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Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier Pick Up Dick | The Dick Cavett Show


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  • Bebeto_7
    Bebeto_7 Před 4 lety +4512

    Imagine these two were your uncles...
    Coolest family ever

  • Nathanking99
    Nathanking99 Před 3 lety +2823

    The amount of charisma and charm Ali had is just unreal.

  • floyd thangwane
    floyd thangwane Před 3 lety +1726

    "to all the brothers, when it comes to one of these fellas trying to divide us we must unite". This man was always aware of his surrounds and worked his whit with consciousness, all the time.

    • Tony England
      Tony England Před 2 dny

      @Savage miks _"You're my enemy. My enemy is the white people"_ *(Muhammad Ali), 1967, said in anger, not jest)*
      _"There was no racism everything Ali said is true."_
      *(Savage miks, January, 2023)*
      The next time you complain about racism, remind yourself how you supported it just because that racism came from a black man.

    • Savage miks
      Savage miks Před 2 dny

      @Tony England there was no racism, everything Ali said is true although he was joking.

    • Tony England
      Tony England Před 2 dny

      @Savage miks Even you don't know what that comment means. Stop making excuses - and cheap excuses at that - for racism. And stop with the cheap insults to people just because you're supporting racism.

    • Savage miks
      Savage miks Před 2 dny

      @Tony England Richard Alva Cavett was jokingly making things up about Ali and Fraizer, Ali followed his jokes and responded acordingly and they all laughed about it including the audiance. You are the only one who is not getting their jokes. Go see a therapy bro

    • Zap Rowsdower
      Zap Rowsdower Před 7 dny

      Too bad they're all still trying to compete who has more attention n killin each other....

  • Tito Ramone
    Tito Ramone Před 3 lety +4044

    "Let's be friends for one minute just to get him!"

    • greenvilla7
      greenvilla7 Před 4 měsíci

      @Mike I agree 100%; especially when, Cavet mention that they looked like an Oreo cookie, so despite people saying Mohammed Ali was friends with Cavet, neither Ali or Joe were smiling or laughing after that comment.

    • Paulette Taylor
      Paulette Taylor Před rokem +2

      Lol 😂😂😂

    • Overhauledunderpaid
      Overhauledunderpaid Před rokem +1

      God that argument is such an internet thing to happen

    • wes276
      wes276 Před rokem +1

      Joe Frazier was cracking up 🤣🤣🤣

    • matteo
      matteo Před rokem

      @OPTIMUS PRIME you meant he was a Dick?

  • Herman Says..
    Herman Says.. Před rokem +369

    I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Frazier back in 1978 in Philly. I was at a deli about to order for me and son and in walks Joe Frazier. He was very friendly, struck conversations with everyone and in the end bought our lunch and also paid for everyone else. I will always remember how kind and genuine he was. RIP Joe and thanks for a wonderful memory that will last me a lifetime.

    • pkncdjuvdvxsr
      pkncdjuvdvxsr Před 2 měsíci

      Can't beat a deal like that

    • mark
      mark Před 7 měsíci +2

      thats nice

    • AlphaMaleJc
      AlphaMaleJc Před 8 měsíci +4

      Sheesh. But rip Joe Frazier.

  • AlbanianMuslimahReacts
    AlbanianMuslimahReacts Před 2 lety +452

    Even Joe cant resist Muhammads humor, he was really trying not to laugh but ended up laughing, honestly its immpossible not to feel sympathy for someone like Ali

    • eclipse
      eclipse Před 7 měsíci +1

      Not sympathy you meant to say respect or love , wrong choice of words

    • Ibn Afrika
      Ibn Afrika Před 8 měsíci +11

      Sympathy is the wrong word. Ali never asked anybody for sympathy. Ali was the Greatest: as a boxer, as a spokesman for peace, as an agitator for civil equality; and even when he retired he exuded class. I'm not a believer that Parkinson's was what affected him. Ali, nevertheless didn't retreat from the public gaze but fulfilled his duties as an elder statesman.

  • Johnpaul Kane
    Johnpaul Kane Před 4 lety +2242

    Joe is my favorite fighter of all time ..but you can't help but love Ali.he was something special.

    • Batty man
      Batty man Před měsícem

      @Lukas BarnesI think foreman doing as well as he did for as long as he did was what really impressed me

    • alan quintus
      alan quintus Před rokem

      @Lukas Barnes Ali and Frazier were big names a little bit before Foreman

    • Kevin
      Kevin Před rokem

      @Ascendant King Talk is cheap.....& if Ali couldn't be big enough to tell joe what he was apologising for, then it was empty & meaningless. Joe was very clear about his feelings toward ali, he never forgave him. how he treated joe, how he tried everything he knew to publicly humiliate & manipulate the public's perception of joe was not just a bit of trash talk to promote ticket sales. He was at his most fervent & & outspoken phase of his involvement with the NOI & he wanted to ridicule joe (HW Champ) because he did not share his devotion to Elijah and the black muslim movement.

    • Kevin
      Kevin Před rokem

      @Sleepwalking Productions Joe gave Ali his first loss. Ali sincerely promised that if Joe beat him, he'd hang up his gloves. Ali was a great man..... no one ever quite like him, but he was heavily flawed, unable to resist temptation, easily influenced & consequently exploited & fickle. He was often deeply caring & immensely kind at times but equally cruel, hateful & spiteful at other times. He fathered 9 children from 5 mothers. He was bigger than life & too tough for his own good....

    • Ascendant King
      Ascendant King Před rokem

      @Kevin in 2001 on a telephone interveiw from Wildwood, N.J. joe accepted the apology and said "I'll accept it, shake his hand and hug him when I see him. We're grown guys. Why we been biting off bullets? We have to embrace each other. It's time to talk and get together. Life's too short."

  • Rick Tu
    Rick Tu Před 3 lety +2654

    Why old shows are more entertaining than today shows?

    • Glenn Brathwaite
      Glenn Brathwaite Před 8 dny

      there was respect !

    • Blkstar
      Blkstar Před 23 dny

      Because you could joke about anything without the fear of getting cancelled and society wasn't pussyfied

    • chris bee
      chris bee Před 26 dny +1

      because nobody was really a snowflake back then

    • Man Like Bango
      Man Like Bango Před měsícem

      Because back then people stood for something nowadays it's all about who goes viral

    • Rumham12
      Rumham12 Před měsícem

      The world is too politically correct for talk shows

  • Muhammad Tariq
    Muhammad Tariq Před rokem +757

    Muhammad ali
    Level of shyness :0%
    Level of fear:0%
    Level of confidence :100%
    Level of entertainment :100%

    • Ajith Kumara
      Ajith Kumara Před měsícem

      Yes.. he's unreal .... got pretty face and beautiful heart too

    • Dan Fernandes
      Dan Fernandes Před měsícem

      Level of back stabbing and joining terror organisations: 100%

    • Carol Ann Moore
      Carol Ann Moore Před 5 měsíci

      @Antony Foote .. amen

    • Carol Ann Moore
      Carol Ann Moore Před 5 měsíci

      @Underrated Boxer .. wrong. Ali was beauty in motion

    • didgeridoo
      didgeridoo Před 7 měsíci

      And you 100% don't understand percentages

  • Universal_Wisdom
    Universal_Wisdom Před 2 lety +190

    Nobody will match this amount of sportsmanship, charisma, integrity, and personality. I speak about BOTH Ali and Frazier when I say that. What a couple of gents.

  • Charlie Morris
    Charlie Morris Před rokem +52

    Dude. Imagine being able to say you were lifted up by two heavyweight champions on live TV. Legendary.

  • Bee Jay Pio
    Bee Jay Pio Před 3 lety +132

    Love how Muhammad Ali handles the interviews. He always in control... R.I.P to these two great legends

  • Stumpguy
    Stumpguy Před 3 lety +1158

    i can imagine it being 1974 and this was on you know everyone was glued to the tv

    • 6 weeks ago • 35 years ago
      6 weeks ago • 35 years ago Před 2 lety +2

      I’m glued to my phone watching them this very minute.

    • k.s b.
      k.s b. Před 2 lety

      My father confirms this statement.

    • David Adams
      David Adams Před 2 lety +1

      Most of those TVs were furniture in their own right. We had a large floor-model color TV set inside a mahogany cabinet. We were not middle class, yet everyone around us had a TV.

    • Robert Bush
      Robert Bush Před 2 lety

      @iaisndidi jejejdidi many of those TVs where black and white. With rabbit ears and VHF and UHF dials. Or just VHF.

    • Kron
      Kron Před 2 lety +5

      On the 74 people having a tv was $$$$ most people use radio 📻

  • Mehdi Damircheli
    Mehdi Damircheli Před 2 lety +323

    Ali is so smart with using his words that even dick cavett thought he was reading it of somewhere .

  • TheAnusIsntTheOnlyHoleIProbe

    The genuine fear in Dick’s voice when he said “wait” when he though Ali was gonna hit him or Joe was priceless!

  • The Unknown Weirdness
    The Unknown Weirdness Před 2 lety +41

    The two of them picking up Cavett like that, Joe laughing with the situation, imagine the friendship these two could've had. Imagine the unstoppable force they could've been had they cooperated more. Though it must be said, either one alone in the ring was a damn legend. Along with Foreman, they are the trio of greatness for their era.

  • Rick Suaz
    Rick Suaz Před 2 lety +172

    That last Oreo Cookie joke that was surprisingly funny as hell.

  • muqbul muqbul
    muqbul muqbul Před rokem +182

    Ali felt it was disrespectful to greet Joe from a sitting position. He stood up just to greet him, what a man! May ALLAHswt grant him the highest place in paradise.

  • Baldi Locks
    Baldi Locks Před 4 lety +514

    Two of the absolute greats!

    • Nico Bechthold
      Nico Bechthold Před rokem

      @Faamanatuga Lelea not usyk, maybe aj

    • Faamanatuga Lelea
      Faamanatuga Lelea Před rokem

      They would kill osyk and aj

      HYBOXING Před 2 lety +7

      @Gee Tar no the only racist bitch here is you so fucking leave

    • 2k Demiks
      2k Demiks Před 3 lety +3

      Two greats and two random black dudes

    • hellodavey1902
      hellodavey1902 Před 3 lety +6

      4 of ‘em

  • Hassan Chaudhary
    Hassan Chaudhary Před rokem +45

    No sportsman could ever be like Muhammad again. He was just exceptionally great every way!

  • Scott H
    Scott H Před 4 lety +173

    These guys, along with Foreman, were the best. They could banter back and forth, but they were good friends out of the ring.

    • Hezekiah Spade
      Hezekiah Spade Před 2 lety

      @sonnyblack0870 That's why I'm happy he got beat up by Big George.

    • TommyM321
      TommyM321 Před 2 lety +4

      sonnyblack0870 yep.

    • sonnyblack0870
      sonnyblack0870 Před 3 lety +6

      Scott H Foreman Ali sure, Foreman Frazier possibly, Ali Frazier not so much. Frazier harbored real resentment towards Ali.

    • Frek
      Frek Před 3 lety +14

      Egh people say that all the fucking time when two guys hate each other on tv. Joe really hated ali theres plenty of evidence for it.

    • حمزاوي الاصيل
      حمزاوي الاصيل Před 3 lety

      @DiamondLife EDC ن زتهع٦فعغتذ مرحبا مليون دولار أمريكي مرحبا مليون

  • Cristian
    Cristian Před 3 lety +911

    I believe they could have fill up an arena and people paying just to watch them intervied. May they rest in peace.

    • A3 per
      A3 per Před rokem +6

      @baber khan he said 66 genius

    • baber khan
      baber khan Před 2 lety +1

      @G1 Sokool "I am retired" this is not how you tell your age uncle.

    • Sonny
      Sonny Před 3 lety +2

      G1 Sokool was it *E P I C* ?

    • G1 Sokool
      G1 Sokool Před 3 lety +15

      It was a very fun evening.

    • Severus Floki
      Severus Floki Před 3 lety +2

      G1 Sokool How was the experience

  • TheMan
    TheMan Před 3 lety +29

    Ali the Great...He was always standing for something...whether in the rung or outside the ring, whether politically or socially. Great man.

  • William Desmond
    William Desmond Před rokem +4

    I’m so glad we have footage of these two in their prime; later in their lives neither of these extremely wise men lost their wits but they certainly lost their ability to communicate as eloquently as they did here. Two boxing legends who sacrificed a lot for the sport.

  • نهار مطر
    نهار مطر Před 3 lety +245

    This is the coolest eve seen... Ali said ( let's be friends for 1 minute to get him ) 😂😁😂 love and respect to this man

  • Talks with Leo QUEEN
    Talks with Leo QUEEN Před 4 měsíci +7

    I love how Ali stood back up to shake his hand. A man of true character. both of them💜

    • Dan Fernandes
      Dan Fernandes Před měsícem

      Joe supported Ali when his licence was taken. Sparred with him, put food in his belly. When Ali came back he called Joe an uncle tom, likened him to a gorilla and Joe had his children bullied routinely. It took decades for Ali to admit fault and apologise, not long before he died. This, isn’t a gentleman.

  • Sisco Sisco
    Sisco Sisco Před 3 lety +199

    How can you not admire this two great boxers. Ali was rights about what he said. How can you not love Ali, the guy was a true professional. Ali helped some of this black boxers not because he couldn't win. Ali wanted them to have money and take care of their families. Ali new the history of the boxers before getting into the ring them. And he understands the importance of the fight to them. Miss you Champ.

    • norizanmohd
      norizanmohd Před 3 lety +29

      You are spot on! Even Mike Tyson still chokes up every time Ali is mentioned. Many people just can't forget Ali. May The Almighty bless him..ameen.

  • Mukheza Mukheza
    Mukheza Mukheza Před 2 lety +25

    Ali's humour and Charm was on another level how can you not love this man.Miss you much Ali. Rest in Peace💕

  • fahad farooq
    fahad farooq Před 3 lety +64

    "Forget the fight we will meet again" Love these two

  • MORGN.
    MORGN. Před 2 lety +23

    Dick Cavett had all the legends on his show...Ali, Tyson, John Lennon, Salvadore Dali and many more...It's surreal

    • Humberto Flores
      Humberto Flores Před rokem +1

      Sofia Loren (3 times), Don Rickles, Clint Eastwood, Marcelo Mastroiani, and the list goes on..

    • Random A
      Random A Před rokem +2

      Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, Janis Joplin

    • Joey Doherty
      Joey Doherty Před rokem +2

      Marlon Brando, Ian McKellen, Jim Brown

  • Dr.SYN-Q
    Dr.SYN-Q Před 3 lety +401

    I think he went back stage to change his underwear after that one😂😂😂

  • Patrick Savage
    Patrick Savage Před 4 lety +455

    I can only imagine the power behind the strength that must’ve took to pick a grown man up like that.

    • Marko Wilson
      Marko Wilson Před rokem

      Back when the men were men

    • Patrick Savage
      Patrick Savage Před 2 lety +1

      lethalfatality No, but your insult is.

    • Immortal
      Immortal Před 2 lety

      ..... are u 12

    • John
      John Před 2 lety +2

      you guys need to look up "ngannou and shaq" UFC heavyweight Ngannou lifts up Shaq like a baby!

    • Mitchell
      Mitchell Před 2 lety

      a grown manlet

  • manny020
    manny020 Před 2 lety +2

    This show is amazing. The people Dick had on his show were true historical figures. Muhammad Ali, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix etc...

  • Venator Veritatis
    Venator Veritatis Před 3 lety +158

    When Ali Starts „ to all the brothaz at home...“ and when Joe Frazier starts laughing like a young teenager who just enjoys the time with his buddy, that shows me how much these two must have love and respected each other.

    • heisenberg 1
      heisenberg 1 Před rokem +2

      Frazier hated Ali

    • L Rodd
      L Rodd Před rokem +1

      And Your comment shows me how little you know about boxing.

  • AThaelo
    AThaelo Před 2 lety +10

    That was the most wittest thing to say "Let's be friends for one minute to get him" Mohamed Ali is a legend

  • edwinjones1000
    edwinjones1000 Před 4 lety +909

    Joe Frasier was the only boxer that Ali couldn't get to deviate from his fight plan. That's why he trashed Joe so much. He couldn't get inside Joes' head.

    • Itube Collection
      Itube Collection Před rokem

      Ooh now he got him all wind up...all three of the fights

    • edwinjones1000
      edwinjones1000 Před rokem

      @sf2explus yes. Ali was unusually cruel to the dude.

    • edwinjones1000
      edwinjones1000 Před 2 lety +2

      @Salimah Salimah Idiotic response.

    • Salimah Salimah
      Salimah Salimah Před 2 lety

      Idiotic comment.

    • edwinjones1000
      edwinjones1000 Před 2 lety +1

      @Ghaiyour Ali True. Norton is one of many who has admitted that no one knew their names; until they fought Ali.

  • Jonathan Murphy
    Jonathan Murphy Před 10 měsíci +1

    And for those that don't understand, at the 34 second mark, that greeting is the true definition of soul. Not the fact that they gave each other five, but the fact that these men were opponents, but they could still show love. Sadly you Don't see that really amongst athletes of any race anymore today

  • EskiLdn
    EskiLdn Před 2 lety +7

    Watching this in 2020 with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. RIP ali

  • Adesh Kumar
    Adesh Kumar Před rokem +6

    R.i.p both of these legends . They'll never be an era like the 70s for heavyweights

  • Saiyam Pawar
    Saiyam Pawar Před 2 lety +89

    Ali: "someday I want my children to play with his children"
    few years later: *LAILA ALI vs JACQUI FRAZIER*

  • ποια γελασε την ακουσα

    Dick is the best host ever easily. As for the guests.Ali and joe.The ultimate class man.True people.

  • TiptronicSS
    TiptronicSS Před 8 měsíci +3

    Giant orea cookie 😂 I love how Ali is really sharp with his words, directing the show like it's his own show 😂

  • fahad farooq
    fahad farooq Před 3 lety +45

    ""Lets be friend for one minute just to get him"❤
    RIP to both warriors they were the true legends of boxing world

    MR:VICOOL Před 6 měsíci +7

    Ali was a smart man , for his times he knew what this interviewers were trying to do. But got the opposite… freaking love it! 👏
    ALI and JOE are LEGENDS.

    • LxE_VeL
      LxE_VeL Před 5 měsíci

      True,his mind is ahead of its time

  • Flpdragonslayer Smith
    Flpdragonslayer Smith Před rokem +4

    There's a reason he is the greatest. Not just fighting, the fact he uses his right to free speech to tha max and didn't care who it was. That's what I liked about him the most.

  • MoosesValley
    MoosesValley Před 3 lety +4

    I laughed so hard ... that's great comedy. Waving Dick C around like he was a little rag doll.

  • Romaine Ware
    Romaine Ware Před rokem +6

    No matter what.... ALI WAS ALWAYS A REAL ONE! You will be missed King! ✊🏾🕊🥀

  • The Jade
    The Jade Před rokem +3

    I know Joe hated Ali at that time but even Joe couldn't help smiling

  • Water Niger
    Water Niger Před 2 lety +189

    *_"A giant oreo cookie" I'm dead. I had no idea OREO existed back then xd_*

    • ARNYBOI 89
      ARNYBOI 89 Před rokem +2

      This was how Oreos where invented

    • RJPRO
      RJPRO Před rokem +4

      @Bnadem PaNørmal damn son

    • Bnadem PaNørmal
      Bnadem PaNørmal Před rokem +11

      I recently read that Oreos existed before sliced bread!

  • Shaun Gowing
    Shaun Gowing Před rokem +3

    After all these years, Muhammad's powerful personal charisma is so clear. What an athlete - what a man.

  • Bruce Scott
    Bruce Scott Před 3 lety +10

    I remember watching this particular show when it was first aired on WABC-TV, Channel 7, in New York City. It was on Muhamad Ali's birthday, 1974. It was also before Ali and Frazier's second bout, which occurred on January 28th, 1974. Ali won unanimously.

    • Tero E
      Tero E Před 3 lety

      Thats amazing!

  • Sayak
    Sayak Před rokem +3

    I'm addicted to Dick Cavett interviews. No bullshit. Just pure unadulterated conversations with real humans.

  • barrys
    barrys Před 3 lety +3

    I know both of them are long gone, but it does my heart good to see Ali and Frazier getting along well and respectfully.

  • teti_99
    teti_99 Před 2 lety +3

    RIP to both these legends. Thanks for the memories Champs!

  • Vsro
    Vsro Před rokem +8

    Its good to see Frazier and Ali having some friendly interactions

  • Sayed Haqiq Hashemi
    Sayed Haqiq Hashemi Před 3 lety +44

    The best boxers of all time inside the ring and outside of the ring

  • kubanskiloewe
    kubanskiloewe Před rokem +2

    Ali was smart, friendly guy with lot of humor

  • CocacolaBoy83
    CocacolaBoy83 Před 3 lety +2

    Love this show...good times that hardly come back, when the world seemed to make sense

  • Geisha1Fan
    Geisha1Fan Před 2 lety +4

    😂🤣😭 That ending was epic. I love this show.

  • TheAnusIsntTheOnlyHoleIProbe

    “Are you reading that off something?” Wow don’t expect Ali to say something so smart and articulate. Ali for a boxer is brilliant. He’s the only one to go into the ring trying not to get hit

  • Amin Academy
    Amin Academy Před 2 lety +2

    RIP Ali, What a man! Love the way he speaks his mind

  • Benji 2logX
    Benji 2logX Před měsícem

    The fact that Dick just jumped his chair and took off says alot about how entertaining this show was. ❤

  • Jamie Bell
    Jamie Bell Před 2 lety +3

    Love it...am addicted to all these classic talkshow interviews...

  • Pratham Kumar
    Pratham Kumar Před 3 lety

    I born in 1989 much later when these 2 legends were retired but i am getting addicted to them, Mohd ali the goat boxer, there is not a single day i don't remember Ali, He is the greatest human being born on this planet, greatest personality ever..
    Love from India ❤

  • Johnpaul Kane
    Johnpaul Kane Před 4 lety +2586

    Boxing today is terrible these were the kings of the square ring

    • Extreme Pain Games
      Extreme Pain Games Před 2 lety

      The square ring. ? Did you remind us it was square in case we thought you mean the round ring like wedding rings. I sure do love me my fare share of attention to detail but when weez talking fighting , weez only gosta say THE RING.

    • Aidan Standish
      Aidan Standish Před 2 lety

      @Michael H The A.B.A Super Heavyweight title was the highlight of his amateur career and he's held every belt that heavyweight professional boxing has to offer.

    • Aidan Standish
      Aidan Standish Před 2 lety

      @Michael H (The only reason I'm engaging is because I'm bored, it's obvious you're trolling) Fury is an incredibly good unorthodox boxer who has proven to be able to box on both the inside and the outside, his most impressive attribute is his ability to adapt and improvise when in the ring.

    • Michael H
      Michael H Před 2 lety +1

      @Aidan Standish Are you on drugs?
      You really think Tyson Fury is a great boxer??? He is more like a glorified bar room brawler who somehow made it into the pros.
      He is equivalent to the character happy Gilmore in the world of golfing.

    • Aidan Standish
      Aidan Standish Před 2 lety

      @Michael H Stop being a fucking idiot!

  • Khalidul Haq
    Khalidul Haq Před 4 lety +28

    Nowadays hosts jump off chairs pretending to be scared, but Dick here was legitimately scared when he jumped haha 😄😄

    • AnnS1
      AnnS1 Před 2 lety +5

      Dude was threatened by world's best heavy weight champions....scared is a small word..he might be terrified 😂

  • Uche Okafor
    Uche Okafor Před 3 lety +223

    Ali said all these fellas that trying to divide us will not succeed we must unite..aww ❤ to Ali

    • Ibn Afrika
      Ibn Afrika Před 8 měsíci

      @Fred Wright Yeah that one has been debunked. As for garbage... which side on the Dixie Line are you?

    • mabhodlela JJ
      mabhodlela JJ Před rokem

      @Titanium Quartz hooood🐀

    • Titanium Quartz
      Titanium Quartz Před rokem +1

      @Fred Wright your KKK

    • John Smith
      John Smith Před 2 lety

      ....and now the Left divide us all you fool

    • Fred Wright
      Fred Wright Před 2 lety +1

      And yet, Ali went out of his way to demean Joe, when Joe was the only one helping him...pure human garbage

  • Tommy Fekadu
    Tommy Fekadu Před 5 měsíci +1

    GOD Ali is seriously the greatest.... A true gentleman... Big love and respect... May he rest in peace

  • yaakcon
    yaakcon Před rokem +3

    Mohamed Ali was amazing. I am glad they reconciled at the end.

  • Jester
    Jester Před 2 měsíci

    This is so great! Legendary. Cavett is another level by all means.

  • Mazhar Rehman
    Mazhar Rehman Před 3 lety +551

    Joe was strong....picked him up Las if he was a leaf

    • Jerycs Schwartz
      Jerycs Schwartz Před rokem

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    • BravoJr1987
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    • 2ZZGE100
      2ZZGE100 Před 2 lety +3

      @Soulja Slim Joe Frazier hit much harder. Ali is known to be scared of his power. Ali had speed and foot movement while Frazier had brute power and pressure. He was physical a lot stronger than Ali because he used to lift and carry heavy harvest bags when he used to work at the plantations in SC. That is why you can see in this video, he took Ali down without much problems.

    • Soulja Slim
      Soulja Slim Před 2 lety +1

      @2ZZGE100 don't get it twisted Muhammad Ali was strong all of his opponents either had a concussion but was very swole

    • Indrani Mardi
      Indrani Mardi Před 2 lety +1

      Tyson would have thrown him into space

  • V Vanan
    V Vanan Před 7 měsíci +1

    Ali is genius , he speaks from his heart. He has a joyous soul. Can see as a good teacher, motivator coach.. He gives so much credit to his opponent. He respects his opponents. It’s true Ali see the host agitating. Frazer seem to always misunderstand Ali.

  • Ilyass Nejjar
    Ilyass Nejjar Před rokem +2

    You can feel their physical strengh and iron grips the way they lifted and held him up, especially Joe.

  • reluctantbeeswax
    reluctantbeeswax Před 2 lety +6

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  • Ifritlordofire
    Ifritlordofire Před 2 lety +1

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    I can see Ali calling him and say "Man, tonight we must put up an unforgettable show!"

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    Garito Cledanor Před 3 lety +1

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    tybaltyrant Před 25 dny

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  • SC123
    SC123 Před 3 lety +496

    I wish I could have met this legend. May Allah bless him with Paradise

    • Jalil Bazyar
      Jalil Bazyar Před rokem

      I met him in1975 and shook hand with him. He was even greater in person than what you see on TV and on videos. He truly was the GOAT!

    • امك
      امك Před rokem

      Wow you’ve just insulted someone’s religion, you’re indeed very quirky and edgy and not like anyone else…smh

    • Perizat
      Perizat Před rokem

      @Paul Allen People like you will never be happy and satisfied. So much beauty is surrounding you. Stop complaining and just look at the beautiful moon, sun 🌞, 🌟, rain 🌧️, 🌈, 🌲, 🌹 and enjoy life.

    • Perizat
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      @I go to IHPC, God is called the same way in the Bible of Arabic language. Do some research at least before showing your stupidity

    • ⩎  卂ㄚ爪卂几  ⩎
      ⩎ 卂ㄚ爪卂几 ⩎ Před rokem

      @Paul Allen then why would you call god evil if you don't believe in him? And if you do then why wouldn't you believe in the paradise?
      If you don't believe in god's existence then why blaming him for Cancer?

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    VOZAMARAK TV - ART Před rokem

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    These three are to me, the holy trinity of boxing.

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    okechukwu irokanjo Před 2 měsíci

    Ali is so great that even his staunch rivals can understand hus humor. Indeed he made medicine sick, his smile is a healing to the blind and a comfort to the loser like Joe Frazier 😂😂😂✊🏾

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    yaakcon Před rokem +2

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    Colin France Před 3 měsíci +1

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    nussspro96 Před rokem

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  • Adam Singer
    Adam Singer Před 2 lety +2

    @1:48 coming back to watch this again: Cavett is so *_ABSOLUTELY_* agitatin',
    Ali calls him out on his agitatin', and MAN is that a sharp call.
    Cavett was absolutely trying to get the two of them to fight on his show,
    and Muhammad Ali handles it with such class and confidence. And AGAIN, @4:34,
    we see this even *more* blatantly -- with Dick saying "you calling him a dog?", to Joe,
    which Muhammad again calls out and leads to that marvelously unscripted pickup of Dick.
    "Let's be friends for one minute just to get him!"

  • Yatagarasu-dono
    Yatagarasu-dono Před 2 lety +3

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    • Füseydünae
      Füseydünae Před rokem

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    • Logan
      Logan Před rokem +1

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  • Insane Mok -khan
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    Robert Gipson Před 4 lety +10

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    Paulo Cesar Před 3 lety +6

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