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Security stops Lamb of God's Randy Blythe from sneaking backstage 😂

  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022
  • HudbaHudba

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  • Eagles Nest
    Eagles Nest Před měsícem +27797

    “Don’t be sorry. You’re doing your job. I like you!”
    Class act.

  • Masilator
    Masilator Před měsícem +4507

    That “i like you” was the raw message of “please dont feel bad, you are good”

    • Mydevineself
      Mydevineself Před dnem

      Nope...he likes her likes her

    • Matthew Davis
      Matthew Davis Před dnem +2

      This didn't need a silly interpretation. He literally said "No, don't be sorry. You're doing your job. I like you."

    • Ian Jonas
      Ian Jonas Před 2 dny

      oh really i thought it meant something else

    • Mateus Ribeiro
      Mateus Ribeiro Před 8 dny +1

      @NJ hahahaha

    • NJ
      NJ Před 10 dny +3

      Wow youre such a genius

  • Jay Baltazar
    Jay Baltazar Před měsícem +3316

    A true metalhead shows respect to everybody. Legit!

    • Nick
      Nick Před dnem

      Not all but yes

    • jyoungtricks
      jyoungtricks Před 2 dny

      I have pondered this, I think it's because heavy music is a bit aggressive, and moshing is a bit aggressive... I feel like it's all about expressing aggression in a healthy and pointed manner so you don't feel the need to be "passive aggressive" in every day life

    • Metal Master
      Metal Master Před 4 dny

      ​​​​​@Sarah Schlongfeel Nu metal at its core isn't influenced by rap at all, musically, it's alternative metal that mixes groove metal, funk metal, industrial metal and grunge together.
      Now it did get influenced by hip hop later on but JD from KoЯn already had his rap influences in the band's early days.

    • 361rivera
      361rivera Před 7 dny

      @Sever More ???

    • Sever More
      Sever More Před 7 dny

      To everyone in this comment thread. I feel like you all said "were playing Harry Potter" and my response was the same as Cartman's response.

  • Nicholas DiBari
    Nicholas DiBari Před měsícem +777

    As a security guard myself I appreciate this. Y’all have no idea the disrespect we get

    • Tim Bango
      Tim Bango Před 3 hodinami

      Idk what kind of guard you are but alot of guards act like corrupt cops.

    • toro ZONE
      toro ZONE Před dnem +1

      i feel you..., when we just doing the thing that commanded to us, sometimes people just don't get it, it is what we do for living, to make sure everything around is safe

    • sICFXmusIC
      sICFXmusIC Před dnem

      You must have met another singer named AXL Rose 🤣

    • AK 697
      AK 697 Před 2 dny +1

      "On duty"? Get a grip. You're a mall cop not a tier 1 operator. Thank you for your service protecting the Wetzel's Pretzels. Christ only knows where we'd be without you.

    • AK 697
      AK 697 Před 2 dny +1

      Well you deserve to be disrespected, so there's that. You're like a cop, but even more useless to the general public.

  • Chillychese
    Chillychese Před měsícem +941

    Love the humbleness and how he didn't act like his ego was fragile

  • no1noseme96
    no1noseme96 Před 2 měsíci +31150

    Never heard of the band but that guy is legit for his response

  • Charles Mauro
    Charles Mauro Před měsícem +178

    Sometimes security can be overzealous, and sometimes the performers can be flat out rude. It's nice to see teamwork, coming together for the sake and safety of the show.

    • shizukagozen777
      shizukagozen777 Před 15 dny

      Overzealous or genuinely careful because they're scared to loose their job if they make a mistake and something bad happens ?

    • rismofy hope
      rismofy hope Před 24 dny +2

      And sometimes the security might just be ignorant about the performer of the event or even the crew.

    • ناديا ١١:١١
      ناديا ١١:١١ Před 25 dny +4

      Yes! At the end of the day its this kind of basic kindness/understanding that makes life a little more tolerable

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Před měsícem +111

    He is impressed because she is keeping him and his band safe from people that shouldn’t be up there. That’s why he is super cool with her.

    • Wawan Ahmad
      Wawan Ahmad Před 3 hodinami

      And He said "thank you for doing your job"

    • SamX Officiel
      SamX Officiel Před 2 dny

      ​@Will 🤣🤣🤣

    • Will
      Will Před 3 dny +2

      thanks for explaining that to everyone who missed the obvious point.

  • ABalt
    ABalt Před 22 dny +609

    “Nah don’t be sorry…” really mellow voice… ten minutes later: “OMERRRRRRTAAAAA!!!”

    • ZC Productions
      ZC Productions Před 10 hodinami


    • BamBam
      BamBam Před dnem

      Jajajajajaja indeed, favorite song from them 🔥🔥🔥

    • ABalt
      ABalt Před 2 dny

      @Ray Siuta I did too actually! You’re welcome friend.

    • Ray Siuta
      Ray Siuta Před 2 dny +1

      I read that in his voice🤣 thank you for this

    • Ugly_.Steez_
      Ugly_.Steez_ Před 3 dny +1

      Probably less time then that if he’s walking on stage.

  • shut up and eat ur grass
    shut up and eat ur grass Před měsícem +92

    The security lady actually doing her job responsibly, and make sure the backstage is safe

  • Dimpledballz
    Dimpledballz Před měsícem +4664

    This dude is about to unleash one of the sickest growls and vocals in rock music yet shows the utmost respect for someone doing their job. We need more humans like him.

    • Mike Mlodzienski
      Mike Mlodzienski Před 6 dny

      ​@tyler don't be that guy. Everyone knows metal is a sub-genre of rock.

    • Mike Mlodzienski
      Mike Mlodzienski Před 6 dny

      ​@max kepler metal is a genre of rock...dog.

    • planetX15
      planetX15 Před 6 dny

      ​@DareBear That's what I thought

    • Palindrome Cornell
      Palindrome Cornell Před měsícem

      ​@FuzzyAppleCore ouch.

    • isrv
      isrv Před měsícem +1

      Even when you’re famous it’s not about you and it’s cool when rockstars and movie stars comprehend that

  • nathan gray
    nathan gray Před měsícem +107

    Man he’s grown a lot over the years and you can tell, glad he’s here to tell his story and bless us with great music still!

  • Josh Brewster
    Josh Brewster Před 3 dny

    I respect him so much and I’ve never heard of him before but I love it when artists respect people trying to do their job at music venues.

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith Před 14 dny +1

    What an absolute legend. Need more like this fella.

  • Maxwell !
    Maxwell ! Před 25 dny

    This is why I love Lamb of God so much! It’s always important to be kind to everyone you can, especially when they’re just trying to do their job

  • sam1
    sam1 Před měsícem +101

    When he still says, "u r doing ur job, i like u"....Real artist is a pure sole😇

  • TheDeadNorth
    TheDeadNorth Před měsícem +4

    A dude who doesnt let his status define him. Even gave thanks and appreciated her job, dude has my vote.

  • Samuel Kidwell
    Samuel Kidwell Před 5 dny

    I learned very early how down to earth and humble many metal artists are. I've had multiple occasions where I'm talking to a cool merch dood only to find out they're a member of the band lol. My most cringe moment was when Nick Hipa came through the car wash I worked at and I mistook him for Matt Heafy. He handled it well and we had an awesome chat for 15 minutes. My boss kept on calling my name but I didn't hear him.

  • Mark Odenbrett
    Mark Odenbrett Před měsícem

    He learned a long time ago how important stage security can be I am glad the lesson stuck with him

  • Max Power
    Max Power Před 3 dny

    Now that's security. The band can feel safe that people who aren't suppose to be there won't be there. Class act from both.

  • itsthe 773 guero
    itsthe 773 guero Před 16 dny

    had the pleasure of meeting randy in 2019 during his cameo with pigface for a couple shows....out of all the personalities up on that stage he was by far and away the most energetic life of the party.... totally respectful to everyone backstage as well

  • Constitutional American

    This is why I Love Metal Music! These bands are so down to earth. Their fans of Metal too.
    Randy could’ve ripped into her, he didn’t. He was very respectful and forgiving.

  • Geoff Burroughs
    Geoff Burroughs Před dnem +1

    Ha, I was once behind Randy Blythe headed back stage at festival and the security guard stopped him for not having a wristband. It was kind of funny to watch absolutely everybody in the vicinity lose it for about 2 seconds

  • Kyla
    Kyla Před měsícem +7945

    Lead freaking singer and he doesn't throw his weight around, he acts like anybody else and simply let's her know why he doesn't have one. Love this

    • traditional artist
      traditional artist Před 11 dny

      @Tai Ro its HIS show clown

    • Mark Odenbrett
      Mark Odenbrett Před měsícem

      No one but people shouldn't accuse others of being on drugs without proof. Especially if you have cleaned up from a past addiction people are more likely to believe the false accusations

    • AJ Buddha
      AJ Buddha Před měsícem

      Yea it’s pretty rare actually people like this are the ideal peaceful musician who actually care about the music. Most artist are a gimmick & use internet antics to become viral. It’s rare that the sheer amount of talent is what attracts the crowd not to brag about it but because it’s an experience

    • Irelands Eye on Myths
      Irelands Eye on Myths Před měsícem

      He killed a metaller in Prague at a gig. Then the record companies lawyers got him out just long enough to flee the countries laws.
      When he came to ireland after that he got beaten up in the street by "kids." Hes not one of us. Hes the enemy.

    • Capybara
      Capybara Před měsícem

      ​@Tai Ro your opinion is not a fact.

  • Koth
    Koth Před měsícem +2

    This is why the metal community/people are amazing, such genuine people

  • Sleepy_Boii29
    Sleepy_Boii29 Před 19 dny +1

    This whole thing is one of the reasons I love LoG. Just look at Randy's body language during, he stopped, he wasn't trying to force his way past her even though he was right. Just class act all round.

    • Sleepy_Boii29
      Sleepy_Boii29 Před 16 dny

      @farquaad420 lol "class act" ≠ "saint"
      Reading comprehension is hard, I know. 🙃

    • farquaad420
      farquaad420 Před 16 dny +1

      He saw the camera out of the corner of his eye and changed up his act. He even looks away directly from the camera at one point. The dude is not some saint.

  • This is Ajang
    This is Ajang Před 25 dny +5

    Her small "okay" is adorable. She's clearly embarrassed, but Randy's kind words makes her feel better

  • In a Minute
    In a Minute Před dnem +1

    I like that he was respectful. Most musicians at his level think they are above everyone else

    • Justin Mathis
      Justin Mathis Před dnem

      I mean if I’m hired to do a show and had security hassling me I’d be annoyed rightfully he just didn’t let the situation ruin his evening

  • Shaun McDonald
    Shaun McDonald Před měsícem +1476

    Getting sober was a godsend for him. He turned out to be a guy with a heart of gold.

    • Shaun McDonald
      Shaun McDonald Před měsícem

      @JoJo watch their killadelphia live show/documentary. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

    • JoJo
      JoJo Před měsícem

      Was he a mean dude in anyway, when he was using...? 🤔

    • Betrayal
      Betrayal Před měsícem

      @Chris I have the exact same dab pen that uses carts

    • ✠CuttySobz✠
      ✠CuttySobz✠ Před měsícem

      Creepy old man into teenage girls.. also what's in that thermous he's holding......

    • Danny N
      Danny N Před měsícem

      @Boss Empress 😁 thanks for reading lol

  • Leg3ndKilla687
    Leg3ndKilla687 Před měsícem +51

    I like how he made her feel really good after that. Especially if she stumbles onto this clip lol.
    Edit: I have no idea who this man is, I heard of the band before, but seems like a cool down to earth dude 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Dan Abbate
    Dan Abbate Před 7 dny

    Not only one of the BEST Front men in metal, Randy is a CLASS act!

  • Cheddar323
    Cheddar323 Před měsícem

    I used to work security and this would happen all the time. I'm glad he was so cool about it.

  • eman X
    eman X Před měsícem

    Class act. He's a good genuine human being 🖤

  • Shiva Rayner
    Shiva Rayner Před měsícem +1512

    I love that instead of being like “DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM” He chuckled and commended the lady for doing her job. What a guy

    • liverpoolJFT96
      liverpoolJFT96 Před měsícem +2

      ​@MeatPopiscle I agree that he should have a lanyard but not so much that she should know who he is, just because thats how mistakes happen.
      Lets say shes there for 3 shifts, so looks at the picture for every artist. Depending on the events that could be easily 20-30 people .remembering all those faces to the point you couldn't possibly mistake somebody else for them would be difficult. Especially if some fans style themselves based on the artists.

    • Reprovo a
      Reprovo a Před měsícem +1

      No it's what any person with a smidgen of respect for another individual should do and I don't say that to take away from him. I say it because we have lowered our standards so much.

    • Thatguyoverthere
      Thatguyoverthere Před měsícem +5

      @MeatPopiscle i see you point about her knowing the artists….a little bit. But security is hired locally and may not even know who the band is as a whole. Let alone who the singer is. So I’m torn.
      But he should definitely have his credentials just in case.

    • Shiva Rayner
      Shiva Rayner Před měsícem

      @John Melonshe’s not good at it? I think she’s very good at it. She didn’t recognize the lead singer of a band she probably doesn’t listen to, so she stopped him. It’s not part of her job to recognize the members of every single group that performs in an event she does security for. Im not saying he did anything super bad, but I do agree with the other comment that he should have had a lanyard or something. I think they both literally handled it perfectly

    • John Melon
      John Melon Před měsícem

      She isnt very good at that but yeah.... good job.. your going somewhere 😆

  • Timothy Nelissen
    Timothy Nelissen Před dnem

    This guy is a legend for many reasons, but this type of behavior is my favorite.

  • Jesse hayward
    Jesse hayward Před 5 dny +2

    Randy Blythe is a straight up dude with immense talent. Respect.

  • zamboni jones
    zamboni jones Před 25 dny +1

    He's such a nice guy. Protect this man at all costs.

  • Fezzik 76
    Fezzik 76 Před měsícem

    Considering how people can sometimes treat those of us who are in the security industry I appreciate this guy. She IS doing her job.

  • Karachi Jameology
    Karachi Jameology Před 4 dny

    Randy is such a humble and down to Earth guy. ✊🏽

  • TheWatcher
    TheWatcher Před 20 dny +2

    Many artists have massive egos that would never have allowed them to be as cool and casual as this guy was..
    Good for him...

  • Scene it Shows Music
    Scene it Shows Music Před 8 dny

    more people need to be like randy. 🤍🤍🤍🤘🤘🤘

  • Eddie Tasker
    Eddie Tasker Před 5 dny

    Metals one of my least favourite genres but I wish more musicians were like this guy. Humble and kind to everybody. What a guy!

  • Hybrid Spektar
    Hybrid Spektar Před měsícem +3125

    " Thank you for doing your job. No! Don't be sorry! You're doing your job! I like you!" Metal musicians are some of the humblest dudes out there.

    • Mint Tea
      Mint Tea Před 7 dny

      ​@Jhonny Rockstardon't bring him, James and Lars into this 🤦

    • Spike Miller
      Spike Miller Před 7 dny

      ​@Cloud Boys Musicyep I'm with you on that ..

    • CR1Tr
      CR1Tr Před měsícem

      ​@Rednas 2.0 atleast we don't have to worry about being homeless in Africa or something

    • Brittany Kissner
      Brittany Kissner Před měsícem

      I went to the Unholy Alliance Tour back in 2006, before the concert Randy was outside of the arena riding around on his bmx bike. Talking to anyone who recognized him - he was so kind

    • Brandon Cheney
      Brandon Cheney Před měsícem

      Most humble works too but ok

  • BЯoly LSSJ
    BЯoly LSSJ Před měsícem

    He understands the seriousness of the situation.
    The Damageplan tragedy understandably got everyone to tighten up their belts.
    Thank you, Security.

  • World Traveling Foody
    World Traveling Foody Před měsícem

    That's the way to go. Somebody else would have been mad about her not recognizing who they are and stopping them from sneaking in. She is doing her job. That's what she's paid to do. Mad respect for her and him for acknowledging her doing a good job.

  • StonerSparky
    StonerSparky Před 8 dny

    This is an example of somebody who doesn't let their ego control their emotions. We need to be more like this guy

  • Zack Amig
    Zack Amig Před 4 dny

    What a nice dude.... I feel like a lot of singers wouldn't have had that reaction

    KEVIIIN RAMAAAAGE!!! Před měsícem +1480

    I have to say I’ve found that heavy metal musicians and fans are some of the most genuinely kind people I’ve ever met. I think it might have something to do with them getting all their rage out through music instead of bottling it up like the rest of us 😂

    • Fookin Koont
      Fookin Koont Před měsícem

      ​@Kayziix yup, trash packs or moshpits will make you make friends in no time

    • Laurent
      Laurent Před měsícem


    • YouDon't KnowMe
      YouDon't KnowMe Před měsícem +1

      Most metal heads are the coolest people you'll ever meet in your life. But my ex-husband sang for a very dark heavy band very popular and he was a psychopath.
      Great to other people out and about but a maniac in the house

    • New World Concepts
      New World Concepts  Před měsícem

      Has to be the reason.

    • Taymere Denmark
      Taymere Denmark Před měsícem

      ​@smp Heavy on the "listen to what you like".

  • eerohughes
    eerohughes Před měsícem +2

    I love seeing great human interaction!! Always reassuring

  • B mint
    B mint Před 19 dny +3

    This actually makes sense.. The nicest people I know are metal and punk enthusiasts..

  • Anthony
    Anthony Před 14 dny

    Pure class I love to see when celebrities are humble 🙌 💯❤️

  • That Compliment Guy
    That Compliment Guy Před 3 dny

    Not only is Randy Blythe one of the GOATs (imo) but he is such a down to earth and kind human being

  • herro dair
    herro dair Před 2 měsíci +8295

    That's awesome instead of throwing a big fit about the fact he's supposed to be there he shows respect and understands their just doing their job

    • Brap Xanigan
      Brap Xanigan Před 22 hodinami

      ​@Wingading Unfortunately, that's not all Metal. There are snakes in every field

    • Angel Irizarry
      Angel Irizarry Před měsícem +1

      ​@Kai Storhagenthat ain't even what happened lol

    • SkalA SkalA
      SkalA SkalA Před měsícem

      ​@Jan Jansen as a dutch security guard
      on every festival artist and crew think everybody knows them
      not america only

    • Ron Car
      Ron Car Před měsícem

      I can think of a number of sports players, politicians, musicians, etc who would have went off!

    • Alex L.
      Alex L. Před měsícem

      ​@Jan Jansen Karen is a general term even for your non american Karen's. Which is why even in the UK you see people being called Karen's.

  • Yardmastr
    Yardmastr Před měsícem

    As someone who works in the industry I can say there’s a lot of pressure being around actors and performers to act “right” sometimes doing your job can bring heat down on you. His attitude is a testament to how humans could behave when the two worlds mix.

  • Bruno Studley
    Bruno Studley Před 25 dny

    The man can scream, one of my favourite metal bands 🤘🏻💪🏻

  • AlphaCentauri24
    AlphaCentauri24 Před měsícem +9

    He encouraged her instead of getting offended. Shows his superb personality.

  • Silent Andy
    Silent Andy Před měsícem +1

    Need more ppl like him and not like these internet trolls that get all butthurt and call ppl like her a "karen" just for doing her JOB. 🙄
    Never heard of this man, but he's earned my respect just from this clip. 💯

  • TheDarknessIsWaiting
    TheDarknessIsWaiting Před 2 dny

    Mad respect for the way he handled that. He has a drink container in his hand that is a big hint he can be back stage.

  • 7ngel6oy
    7ngel6oy Před měsícem +12

    I'm sure he felt humbled to be treated like a regular person in that moment 😂

    • jovel cero
      jovel cero Před 15 dny

      He is already humble.

    • Ture
      Ture Před měsícem +2

      Maybe cuz he is a regular person

  • JSoupMedia
    JSoupMedia Před 8 dny

    Love his aditude towards the security 👏👏

  • Rick Bob O
    Rick Bob O Před 16 dny

    I'm sure once you've had the threat of prison for manslaughter come down on your head, your attitude toward every day inconveniences and misunderstandings become like nothing to you. Clearly a very thankful individual for everything he has after everything that's happened to him.

  • nae rang
    nae rang Před měsícem +4546

    so weirdly nice to see a scene like this and not hear “do you know who I am !?????”

    • nae rang
      nae rang Před 27 dny

      @Nikita lol some people don’t work to see a free show by someone they know or favor even, they work then there’s work available to support their families and themselves. you never know what landed people at the jobs they’re at now :) and *who’s performing

    • Darkdubz
      Darkdubz Před 27 dny

      This makes no sense he is literally walking up the stairs and goes “I don’t have it because I’m the lead” and then gets cut off from the other security guard saying he’s the lead singer. But you guys carry on believing what you want to believe 🤣

    • kingsize blues
      kingsize blues Před měsícem +1

      @Gregory Ashton I done fokked up

    • Gregory Ashton
      Gregory Ashton Před měsícem +1

      @kingsize blues WRONG! He is talking about celebrities in the plural, so the correct grammar is "there are", not "there is". Funny that you tried to correct me though.

    • kingsize blues
      kingsize blues Před měsícem

      ​@Gregory Ashton There's works perfectly fine also, "there is" - so that was a pointless correction because it wasn't even incorrect

  • Marcel B. 🇩🇪
    Marcel B. 🇩🇪 Před 3 dny

    This is exactly how security should work.

    FAR FAR AWAY 🦝 Před 14 dny

    love this guy, so humble🔥

  • the penny mob
    the penny mob Před měsícem

    Got to love Randy he’s a character ❤all the lamb of god dudes are! Class.

  • Troy Sullivan
    Troy Sullivan Před 10 dny

    I love that he recognized she was doing her job. Some people would get all bent out of shape because their ego's were hurt. Great on both of them.

  • DJ Deckard Cain
    DJ Deckard Cain Před měsícem +563

    A human… being a human… to another human. It’s beautiful. If only everyone could get along like this.

    • Matt Watts
      Matt Watts Před měsícem

      hUmAn... We've literally never gotten along on a massive scale since the dawn of time.

    • Oh Hi
      Oh Hi Před měsícem

      We shouldnt get along
      or atleast SOMEONE doenst want us to

    • Jereme
      Jereme Před měsícem

      is *not* getting along non-human in nature?

      diRecTorUNBEKNOWNST Před měsícem +3

      faith restored; that's enuff internet for me

    • Platinum Hustle
      Platinum Hustle Před měsícem

      Can I be human with your mom tonight?

  • Samuel Vela
    Samuel Vela Před měsícem

    His attitude is amazing. Much success to this guy.

  • Craig Crassen
    Craig Crassen Před 14 hodinami

    I think the security guard should get a raise for stopping the singer, but that girl behind him needs a medal for sneaking in like a boss!

  • jacksonjdr94
    jacksonjdr94 Před 20 dny +1

    Tbh I've never heard lamb of God's music in my life, but this interaction pleased me and I'm now gonna go give them a listen.

  • Webbys World💕
    Webbys World💕 Před měsícem +2

    Never heard of him or his band, but he seems like a very down to earth laid back cool guy! 💯

  • Smithy's Forge
    Smithy's Forge Před měsícem +1608

    Metal heads are often some of the nicest folks you'll meet

    • lordskysixss
      lordskysixss Před 10 dny +1

      @kAI zer That's the beauty, people can change if they're willing to.

    • glenn oc
      glenn oc Před 12 dny

      He's actually sunday school teacher nice

    • Null Shock
      Null Shock Před měsícem

      ​@Whiskey Vixen That's probably because you're a cool person. The opposite of what you describe. Rock on!!!🤘

    • k legwale
      k legwale Před měsícem

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      Ekansh Gupta Před měsícem

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    ZSTRODE. Před 26 dny

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    • Rizky Hadi Felani
      Rizky Hadi Felani Před měsícem

      *you're* doing your job

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      James Roark Před měsícem

      How is security wrong here?? I wish she would've been working at the Al Rosa Villa on December 8, 2004. If you don't know what I'm th talking about look it up. Good job and Randy is an awesome guy the whole band are down to Earth good people.

    • hey daddy
      hey daddy Před měsícem

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    • Capybara
      Capybara Před měsícem


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      Dw Sinclair Před měsícem +3

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    • Shiraz Govadia
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    • Nils Jank
      Nils Jank Před měsícem +1

      @Dw Sinclair Hey there... no my friend. Vinnie survived this incident and kept on making music with his band HELLYEAH until he sadfully passed away too just some years ago. He couldn't live with the loss of his younger brother. Cheers

    • Dw Sinclair
      Dw Sinclair Před měsícem

      @Nils JankI’m pretty sure Dimebags brother who was the Drummer was also shot.

    • Nils Jank
      Nils Jank Před měsícem +1

      ​​@Sebastian Mosqueda Shot on stage 5 times in the head in Ohio, while playing the first minutes of their opening song with darrel brothers' new band "damage plan". Shooter got shot afterwards by a cop - that arrived on scene. He was there actually by accident. The shooter nathan gale was sick about the break up of pantera years before. Mental issues. Also thought pantera stole his lyrics etc. While Nathan was on stage he also shot at others and injured one of the brothers lifetime longest roadies deadly. This guy worked for them since Pantera. 4 killed/3 injured in total - Sad story..

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