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Don't Land On The Wrong Box.. 😳


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  • @ashyyyy._
    @ashyyyy._ Před rokem +21586

    "mom can we have squid game?"
    "No we have squid game at home"
    Squid game at home:

  • @praveenmaradani8973
    @praveenmaradani8973 Před rokem +2

    No fair, the last guy has huge advantage

  • @adilshah4401
    @adilshah4401 Před rokem

    Last man always wins

  • @sarahjohnson6407
    @sarahjohnson6407 Před rokem +8968

    I love how they “acted” surprised when he jumped on the second one. Even though that was the obvious choice.

  • @Unmarked007
    @Unmarked007 Před rokem

    Did anyone else notice that they all jumped forward and never side ways

  • @MattFromWiiiSports
    @MattFromWiiiSports Před rokem

    isn’t that that one tall fisherman

  • @fqirytqles9
    @fqirytqles9 Před rokem +4904

    Squid game behind the scenes be like:

  • @AnshulRajkumarARK
    @AnshulRajkumarARK Před rokem +76

    Me guessing in jee exam:

  • @kamatayansaiyo
    @kamatayansaiyo Před rokem

    the last one gets a 50/50 chance

  • @maqboolawan8217
    @maqboolawan8217 Před rokem +3643

    i swear if i hear this song again-💀

  • @Ur_favvv
    @Ur_favvv Před rokem

    The one with yeezie slides deserves it

  • @FranktheHogRider
    @FranktheHogRider Před rokem +18

    Wow, I like how all of them wanted to jump on the box in front of them. As in the boxes in the row that hasn’t been touched yet

  • @savannah0002
    @savannah0002 Před rokem +4684

    Squid game glass bridge at home be like:

    • @Hla120
      @Hla120 Před rokem +7

      home and other people are you are not have the following information 😂😂

    • @mkonki4093
      @mkonki4093 Před rokem +1

      @@Hla120 زاكغجطدةؤءس

    • @Hla120
      @Hla120 Před rokem +2

      @@mkonki4093 Ukraine group for this page 🥰

    • @Hla120
      @Hla120 Před rokem

      @@mkonki4093 home and more information and 😂😂🥰

  • @retardblt3376
    @retardblt3376 Před rokem

    As a Parkourist I would just personally jump over the entire thing

  • @robloxadictvids4908
    @robloxadictvids4908 Před rokem

    The last dude didn’t win because all the boxes were all down already-_-

  • @namjoonvsonion6571
    @namjoonvsonion6571 Před rokem +2820

    If I hear this song one more time 💀💀

    • @Catsarebread
      @Catsarebread Před rokem +25

      Never heard it before lol

    • @cheekycharlie24
      @cheekycharlie24 Před rokem +14

      Small pleasures, small pleasures
      Who would deny us these? (Not me)
      Gin toddies, large measuress
      No skimpin' if you please
      I rough it
      I love it
      Life is a game of chance
      I never tire of it
      Leading this merry dance
      If you don't mind having to go without things
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      Tho' it ain't all jolly old pleasure outings
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      When you got someone to love
      You'd forget your cares and strife
      Let the prudes look down on us
      Let the wide world frown on us
      It's a fine fine life
      Who cares if straightlaces sneer at us in the street?
      A fine air and fine grace don't have to sin to eat
      We wander through London
      Who knows what we many find?
      There's pockets left undone
      On many a behind
      If you don't mind taking it as it turns out
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      Keep the candle burning until it burns out
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      Though you sometimes do come by
      The occasional black eye
      You can always cover one
      While he blacks the other one
      But you don't dare cry
      No flounces, no feathers
      No frills and furbelows
      All winds and all weathers
      Ain't good for fancy clo'es
      Ah, these trappings
      These ta'ers
      These we can just afford
      What future?
      What ma'ers?
      We've got our bed and board
      If you don't mind having to deal with fagin
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      Although diseased rats threaten to bring the plague in
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      But the grass is green and dense
      On the right side of the 'fence'
      And we take good care of it
      That we get our share of it
      And we don't mean pence
      If you don't mind having to like or lump it
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      Althought there's no tea-supping and eating crumpet
      It's a fine life (fine life)
      Not for me
      The happy home
      Happy husband
      Happy wife
      Tho' it sometimes touches me
      For the likes of such as me
      Mine's a fine fine life!

    • @lourencovieira313
      @lourencovieira313 Před rokem +36

      **rosalia stares in disgust**

    • @Shayarihub770
      @Shayarihub770 Před rokem +2


    • @PrincessAfrica3
      @PrincessAfrica3 Před rokem +6

      @@Catsarebread same here. First time listener

  • @vntg_fruit4036
    @vntg_fruit4036 Před rokem

    You can tell which box will fold cause it’s smaller

  • @stxrrbee1
    @stxrrbee1 Před rokem

    I personally would walk across the middle but that's just me

  • @Hjddbgchdb
    @Hjddbgchdb Před rokem +677

    “How cringe Do you want this to be”

    • @tessrobinson2736
      @tessrobinson2736 Před rokem +7

      It doesn't make sense you comment...
      Example: How cringe do you want this to be
      Is doesn't make sense because they should say percentages

    • @friezanobrotha2372
      @friezanobrotha2372 Před rokem +1

      @@tessrobinson2736 if he meant by how cringe do you want to this to be and he said yes
      Then that is a 100%

    • @friezanobrotha2372
      @friezanobrotha2372 Před rokem

      @@tessrobinson2736 plus your spelling is bad ( no offense )

    • @morevrne2071
      @morevrne2071 Před rokem


    • @NONONONO-nx4jp
      @NONONONO-nx4jp Před rokem

      @@tessrobinson2736 ظظظظظسي سيئ ئظظظظ طيب ظظظظ

    @BREADBEAR.. Před rokem


  • @mergingbutterfly
    @mergingbutterfly Před rokem

    You can win by being the last one in line hahahaha

  • @hannahginat8951
    @hannahginat8951 Před rokem +496

    Why are they so exited when somebody steps on the right box when there’s only one box-?

  • @SniperGod101
    @SniperGod101 Před rokem +6

    Was I the only one waiting for one of them to step on the first box that wasn’t it? 😂

  • @jahangirqureshi2614
    @jahangirqureshi2614 Před rokem

    Last one was lucky to be last..🤷‍♀️😁

  • @MS-ln9fd
    @MS-ln9fd Před rokem +3345

    This is a perfect example of how the youngest siblings wins parents affection #learn from others mistakes

    • @Queeter
      @Queeter Před rokem +17

      EpicPlayz Unfortunately. Makes me wanna watch TikTok instead just to get away from them 😒

    • @randomuser_4481
      @randomuser_4481 Před rokem +10

      Alright we get it. You’re the youngest child.

    • @abdulazizolimjonov1971
      @abdulazizolimjonov1971 Před rokem

      EpicPlayz d

    • @kdkhyati1909
      @kdkhyati1909 Před rokem


    • @Xxiz268
      @Xxiz268 Před rokem +1

      Bruh research proved that the oldest is the most successful

  • @noahalbert2073
    @noahalbert2073 Před rokem

    Tell me why my dumbass thought the screaming was coming from someone in my house

  • @kiradeuel2639
    @kiradeuel2639 Před rokem

    I can't with the acting- it hurts sm-

  • @FluerMuer_
    @FluerMuer_ Před rokem +5353

    The anxiety I had watching this 💀

  • @NolanHolladay
    @NolanHolladay Před rokem

    I have cheat, touch one and if it feels soft, don’t step there

  • @XD_Salad
    @XD_Salad Před rokem

    Put a landmine in the wrong boxes

  • @sealifegaming
    @sealifegaming Před rokem +1045

    I like how he went oHHH after getting the 2nd one right when he already knew the answer

  • @huh3620
    @huh3620 Před rokem

    Mans got those Beetlejuice shoes💀

  • @naveenali3822
    @naveenali3822 Před rokem +1

    its simple but they make it look like its difficult

  • @TO1B
    @TO1B Před rokem +3

    look how idiot tiktok made us

  • @shefaelahy6724
    @shefaelahy6724 Před rokem

    the only game you win by being the last to go and having a good memory
    can’t wait for squid game season 2 oml

  • @merrickbryan85
    @merrickbryan85 Před rokem

    These are adults... remember that when the earth is no more in like 20 years

  • @MangoO0
    @MangoO0 Před rokem +159

    2nd guy had shoes that came from the upside down 💀🤚🏻

    • @wesleybaum2659
      @wesleybaum2659 Před rokem +1

      Yeezy foam they called

    • @MangoO0
      @MangoO0 Před rokem +2

      @@wesleybaum2659 Ik but they are crazy. 1,200 depending on place is crazy for those

    • @sophie..1111
      @sophie..1111 Před rokem +2

      Those shoes are so ugly ✋😭👹

    • @MangoO0
      @MangoO0 Před rokem

      @@sophie..1111 ikr 😭

    • @MangoO0
      @MangoO0 Před rokem +1

      Nanotyudini don’t spam my reply section. Thank you.

  • @hehedodo
    @hehedodo Před rokem +95

    The acting tho-

  • @liami8RBLX
    @liami8RBLX Před rokem

    How about put a fish tank with water instead of an empty box

  • @MiloRetroTVStatic
    @MiloRetroTVStatic Před rokem +913

    "yes, let's act as if we aren't the ones who set the whole thing up, and that we have no clue which box is which."

    • @Thecat.763
      @Thecat.763 Před rokem +5

      I see a very similar pattern….one left one right and repeat.

    • @RafaelSilva-pl2sn
      @RafaelSilva-pl2sn Před rokem


    • @riyalohchab4209
      @riyalohchab4209 Před rokem


  • @maxvell0951
    @maxvell0951 Před rokem

    Everytime I hear this in Gran Turismo🤦‍♂️

  • @spedup9117
    @spedup9117 Před rokem

    Why are they jumping when they can just put their foot on the other box to feel it

  • @WhiteLobster
    @WhiteLobster Před rokem +617

    Me: Mom, can we have squid game glas brigde.
    Mom: No, we have squid game glas bridge at home.
    Squid game glas bridge at home:

    • @totototo584
      @totototo584 Před rokem +4

      😂😂😂😂ةف و

    • @user-zb8wz9bv9v
      @user-zb8wz9bv9v Před rokem +3


    • @dhingra68
      @dhingra68 Před rokem +1

      Tr45t - glas
      Real spelling - glass

    • @Ash_the_2nd
      @Ash_the_2nd Před rokem +2

      @@dhingra68 bro it’s not a spelling bee

    • @dhingra68
      @dhingra68 Před rokem +1

      @@Ash_the_2nd ik ik but just for funnnn! Btw i am a bro i am a sis lol i am on my brothers tab

  • @iLoveEmilia
    @iLoveEmilia Před rokem

    the empty boxes were nice and tugged. The full or just bricks weren’t.

  • @cocolocogaming6404
    @cocolocogaming6404 Před 7 měsíci

    Hey, where did my packages go?

  • @julitacharlot
    @julitacharlot Před rokem +14

    You can literally saw which one is hard looking/ right one

  • @yannbitter9589
    @yannbitter9589 Před rokem

    Les influenceurs qu'ils s'appellent... 🤡

  • @GR33NM4G3
    @GR33NM4G3 Před rokem

    i would of walked softly on them or jumped over the last one

  • @Dorthea2834
    @Dorthea2834 Před rokem +15

    It’s like one of the games from Squid Game😂😂😂😂

  • @Berry_queen7020
    @Berry_queen7020 Před rokem

    Glass bridge but I’m confused how the other box’s didn’t break

  • @noname-gb4gq
    @noname-gb4gq Před rokem

    the last boys is a scammer🤣

  • @kadynROADTO
    @kadynROADTO Před rokem +91

    Next thing you know people will be green screening the boxes into memes😂😂😂

  • @grey_df8
    @grey_df8 Před rokem

    That's such a mindfuck

  • @ronaldceniza5614
    @ronaldceniza5614 Před rokem

    It's obviously alternate if not how would you jump from two boxes apart

  • @azb1229
    @azb1229 Před rokem +135

    Squid game 👀

  • @Changqing415
    @Changqing415 Před 29 dny +1

    Pick the 2 box now $1000

  • @3z984
    @3z984 Před rokem

    bro after the 2 people went i would have already knew the pattern

  • @Dumb-
    @Dumb- Před rokem +286

    This song is really testing my patience 😀

  • @arreyahlindsey4501
    @arreyahlindsey4501 Před rokem

    Is it Just me, but wasn’t there a pattern?

  • @lilkamjoro
    @lilkamjoro Před rokem

    the last one got me wrong

  • @mohitc89
    @mohitc89 Před rokem +78

    For all those who are wondering song name.
    Song Name : Bizcochito by Rosalía

      @ABDOULABADI Před rokem +2

      Wondering about the girl's name tho 🐸

    • @bymeliodas_23
      @bymeliodas_23 Před rokem

      @@ABDOULABADI im spanish, rosalia, bzrp, quevedo, l-gante and David bisbal are the best

  • @stuartanderson3172
    @stuartanderson3172 Před rokem

    And the internet gives these useless suites houses together. The world needs a reset

  • @Doggy_Mation
    @Doggy_Mation Před 5 měsíci

    Squid game on the budget

  • @Ansonbigc
    @Ansonbigc Před rokem +32

    stepping gently:
    Am i a joke to you

  • @Chris-qe5qi
    @Chris-qe5qi Před rokem

    You could tell the broken boxes

  • @ghostface640
    @ghostface640 Před rokem +1

    The last part....
    That's genius

  • @randomeditz6317
    @randomeditz6317 Před rokem +13

    Bro got excited on the second jump even tho he knew it was that one 😂

  • @Cooldawg200
    @Cooldawg200 Před rokem

    They’re making it like it’s a challenge

  • @rajsandhu8295
    @rajsandhu8295 Před rokem +1

    What are those yezzeys ?! 🤨

  • @whereisprosenjit
    @whereisprosenjit Před rokem +34


  • @minnabailee3705
    @minnabailee3705 Před rokem

    I play too much Roblox obbys to lose this game 🤣😭

  • @mceey003
    @mceey003 Před 9 měsíci

    Bro didn’t even notice the pattern at the start😂

  • @iXrvia
    @iXrvia Před rokem +4

    *Squid game but on a budget 😂*

  • @uchekenneth281
    @uchekenneth281 Před rokem

    The new breed of alpha males

  • @TW_Barrel_Racing
    @TW_Barrel_Racing Před rokem +9

    bro, the second person's shoes.... i cant...💀

  • @-The-Void-
    @-The-Void- Před rokem +4

    That "Do not recommend this channel" button lookin fine.

  • @vex_channel
    @vex_channel Před rokem

    Those shoes 💀

  • @animeboy9573
    @animeboy9573 Před rokem

    Squid Game in a nutshell

  • @Iloveyoi2020
    @Iloveyoi2020 Před rokem +109

    This looks so fun ❤

  • @LunaFilmsVids
    @LunaFilmsVids Před rokem

    It’s like squid game but with boxes

  • @floatingwaterlily6754

    The true stage have sharp rim.

  • @theyluvhoodie
    @theyluvhoodie Před rokem +24

    Can someone tell me why they are freaking out when they get the most obvious choices😂

  • @oddtop_games7822
    @oddtop_games7822 Před rokem

    If you played glass Bridge then go to Mr beast and he will put you in the game

  • @ashleywilson2351
    @ashleywilson2351 Před rokem

    it was obvious if you look at the corners

  • @ashlyn3168
    @ashlyn3168 Před rokem +7

    traumatized by squid game :/

  • @hipo9550
    @hipo9550 Před rokem

    Jesus loves you ❤

  • @notamazonalexaa
    @notamazonalexaa Před rokem

    Does anyone notice the green thing is moving

  • @TheJediwastaken
    @TheJediwastaken Před rokem +39

    Here before it blows up

  • @robcastaneda2103
    @robcastaneda2103 Před rokem

    Who tf told you people this was a good song

  • @evingalarza8412
    @evingalarza8412 Před rokem

    Squid Game at home challenge

  • @phantom075
    @phantom075 Před rokem +6

    Squid games 2nd last round 😅

  • @VijayKumar-se3pq
    @VijayKumar-se3pq Před rokem

    Squid games.. Pro max. 😂😂

  • @allisonlysne
    @allisonlysne Před rokem


  • @BB-pz8sx
    @BB-pz8sx Před rokem +7

    What song is this? I’m dying

    • @bymeliodas_23
      @bymeliodas_23 Před rokem +1

      Bizcochito with rosalia

    • @BB-pz8sx
      @BB-pz8sx Před rokem

      Thank you😘🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • @tjayexclusives9318
    @tjayexclusives9318 Před rokem

    POV you were playing squid game glass bridge

  • @portgasdace2913
    @portgasdace2913 Před rokem +3

    Is nobody gonna talk about the shoes the guy wearing 💀

  • @annamaria782
    @annamaria782 Před rokem

    Family I want to do this family for my whole entire house

  • @Bha20
    @Bha20 Před rokem

    Bro this so unfair we q
    All knew the last guy was gonna make it

  • @booxlen
    @booxlen Před rokem +8


  • @ares1861
    @ares1861 Před rokem

    Squid game🦑 be like 😂: