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Christmas in California is Kinda Lame

  • čas přidán 19. 03. 2023
  • I'm flying to the east coast for Christmas so I guess I'll find out if I have a Narnia Lucy experience or if I perish because I can't handle the cold hahaha
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  • Luna Eclipse
    Luna Eclipse Před 2 lety +2306

    Can we talk about how good she is at narrating calm, beautiful stories.

  • Astarøth
    Astarøth Před 2 lety +2006

    Emily: "Christmas in california kinda sucks"
    Australian: "First time?"

  • Arlo l
    Arlo l Před rokem +995

    As a Canadian who grumbles about the cold every year, you made it sound so sweet and romantic. Thanks for that

    • Url0cal_W3RD!O💋
      Url0cal_W3RD!O💋 Před 3 měsíci

      Its not its sooo hot here :(

    • KidCraft
      KidCraft Před 5 měsíci

      I am also Canadian, and I love the cold for some weird reason.

    • Arlo Zane
      Arlo Zane Před 11 měsíci

      Wow Arlo I like your name

    • Bowser junior Studios
      Bowser junior Studios Před rokem +1

      as a canadian citizen living in the US i say vancouver and seattle are fine

    • Nin*Tony
      Nin*Tony Před rokem

      @Danish Kumar and as a Canadian,I can Confirm I am Laughing at you for being a Texan (well actually i feel kinda bad for that one freezing incident in Texas that one time lol)

  • Vee
    Vee Před 9 měsíci +69

    Now that Emily is in Japan, I can’t wait for her to animate how Japan is during Christmas time

    • DAnG Panda
      DAnG Panda Před 4 dny

      @Eperogi Limousine Christmas in Japan is a BIG thing there... just like Valentine's is a big deal in most areas (that I have been to)

    • Eperogi Limousine
      Eperogi Limousine Před měsícem +1

      I mean they’re mostly Buddhist so I don’t think they celebrate it as much as america, but Christmas has become a very popular holiday so..l

  • EX3🔋💕
    EX3🔋💕 Před 2 lety +862

    Emi: “Have a wonderful start to 2020”
    The universe: How about no

    • Dimanyak
      Dimanyak Před 5 měsíci +2

      @kuromi-love Meanwhile 2022 when my country literally got invaded

    • kuromi-love
      kuromi-love Před 6 měsíci +1

      @UnknownUser2974 mhm
      I was like 5 when it was new year (2020) so I thought “2020 will be a good year!”
      A bat (this bat: 🦇) and the world: no. (no.)

    • UnknownUser2974
      UnknownUser2974 Před rokem +31

      Not just Emily every single person thought this until it actually came and we realized how wrong we were

  • DragonFruit
    DragonFruit Před 3 měsíci +44

    "A wonderful start to 2020 :D"
    Well we all know how *that* went

  • Kenobi_
    Kenobi_ Před 2 lety +1937

    Emily: "Merry Christmas and a great start to 2020!"
    2020: *Like that's ever gonna happen*

    • TrueDaDoofus
      TrueDaDoofus Před rokem

      *Like the dad that shouts from the other side of the shop/restraunt* GOOD ONE

    • Vecktro
      Vecktro Před rokem


    • kokii
      kokii Před rokem

      @Goldfish Brain 2022 it’s worst

    • The Australian GREER
      The Australian GREER Před rokem +1

      Oh hello I see you have have the same profile piture

    • Goldfish Brain
      Goldfish Brain Před rokem

      2020 sucked. 2021 is meh, still sucks

  • AutumnRex
    AutumnRex Před rokem +410

    Being from Michigan, one awesome thing about all the snow that people tend to forget is the SILENCE. The snow just kinda muffles everything and there’s never many people outside in the winter, so it really can feel somewhat mystical at times.

    • Gold Ingot 555
      Gold Ingot 555 Před 3 měsíci +2

      @OB1tuber Michigan snow is so unfair. The West side of the lower peninsula gets all the lake effect snow and the East side hardly gets any sometimes.

    • Chrysanthemum
      Chrysanthemum Před 4 měsíci +3

      Walking outside on an early 5am snowy day is magic. Minus the few plows or cars in the distance the sound of nothing and crinkling snow on your jacket is such a humbling experience

    • Squeaker MCgee
      Squeaker MCgee  Před 5 měsíci +1

      @Chuck E. Cheese's Michigan Productions true

    • Squeaker MCgee
      Squeaker MCgee  Před 5 měsíci +3

      Michigan friend!

    • Chuck E. Cheese's Michigan Productions
      Chuck E. Cheese's Michigan Productions Před 9 měsíci +1

      Try not to jinx it, but winter in Michigan is nuts, lasting even through the very first month for New Year's Day and during Spring and starts snowing right before Thanksgiving even begins, and of course, it's not usually slip, fall, and fracture a bone season, saying that from my experience with ice being literally everywhere, and it's normally shovel a path to avoid getting your socks freezing cold and wet season.

  • -Ariff-
    -Ariff- Před 2 lety +233

    Emily: Have a wonderful start to 2020
    2020: I'm about to end this woman's whole career.

    • R vs M
      R vs M Před 9 měsíci +4

      146 likes and no comment? Imma bout to change that

  • Salvador Pani
    Salvador Pani Před rokem +21

    To be honest, you really transported me to that peaceful moment from the snow falling at night. It was very relaxing

  • 愛Bubble Tea愛
    愛Bubble Tea愛 Před 2 lety +315

    Emily: We would get a call from school saying school was cancelled
    Me, A person living in Canada, which gets tons of snow every winter with no time off of school and having to suffer in -30 degrees weather: *cries*

    • ThePhantom
      ThePhantom Před 6 měsíci

      @•Yuki• oh, I thought it was for marketing and tourism.

    • •Yuki•
      •Yuki• Před 6 měsíci


    • ThePhantom
      ThePhantom Před 6 měsíci

      @•Yuki• That is barbaric

    • •Yuki•
      •Yuki• Před 6 měsíci

      @ThePhantom *I would start crying, sadly sometimes at some mountains around where I live, sometimes they add fake snow*

    • Tao Productions
      Tao Productions Před 6 měsíci

      Central Pennsylvania has the exact opposite problem. Everything shuts down when half an inch of snow falls.

  • Mr. Bean 139
    Mr. Bean 139 Před 11 měsíci +3

    From Canada here and can confirm winter is still fun even with driving (especially with drifting around a quiet neighbourhood corner) and having to scrape my car the only thing that ive always hated about winter is the constant shovelling. as another note i live near the mountains so the hills are steep for tobogganing and I am still shocked i never broke a bone or my face going off icy ramps at the bottom of one of those hills.

  • Mike Gorman
    Mike Gorman Před 3 lety +5177

    Emily at the end: "Have a great 2020!"
    Me: "Aww, that's so nice!"
    Me 3 months later: "We've been tricked, we've been backstabbed, and we've quite possibly been bamboozled."

    • Eperogi Limousine
      Eperogi Limousine Před měsícem

      @Flip'n me: *lives*

    • GTE_Valar
      GTE_Valar Před 7 měsíci +1

      idk why but that sounded like something LDShadowlady would say 😂

    • Rubis bleu
      Rubis bleu Před 9 měsíci

      Don't worry, it will get better (liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies)

    • dark wisp
      dark wisp Před 11 měsíci

      @swishing I love it

    • Spider and Mosquito
      Spider and Mosquito Před rokem


  • darkZeruda1214
    darkZeruda1214 Před 2 lety +233

    That's the thing in California, it's practically a "life accomplishment" to see snow without traveling.

    • Peanut JR.
      Peanut JR. Před 10 měsíci

      @Isaac I’m just glad we actually got snow, even if a ton of people died because of the freezing weather.

    • Anyone
      Anyone Před 10 měsíci +2

      @Isaac yes! It was crazyyyy

    • CyanCelestial
      CyanCelestial Před rokem +4

      The only thing we've ever come remotely close to snow is hail and icy surfaces

    • Isaac
      Isaac Před rokem +2

      @Bradley didn't it snow in Houston like a year ago? You guys had like a really bad storm, didn't you?

    • Thiefywoods
      Thiefywoods Před rokem +14

      lol when I was in middle school one year it got cold enough we could see frost form on the grass and peopel were talking about it for literally years

  • Adamgamer0822
    Adamgamer0822 Před rokem +129

    Emily: "Christmas in California kinda lame"
    Me as a Hungaryan: I hope there going to be a little snow for this year. I hope. **starts crying**

    • Addie LaRue biggest critic
      Addie LaRue biggest critic Před 4 měsíci +1

      Sad Polish noises

    • Dimanyak
      Dimanyak Před 5 měsíci

      @mehmet gurdal You see, Hungary is isolated from the cold north winds by the Carpathians, so they don't have a lot of snow. Even with that, the amount of snow in Europe is overestimated. I live north-east of Hungary(on the opposite side of the Carpathians) and we get the winds from Finland... sometimes. Without the cold winds there is no snow at all.

    • Shadowolf killer
      Shadowolf killer Před 6 měsíci +1

      cries in Brazil

    • Misty_Gifts 2.0
      Misty_Gifts 2.0 Před 7 měsíci

      Filipinos: Don't worry bud, you're not alone...

    • Andres el Panda
      Andres el Panda Před 10 měsíci +1

      @Alicorn most of them dont
      And there aren´t many people that will climb a mountain just for a handful of snow.

  • Tsumi
    Tsumi Před 11 měsíci +1

    can we talk about the part where she narrates calm stories to some people that can probably never experience snow ;-;...
    makes me wanna go somewhere with snow so badly now

  • Tri Hua
    Tri Hua Před 2 lety +225

    emirichu: no snowy christmas
    me: *knows where snow is in CA*

  • _EElise_DDragonite_
    _EElise_DDragonite_ Před 4 měsíci +3

    The fact that Emily has such good narrating is amazing!!

  • Jericho Soriano
    Jericho Soriano Před 3 lety +13023

    *Canadians can't relate*

    • 🖤LittleGhøst🖤
      🖤LittleGhøst🖤 Před 15 dny

      Me who get snow fall in October, November, December, January, February, March, and sometimes, April :D

    • Can-I-Code?
      Can-I-Code? Před měsícem


    • MiaLunaStella
      MiaLunaStella Před 2 měsíci


    • Ant
      Ant Před 2 měsíci

      True, we cannot relate

    • Liam Ffolkes
      Liam Ffolkes Před 4 měsíci

      Yea That's accurate

  • Just some indian who likes anime

    Alternative title: Emily talking about how great her childhood for 7 minutes and 53 seconds

  • clover_4life
    clover_4life Před rokem +46

    I used to live in Alaska, and that is where I had all of my childhood christmases. And they were all so epic! We would go outside on the cold with all of our coats on and everything, and we’d watch the snow pour down and occasionally see the northern lights, it was dreamy! But then my family moved to Florida, so I get you girl

  • Harshad Edle
    Harshad Edle Před 9 měsíci +5

    "Hope you all have a wonderful start to 2020" GODDAMN THAT DID NOT AGE WELL.

  • Flor Vilchis
    Flor Vilchis Před rokem +13

    The way she described herself in the snow as a child felt so immersive and calming. She should do asmr lol

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master Před 9 měsíci +1

    Ah, winter, the season that takes up half the year yet still manages to hail during spring. Also the only I actively prefer going outdoors seeing the glistening snow and the sharp needles of air. I especially love it when it's high winds as well, the times where you can't see what's ahead really puts your memory to the test in the woods. But my favorite thing, simply sitting on my stairs at night just observing nature and relishing the fact I never use coats but instead the protection of shorts, sandals and a tank top

  • s n e r k
    s n e r k Před 3 lety +5853

    People living in tropical countries: Snow? I don't know such thing.

    • Hunter25THO
      Hunter25THO Před 3 měsíci


    • Bonching Oberes
      Bonching Oberes Před 3 měsíci

      But atleast we have bomb summers (copium)

    • Swronis
      Swronis Před 4 měsíci

      yeah probably

    • Punk Nerd
      Punk Nerd Před 5 měsíci

      yep, as some one from Hawaii there is no snow

    • Toàn Lê
      Toàn Lê Před 5 měsíci


  • John
    John Před rokem +11

    Winter and snow is fantastic!!!!! Even as an adult, driving on snowy roads and scraping ice off your car are minor prices to pay for the magic and beauty of snow. I hope you never lose that child like view of Christmas and Winter! It truly is such an amazing, peaceful, and beautiful time of year.

  • SF Glim
    SF Glim Před 2 lety +42

    The smell of cold is literally the best thing about winter

  • Charlize Artz
    Charlize Artz Před rokem +1

    I relate to Emily here I'm Australian so all my Christmases are in the summer but the rest of my family are in the UK so seeing photos of them playing in the snow makes me really really want to experience a white Christmas (or just see snow for the first time) *sigh* one day

  • JG124
    JG124 Před 2 lety +20

    I live in northern California, near SF, and I actually really like the winters here. I know the weather isn't exactly the same here as it is down in socal, but we still never get snow here either. And that never really bothered me. It still gets cold enough up here to the point where I can enjoy wrapping myself up in a couple blankets with some hot coco, but not so cold that I feel like my toes are gonna freeze off every morning. I really like rainy, cloudy, and foggy days (especially rainy ones). To me it feels just as peaceful and tranquil as you describe snow being. And you don't have to worry about all the downsides you mentioned towards the end of the video. Like having to drive on frozen roads and what not. Honestly winter here kinda takes on all the qualities that people in colder states like about the fall, except just a tiny bit colder. Which is really nice, considering fall here usually just consists of the entire state catching fire.

  • GageGamer563
    GageGamer563 Před rokem +4

    I’ll admit, in Kentucky, it barely snows in the winter. And when it does, it’s always too little or too much. For almost my whole life, I have never experienced having a White Christmas, and me and my brother are always hoping for one, because it seems to make the day feel that much more cozy and relaxing.

  • illymation
    illymation Před 3 lety +2160

    oh my gosh emily this is like, narrative ASMR

  • Comprotoy
    Comprotoy Před rokem +6

    I was so relaxed and calm listening to this and it's not even Winter. She just makes me want Winter to come quicker

  • Dr. Izuto
    Dr. Izuto Před rokem +11

    "A wonderful start to 2020"- Emirichu
    This aged well.

  • Mika.
    Mika. Před rokem

    This made me tear up a bit as someone who has never seen snow in my life due to living in Florida my entire life and I've only traveled a bit coldest place iv been to is Georgia and seeing this video describing snow to peacefully is making me WAY more eager to see it

  • LadyJen13
    LadyJen13 Před rokem +22

    Yeah; I used to live in NY myself, and I used to have that feeling of wonder during the winter when I was a kid... But then I was tasked with shoveling the drive way, and that killed the wonder for me. Shoveling the drive way was bad enough (especially after heavy snowfalls), but then, just after I finished shoveling the drive way...the snow plow came through. I'm sure plenty of people who have dealt with winter before know exactly what I am talking about. It is the worst when the plow comes through; since the slushy snow from the road gets pushed right into the end of the driveway. And then; as if that wasn't bad enough; the watery slush hardens shortly after into icy snow. This snow is often called heart attack snow, and you can imagine why. Yeah; it's such a pain when that happens, but that snow has to be shoveled. I just don't want to have to be one of those who has to do the shoveling, and so I moved out of NY down south to a warmer state.
    I'm glad you got out of NY to someplace warmer before the magical feeling of winter was taken from you by adulthood.

  • Jayfeather
    Jayfeather Před rokem +2

    Great job Emirichu for making me sleepy with that evening snow description!

  • KD Mac
    KD Mac Před 3 lety +1362

    Emily: *has seen snow*
    Me: *laughs in life-long Floridian*

    • Uw U
      Uw U Před rokem

      as.someone from Hawaii same same B)

    • Mattoy
      Mattoy Před rokem

      Life long Filipino. Never seen snow yet

    • AJB
      AJB Před rokem

      Coughs in life long Floridian

    • Trinkets
      Trinkets Před rokem

      Me sobbing in west india

    • Rownak Jahan
      Rownak Jahan Před rokem

      Me who lives in Bangladesh:,😐

  • Rain Gabriel Esmero
    Rain Gabriel Esmero Před 2 lety +8

    Emily: "Merry Christmas and a great start to 2020"
    2020: That's cute

  • Kenzo Sarad
    Kenzo Sarad Před rokem +10

    I’ve lived in New York for 8 years, moving down south to Maryland, I thought there would be just as much snow. or there would be at least a foot. Then, with it snowing only 3 times throughout the entire winter season, I was, well disappointed. I ski and enjoy the snowball fights I had, digging trenches and having a whole area filled with snowballs. I will always love the snow no matter what

  • London Nelson
    London Nelson Před rokem +1

    Emily talking about how great snow is, while me and the rest of the people who’ve never been in snow are just sitting in a corner and watching her brag about her experiences

  • Lynn Loud
    Lynn Loud Před rokem +8

    As someone who (unwillingly) moved from Ontario to BC at the age of 13, I really relate to this. I miss the snow so much. Idc about the cold.

  • Gabe St pierre
    Gabe St pierre Před rokem +3

    Me in Australia: trying imaging Christmas in winter when i’ve only ever seen snow 2 times in my entire life.

  • Horus
    Horus Před 2 lety +449

    Emily complains about how california Christmas is lame.
    Brazilian and Australian christmas: Allow us to introduce ourselves!

    • Isaac
      Isaac Před rokem +2

      I actually would prefer to be on the southern hemisphere during the winter, I hate cold weather (of course this is because I also live in SoCal and love the summer) so fuck it, I'm migrating to Brazil during the cold months in the north lol

    • Yuii
      Yuii Před rokem

      @Korin Blvckheart it is,trust me

    • Nyistik
      Nyistik Před rokem +1

      South east asia: Allow me ro introduce myself

    • Korin Blvckheart
      Korin Blvckheart Před 2 lety +2

      Brazilian Christmas isn't lame, it's just different

    • [Lemon]
      [Lemon] Před 2 lety

      My country doesn't have snow T^T

  • Tryst Hartzell
    Tryst Hartzell Před 2 lety +21

    2020: Christmas just has this feeling of dread surrounding it.

  • Cracktus
    Cracktus Před rokem +13

    Yeah I’ve always dreamed of getting to vibe to a snowy Christmas. Normal ones are still great because I’ve never had a snowy Christmas, but from the little snow I’ve gotten to be in, it seems nice.

  • zerospite
    zerospite Před rokem +1

    growing up without snow, i found that i found the comfort of the holidays and festive times whenever it was freezing cold. like right now! the nights would come much quicker and since i live on top of a hill, fog is pretty common around this time and i LOVE it. i love seeing the fog outside and the christmas lights of my neighbors. there is no wind, but its really cold, and sometimes the moon shines through the fog and clouds and its beautiful. the air also seems very misty and humid, like a huge cloud passing through me. its very cold when that happens when i open a window and just stand right next to it, but i love it. i wish i could experience snow for the holidays, but, i dont think anything could ever replace what i have right now

  • BeautyRJ101
    BeautyRJ101 Před rokem +3

    This is by far one of my most favorite videos you’ve made 🥺💗 I can relate to it so much! Living in Florida during the colder seasons especially winter. Can have some perks! Like going to the theme parks like California 😊
    But I’ve only experienced snow maybe 3 times or 4 in my whole life and I can’t help but wish it could come here if only just for Christmas Day 😭
    But I’ve found ways to see the beauty of the holiday here by making the most from it! I even made my own sand snowman, his name was Sandy! I gave him a coconut nose, rocks for buttons, and tiny twigs for eyebrows and arms❤️💚 (even if it’s about to be summer already merry early Christmas Emily take care and big hugs)

  • Scarxiett
    Scarxiett Před rokem +3

    This is such a cute video. :) Thanks, Emily.

  • nobody
    nobody Před 2 lety +1718

    im australian. ive never had a snowy christmas, or snow.

    • Jen Hearn
      Jen Hearn Před 10 měsíci

      @Lizspt no not really most Australians childhood memories of Christmas has nothing to do with snow except wishing there was snow

    • WAGR Trains
      WAGR Trains Před 11 měsíci


    • CamHeYt
      CamHeYt Před 11 měsíci

      I guess it would

    • Mew
      Mew Před 11 měsíci

      Consider yourself lucky. Snow takes a toll on cars.

    • dark wisp
      dark wisp Před 11 měsíci


  • Nate's Corner
    Nate's Corner Před rokem +10

    As a fellow Southern Californian, Christmas in California just normal, it seems nice up north though, but unlike you, I've spent my entire life here. Our equivalent of snow on Christmas is rain. Which, I would assume you know already.

    • AWB
      AWB Před 8 měsíci +1

      yeah mines hail

  • MaximumNewbage
    MaximumNewbage Před 2 lety +2

    You are such an awesome story teller. And your art elevates it from great to masterful. Thanks for the video. Outstanding work!

  • buzznessbee
    buzznessbee Před rokem +1

    i watched this not to long ago and i made me sad that i never got to play or even see snow in southern California but to everyone who has i hope you had fun in those moments and those who see this and have gone through it and will again i hope you have a blast

  • Betty Diaz
    Betty Diaz Před 2 lety +1

    As someone who has lived in California for their entire life. I was always mesmerized by all the trees with their beautiful lights in the night seriously if you haven’t seen Christmas lights at night they’re beautiful but seeing all the trees in a nice order while driving by is really nice to see. And I have seen and experienced snow and yes it is fun i still prefer Christmas in California in my opinion. Also my favorite Christmas song that I like because I just makes sense for Christmas In California is the Swinter song from Phines and Ferb and basically in the episode it’s from they make it snow in summer so they get all the good from summer and winter and that’s kind of what I get honestly because I don’t have to deal with slipping on ice but it’s cold enough to bust out the hot chocolate and blankets and I can still do stuff like normal like I could still go to stores without any snow in the way so no need for snow tires but hey that’s just my 2 cents merry Christmas to anyone reading this at Christmas and have a happy new year

  • Dr. Drift
    Dr. Drift Před 2 měsíci

    The memory at 4:51.. wow, I could see it with my eyes closed. You're such a good writer Emily!

  • Verosika Mayday
    Verosika Mayday Před 2 lety +825

    Emily: I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2020
    people watching in 2020: PFFFFFFFFT, YEAH RIGHT!

    • fart
      fart Před 2 lety +1

      @thedookiedropper emas

    • thedookiedropper
      thedookiedropper Před 2 lety +1

      i literally screamed "2020 SUCKS"

    • fart
      fart Před 2 lety +1


    • ChocoPop_Gacha
      ChocoPop_Gacha Před 2 lety +1

      @fart Yup, me in a nutshell

    • fart
      fart Před 2 lety +2

      ok im sad

  • Remini
    Remini Před 2 lety +5

    I know the feeling.
    The one thing I regret about going to school down south is when it snows, something about the atmosphere of having a blanket of cold white snow covering everything just always put a smile on my face plus I really miss skiing

  • Little Goth Girl 96
    Little Goth Girl 96 Před 2 lety +3

    I've lived in the mountains all my life and I still have that childlike feeling every winter. ❤

  • DoragonSoruja
    DoragonSoruja Před 4 měsíci

    I feel like I've experience something very similar with associating winter with holidays and enjoying the snow.
    But now that I've moved more south, it's never been the same

  • G D
    G D Před rokem +1

    Imagine having California summer and Christmas at the same time! Now that would be completely different.

  • Noelle Feenstra
    Noelle Feenstra Před rokem +1

    I grew up in Southern California, and my birthday is close to Christmas (it's coming up soon). Although it is in December, my favorite holiday is not Christmas (it's Thanksgiving). And my favorite season is not winter, it's fall. I never experienced snow, but heard it from relatives in Michigan. Actually, the only snow I've ever felt and walked in was in the mountains. It has snowed once or twice at home, but melted by noon. What characterized winter instead was rain. It just rained all day yesterday, and as you have memories of playing in the snow, I have memories of playing blind man's bluff and twister in the classroom while the rain poured outside. We always loved the rain because normally we had to play outside, but this was different.
    My sister in law moved here a about a year and a half ago, and she does not regret it at all. She hated all those things you mentioned that you have to deal with as an adult. On top of that, she has asthma, so the cold weather makes it a lot worse.
    I personally do not like being cold and do not like wearing pants (I only wear them if my sister forces them on me), so I had an urge to defend California. But I can't argue that much, since I've never been to Michigan in winter, so I've never experienced the snow that way before. My mom wasn't very close to her family there, so I've only been there twice before.
    Another thing that I loved and still love, is the same thing. Presents. My mom had a specific way of putting up the tree and wrapping presents. She wasn't very good at wrapping them, and after all my siblings had jobs, we exchanged names. She was sick of getting everyone presents! I have very fond memories of Christmas time, if you couldn't tell. Now that mom's gone-she died less than 4 months ago, it's been painful. I still remember being outside her door to see if she was wrapping presents. I still remember her setting up the tree with us.
    I love you, mom.

  • 伍anby
    伍anby Před 3 lety +563

    Other people: When it's summer, do you miss the snow?
    Californians: *You can't miss what you've never had.*

    • lili
      lili Před 3 lety

      Uh... Reno? Lake Tahoe??? Sierra Nevada Mountains..? Come on there is snow just not a lot lol

      MASTER-OF- EVIL Před 3 lety

      It actually snows in certain parts of California

    • juneberries
      juneberries Před 3 lety

      I mean , if you live in so-cal that is.

    • Athena Abordo
      Athena Abordo Před 3 lety

      @Ken Carter oh thanks for the correction 😁 I lived in the south part in California but people always told me that there was always snow up North 😁😁😁

    • dead channel i guess
      dead channel i guess Před 3 lety

      My friend told me it snows once every 100 years

  • Odd Oreo
    Odd Oreo Před rokem +1

    Honestly Emirichis videos are just a vibe

  • Willow The Wisp
    Willow The Wisp Před 2 lety

    This description of Christmas is mood af. and honestly, Emily is just me, if I was 25 (give or take a few years), and female, and lived in California (but was born and raised in New England, which I am) Seriously these are relatable.

  • Matt Morehouse
    Matt Morehouse Před 4 měsíci +2

    It is so cute when Emirichu talks about how bad she is at wrapping presents, and shows the presents and the only difference I can see is a lack of bows. That and the wrapping paper she chose is all shiny.
    As for the magical experience of a snowy winter evening, I would like to say Emirichu's parents probably have a point. Wouldn't want you to get frostbite or hypothermia. I've heard the latter makes you feel sleepy.
    Still good video.

  • WindyEdits
    WindyEdits Před rokem +6

    Winter expectations:Amazing, sitting in front of a fire wrapped in a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.
    Real winter:really cold, wet, and then when the snow melts, EVERYTHING is wet. I know the pain since I live in a cold country

  • Little Daki
    Little Daki Před 4 měsíci

    You're voice is so soothing and relaxing to listen to. That's why I love you videos. :)

  • Azerial
    Azerial Před 2 lety +621

    Emily: “and have a great 2020!”
    Hunny, you got a big storm coming.

  • FairestBarley10
    FairestBarley10 Před rokem +7

    I love laying in the snow at dark and there’s always an orange glow from town (i live in the country) and it was always magical especially with this humming sound of the furniture factory just down the road

  • Brainfryde
    Brainfryde Před rokem

    The age is a factor, but what I find that makes me nostalgic about living in snow and ice for six months of the year (shudder) is being around people who know the joys and horrors of living with that kind of weather. How do you share the humor of Christmas Story, with the tongue frozen to the pole scene, when everyone around you thinks it is the same as a deep frozen popsicle? I was older when I moved away from the lands of ice, but I do miss the pure silence a frozen landscape can bring on Christmas. Never moving back, but I still think about it every year!

  • Zian Valisno
    Zian Valisno Před měsícem

    Hi! I love the vids emirichu. I would just like to say thank you because as a canadian it seems like snow is annoying but knowing how it feels in california is kinda just surprising

  • SaltySoyMan
    SaltySoyMan Před rokem

    I love how well you describe this. I totally agree and I don’t think I could move south because of the lack of snow.

  • Spencer Buettgenbach
    Spencer Buettgenbach Před rokem

    The silence when snow falls is the most ominously beautiful sound ever. It's like, even though you like in a city and there are cars, and dogs, and people, the snow just stops all that noise. When I was in high school and just out graduated, I took long walks to get out of the house for a while. In the winter, I remember walking down the street when it would snow and there'd be no one out. Just me, no cars, no other walkers, just me and whatever I was listening to on my phone. I remember how the silence and that cold stillness was just so comforting, somehow. I remember I'd had some particularly bad times in that part of my life and I'd take a walk to just cry it all out. I remember that, even though it wouldn't freeze, all the tears I cried out got so cold that it was like an icy brand on my cheeks and I'd come back with rosy cheeks and frostbitten streaks under my eyes. Honestly, I miss that. This year, winter was about 50-75 degrees in KS and it just didn't feel like winter. And now that Christmas is over, NOW ITS DECIDED TO GET SNOWY OKAY.

  • jel
    jel Před 2 lety +580

    Emily: *talks about how boring Christmas in California is, compared to her childhood*
    People who live in tropical countries: :0

    • Edgy
      Edgy Před 2 lety

      @Tee Seafood on Christmas is the best

    • Lina Johnson
      Lina Johnson Před 2 lety

      I live in Florida and i was like that the entire time

    • Sharmistha Biswas
      Sharmistha Biswas Před 2 lety +1

      In India different regions have mostly a fixed season. The mountains are the best in India. I live in Bangalore and it's pretty pleasant here!...

    • Harrison Mills
      Harrison Mills Před 2 lety +1

      In Australia we play cricket.
      Good times

    • Ethan peh
      Ethan peh Před 2 lety

      During Christmas here it rains a bit more and that’s about it.

  • Richard Xia
    Richard Xia Před rokem

    I’ve only seen snow once in my entire life, but I’m eternally traumatized from it.
    During my school’s trip to DC, we stopped at Boston to learn about its history or something. We were forced to stand in the snow for around 3 and a half hours to listen to his lectures while watching local kids having a blast

  • Sophie Healey
    Sophie Healey Před rokem +1

    Your sloppy christmas wrapping is better than my whole families wrapping 😅

  • GTE_Valar
    GTE_Valar Před 7 měsíci +2

    i live in eastern america, so when we get snow, it's after christmas. im used to having grey christmases (christmases where it rains instead of snows) so when i got to experience my first white christmas last year, i loved it.

  • Neongelb 11
    Neongelb 11 Před 5 měsíci

    I can absolutely relate to this. Here in Germany it usually doesn´t snow during the winter anymore, but it´s cold and we have pinetrees etc...I wonder what Christmas will be like this year, when I spend it with my Grandma in Brasil.:) I will probably feel like u. Missing the cold a bit.

  • FaysLife
    FaysLife Před 11 měsíci

    I can relate to this SO MUCH. I lived in California for 11 years, it was where grew up. I just moved to Arkansas so I am VERY not used to the snow! ITS SO WEIRD

  • kphan1122
    kphan1122 Před 3 lety +541

    NY: lets build a snowman
    California: lets build a sandman

    • Tao Productions
      Tao Productions Před 6 měsíci

      Arizona: Let’s build a tumbleweed man
      Hawaii: Let’s build a lava rock man
      Wyoming: Let’s- wait, nobody’s here

    • I cannot come up with anything
      I cannot come up with anything Před rokem


    • Dr. Kira
      Dr. Kira Před 2 lety

      California: Let's build a sandman!
      Me: Flint Marko tried it and...well...

    • ShadowReaper
      ShadowReaper Před 2 lety

      Ny has sandman as well if you know what I mean

    • nika sligh
      nika sligh Před 3 lety

      Dude yes I dont think we have ever had snow but what would I know

  • Laura Renteria
    Laura Renteria Před rokem +2

    I live in canada and I feel the same about winter and snow honestly everyone in my school waits it out till mid november thats when we get oh god how am I going to get to school snow and then all hell breaks loose and it's so fun and falling asleep while watching the blizard outside or drinking hot chocolate in front of a fireplace during a blizard is just amazing

  • Erin Willems
    Erin Willems Před rokem

    I can relate to this. I grew up in the Tundra land of Minnesota but I moved to Oregon later in my adult life. PNW is a good mix of both. It's nice to not have snow, but Christmas really does feel different without that snow and the plethora of xmas lights on houses. But it's nice not shoveling snow all the flipping time. That sucked.

  • Elayna Churchill
    Elayna Churchill Před rokem

    I know the feeling of something missing during Christmas. I lived in California for most of my life and it will only snow at my grandmother's. In the movies they always place the scenes where it snows and ever since I moved and lived here for only two years it snow! And I live where it doesn't snow!

  • Heavy_Rain
    Heavy_Rain Před rokem +1

    Finally watched this and as a Filipino, I just gotta say, I really wish i experience snow before growing up to be an adult

  • The pokemon adventure and more

    I've never even seen snow(in person) but watching this gives me a feeling of what snow feels like

  • TheStrong Will
    TheStrong Will Před 2 lety +885

    Emily: "Even in Winter it's like 60° outside"
    Europeans: "Oh no wonder everythings on fire there!" :O

    • Li Wei Tu
      Li Wei Tu Před 9 měsíci

      Winter is 70 degrees here in Taiwan.

    • By Stutter
      By Stutter Před 9 měsíci

      @MineMagicPlayz Especially in Queensland.

    • evelyn yee
      evelyn yee Před 9 měsíci

      Lol, it’s very hot during winter in southern CA, northern CA, is much colder, but no snow, only in the Sierra Nevada is cold and snows, CA has all sorts of weathers, mostly 40-50-ish in northern CA, sometimes 30(rare) :) but summer is very hot, and fire in 2020 literally made sky turn orange
      Edit: I don’t live there but I visit a lot, and I was there when orange sky, (it’s in Fahrenheit, not Celsius, sorry) (pls convert it) (EMILY MOVED TO JAPAN, I love visiting Japan!)

    • Create With Minty
      Create With Minty Před rokem


    • Adamgamer0822
      Adamgamer0822 Před rokem

      @Jens Entertainment That's cool for you. I think.

  • Gus Vanskike
    Gus Vanskike Před 2 lety +5

    As someone who moved from the Midwest to the South, I feel your pain.

  • 7/11teen
    7/11teen Před 2 lety

    I was born and raised in California and I haven’t even seen snow in person, yet, I love Christmas time so maybe it’s just the comparison of experiences you have known from the different places you have lived. :)

  • Georgios Giannoukas
    Georgios Giannoukas Před rokem +1

    4:50 That's a beautiful story. Memories like that stick with you for the rest of your life. Those moments are what life is all about.

  • Floe animations
    Floe animations Před 3 měsíci +1

    Now that she’s moved to Japan she might be able to enjoy it again!

  • Kiessé Mpembi
    Kiessé Mpembi Před rokem

    Emily: Have a wonderful start in 2020
    Me watching a year later: Sorry girl, your wish didn’t become a reality… ITS THE EXACT OPPOSITE!!!!!!

  • RJ Sheets
    RJ Sheets Před 3 lety +501

    Emily: mom can we get Christmas
    Mom: we have Christmas at home
    Christmas at home:

    • RJ Sheets
      RJ Sheets Před 3 lety +4

      Raeffa Weekes so Emily is talking about how Christmas in California is lame the joke is that Emily wanted A real Christmas but she got this instead

    • Raeffa Weekes
      Raeffa Weekes Před 3 lety +2

      RJ Sheets ?

  • Pedro C. Machado
    Pedro C. Machado Před rokem

    The only time I had snow was back in my exchange course to Canada (I'm from Brazil) and I can agree, seeing snow for the first time was something so magical for me, I miss it every day

  • Forgot my Name
    Forgot my Name Před rokem +1

    Her describing the winter holidays
    Me here silently crying in middle east 😭
    A place where rain is a blessing (it hasn't even rained in my city since 2019) T~T

  • Angela Kamens
    Angela Kamens Před rokem

    Oh my gosh, I lived in California until January of this year. When I moved to SD, I was so shocked at how much snow there was, we even got a white Christmas this year! It was my first ever 😅

  • HappyHippoEaters
    HappyHippoEaters Před 2 lety +7

    Cold and dark, yet bright and comforting, destructive and painful, yet calm and blissful, snow is the beautiful mixture of light and dark.

  • lavenderstars09
    lavenderstars09 Před 9 měsíci

    As someone who has only spent like one winter/Christmas in a place that wasn’t in California, I can say I relate

  • Kody!
    Kody! Před 3 lety +591

    Emily: *has seen snow*
    Me: *cries in Australian summer and has only seen snow when she went to england that one time*

  • I.S.Awsome
    I.S.Awsome Před rokem

    Agreed! I moved to California at age five and ever since I’ve missed snow and felt like it’s been missing... WHICH IT HAS!

  • victorhea
    victorhea Před rokem +1

    as a New Zealander, I've never had a winter christmas. It sound so good :(((

  • Sunnylar
    Sunnylar Před 4 měsíci

    Looks like me and you have the same thoughts ☺️
    Every thing about the cold the snow the ice is just magical.
    I feel bad that my cousin can’t experience the cold anymore he lives somewhere where it’s super rare to snow.