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Eating 100 Foods in 24 hours

  • čas přidán 9. 08. 2022
  • today zhong and nichlmao is attempting to eat 100 foods but they only have 24 hours ! hope you enjoyed
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Komentáře • 8K

  • @zhong
    @zhong  Před rokem +1

    What forfeit should we do?

  • @Romeo-qn8ic
    @Romeo-qn8ic Před rokem +165

    I love how nich eats a bit of eggs and then Zhong on the other side has a massive bowl of cereal with ice cream lol

  • @stitchlover271
    @stitchlover271 Před 21 dnem +1

    nich:we have to more careful

  • @game__pop
    @game__pop Před rokem +56

    Zhong and Nich are legends. This challenge seems impossible. Eating without non stop.

  • @hackouami

    When zhong says only the ball left I was dying from laughter 😂😂😂

  • @federicodoriajr.7202
    @federicodoriajr.7202 Před rokem +12

    I love how Zhong getting tired and screaming while eating pizza 🍕🍕

  • @Laila-cu2ep

    I love how when Zhong was eating the pizza so fast so he can win 😂❤

  • @Granch_Hangs8
    @Granch_Hangs8 Před rokem +14

    This must've been one of Zhong's favourite videos.

  • @twoninesix
    @twoninesix Před rokem +21

    I love how nich was eating at dinner and ate kinda alot of food while zhong could have also ate and win

  • @nourserag5991
    @nourserag5991 Před rokem +114

    Nich is genius in this because he eats things that don’t make your stomach that full such as brócoli while Zhong eats pizza for example 😅

  • @valeriechristella9089

    I like how zhongs says he does not like vegetables but in the burger theres a vegetables

  • @Dreday-animator
    @Dreday-animator Před rokem +14

    Let's take a moment to thank Zhong and Nich for sitting on the toilet for the rest of the night😁😂

  • @Link09876

    Im surprised that Zhong and Nich can eat all of that food

  • @amandakule6673
    @amandakule6673 Před rokem +97

    I love Zhong and his roommates they make me laugh every time I watch them ❤️❤️😁

  • @musiccandy335
    @musiccandy335 Před rokem +4

    Maybe zhong should start his own mukbang channel 🤤

  • @jayanarsani502
    @jayanarsani502 Před rokem +19

    I love you Zhong you do everything to make us happy! We will never forget you guys

  • @jayceonbruce

    Bro it was so funny when zhong was eating his pizza like a pig got me dying lol😂

  • @videogamebeatboxbattles
    @videogamebeatboxbattles Před rokem +4

    y'know i used to love fast food like zhong, but now nich has inspired me to eat healthily

  • @user-xo3wu7gy9o

    I love how zhong eats the cereal

  • @fofjoj5669
    @fofjoj5669 Před rokem +24

    Ooh That Grilled Cheese Looks Tasty 😋😋😋