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  • čas přidán 25. 03. 2021
  • i got him so good ! the funniest trick ever
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  • Gabriel XD
    Gabriel XD Před rokem +1227

    Zhong! But whyyy!

  • Kev
    Kev Před rokem +1916

    Mom can we have acting? No Son, We have acting at home. Acting at home:

    • wygnany
      wygnany Před rokem

      This is a kids channel get over it. Also overused and not funny.

    • R.
      R. Před rokem

      @KEERTHIVASAN J no no no they meant acting theirselves

    • Saran Saran
      Saran Saran Před rokem

      You made my day 😁

    • judeluv3
      judeluv3 Před rokem

      @BGLM its sarcasm and nobody cares if its unoriginal we don't need sensitive toddlers on here ;)

    • Furnizorul Koala
      Furnizorul Koala Před rokem +1


  • 123ganderboy
    123ganderboy Před rokem +21

    Zhong: does a funny prank
    Sango: *has a menta breakdown*

  • cooper_chan
    cooper_chan Před rokem +9

    The way he said thanks Zhong was so wholesome

  • sprinkled_sky
    sprinkled_sky Před rokem

    His face at the end😂😂

  • Jxsiel
    Jxsiel Před rokem

    Atleast He Didn't Actually Give Sango A Dirty Watermelon.😂😂😂

  • cheek
    cheek Před rokem +1182

    Dude really gave a black guy a watermelon and said "it's your favorite"

    • a s
      a s Před rokem

      @Shrimp people now days r stupid

    • Razz Kelly
      Razz Kelly Před rokem

      I’m not saying what you said is insensitive or anything I was just trying to tell you what everyone was getting mad at I guess it came off kinda toxic

    • Razz Kelly
      Razz Kelly Před rokem

      @Maximizerboy true

    • Maximizerboy
      Maximizerboy Před rokem

      @Razz Kelly you can't tell me that everyone who viewed this video knows that

    • chaos magic 💥
      chaos magic 💥 Před rokem

      @KayJay! that happens everywhere-

  • Abhishek Nigam
    Abhishek Nigam Před rokem

    His reaction ohhhhhh my bathroom god 😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂

  • Bryan Díaz
    Bryan Díaz Před rokem +16

    I like how the watermelon he flushed down is not the same shape as the one he gave to sango

  • Ink Rex Gaming
    Ink Rex Gaming Před rokem

    THE LOOK ON HIS FACE!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrícia Andrade
    Patrícia Andrade Před rokem

    Muito engraçado pai super feliz 😍😍😍

  • JujuFuntime
    JujuFuntime Před rokem +1856

    “Hey man, can you pretend like you eat the watermelon, and then I show you a video of me putting a different watermelon in the toilet water, and then pretend to be mad at me.”

    • Okay Fine
      Okay Fine Před rokem

      I mean its literally a skit, so you don't need to point it out.

    • Sinaloa
      Sinaloa Před rokem

      This is what CHclip is becoming now

    • Tommy Foster
      Tommy Foster Před rokem

      Man this is why I use Twitter

    • Saorisewadido
      Saorisewadido Před rokem

      So fucking funny

    • Brian Becerra
      Brian Becerra Před rokem

      @RedFroJoe I was jk

  • kirk_lydiqfy9 BG
    kirk_lydiqfy9 BG Před rokem

    his voice was beautiful when he said "thank you zhong"

  • Swifty
    Swifty Před rokem

    I like how he has a whole bunch of shorts of him having iPhone 12 but he still has the 10

  • Florinda Sanchez
    Florinda Sanchez Před rokem +1

    POV: he could’ve got the water melon himself

  • Nahom Girma
    Nahom Girma Před rokem

    I have a feeling that this is going to become the next popular meme

  • Clair 💌
    Clair 💌 Před rokem +919

    "Mom can we have acting?"
    "No,we have acting at home"
    Acting at home:

    • Riddler
      Riddler Před rokem

      @Mentally Unstable Vanny but u just said the video is more funnier than the commet

    • 🎄JootKujoAnims {JKA}🎄
      🎄JootKujoAnims {JKA}🎄 Před rokem

      @Zhong this is an insult

    • Sampam ofc
      Sampam ofc Před rokem +1

      @Zhong LMAO

    • Zhong
      Zhong  Před rokem +13


    • m0b
      m0b Před rokem

      why does everybody use this joke

  • Pwnage
    Pwnage Před rokem +12

    And from this day foward, Sango has dedicated his life to find the true answer to the everlasting question that is: why?

  • Ferràri Playzz
    Ferràri Playzz Před rokem

    Fun fact:he actually gave him the 1st one

  • I got you !!
    I got you !! Před rokem

    Lol 😂😂That's why trust your friend as he gave a new one but not as he tricked him 😂😂😂

  • Red E2-TJ The Trainz, TMNT, FNAF & Sonic Fan

    Wait, now I get it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Evan Dien
    Evan Dien Před rokem +750

    "Drinking alcohol while pregnant won't harm the baby"
    *The baby* :

    • Jdnd Bfbf
      Jdnd Bfbf Před rokem

      @Mentally Unstable Vanny you spelled than wrong kiddo if it wasn't ur spelling then its ur grammar so ye either way ur in the wrong I watch idubbz btw thats why I am a master at arguing

    • Mentally Unstable Vanny
      Mentally Unstable Vanny Před rokem

      @Jdnd Bfbf what do you mean my spelling everything is correct?

    • Jdnd Bfbf
      Jdnd Bfbf Před rokem

      @Mentally Unstable Vanny your spelling was funnier than the video

    • Mentally Unstable Vanny
      Mentally Unstable Vanny Před rokem

      this joke was less funny then the video

    • uNdEr Ur beD
      uNdEr Ur beD Před rokem

      He ain’t wrong

  • Prakash Pv
    Prakash Pv Před rokem

    Good prank 😂

  • Prakash Pv
    Prakash Pv Před rokem

    Good prank 😂

  • Harshita Narwani
    Harshita Narwani Před rokem

    Sango's whole life be like - Zhong! But why!!!

  • Toprak Sak
    Toprak Sak Před rokem


  • Mr. Vic
    Mr. Vic Před rokem +2659

    This feels like the accidental use of a racist sterotype even when he probably didn't mean to make it racist.
    Edit: okay since half of you can't read, no I don't think Zhong is racist and no I don't think he was purposely using a sterotype. Stop thinking I'm accusing him of racism.

    • Scarlet Evergardgen
      Scarlet Evergardgen Před rokem +3

      @KayJay! LMFAO I’m in tears rn because that just made no sense . You go “it wasn’t free slaves “ BUT IT WAS FREE SLAVES THAT SELLED WATERMELON lmao. Tf? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Look, you’re bias right now ... Fuck do you mean “think they know everything about us?” Lmao I’m black chale and I’m texting for ME . As a BLACK woman. Calm down Jamal and read to understand not reply .

    • KayJay!
      KayJay! Před rokem

      @Scarlet Evergardgen The FACT that free black people were never stereotyped it was the ones that were freed and had to make living selling watermelon so again what did color have to do with anything black people come in different shades and cultures so don’t even speak to me with your simple opinions Scarlett🙄

    • KayJay!
      KayJay! Před rokem

      @Scarlet Evergardgen How is based on color exactly 😂😂 people act like they know everything about us

    • Scarlet Evergardgen
      Scarlet Evergardgen Před rokem

      @KayJay! it’s still using bias to cause shade to someone based off color . Stop it ...

    • Jonathan Francis
      Jonathan Francis Před rokem +1

      I am

  • Caleb Quintana
    Caleb Quintana Před rokem

    When you realize he is using a controller to watch a video

  • Thenoobking Pirates
    Thenoobking Pirates Před rokem

    Sango should already know it was another watermelon because in the picture he could have looked a little more closer to see that the original one was a triangle shaped one and the other one was not

  • V2_FreeStylers
    V2_FreeStylers Před rokem

    I like it how Sango always says for what and shouts

  • monty
    monty Před rokem

    Awww you got him some mango. So kind😘

  • Alexis Mould
    Alexis Mould Před rokem +1325

    He really out here usin his only black friend to give watermelon to in a fake ass video 🤣🤡

    • ZimanRoblox
      ZimanRoblox Před rokem

      I cant understand what wrong with a black man eating watermelon??

    • B u t t e r f l i e s
      B u t t e r f l i e s Před rokem

      @•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ• nah it's nothing wrong with being black

    • B u t t e r f l i e s
      B u t t e r f l i e s Před rokem

      @Aquarium ASMR dude it's not that serious I am friends with who I wanna be friends with simple.

    • cobi
      cobi Před rokem

      @•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ• when did i say that?

    • cobi
      cobi Před rokem

      @•sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ• what do you mean?

  • Cool dog27
    Cool dog27 Před rokem

    Bro that was so funny!!!!!!

  • Lar🧛‍♀️
    Lar🧛‍♀️ Před rokem +2

    Zhong : Sangoo!!!Look what i got youuuu!!!
    Me : *sango you should get ready to be tricked from the king of pranks*

  • Fernando Aviles
    Fernando Aviles Před rokem

    He didn't know the prank😂😂😂😂

  • La Finquita Parador
    La Finquita Parador Před rokem

    He felt for it😂

  • imacracker
    imacracker Před rokem +2809

    🤦the fact that the watermelon was a whole different shape....
    Edit:tysm for all the likes and ty to the random person that subscribed to me it rlly means alot to me❤

    • imacracker
      imacracker Před rokem

      @Ritesh Bolane ik...

    • Ritesh Bolane
      Ritesh Bolane Před rokem

      He literally said that he's taking a new one 🤦🏻

    • Mirna Patricia Umanzor Calix
      Mirna Patricia Umanzor Calix Před rokem

      Yes different shape

    • Yasmina S.
      Yasmina S. Před rokem

      @imacracker yea but you can’t see that when there’s toilet water flushing on it

    • imacracker
      imacracker Před rokem

      @☘︎Kɪᴀʀᴀ☘︎ I think u miss understood wut I said...

  • gamingteacup
    gamingteacup Před rokem +193

    Plot twist: Sanyo realizes it was a racist gesture for Zhong to give him watermelon

    • LeoGameRing
      LeoGameRing Před rokem


    • NotLolzGamer
      NotLolzGamer Před rokem

      Or he gave him bc that’s his friend and he knows he likes watermelon

    • In SaRoeut
      In SaRoeut Před rokem

      @Rutiaco the Yutyកិុល។ម

    • Cheese Burger
      Cheese Burger Před rokem

      LOL that’s happened to me once

    • YoBridges
      YoBridges Před rokem +1

      Plot twist: These people cant take a joke

  • KGETEKGO Boldwin
    KGETEKGO Boldwin Před rokem

    You got him good

    SHANTE TULLOCK Před rokem

    You got him good

  • Duiba Soibam
    Duiba Soibam Před rokem

    Hahahahaha 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm deading

  • dailydump
    dailydump Před rokem +464

    Him: “And now we throw it away”
    Also Him: *Proceeds to throw watermelon on the floor*

    • Retired Michael Jackson
      Retired Michael Jackson Před rokem

      American smh

    • ileryon
      ileryon Před rokem

      Hes saving it for later

    • voulakimou
      voulakimou Před rokem

      I like apples, but bananas in ice cream are crazy good

    • Mari2Infinity
      Mari2Infinity Před rokem

      @voulakimou ehh take it how you want it .im black and I'm not rlly offended by this because my favorite fruit is a banana to me watermelon is just water

    • voulakimou
      voulakimou Před rokem

      Is it ironic he gave watermelon to a person of that race????????

  • Puddles the cat
    Puddles the cat Před rokem

    Atleast zhong has enough commonsense to not actually give him a toilet washed one

  • Gavin Schweitzer
    Gavin Schweitzer Před rokem +30

    Shoutout to Sango for watching Lab Rats, what a legend

  • Syed shah md Nurun nabi

    Everybody : silence
    Sango : Zhong! But Whyyyy!


    Fun fact: Zong haven't washed his hands before giving watermelon to zango!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • PatBack
    PatBack Před rokem +536

    I think Zhong treats Sango more like a pet than he does an actual friend.

    • PatBack
      PatBack Před rokem

      @rawand gardi say hello to r/arabfunni

    • Aika Sagimbekova
      Aika Sagimbekova Před rokem

      @bestie what эйа

    • Ms. Blu
      Ms. Blu Před rokem +2

      @Zhong Lordt ham mercy fix it. Yet be honest would you hate me if I went to your family member right now and ask them to cook me a dog? That just has to be your favorite. No? But if I were to do that I’d be a hypocrite and I’m nothing like that. Stop with your ignorant bias and use your content to stop ignorant shit like that to other races …

    • Ms. Blu
      Ms. Blu Před rokem +2

      @Zhong lol you’re joking right …? Now THAT was funny. You think having stereotyped content is healthy ? Then have the audacity to be *oh so surprised* and hurt that (we as victims to those stereotypes from ppl who aren’t friends or pretend to be ) feel that way? I’m even more irritated at Sango than you .

    • Hey Bye
      Hey Bye Před rokem +2

      @miko Why are you not...? Being friends doesn’t mean there isn’t shade and bias? Idk what’s wrong with ppl like you these days either. Like you turn a blind eye to what you don’t see a problem in so it’s not a problem… Get out with the one tracked mindset.


    Hey Zhong I like all your video keep it up 👍🏻

  • Cara Deskin
    Cara Deskin Před rokem

    This is so funny I would just do that

  • Umaima Talat
    Umaima Talat Před rokem

    The piece of watermelon he threw after putting it in flush water is triangle and the piece of watermelon he gave to sango is semi circle 🔴 did you not realize it sango after watching the video of watermelon lol🤣😂 my favourite fruit is also watermelon then mango

  • UnderTheMoon☁️🌿


  • Dr. Crow
    Dr. Crow Před rokem +700

    "Mom can we get comedy"
    "No we have comedy at home"
    The comedy at home:

  • 𝓑𝓛𝓲𝓽𝔃ø
    𝓑𝓛𝓲𝓽𝔃ø Před rokem +3

    How fake do you want this to be
    Zhong: YES

  • Infinite Dark
    Infinite Dark Před rokem +1

    Plot twist : he forget to wash his hand to take new watermelon 😏

  • JamesThePlotagonist2008
    JamesThePlotagonist2008 Před rokem +2

    Sango: Zhong! But why! Me:🤣

  • Si Cuplis
    Si Cuplis Před rokem

    My favorit fruit is watermelon!!
    Buah favoritku adalah semangka!!
    Salam fans Zhong dari indonesia :)

  • Ace Maxwell Marco
    Ace Maxwell Marco Před rokem

    Prank trick 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Unstable Desire
    Unstable Desire Před rokem +1

    Dude he's watching lab rats 😂

  • Merry
    Merry Před rokem

    I love how he said he threw it away when there was no bin 😂

  • Shayne Cham
    Shayne Cham Před rokem

    Good job on 1.3M

  • Michelle Ford
    Michelle Ford Před rokem +36

    How much obvious faking do you want?
    Zhong: YES

  • bw1txhed__
    bw1txhed__ Před rokem +3

    That Zhong but why gets me everytime!

  • Best Viner Bhavya
    Best Viner Bhavya Před rokem

    You are a nice friend and also a nice prankster

  • Palmer Shon
    Palmer Shon Před rokem

    Did he dip that watermelon in the toilet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Global Alliance Motorsports

    Oof he got busted with the nasty taste he didn't have time to notice it before he ate it 👾

  • ItsAlissa
    ItsAlissa Před rokem +752

    I like how he gets a new watermelon without washing his hands right after a put his hands in the toilet...

    • Ashliah Itum
      Ashliah Itum Před rokem

      He used first left hand and the next is right hand,,
      You notice that he escaped or paused that part because he wash his hand 💯 percent sure

    • Nana
      Nana Před rokem

      Probably he skipped that part

    • Nana
      Nana Před rokem

      Probably he skipped that part

    • Jort kelder
      Jort kelder Před rokem

      He only touched the water wich is clean you can even drink it

    • Shadow anims
      Shadow anims Před rokem

      @umer khamoor bruh the people in the video wasted food go scold them not us lol

  • Demetrius Wiley
    Demetrius Wiley Před rokem

    That’s hilarious

  • Sirica Bennett
    Sirica Bennett Před rokem

    Bro didn’t this prank happened to him🤣

  • angelic♡peach
    angelic♡peach Před rokem


  • Friendly Snows
    Friendly Snows Před rokem

    For some reason my video froze as Sango was about to say “ZHONG! BUT WHY?!” So all I heard was “ZH-“ along with sango’s pissed off face

  • kalum bryne
    kalum bryne Před rokem +6

    Subscribed , liked and turned on post notifications! Keep on making amazing content guys! You really are getting us through this pandemic with your content!🥰🤗

  • Sean Balderas
    Sean Balderas Před rokem +2

    i love lab rats, tell sango there are others who watch it too😂

  • Ibz Senju
    Ibz Senju Před rokem +1

    So nobody is gonna talk abt how Zhong just wasted that food ti prank his frnd

  • Carl
    Carl Před rokem +13

    Anyone noticed how the piece he took out the toilet and in the fridge were like smaller than the one he gave?

    • Carl
      Carl Před rokem

      @JowBreaKer so he says get a new one. And he pulls out a triangle. The one he gives, however, looks like half the melon.

    • JowBreaKer
      JowBreaKer Před rokem

      Bruh he clearly said "change new one" which means he changed the watermelon he just recorded the clip of him putting a watermelon inside the toilet water that was the prank

    • Gagan Gupta
      Gagan Gupta Před rokem

      Ya I notice

    • Elvis Carrion
      Elvis Carrion Před rokem +1

      Bro... he clearly said, "get a new one".

  • Zenitsu 7th Form
    Zenitsu 7th Form Před rokem

    Wow I should do this to my friends

  • I am better than u
    I am better than u Před rokem +22

    The fact that Zhong said throw it away and put it on the ground had me dead

  • ZayHawk 46
    ZayHawk 46 Před rokem +29

    I love how he’s just watching lab rats

    • ozzy999
      ozzy999 Před rokem +3

      Lab rats was the best no cap I love it

    • TK
      TK Před rokem +5

      Lab rats was goated

  • Dontay Hudson
    Dontay Hudson Před rokem

    That would be a good prank

  • Sukriti Sharma
    Sukriti Sharma Před rokem

    Again zhong pranked sango🤣🤣

  • SB98
    SB98 Před rokem +1

    Can’t wait to see a downfall videos of this channel.

  • Kryptics Xc
    Kryptics Xc Před rokem +125

    Let’s be honest, Lab rats was a badass show when it came out

    DEKUUUUUU Před rokem +1

    Who tf puts his hand on the toilet without any gloves for just a prank.
    Dude seriously

  • Waleed S
    Waleed S Před rokem +1


  • Luna The Cat
    Luna The Cat Před rokem

    Does no one notice that the one that was in the toilet is a different size to the one he gave to Sango? Like the one that was in the toilet is a triangle and the one he gave to Sango is a semicircle

  • BTR 10
    BTR 10 Před 7 měsíci

    He should've seen the look at his face!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Addie
    Addie Před rokem +27

    the fact that he’s watching lab rats🤪🤪i’m so here for it lol

    UWU OWO OF THE UWU OWO Před rokem +1

    Mom: dont bring your friend over.
    Me: why?
    The friend:

  • Miriam G.Mendoza
    Miriam G.Mendoza Před rokem

    I did not like you guys at all but you have deserved my respect by watching lab rats

  • Nashaly Rodriguez
    Nashaly Rodriguez Před rokem

    Yep I’m doing this with my besties

  • argentinian_jit12
    argentinian_jit12 Před rokem

    Lol the way he throws it on the ground

  • Liza Melendez
    Liza Melendez Před rokem

    That was funny how the way he freaked out

  • Armenuhi Melka
    Armenuhi Melka Před rokem

    The fact that he but a triangle piece of watermelon in the toilet and then gave him a half circle one like bruh

  • Flix-_-8974
    Flix-_-8974 Před rokem +19

    Sango watches lab rats just like me bro we finally have something in common

  • Mark Mantanona
    Mark Mantanona Před rokem +2

    So.... no one noticed the splashback on the bowl🤣🤣

  • Kazi Nazrul
    Kazi Nazrul Před rokem +167

    Mom:drinking wont affect my child....
    25 years later:

    • Chris G
      Chris G Před rokem

      @Kazi Nazrul r/wooosh

    • anonymous
      anonymous Před rokem

      @Kazi Nazrul you didn't have a problem saying it abt them, honestly y'all are hypocrites smh

    • Lyndon Jenkins
      Lyndon Jenkins Před rokem

      Buy that comment from the used dealership or did you get it for free

    • vers
      vers Před rokem

      @Subzero how is it woosh?

    • Ok and?
      Ok and? Před rokem

      Overused joke

  • Thomasisbored
    Thomasisbored Před rokem

    The watermelon was clearly a different shape than what was shown in the video

  • paras gaming
    paras gaming Před rokem

    I like Sango,s when he smiles 🙂🙂🙂😀

  • baller
    baller Před rokem

    Im just waiting to get him to get 99m subs

  • itz.krazykamiyah 0
    itz.krazykamiyah 0 Před rokem +1

    That was funny

  • Marco_TheCreator
    Marco_TheCreator Před rokem +118

    Acting was invented 1500:
    Before 1500:
    Can I also mention he was so happy about that watermelon, that was funny.

    • ace
      ace Před rokem +1

      @RONN IAMRNB BLAKELY-McGRIFF why are you censoring yourself, just use a different word


      And that ain't no friend he know what black dudes to try


      What the f*** funny about a black dude eating watermelon from a white boy. Y'all corny as f***

    • Marco_TheCreator
      Marco_TheCreator Před rokem +1

      @Glenn Royy well that’s true but don’t treat it like the cure for cancer

    • Glenn Royy
      Glenn Royy Před rokem +1

      I mean it aint everyday your friend randonly gives you watermelon