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Trapped In Year 1851, Modern Chef Cooks MCDONALD Surprising Queens & Kings

  • čas přidán 19. 08. 2022

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  • JadeSatellite

    The female actress who plays Bong is MAGNIFICENT. I actually feel like I'm watching a dude inside her, trying to live as a woman. It's an incredible performance

  • Priskila Rottie

    This was one of a memorable and great historical theme K-drama I have ever watch alongside Jewel in the Palace. Great acting by the female lead. I could actually see the dude’s character 😂


    ”This is when Bong realizes… she has lost her banana”

  • Deadest of Hats

    I'm not sure that I've seen a recap that makes me want to watch the movie more than this one has.

  • ParisaParis1

    Mr.Queen is SO worth watching! The writing, the humor, the acting, and the actors' charms are top class, even for the side characters. Every one of them is memorable. Not that I don't love Mystery Recapped clip, but the cooking aspect presented in this clip is just ONE of multiple angles that the story is told. If Mystery Recapped wants to do a good and thorough review on Mr. Queen, they probably need 6 hours to do so, no kidding. Go watch it if you can. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll sigh with a smile. No regrets, I promise.

  • K Flowers
    K Flowers  +67

    I want to say this recap is misleading, but technically it's not. However, they are leaving out a lot of plot points that makes this drama more than just a comedy. I'd like to think they summarized the story this way for brevity. But IDK. I'm side-eyeing this one.

  • somi_
    somi_  +9

    I absolutely loved the series Mr. Queen. Its pure comedy🤣🤣. It's a lot lot more than what is explained. You won't regret if you watch it.

  • Gobta The GOAT

    I wasn't really planning to watch this back then because I thought this is a historical drama and I'm not a fan of it but man. This was worth it. The comedy, the characters, the story is amazing! Definitely a 10/10 for me!

  • }Nuqman_games{

    Bong is literally the next Gordon Ramsey

  • Kevin Mohd
    Kevin Mohd  +184

    This is one the highest rating drama in the history of network in korea. Really worth watching and rewatching. Funny like hell , the cast is fantastic and the plot is simple yet enough. Hated the fact that a controversies caused this highly rated drama to be banned and removed frm their list.

  • inu brother

    This is a great quick summary, but I suggest everyone to watch the whole series as it has more drama than the mcdonaldu scene. There is a bit of action, romance, and drama in every episode and it's really worth it to watch!

  • xiao yun lin

    Imagine being the actor who plays the grand queen and getting to eat all that good food


    This recap is done so well done. It gives away none of the plot twists or the actual story.

  • Olzme
    Olzme  +545

    I used to make fun of my mom for binging romcoms, especially these asian period dramas. Watched the first episode of this series for shits and giggles and thought I'd watch the first 2 episodes and then drop the show. I'm 8 episodes in and hooked now; this show mixes drama, comedy, politics like I've never seen. Great performances by the actors and the script isn't cheesy or overly troupey. Main actress/actor is fantastic and the character is actually smart and likeable. What a fantastic find; I'll be nicer to Asian dramas from now on. 😅

  • Morg TV
    Morg TV  +187

    He literally humiliated the palace chef at every moment 😂 Loved this series

  • blue lily
    blue lily  +51

    I am not a fan of historical drama, but this one is a top notch. Love the acting, the humor, the cinematography and everything about in this drama. Kim Hye Sun is such a great actress.

  • ash sheely
    ash sheely  +123

    Mr. Queen is actually on my Number 1 favorite of all K drama. It has the perfect blend of comedy and seriousness throughout the series, What I love was the characters stayed consistent from start to finish. I've always hated in other show where the female character starts off indepentent and brave and in the end they turn out to be damsels in distress always bring saved by the harem.

  • Soapy Roz
    Soapy Roz Před 14 dny

    I recommend everyone to watch the series as it really is a great one! And also A LOT have been skipped in the recap which is understandable cause its only a 10 min vid. Mystery Recapped should have pointed that out. It's a very hilarious series and there is more to the plot than Bong just cooking and returning back to the present!

  • RumpelstillKills

    Bong is extremely talented at cooking. Hell yeah he is. Makes greens taste incredible, leaves me ecstatic.

  • Motivated Male

    Man literally knows how to make an alternative big mac in the 19th century. He's a legend.