belimussi Před rokem

      God is above cloning: He can create a billion perfect priests, no need to clone anyone living.

    • Wes Hurd
      Wes Hurd Před rokem

      It isn't the same as face to face though. Don't mistake the "hyper real" for the real

    • Wesley
      Wesley Před rokem +3


  • Rufino TY
    Rufino TY Před rokem

    Fr. Mike you said, "A statement that is true if it is in accord with reality." Since God is the Absolute Reality then, anything consistent with God is the Truth.

  • Martha Hawkinson-Michau
    Martha Hawkinson-Michau Před rokem +10

    Here are some more examples of subjective truth and objective truth:
    “I think Father Mike is a really cool guy!” Well, this is entirely my opinion, and therefore subjective. You can totally disagree with me. It’s also highly probable that you will agree with me as you may already be a fan of his. Either way, my opinion of Father Mike doesn’t have to be true for you for me to have that opinion. This is the essence of subjectivity.
    “Father Mike has blue eyes.” This is objectively true. If you didn’t see it watching the video the first time, go look again. Also, whether or not you are even able to see the color of a person’s eyes, it doesn’t affect that person’s eye color at all. A genuinely colorblind person might not know their own eye color, and it doesn’t change their eye color.
    (There are random, rare, and obscure conditions that can change a person’s eye color. If your eyes ever change color, go find a doctor-you’ll need one.)

  • Simoneit Says
    Simoneit Says Před rokem

    Favorite Fr. Mike video to date.

  • Joolz
    Joolz Před rokem

    Excellent explanation

  • John Paul Fitzpatrick
    John Paul Fitzpatrick Před rokem

    Good stuff 👏

  • Lenora Grimaud
    Lenora Grimaud Před rokem

    Thank you Father for speaking Truth. I pray that all priests and teachers will teach "what is" - objective truth - rather than subjective truth. The Church is becoming more and more divided today by both traditionalists and progressives because of the subjective truth that many teachers preach and the people that follow them. Luther and Calvin were right about some things, but they clung to their own subjective truths to the point of dividing the Church. St. Paul had to battle with "super apostles" who either wanted the church to return to the old religious practices and not embrace the Gospel of Jesus, rejecting the Apostles, or heretics that wanted to go beyond the Gospel of Jesus, claiming to be greater than God. I pray that the faithful will always love the Church and the Magisterium, even though the church has always included both saints and sinners. I hope we will all pray for Pope Francis, all of our Bishops (good and bad), and all our priests; as well as for Luther and Calvin.

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long Před rokem

    Thanks Father Mike.

  • Kerrie Holian
    Kerrie Holian Před rokem +5

    I am an English Instructor at a community college, and students constantly say, "Well, that is not my truth." 🤦🤦🤦🤦

    • Angela Lemos
      Angela Lemos Před rokem +1

      That would be a perfect example of lack of logic in today's society

    • look@theflowers
      look@theflowers Před rokem +2

      Yeah, I remember when I was young & stupid too. College kids think that they know everything.

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen Před rokem

    When I search CHclip, I find your chanel. I feel very happy because I can learn new words by watching videos.
    I come from Vietnam which belongs to Southeast Asia and I am a student at Sao Bien Major Seminary.
    I want to improve my English skills, so Can you help me?
    God bless you.

  • Francisco Napoleon
    Francisco Napoleon Před rokem +7

    Pray for Father James Altman. One of the true shepherds is under fire from hell's demons.

    • O G
      O G Před rokem

      Father Clay Hunt as well

    • Angela Lemos
      Angela Lemos Před rokem

      Amen am already 🌹🌹

  • Paul Culkin
    Paul Culkin Před rokem +3

    I'd love to see a video on how Jesus can be fully human and fully divine - I struggle to tie this concept in with everything else that was just discussed

    • Nicholas Bishop
      Nicholas Bishop Před rokem +1

      @Angela Lemos Richard Rohr, also, confirms this.

    • john paul
      john paul Před rokem

      @Angela Lemos Here is some verses and what the catholic church has to say:Jn 1:14,18,10:33, Mt 11:27, Lk2:52, 1Tim 3:16, Phil 2:5-11, Heb 4:15, CCC456,461,463-477. 480-483

    • Brother Roop teaches the Bible
      Brother Roop teaches the Bible Před rokem +1

      @john paul yes, it's a mystery, we don't know, and that's okay, we don't need to know.

    • Angela Lemos
      Angela Lemos Před rokem +1

      @john paul that makes more sense since you didn't seem to be doubting before thanks for clearing that up

    • Angela Lemos
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      @john paul it's here if this is what you are referring to too 😊

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    Thankyou Father

  • Noah the Flowa
    Noah the Flowa Před rokem +1

    So true! There are many relativist young people today who don’t believe absolute truth exists. Jesus is absolutely True!

  • mdreiger
    mdreiger Před rokem +1

    Coincidence...yesterday I wore a shirt my sister gave me years ago, that I haven't worn for years. On the front it says, "Speak your mind even if your voice shakes!".

  • Tracy Luke
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    John 14:6 , 19:37

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    • Aodhfyn
      Aodhfyn Před rokem

      @Wesley Absolutely.

    • Wesley
      Wesley Před rokem +1

      Hear, hear! Lol life would be much more simple if we all just enjoyed it and each other...
      ...especially coffee

  • Winter’s Ghost
    Winter’s Ghost Před rokem

    Seek the truth of God’s nature to understand Him - His nature of endless love, kindness, patience, selflessness - and truth. As we learn His truths, we are drawn closer to him. Seek the truth. Seek all that is Him. People don’t do this enough. Shun all that is not him such as deception, lies and pride. Be totally truthful with each other. Do not tell partial truths. Do not withhold some truths to someone if you have the opportunity to tell them all truths. If you withhold even some information to somebody that would have helped them, then you have sinned because now they will suffer in some way because of your inaction. In other words; love others then you will want to treat them as you want to be treated yourself. These are God’s laws. To follow them will bring you in good favor of Him.

  • Chip B
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    The 8 people who disliked this video better get to confession before they to to church this week. 😉

  • wihehe
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    God is truth
    Man can't find truth, he must let the truth find him

    • Kaye Stover
      Kaye Stover Před rokem +2

      God can place within you the desire to seek truth.

    • wihehe
      wihehe Před rokem

      @Angela Lemos thx for Sharing
      I heard that from the story of saint agustine somewhere

    • Angela Lemos
      Angela Lemos Před rokem

      Second part would be incorrect seek and you shall find

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Před rokem +3

    Objective truth is factual and subjective truth is opinionated. Sometimes subjective truth is formed based on objective truth, but never vice versa.

  • Court Keeler
    Court Keeler Před rokem +1

    Question for Fr. Mike: how can a good thing come from a sin? For example, if two people have sex outside of marriage, and the girl gets pregnant, how can we explain how this "good thing" of life and of pregnancy came from this "bad thing" of fornication

    • O G
      O G Před rokem

      Steve Jobs, Willie Nelson are two modern examples of good things that came from sin. Lots of others to if you do some research on the subject

    • Angela Lemos
      Angela Lemos Před rokem +1

      Because the child is completely separate from the reason as to how she got here. She is an innocent soul. You also don't know what the person will become and do for the family and others. You don't know how the parents will be affected positively from the relationship etc I'm not Mike but I know the answer

  • Kerrie Holian
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    THANK YOU for telling people that TRUTH is not adjacent to what people think, know, or like. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    Jesus is Truth..... period...... end of story.

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    Wow! This was bizarre! 😳 There is Only one Truth...the "Truth" period!

  • Duane Crosson
    Duane Crosson Před rokem +1

    I agree with this video more than any other video that you have made. And more than any other video this video makes the most cogent argument against the existence of god. But first, Schodingler’s Cat would take exception to your argument on the principle of non-contradiction, that a thing can be and not be at the same time, it’s academic to you but life and death to the cat. To your point that god exists or he doesn’t exist based on the principle of non-contradiction.
    You believe that god exists is an objective truth because you believe, as a Catholic, that god exists. If god exists “all Christians are right”, but if god does not exist all Christians are wrong. So, your “club” swings both ways. Early on in the video you define objective truth as something that “is” independent of “whether I know it, like it or believe it”. This argument to can be phrased differently. An objective truth can be false whether you know it, like it, or believe it. In one of your examples (05:21) someone says it is snowing outside in August. Objectively, it is either snowing or not snowing. Why is, “it’s snowing in August” objectively true? It’s not objectively true because someone told me, it’s objectively true because I can prove it. “Prove it”, the chant that is the bane of all religions. If something exists, you can prove it. If you can’t prove god exists, you can’t say god objectively exists. Therefore, in your own words, god’s existence is a subjective not an objective truth. You believe that god exists because you grew up in a Catholic household. If you had grown up in a Muslim household, you’d be an Imam, in a Buddhist household, a monk, and if you grew up in a Jewish household, you’d be a Rabbi. It’s not about objective truth it’s about subjective perception. The response to “prove it” is almost universally, I have faith that god exists. Using the definition of faith as a “belief that is not based on proof”, belief in god is subjective.
    I don’t think that the difference between objective and subjective truth is a winning argument for you. All subjective truth is objective to the true believer. The winning argument is whether you like Starbucks or Seattle’s Best. Which ever you like best is objectively true to you. You can argue for your choice’s objectivity. But please, for god’s sake, don’t kill anyone or go to war over it. Also, your definition of mob rule is also called Democracy.

  • John R.T.B.
    John R.T.B. Před rokem +1

    The truth will ultimately lead to the ultimate, that is divine, good, who is God. If God is not good, or if some fools say there is no god, the only good is only wishful thinking and there is no point in searching for truth, because we have almost no power and authority over everything. Either things lead to God or not, and that is either they lead to the truth of and by Jesus Christ or not, that will tell you the truth. Because we have very very limited understanding and knowledge as humans, we have to believe from what is given and taught from the truth Himself, and He is God who is the divine ultimate good.

  • Dolores Wisecarver
    Dolores Wisecarver Před rokem +1

    Would you say the following statement is OBJECTIVELY true? Life begins at the moment of conception.

    • Angela Lemos
      Angela Lemos Před rokem +1

      Yes that is objective people can't have an opinion on that ✝️👍

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. Před rokem

    Jesus is true in a different way. He transcends subject/object distinction. He is the Eternal One.
    Thank you, God bless🌹
    "He is everywhere and nowhere, he is everything and nothing." -St. Gregory Palamas

  • Zerio648
    Zerio648 Před rokem +2

    Is there a difference between "my truth" and "my opinion", or do they mean the exact same thing?

    • Paul Garcia
      Paul Garcia Před rokem +1

      It depends on what one means by “my truth”, I would say. There is really only “THE truth” and “your opinion”. The phrase “my truth” is confusing, and doesn’t quite make sense when you think about it. People use the phrase “my truth” to talk about their unique beliefs. For example, a young girl may proclaim that her truth is that she is a boy, while THEE truth is that she is, in fact, a girl. So her truth is not truth at all, but rather her belief, which is at odds with the objective truth, aka, reality.
      So “my truth” and “my opinion” are different in that my truth means the belief I strongly hold, and “my opinion” is my thoughts on a thing that is subject to change. But they are the same in that they’re both not the objective truth, but a subjective thing.

  • Kare Bear
    Kare Bear Před rokem +3

    Could you do a video showing that God exists and that the Church is real? I realize its not a scientific proof but there is lots of evidence right?

    • Tom Andrews
      Tom Andrews Před rokem

      @Ben Thomsen That's dishonest argumentation. Even if the cosmological argument were valid/sound, it would only show that a first cause exists. You don't then get to claim that the Christian God exists because it is the first cause. The hard part is actually showing the supposed first cause is your Christian God.
      It's like saying that Bob the Bigfoot exists because we proved that hairy animals live in the woods. The conclusion doesn't follow.

    • Ben Thomsen
      Ben Thomsen Před rokem

      @Tom Andrews it does, but im not sure the CHclip comments are the best place to argue that out effectively. For reference check out the Summa Theologicae PI, Q2 A2 if you want a place to start out looking at why as it's meant to be a beginners guide to rational theology. Long story short though is the necessary/first principle of motion/principle of being has to be being and being means what at least Catholics mean by the word 'God'.

    • Tom Andrews
      Tom Andrews Před rokem

      @Ben Thomsen The cosmological argument does not address God.

    • Kare Bear
      Kare Bear Před rokem +1

      @Come As You Are Catholic Channel no i havnt! I will look into that! Thanks!!

    • Come As You Are Catholic Channel
      Come As You Are Catholic Channel Před rokem +1

      Have you read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis? It’s a great start.

  • Frank Skatez
    Frank Skatez Před 7 měsíci

    I’d push back on objective truth, because certain groups didn’t like being slaves or being segregated back in the day. So they fought for their rights, and now have the same access as other people here in America. So I would say objectively things can change whether you like it or not. It’s not always 100%

  • M M
    M M Před 8 měsíci

    “With God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26. What does that leave out? Nothing.

  • Steph -anie
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    “What is” sounds like a question to me

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    MATTHEW VERSE 23 13-15

  • normal jeans
    normal jeans Před rokem

    You mentioned more power. I could shut you up. I was doing something one day and realized that God has all this power and he doesn't abuse it. Awesomeness! My point is i wish people would leave the power to God and perhaps realize they don't have any real power. Mob rules? It does happen. I believe and I'm glad I am not the only one. My line of thought is political these days. In my own way I see the wrong becoming the right. The darkness becoming the normal. It isn't and I am glad my Master woke me up. Thank you Lord. Oh, I am not a Catholic. I am a believer.. Thanks for a good talk.

  • Augustus Autumn
    Augustus Autumn Před rokem

    There is no such thing as "subjective truth". The truth itself is an objective value. The example given about coffee is not an example of truth, just a matter of opinion.

  • pop
    pop Před rokem

    Objective truth is grounded only in God.
    Without God there is no objective truth or moral law. ...yet yet we all know when we're subjectively 'wronged'. So, yes this is a proof of an objective truth, which is a proof of God.
    'Our hearts are restless unless they rest in thee'

  • Micheal riggs
    Micheal riggs Před rokem

    Fr. Mike likes driving a little over the speed limit, so does that mean it is morally okay for me to drive over the speed limit.

  • Nain Ramos
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    Yes, in opinion Truth is true!

  • Grace-Anne Weisgerber
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    I wonder if he ever accidentally ends the video with “My name’s Father Mike and I can not wait to see you tomorrow” like in the daily podcast and then has to redo the whole thing

  • Marcus Chung
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    Is this in contrast to positive psychology ? I will put forth a hot button topic and would like to discuss, how do we apply the thinking methods by Fr.Mike in this video to this?
    Alex is having a discussion with Brian about pre-marital sex and morality. Alex could say that sex before marriage is objectively wrong but Brian could say it is good because it feels good, it bonds the couple together and it is a great stress reliever. The latter is right and wrong but wrong in this context because it is not done in the state of married life. A parallel analogy would be killing someone in cold blood VS killing an enemy in war.

  • Bertold Szekeres
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    The Truth is Love.

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