The Real Reason Gwyneth Paltrow Forgets What Marvel Movies She's In

  • čas přidán 12. 10. 2019
  • Gwyneth Paltrow has spent plenty of time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but her memories seem to be a little shaky. The Academy Award-winning actress, who played Pepper Potts opposite Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark across seven Marvel movies, has admitted that she hasn't seen many of the Marvel movies she's been in - particularly 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. She spilled the fact to late-night host Jimmy Kimmel during a recent interview.
    Paltrow made waves regarding her small role in Homecoming - for which she received top billing, even beating out Zendaya for the fourth credit - after she infamously argued with MCU co-star Jon Favreau during the inaugural episode of his Netflix series The Chef Show about whether or not she was in the movie. Paltrow, in fact, seemed a little confused about the entire situation.
    But it was undeniably funny when she insisted that she never appeared in Homecoming, despite Favreau's assurances that she definitely did.
    Her confusion makes a degree of sense. Marvel is famously secretive about the content of its upcoming films, even altering trailer footage to throw fans off the scent. Actors appearing in Marvel Studios films don't always know the details of the movies they're in, either. For example, Brie Larson confessed she didn't know she was in Avengers: Endgame until she got to the set.
    During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Paltrow confessed that not only does she not recall appearing in Homecoming, but she also hasn't ever sat down and watched it. The reason why? She she simply got "confused" because, quote, "There are so many of these wonderful Marvel, interconnecting movies," and she thought that her role in the Spider-Man movie was actually for one of the Avengers films.
    In response, Kimmel joked that he doesn't expect the busy actress to stay up-to-date on superhero movies, even ones that she's in.
    Homecoming isn't the only Marvel movie Paltrow has been in that she's never even seen. In an interview with Elle, Paltrow revealed that she's skipped watching a lot of Marvel films, since the franchise is so big, there are so many superheroes to keep track of, and she has other priorities in life. Her confusion and busy life has led her to not watch very many Marvel movies, which, in turn, has made Paltrow totally forget which MCU films she's starred in. She told the magazine,
    "It is confusing because there are so many Marvel movies, and to be honest, I haven't seen very many of them. It's really stupid and I'm sorry, but I'm a 47-year-old mother."
    This isn't the first time the Marvel star has appeared confused about the cinematic universe she's a part of. She's forgotten Sebastian Stan - aka Bucky Barnes - multiple times, having asked who Stan was on a red carpet and getting called out by Stan himself in an Instagram post after he introduced himself to her three separate times. And Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously spilled that Paltrow was "asking why Sam Jackson was there" when they were filming a scene for Avengers: Endgame together. He recalled,
    "The other actors were jumping in saying, 'What are you talking about? He's Nick Fury! You've been in movies with him!'"
    During the same Kimmel interview in which Paltrow told the truth about whether or not she'd bothered to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming, she was also caught off guard when presented with products from her lifestyle brand and online store, Goop, which sells everything from martini bath salts to a water bottle that has an amethyst inside of it, for some inexplicable reason. Throughout Kimmel's presentation, Paltrow seems positively puzzled over the vast majority of the products, leading viewers to wonder if she's ever looked at Goop's inventory at all.
    It might seem absurd that Paltrow forgets everything from her acting credits to her own merchandise, but at the very least, the star is providing plenty of amusing press clips for her huge variety of projects - such a huge variety, in fact, that it seems impossible for her to remember them all.
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    What's your reaction to hearing about this?

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      it's not a surprise, she was in it for like a minute

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    • Axle Mijares
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      Stupid air head of an actress has been selling fake useless stuff. She can get away with being a questionable human she can get away with being a questionable actor who doesn't have an hour to watch movie? Huh yeah seemed pretty happy being with Marvel

    • maniek2207
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      Who cares?

    • psych707
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      I'm not surprised. She's too busy selling snake oil on her website to care about the roles she plays.

  • Afnan Acchan
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    She obviously just in for money, she don;t care about the movie.

    ITS ABOUT WHAT'S FAIR Před 3 měsíci

    She jst wanna look cool n not nerdy n lifeles.. Desperate

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    She's perfect. I love her.

  • TheEricaxl
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    I don't blame her. Her career is more important than kid movies.

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    She’s a blonde

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    maybe her B.S. Goop Products are messing up her brain even more

  • nelly
    nelly Před 3 měsíci

    or maybe she is only doing those movies for money.
    At the end of the day it only her job
    she doesn't need to watch or care about them in personal life

  • SnappingTurtle801
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    Gwyneth: Just tell me what to do, pay me.....BYE!

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    She’s an idiot, basically.

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    are you having a stroke? you keep repeating yourself. do you need help?

  • MrJohnny583
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    Because these MCU movies are forgettable. The superhero's are forgettable and the scores are forgettable. Like Martin Scorsese said "They are not cinema".😂😂😂

  • Tinkili
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    This reminds me a bit too much of the way my grand-aunt behaved after being diagnosed with Alzheimers... :(

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    I thought it was because she is self absorbed prick. Who cares looper bring us better content.

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  • Ginn Man
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    Answer: she doesn't actually give a flying fuck haha and fair enough there all the same, be she remembers the talented mr Ripley.... clearly just a pad day and I can respect that

  • S. Harrell
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    What if she’s actually having signs of dementia and ppl are listening to her brush off. “Forgetting” this many things is a sign that something major could be going on from a neurocognitive perspective.

  • Shaunak Pai
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    I want that goop product she's having, it looks like the shit bruh.......😂😂

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    Someone is showing their ditzy blond roots.

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    She is having a mind problem

  • AKJackie
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    Maybe she has a medical problem? Like dementia? It would be super sad if she did. Let’s just hope she’s just joking around.

  • Fred B
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    There's a pretty good way to help her remembering the movies she's in: don't put her in any. Ever again. Hollywood is packed with great actresses.

  • Canti [sylvilagus cunicularius]
    Canti [sylvilagus cunicularius] Před 3 měsíci +1

    Simple. All she cares about is the pay check - not the role or story.

  • Century
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    La chica Looper Narro este Video busque la en su canal

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    Or shes just a dumb blond

  • matty -
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    She probably doesn't give two fucks as long as she follows the script and does a good job on the acting side and gets paid, personally I wouldn't recall being in kids films either

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    She's to busy selling her GOOP line of snakeoils that cure cancer and reverse aging lol

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    people need to accept that the mcu are shit action movies sold directly to china

  • Caffeinated Nation
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    She also divorced Chris Martin... mutual uncoupling or some bull. She's definitely pretentious.

  • Frying Enigmas
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    Because shes busy selling snake oil to gullible idiots 🤣

  • noferblatz
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    Any halfwit could have watched all the Marvel movies multiple times. What this really is, is that such movies are BELOW her. She's perfectly willing to take the money, though.

  • Reptilian Boomer
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    Oh God it's a joke why is the comment section full of conspiracies? She's clearly joking.

    • christianrapper
      christianrapper Před 3 měsíci

      She isn’t joking but that’s isn’t a knock against her. She just does the roles and gets paid. They also said that marvel doesn’t really tell the actors what movies that they are in sometimes. Some people just read way too much into things sometimes.

  • AZ Patriot
    AZ Patriot Před 3 měsíci

    Isn't she a vegan on top of being an addle brained leftist loon living in her own made up world with 57 genders? Liberalism is a mental disorder, after all. Not surprising that poor nutrition on top of that would cause her to have memory issues. She's so easily confused about so many things that you'd think she might even have early onset dementia.

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    So wonderful that she doesn't watch them jajaja

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    Shes a skrull

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    maybe, just maybe she's a busy actor and they use her face to push products XD

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    Because all MCU movies are exactly the same just a copy and paste job. The MCU is one big movie each film is a different chapter.

    • Jason Multin
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      How is AntMan the same movie as Captain America: The First Avenger or Guardians of the Galaxy? Each of these three movies have very different plots.

  • jase keppler
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    When your in million dollar movies alcohol drugs and money will be involved I wouldn't give a fuck neither 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 is all I see

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    Bless her heart ❤️😂

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    I'm sorry but this is embarrassing. So you expect people to buy your ish that you couldn't even give a crap about?

  • Cyril Murasaki
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    Because she couldn't care less and she does these flicks purely for the money? What other reason do you need? She obviously doesn't hold the superhero movies seriously which is understandable.

  • J B
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    That's like going to a job interview without googling what the employer does.

    • TallicaMan1986
      TallicaMan1986 Před 3 měsíci

      Kinda, but not really. Her agent books her auditions and then informs her with vague details. She shows up. The director doesnt really tell her where this scene is going to be. They shoot a few scenes and call it a day. They take those scenes and edit them into one of the movies. For all we know. They could have shot most of her scenes over the course of a few days in 2017 to get it over with so they dont need to call her back again.
      Movies aren't filmed linearly. They start where they can save the most money. And if it's a location. They film all the scenes that take place there meaning they dont have to go back to the location if that location shows up at the end of the movie.

  • Samahrei of Eon
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    She's gotta lay off the "Goop"

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    The real reason is that all that Goop’s gone to her head

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    Could be she just didn't care enough about the movies that are making her bank account bigger, they were just another check for her

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    I'm afraid she could be developing Alzheimer's.

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    I didn't know she was that of a tool.

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    It’s a Paltrow thing, then.

  • Numerous N: comics and legos
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    She was in one scene but in the credits shows up before others, what's the deal with that?

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    She’s just an airhead and a moron

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    I like how you try to justify her stupidity))

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    She's also annoyingly pretentious and lives on her own planet.

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    Think she should know or at least watch all the films she in since her job is being an actress...seems like she doesn’t care

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    Super hero movies are for incels.

  • Prince Mononoke
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    Because there are far too many?

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    I love her she's so gorgeous

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    Paltrow seems really stoned