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WATER TESTING 64 Person Enclosed Lifeboat For The FIRST Time!!

  • čas přidán 28. 11. 2022

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  • Kozak Outdoors

    I ran the serial number and the manufacturer actually created this vessel with the intention of it being launched into LoJo’s pond

  • Graeme Hay

    It’s called a TEMPSC (Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Safety Craft). This one is from the Safe Brittania semi-submersible rig (a rig I personally spent some time on in the UK North Sea many years ago) which was generally used for floating accommodation. Judging by the serial number the manufacturer is Schat-Harding, a Norwegian company who specialises in this type of craft. As it was used on a rig it will have been very well maintained as there are strict SOLAS standards that apply. The unit has a lot of features that you won’t know about such as external water spray to allow it to motor through sea surface fires plus it would be pressurised in use to prevent gas ingress. Also, if I recall correctly they are also designed to be self-righting so can’t capsize (I guess that would require all the seals to be intact and the doors closed!). The exhaust fumes inside are a bit worrying as you either have the hull exhaust plugged (this would likely be under the water line) or a manifold leak, either way it should be easy enough to figure out. If you were to contact Schat-Harding with the serial number there’s a good chance that they would still have all the documentation for the vessel, worth a try.

  • Loaves & Fishes

    All I can think each time I look at this boat is what an amazing “houseboat” it would make! So much fun to watch your videos! I’m a 63 year old Grandma, but I love your videos, you guys make me laugh and giggle like a girl again.

  • steven allen

    Sweet boat, A tip for fiberglass repair especially the one on the bottom. Use a small 1-2 inch medium coarse disc sander and remove material around the hole down 3-4 layers, the next step is to go 3/4 of an inch larger and sand to one layer above the last . do this until you reach the last layer at the surface. Cut each patch to fit each layer. Its kind of like a step drill in reverse as you look at it. Then mix your resin and install the fiberglass one layer at a time make sure to remove the air bubbles if you see any. Also types of glass maybe use some thicker matt for the first two layers the cloth for the remainder. I think you could use a plastic flexible cutting board to hold the repair in place using a 2x4 holding slight pressure behind the plastic cutting board. Once it sets up the plastic should peal off. Sand and paint repair or gel coat.

  • Jacinda
    Jacinda  +7

    I love this kid! He's living my husband's dream and you can almost feel his joy. And his projects are always so unique and fun!

  • Kedo
    Kedo  +46

    The anxiety and the excitement were perfectly balanced. Bravo on the launch. Fun watch.

  • Charles Mckeehan

    Dude I'm so happy for you man I know if I was in your position I would be super excited I don't even like boats but that looks like so much damn fun and there's so much room for activities

  • threefiftyzzz

    An overnight fishing trip in the lifeboat with Ayo, Norm, Lojo and Davey Gravy.. This has gotta happen!

  • John Rambo

    Seriously super happy for you AYO. If anyone deserves something to go right it’s you. There is so much potential for the channel now. You could charge for trips to wherever (TBD) personally I am so excited for you. Just sit down with someone that is knowledgeable and be measured and deliberate in your next steps. Make them count Brother!!!

  • Justin Flick

    Seriously congratulations brother you deserve it. I do custom projects constantly and when the test proves all of your hard work paid off, there is no better feeling. I watch a lot of CHclip channels and this one is by far the most interesting now just because of this lifeboat. So much potential. Amazing purchase!

  • Webster Forrest

    This boat looks so cool. I love how the engine is just ready for action every time. This could be such an awesome houseboat. Thanks for posting.

  • Bamcorp Gaming

    happy it all worked out. looking forward to the adventures you have with it. hoping you fix it up real nice and take it on some long adventures. ive seen tons of vids and articles about people converting these into homes and living in them full time out on the ocean. its pretty damn cool I hope you take care of it and look forward to your future vids with it.

  • Ivan Adzievski

    Definitely need to sand before and after fiber glassing if you want it to last, and also clean the area really well.

  • kls2020
    kls2020  +299

    You could replace the hand crank steering wheel with a DC motor drive with a Left /Right switch to turn the rudder so you don't have to do all of that cranking . Adding an indicating gauge to show rudder angle position would keep you straight on direction .

  • Ali G
    Ali G  +7

    You should have two sets of batteries on that, and especially if you have the engine heater supplied from the mains (220v in the case of that boat) - it is designed to start every time in whatever temperatures you are in. For launching - all hatches are closed, engine is running and in gear with rudder angled to take the boat away from the rig/installation.

  • S. E. C-R

    I think I would have been terrified the whole time, but it ended up being pretty cool! I would have liked to see some of you loading it back on the trailer and pulling it out though.

  • You know me

    As a young man, I learned to captain a boat on the black sea, 1980 while stationed in remote Turkey. That looked so damn fun to run, congratulations on your purchase.

  • Dasquadwith6

    It was actually pretty cool to see one of those that wasn't hanging off a larger vessel "for emergency only". When the CO alarm sounded, you did the best thing you could have...headed outside to fresh air. Good video.

  • Goodall Knight

    Dude! This is sooo badassed! I watched you assess the condition before buying this amazing relic of the past. It’s even more fascinating to see you set it afloat! Would love to see you pimp it out a bit more (engine, exterior and interior) while preserving some of the historical features. I don’t think you have to be a purist tho. Evolution is good.

  • big d
    big d  +38

    "Ive never bought a boat that actually works" spoken like a true face book marketplace professional.