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Escaping Minecraft’s Funniest Prison...

  • čas přidán 13. 05. 2021
  • HryHry

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  • JackManifoldTV
    JackManifoldTV Před rokem +27166

    He's still handcuffed in big prison with me. I'd rather be with my wife..

  • TheJubilee
    TheJubilee Před měsícem +149

    Schlatt + Slimecicle will always be a legendary duo

    • Syles Maddox
      Syles Maddox Před 25 dny +12

      "Schlatt" always listens to his intrusive thoughts, and Charlie is intrusive thoughts.

  • Bucciarati
    Bucciarati Před rokem +697

    Seeing this prison map again after so many years is such a shot to the heart. Very nostalgic.

    • Bittercad
      Bittercad Před měsícem

      @Bogey yeah to quote him “Roses are red, violets are blue, bend over”

    • Bogey
      Bogey Před měsícem +1

      @Bittercad back when he didn't fake videos and wasn't a sell out

    • Bittercad
      Bittercad Před měsícem +3

      @GDO9099 nah Jerome was the best one.

    • GDO9099
      GDO9099 Před 2 měsíci +4

      @Froggie budder

    • Froggie
      Froggie Před 5 měsíci +11

      the old team crafted

  • Yeehaw Gaylord
    Yeehaw Gaylord Před 6 měsíci +218

    Charlie's energy as a guard is both horrifying and exactly the energy I want to show the world
    also the way schlatt and tubbo interact in this gives me a reason to live

  • hi...
    hi... Před 5 měsíci +68

    Alternate title: tommyinnit makes felonies 1000% funnier

  • Koogai
    Koogai Před rokem +4008

    Life is a flat circle man. Watching SkyDoesMinecraft do prison escape 8 years ago and now I'm here. The loop never ends

  • The Blackened King
    The Blackened King Před měsícem +7

    The higher ups soon found out about the crimes they committed in the prison, and sentenced them to death. And then dropped a nuclear bomb on Big Prison.

  • Gabrielle Goodwin
    Gabrielle Goodwin Před 9 měsíci +73

    Sometimes I think Schlatt is “The Enlightened Centrist” and then he’ll casually mention the fact that US prisons are private and therefore are for profit institutions and I think

  • Lord Edmund Blackadder
    Lord Edmund Blackadder Před měsícem +5

    Tubbo's arc is so pure

  • Entixvy
    Entixvy Před měsícem +5

    how the fu** did i handcuff myself? -famous words of a handcuffed man who did it himself named jschlatt

  • YourLocalNirvanaFan
    YourLocalNirvanaFan Před rokem +1336

    JSchlatt: The tired oldie
    Charlie: The overenthusiastic newbie
    Tommy: The one who just wants to leave
    Jack Manifold: The one who probably didn't get enough attention from his parents
    Tubbo: Teachers' pet

  • _/YourUsualHomie\_
    _/YourUsualHomie\_ Před rokem +36

    When Tommy said "I'm on two hearts" I got severe flashback of a tie in another prison in another server-
    And that was not a good time at all

  • Who gave John the camera?
    Who gave John the camera? Před rokem +31

    okay it's actually really cool to see the new youtubers doing the same thing the old ones did

  • Cody_Bluefin
    Cody_Bluefin Před 9 měsíci +17

    I love how everyone mistreats tommy in the video and targets him with everything. They all beat him up together and mess with him. Now just punish everyone else who swears.

  • CleaveOffClock
    CleaveOffClock Před 2 dny +1

    i really don't see how ppl find him annoying
    he's funny af

  • Alari The Aurora
    Alari The Aurora Před rokem +1310

    Jshlatt: Is in charge
    Charlie: threatening
    Tommy: Trying to escape
    Jack: Is just generally confused
    Tubbo: Teachers pet

  • the nugget man
    the nugget man Před měsícem +3

    "how the fuck- did i handcuff myself."

  • Aj X
    Aj X Před rokem +10

    This was the first TommyInnit video I ever watched, and I still watch it every time it comes up in my recommended, fuckin gold

  • radicaleraser
    radicaleraser Před 11 měsíci +10

    “Now you know what the Irish feel like”
    Schlatt, you have upset me, I am most likely SOBBING at the moment because of your harsh words 😔

  • Utahraptor5000
    Utahraptor5000 Před měsícem +1

    tommy, you've already had your alloted, *ONE* , goop

  • CommandGeek
    CommandGeek Před rokem +3058

    Oh yes, the nostalgia... but tommy makes it 1000% funnier

    • kek man
      kek man Před rokem

      the old ones were funnier honesty

    • raaagghhhh
      raaagghhhh Před rokem

      Why is your comment down here

    • Pixie
      Pixie Před rokem


    • Pixie
      Pixie Před rokem


    • Pixie
      Pixie Před rokem


  • The stupid girl
    The stupid girl Před měsícem

    I love this video :)))

  • LuigiBoi42
    LuigiBoi42 Před 2 měsíci +3

    So I decided to analyze everyone’s comedic roles:
    Charlie Slimecicle: MVC/Most Valuable Comedian
    JSchlatt: Man of few words who manage to get a chuckle out of everyone/Agent of Chaos #1.
    Tubbo: Wholesome boi.
    JackManifold: Agent of Chaos #2.

  • jaren
    jaren Před měsícem +2

    The last tommy innit viewer: 💀

  • AbyssNews
    AbyssNews Před 3 měsíci +3

    It’s scary how quick puns and memes come to Charlie’s head

  • WebKarma
    WebKarma Před rokem +818

    I'm getting nostalgia flashbacks to when SkyDoesMinecraft and his friends always used this prison for cops and robbers videos

  • Clementine
    Clementine Před měsícem +1

    I’ve been listening to a lot of your videos while studying for like 2 hours, thank you for entertaining me 😌

  • Uns33nbois
    Uns33nbois Před rokem +2

    god just seeing the old prison brings back so much memories, the nostalgia hit hard

  • Splashmasters
    Splashmasters Před 2 měsíci +1

    He made my day when being sicker then ever in my life! I had sad days only, but he made me smile and laugh! Thanks Tommy!

  • Schlanket
    Schlanket Před měsícem

    I’m sorry.. but how did I genuinely get irritated by Tubbo’s character

  • Odd Sweed
    Odd Sweed Před rokem +936

    Skydoesminecraft nostalgia hitting me harder than anything I've been hit with before

    • McWater
      McWater Před rokem

      Harder than being hit by a truck, eh?

    • Cera M
      Cera M Před rokem

      I know right

    • Anxious_Ace__
      Anxious_Ace__ Před rokem


    • Goldie221
      Goldie221 Před rokem


    • Deathless Snek
      Deathless Snek Před rokem

      Excluding all the abusive Dad jokes about Sky, as an og fan it actually hurts to have nostalgia like this when things are so different now. I feel like a damn boomer

  • honeybun
    honeybun Před rokem +2

    tommy i just wanted to say you are the most amazing funny beautiful STUNNING hilarious youtuber and you've always been my favourite in the dream smp and you don't deserve any hate from any idiots and you are the best. seriously you make me feel better when i'm sad you are like a cure. thank you so much for existing you have many loving fans out there so ignore the haters.

  • Badass Queen
    Badass Queen Před měsícem

    Tommy can i play with you in one of the challenges plsss

  • •Cheshire Eclipse•
    •Cheshire Eclipse• Před 8 měsíci +1

    "now you know what the Irish feel like"
    As someone who has alot of irish in them i can confirm 👍

  • BluesWildfires
    BluesWildfires Před měsícem +3

    This is so passive aggressive but funny at the same time.

  • cyka blyat
    cyka blyat Před rokem +2503

    Only OGs remember how nostalgic this map is.

    • Piper Sinkler
      Piper Sinkler Před rokem


    • Piper Sinkler
      Piper Sinkler Před rokem

      @ash SAME DUDE

    • DaBomb416
      DaBomb416 Před rokem

      The og. Prison escapes

    • ✨MĘMËŠ✨
      ✨MĘMËŠ✨ Před rokem


    • Ducko
      Ducko Před rokem

      I know exactly what u were talking about skydoesminecraft was so amazing!

  • Wise 89
    Wise 89 Před rokem +2

    3:13 can we take a moment to talk about the fact that Tommy has knowledge of one of my favourite PS2 games by using its music :D
    (Star trek: shattered universe)

  • sunburst27
    sunburst27 Před 8 měsíci +2

    Plot twist: 2 years after jack went to prison, his wife has moved on and re married
    And when jack reached Argentina, he met his wife on the beach when she was on her honeymoon with her new husband

  • 57days Productions
    57days Productions Před 9 měsíci +3

    I come back to this video every 2 or 3 months, and every time the "boy catcher" bit gets me.

  • CloudiestStatue👑🎗
    CloudiestStatue👑🎗 Před rokem +4

    Damn I miss this map :(
    So many memories with bajan and the crew

  • Karim Samra
    Karim Samra Před rokem +1845

    Only OG’s remember Team Crafted + this prison

    • Supreme Elliod
      Supreme Elliod Před rokem

      Club ice very nice😔😔😔

    • Danny Brady
      Danny Brady Před rokem

      Always reminder captin sparklez sundee and like 5 other people playing this map

    • Kircen
      Kircen Před rokem

      @CatFighter same

    • Jess Galloway
      Jess Galloway Před rokem

      Stop. I literally watched them all the time

    • kasenjia
      kasenjia Před rokem

      Really tho- shit man the modded videos tho hit different

  • FERNTH3HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FERNTH3HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Před 3 měsíci +1

    I was hoping so badly for Tubbo to get out the whole time lol

  • animesubya
    animesubya Před 6 měsíci

    Seeing this prison again...... I was genuinely shocked when I saw it in the intro. So many memories, so many laughs. Life is shit nowadays and..... god damnit seeing this just put my soul at peace for now. I miss the old times

  • TiredThomas
    TiredThomas Před 11 měsíci +3

    When I found out that Tommy was still making video's I jumped out of bed in excitement 😮🤣

  • Gracieloo Freebush
    Gracieloo Freebush Před 4 měsíci

    Tommy, your videos are so funny I just love them. Keep it coming King!!

  • frogathy
    frogathy Před rokem +328

    this brought back ancient skydoesminecraft memories from the depths of my brain, that map is so nostalgic omg

    • Ayaya
      Ayaya Před rokem


    • LucioFGC
      LucioFGC Před rokem

      Ye 😢

    • Georgia [Technoholics]
      Georgia [Technoholics] Před rokem +1


    • Get rickrolled
      Get rickrolled Před rokem +3

      Same I miss those times I still sometimes watch house owner and max bc comfort youtubers and in their videos they talk abt things I like like anime video games different shows yk

    • Nikki
      Nikki Před rokem


  • 【Uredux】
    【Uredux】 Před 11 měsíci +2

    It’s been 8 months since this has been uploaded and I’m not a big fan of Tommyinit but this was on my fyp and once I saw the map I just started crying. So many memories bro

  • Dennis S.
    Dennis S. Před 7 měsíci

    Damn. Who else has a nostalgia trip just looking at the jail building?

  • Qenyatye
    Qenyatye Před 18 dny +1

    'Now you now what the Irish feel like.'
    I don't know whether to feel offended or impressed.

  • guy who reads
    guy who reads Před rokem

    I always have to turn my volume down about 90 notches when I go from another video to one that has Tommy in it 🤣🤣🤣. He's so loud and I love it

  • thatcheesepizzaguy
    thatcheesepizzaguy Před rokem +1245

    Tubbo: “I have been in this prison for 20 years!”
    Tommy: “How old are you?”
    Tubbo: “20!”
    That killed me

  • Davidoiu'
    Davidoiu' Před rokem +2

    i just realised the prison
    *nostalgia hit hard*

  • kang poshi
    kang poshi Před rokem

    i love it when tubbo just goes "I love big prison!"

  • NeonBunnies
    NeonBunnies Před rokem +1

    18:12 Could Tommy not aim for the lake? It seems close enough

  • LampNoob YT
    LampNoob YT Před rokem

    This is honestly one of Tommy's funniest videos ngl

  • Enrique Aquiahuatl
    Enrique Aquiahuatl Před rokem +330

    Tubbo, the most dangerous prisoner who had to be contained since birth, managed to manipulate the guards into letting him free. Now he's out there in the world. God have mercy on us.

    • RXT_drifty prod™️
      RXT_drifty prod™️ Před rokem +2


    • RAYMAN
      RAYMAN Před rokem


  • Sloaf
    Sloaf Před rokem

    I love how everyone just treats Tubbo like royalty. BECAUSE HE IS ROYALTY

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A Před rokem

    Man I still feel bad reading how Tubbo accidentally dropped the soap

  • Jacob the procrastinator

    Tubbo the most wholesome person ever

  • GR33N_M1N0R
    GR33N_M1N0R Před 6 měsíci

    This was actually one of the first videos of yours that I watched, Tommy. 😂

  • spicyykels
    spicyykels Před rokem +1510

    *closes eyes*
    “Hey guys it’s sky here welcome to another cops and robbers-”
    *opens eyes*
    “I am stuck in this HUGE prison and my only goal is to escape”
    I remember it like it was yesterday

    • xyzzy
      xyzzy Před rokem

      Exactly this. How was it so long ago?

    • clover_023
      clover_023 Před rokem +1

      “But if you close your eyes. Does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all?”

    • XxWolfPackxX
      XxWolfPackxX Před rokem


    • Rane InSpane
      Rane InSpane Před rokem

      i almost teared up reading this lmaooo

    • KiaraLopez
      KiaraLopez Před rokem

      For me I saw chrisandthemike :'(

  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S. Před rokem +1

    some people see it as a normal prison map.
    other people see their childhood.

  • Brooklandrivers
    Brooklandrivers Před 4 dny +1

    “so your a tory”
    *pulls gun*
    That’s the only correct reaction to that

  • Moon_The_Magical
    Moon_The_Magical  Před 6 měsíci +2

    Charlie brings so much humour to all of Tommy's videos!

  • Konzerva
    Konzerva Před rokem

    "I, Tommyinnit, have a dream of escaping a prison."

  • Cup of Moss
    Cup of Moss Před rokem +1

    I’m sorry but this exact prison map is giving me major flashbacks to my childhood

  • Gcjkufifof
    Gcjkufifof Před 10 měsíci +1

    Charlie is the best addition to Tommy’s videos

  • pieselo
    pieselo Před měsícem

    Its look more like school simulation

  • Devar Bourne
    Devar Bourne Před rokem

    Can we just appreciate the editor for this

  • Snoopdeeboop
    Snoopdeeboop Před rokem +342

    The nostalgia of watching this, all I could see was skydoesminecraft doing prison escapes on this map as they did this. Thank you Tommy :’)

  • Dazai’s Bandages
    Dazai’s Bandages Před rokem

    This was the first Tommy video I’ve watched and after 7 months I’ve returned to watch it

  • Grimm Ashley
    Grimm Ashley Před 6 měsíci

    Tommy, abused by the guards and looked down on by his brown-nosing prison mates, beat the odds, convinced Jack to help him, and left the prison, seeking to swim home to his wives.

  • Wolf
    Wolf Před rokem +1

    I’m shocked this prison hasn’t like upgraded and is still being used

  • DapperDog
    DapperDog Před 13 dny +1

    I can remember that prison so vividly from the JeromeASF videos

  • Joe
    Joe Před rokem +532

    In conclusion:
    Shlatt and Jack Manifold stayed in priston together and talked about life
    Tubbo and Charlie stayed on the end of the boat together and talked about life
    Tommy went to his wives

    • Pogfection
      Pogfection Před rokem +8

      @Official United States of America canon 1000%

    • Official United States of America
      Official United States of America Před rokem +21

      Canon ending: Tommy reaches a strange island called “The Dream SMP”, he was then later offered a job to be in a reality show.

  • Archie mcpherson
    Archie mcpherson Před rokem +3

    "you juice the goop and you slide the sludge, that's just how we do it here in big prison"

  • jamestodoodle
    jamestodoodle Před rokem +1

    Tubbo went from prison son to prison guard intern and that’s a … sentence

  • stevelacyfan
    stevelacyfan Před rokem

    Before watching this, i was like "is the ship at the end?" "Are the chests full of bread?"

  • YourGirlJerome
    YourGirlJerome Před 6 měsíci

    THE- The- The ending is amazing- Where Schlatt literally handcuffs himself- with Jack i guess

  • stamerz
    stamerz Před rokem +1815

    Real ones understand how nostalgic this map is

    THE PUPPETEER Před rokem

    I love how everyone abuses Tomy and blames him for everything

  • Nex
    Nex Před rokem

    this prison map hasnt been seen in 5 years. thought the series with team crafted was the last time itd ever see the light of day

  • xx9A9 xx
    xx9A9 xx Před 4 měsíci +1

    no one:
    Shlatt: How the fuck did I just handcuff myself?

  • 𝑈𝑚𝑎𝑖𝑧𝑎ℎ
    𝑈𝑚𝑎𝑖𝑧𝑎ℎ Před měsícem

    this prison map reminds me of mincraft misson from arazuhl_Hd or larsoderso or chaosflo44

  • AyoDen
    AyoDen Před rokem +11194

    Legend says Schlatt is still in those handcuffs to this day

    • TraceXPM
      TraceXPM Před 20 dny

      So does prison security footage

    • bildadbawi
      bildadbawi Před 20 dny


    • Jodan Luvs
      Jodan Luvs Před 24 dny


    • -AnnaWentMissing-
      -AnnaWentMissing- Před měsícem

      @DON'T!! omg! i will totally do that just cuz u said not to. OmG i GoT tRoLlOlLoLeD

    • Alphiii
      Alphiii Před měsícem


  • MuffinFluff
    MuffinFluff Před rokem

    Tubbo: * sends Jack flying into the air*
    Also Tubbo: WeeEEEeEEEee!

  • Vixxy_
    Vixxy_ Před rokem

    This was the first video I watched of the dream smp and now I’m obsessed

    RAT BOY Před měsícem +1

    Schlatt handcuffing himself at the end is fucking hilarious

  • DerpDernoXIII
    DerpDernoXIII Před 6 měsíci +1

    90% of tommyinnit watchers dont know what this map is

  • BashYourBro
    BashYourBro Před rokem +1266

    What we need is skydoesminecraft commenting “so you’re also a man of culture”

  • Average cereal enjoyer

    Tubo : goes to sit in the beds
    Also tubbo : non clips into the wall and now in the back rooms

  • Red_Coyo
    Red_Coyo Před 13 dny +2

    Tubbo: *whispers* I picked this up and no one noticed!
    Tommy: WA-WAIT A LEVER A-AS IN- SO WE CAN ESCAPE!!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Rachel Black
    Rachel Black Před 11 měsíci

    Is it weird that I watch Tommy’s videos at 19 years old? He’s just fucking hilarious

  • Pofaa
    Pofaa Před rokem

    can we all respect how he used giornos theme in the intro?

  • _Zaaya -T- D P_
    _Zaaya -T- D P_ Před rokem +496

    Tubbo being the innocent favorite child while simultaneously gaslighting and being a chaotic gaurd despite being an inmate is literally just so funny and unfair and funny lmaooo

    • 3 eu ero
      3 eu ero Před rokem


    • 3 eu ero
      3 eu ero Před rokem


    • bluetoothbutton23
      bluetoothbutton23 Před rokem +1

      @Tommylnnit ᨆ tommyinnit it is me crafting table

    • СоIе Веnnеt 🅥
      СоIе Веnnеt 🅥 Před rokem


    • Quackity stannn
      Quackity stannn Před rokem


  • JessTheBestest
    JessTheBestest Před rokem

    Oh man, this prison does give me nostalgia..

  • Obunga
    Obunga Před rokem

    I remember this prison map.. nostalgia is hitting home

  • Jaydn Street
    Jaydn Street Před rokem

    Charlie: “if u don’t back the fuck up imma give ur wife visitation hours!”
    Jack: “ahhHH AHHHH AHHH NO!”
    This shit made me laugh so much 😂😂😂

  • NeonBunnies
    NeonBunnies Před rokem +1

    This prison map gives off much nostalgia

  • Also Door
    Also Door Před rokem +1717

    POV: you saw that prison for the first time in years.. and you shed a small tear. Life truly is one big circle.