100 CLOTHING HACKS LIVE || Get Thrifty With Us

  • čas přidán 11. 06. 2019
  • Do you want to be a fashion designer? In this video, you will find a ton of ideas on how to create a whole collection of cool outfits!
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    Best la hari hari tengok 5 minute crafts

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    Don't you think so that it's a super Duper channel

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    I love all 5Min carft video 😍😘

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    1:18 - 1:33 cuteee 🤭🤮 .

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    It is good not bad 👍🏻👍🏻

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    Good job

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    nice work

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    iwant make a cycle hacksnew 2019

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    Who would watch a video of one hour??????

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    Whoever just watches this hacks but never tried these once..

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    13:27 really thought it was about to be a cute one piece type thing....I was wildly mistaking🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂

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    Awesome hacks. Do anyone know the music?plz tell the name

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    You gat a man

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    that person who said does any one like Billy Elish, I do. SA

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    Old hacks, dudes!!!

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    20:43 anyone here like ketchup on their spaghetti?

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    Just cut you new blue and red T shirts with scissior and make new one by joining those different parts useless 😂😂😂

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    You should include different body sizes for women when you do the hacks to prove that this looks good on us as well.

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  • Sima Sharif
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    I know vary wake okay

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    Very good hacks and so easy

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    I'm here because of the thumbnail

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    Has anybody ever got a dandelion stain?

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    At what timeline is the thumbnail picture? I cannot find it.

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    حلووو بس غراضك من وين بدنا جيبها ؟ ......Names

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    Congrats you're pregnant how many months??

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    5:12 7:10

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    Kalau ada yang lebih susah,kenapa harus yang gampang?

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    Do they even know there is such thing as " belt" 😑😑

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    How can I self conciously sit home and tell myself that I am going to watch a 1 hour video of hacks that I will certainly never use 😭😂

  • Gonçalo Cavadas
    Gonçalo Cavadas Před 13 dny

    Do you want to be a fashion designer? In this video, you will find a ton of ideas on how to create a whole collection of cool outfits!

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    Like please

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    that looks very creative

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    i watch this and i do any of it

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    i want crafts for kids

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    I’m not gonna lie, the babies outfit were cute. 🥰

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    For all of the maternity hacks... THATS WHY THEY MAKE MATERNITY CLOTHES (especially jeans)

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    That was good,

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    Thumbnail ?
    I don't have time to watch 😅

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    Can you give me one heart 5 minute crafts please

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    Só eu que não entendo inglês😥😥

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    5 Minute Craft logic:
    A hole in the clothe: *exists
    5 Minute Crafts: Let’s not repair you and create new stuff from you! Brilliant idea!
    Note: I’m just trying to make you laugh. Don’t understand it like I’m criticizing your ways. You’re creating awesome things. And sorry for my English I’m still learning it at the school.

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    Great 👍

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    It looks like i have seen this video before

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    Everyone do same thing in this channel:
    -enters one of the video
    _type in a comments "who watching this but never actually do this"
    -and also type"why you repeating your hack in any video???? >:("
    -and some of them type"clickbait thumbnail"
    -and i type this comment and ask for a like

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    It look nice when she wears it but if we wear it we all know what we look like 😂
    Me I might look like a fool while wearing those and walking in the street😂😂😂

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    Одна девушка с короткими волосами похажа на мою воспитательницу

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    Wow beativul

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    10 random facts:
    1. You cannot lick your elbows.
    2. You cannot breathe with your nose if your tongue is sticking out.
    3. You just tried number two.
    4. You are laughing because you’ve been hacked.
    6. You skipped number 5.
    7:You’ve just looked back to see if there is a number 5.
    8:You are laughing again.
    9:YOU’VE BEEN HACKED! Jk lol
    10:Plz like

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