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Making Of WEDNESDAY (2022) - Best Of Behind The Scenes & On Set Bloopers With Jenna Ortega | Netflix

  • čas přidán 29. 11. 2022

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  • Faith Soprano

    I'm most amazed by the fact that that werewolf kid catching a frisbie in his mouth was real. I assumed the frisbie was CGI. Pretty amazing that a stunt person actually physically did it.

  • Disnerd1002

    Didn’t even realize Enid was wearing a wig. Honestly the lighter colors suit her so well!

  • Jeannette Vazquez

    That was sweet when Catherine said to the crew to be safe. Class act

  • ThelazyCat_girl
    ThelazyCat_girl Před 19 hodinami +3

    It just looks so real I love Wednesday it’s such a good show

  • Rose smith

    I thought the hand was CGI but the fact that someone played the hand?!? Now that is effort

  • Zammer
    Zammer  +19

    The series is simply amazing! Many thanks to the whole team for such a gift for the New Year! And of course I want to say that Jenna is a great actress! I wish her great luck in the future!

  • Ryuuji Takasu

    The fact that Wednesday was actually good gives me hope for Netflix, the directors created the perfect twist for the

  • creazy_and_revolutionary💚

    Anyone else binge watching all wednesday interview stuff cuz they are obsessed with the series and cast?

  • Jazzlyn Viviana Juarez

    I love the relationship they all have! It looks so much fun

  • Hazel luv
    Hazel luv  +12

    I love the effort and time that the actors and actresses put into this seasons I love the relationship that Emma and Georgie had ( or Enid and Ajax )

  • ponyleaf

    I live Wednesday so much, this series is definetley going to be memorable. I hope there will be another season <33

  • Saivi Photography
    Saivi Photography Před 14 dny +2

    Hats off for whole team....really...just awesome web series ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️this is really amazing team work

  • Your Daily Dose Of Nostalgic Music

    I also love the part where Georgie tries to make Emma like she's in a rollercoaster its so funny and adorable😭❤

  • just another youtuber

    not even a month it released and people already want a season 2

  • Grace Miller

    Jenna absolutely slayed her role as Wednesday!!! we need a season 2!!

  • TriggeredBritishGremlin
    TriggeredBritishGremlin Před 21 dnem +8

    I love that Emma and Jenna were playing Ninja, it brings back a lot of bitter sweet middle school memories. Although I’m only in high school, memories of my younger self are always bitter sweet even if it was just two years ago. Used to play ninja ALL THE TIME. I wasn’t the best but I also wasn’t that bad.

  • Yuki
    Yuki  +655

    love to see everyone have a good time. oh man, I love Jenna play as Wednesday so much. She perfect for this role <3

  • Grok Effer

    I liked the show a lot. It's both mysterious and spooky. Altogether ookie, as well. 👻

    THE TIGERS  +216

    It’s so cute to see how they all bonded. Especially

  • One Salty Beach

    I need a Thing in my life. I grew so attached to the detached hand lol